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Hoarvor Daedra
(lore page)
Location College of Sapiarchs, The Spiral Skein
Species Hoarvor Daedra
Health 108,669 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
A Hoarvor Daedra

Hoarvor Daedra are grotesque hoarvor-like Daedra associated with Mephala.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Spider Bite
A basic melee ability that deals low poison damage.
Gout of Bile
A basic ranged attack that deals low poison damage.
Lunging Slash
The Hoarvor Daedra lunges forward and claws at you, dealing high physical damage and knocking you back. This attack can be blocked to set it off-balance.
Summon Necrotic Hoarvor
The Hoarvor Daedra summons a Necrotic Hoarvor from a web-covered nest.
Necrotic Explosion
The summoned Necrotic Hoarvor runs up to you and explodes, dealing moderate disease damage.
Deals moderate physical damage.(?)

Unique Hoarvor Daedra[edit]



  • The creature's name formerly did not appear in-game, although it was found in the game data and was mentioned on an episode of ESO Live. With the release of the Summerset chapter however, generic Hoarvor Daedra were added to the game.