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A Skaafin

Skaafin are a race of horned, yellow-skinned, red-eyed humanoid Daedra associated with Clavicus Vile. They vary significantly in size, with some being quite small in stature to others being as tall as Altmer. They can be found in Vvardenfell,Morrowind Cold-Blood Cavern, the Clockwork City Vault,Morrowind and the Ventral Terminus.Clockwork City

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Jovval Mortal-Bane
Mehz the Cozener
Moraz Goldtongue
Skaafin Bloodcleaver
Skaafin Desecrator
Skaafin Masquer
Skaafin Miscreal
Skaafin Tracker
Skaafin Tyrant
Skaafin Witchling
Skaafin Wretch


A Herne

This article is about the Daedra. For the cat in Skywatch, see Herne (cat).

Herne are a race of horned huntsman Daedra previously seen in service to Mehrunes Dagon. Only one appears in the game, and it is technically a renamed Skaafin.

Herne Ghorev


  • Similar-looking Daedra appeared in Clavicus Vile's realm in Redguard, but they were simply called "Guardians".
  • Cut dialogue implies that Hircine and the Glenmoril Wyrd may have originally planned to be the antagonists in Stormhaven, instead of Vaermina and her Supernal Dreamers. This story would have involved the Vestige being given a task to slay a Herne, and to offer its heart during a Glenmoril Coven's ritual to anger Hircine, as Hernes were one of his favored daedra. Hernes didn't appear in the base game and would appear much later in Morrowind's prologue quest. For more info, please see the Cut Content article.
    • The art team also looked at Hernes when designing the Ruinachs.[1]
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