Clockwork City


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(lore page)
Location Clockwork City
Species Skeevaton
Health 1
Reaction Passive
Clockwork Oscillators
A skeevaton

Skeevatons are fabricant creatures that, despite their name, resemble small rats rather than skeevers. They can be found all across the Clockwork City and inside the Brass Fortress.

They take the form of a metal mouse with an extremity on their backs that resembles a key used to wind up clockwork toys. Skeevatons run on what appears to be a literal mouse wheel, which is seen detaching when destroyed. They drop Clockwork Oscillators, a trash item that can be sold to merchants for gold.

There is also a non-combat pet available, the Clockwork Skeevaton, which has a default name of "Skweex".

Two skeevatons can be found in cages on the Shimmerene Dockworks.

Related Quests[edit]


There is one achievement associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Wind-up Rodent Wrecker.png Wind-up Rodent Wrecker 5 Slow the spread of secrets by destroying 100 Skeevatons.