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(lore page)
Location Clockwork City, Frostvault, Shimmerene docks
Species Skeevaton
Health 1
Reaction Passive
Clockwork Oscillators
A skeevaton

Skeevatons are fabricant creatures that, despite their name, resemble small rats rather than skeevers.

They take the form of a metal mouse with an extremity on their backs that resembles a key used to wind up clockwork toys. Skeevatons run on what appears to be a literal mouse wheel, which is seen detaching when destroyed. They drop Clockwork Oscillators, a trash item that can be sold to merchants for gold.

Skeevatons are rarely seen outside the Clockwork City and the Brass Fortress. Though they can also be found inside Frostvault in Eastmarch. Two skeevatons can be found in cages on the north side of the Shimmerene docks.

There is also a non-combat pet available, the Clockwork Skeevaton, which has a default name of "Skweex".

Associate Zanon wrote the self-explanatory-titled thesis: Skeevaton Modification and Operation

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

In Search of a Sponsor[edit]

During the quest, Neramo will have figured out a way for you and him to control a Skeevaton in order to infiltrate the Depository Documatis in hopes of finding vital information.

Your character is able to see from the skeevaton's point of view and control it so that for all intents and purposes, you become the skeevaton.

Lock and Keystone[edit]

Inside Frostvault you'll need to follow Tharayya's skeevaton to retrieve the soul gem from Warlord Tzogvin.

Later, you and your group members will be tasked with controlling skeevatons to disable shock conveyors during the battle.


Aside from the dialogue spoken about skeevatons during the above quests, Other characters have mentioned them:

  • The Multifunctional Aide mentions "a group of Skeevatons scampering away from where the factotum once was." This appears to describe the events in Lock and Keystone.
  • During Unto the Dark, Vilia Laetonius will say, "I don't buy it. It would take an army to break into the Cogitum Centralis, and we've seen no sign of attack. Probably a wayward skeevaton clogging the vents again."
  • During Lost in the Gloam, Constable Drados relays a story of why there are so many skeevatons in Clockwork City:
We did have a skeevaton infestation once. Someone left the fabricator running and it spewed out thousands and thousands of the things. The apostles deployed clockwork cats to catch them, but then we had too many cats..."
So someone sent out clockwork hounds?
"Exactly. By the time Sotha Sil caught wind of it, the Fortress was packed full of wind-up bears and motorized tigers. Quite a scene.
The Clockwork God destroyed all of them... except the skeevatons. I like to think he has a sense of humor."
  • During Lock and Keystone, a comical exchange between Burr and Landal Gevont occurs when the goblin tries to eat a skeevaton:
Burr: <Gnawing, frustrated Goblin noises.>
Landal Gevont: "Burr! Skeevatons are not for eating!"
Burr: <Exasperated goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "You shouldn't eat those either. Do you have any idea where they've been? Oh, you do …."
  • Also during Lock and Keystone, Ranja sees the automatons as toys:
"This one thinks the little metal rat would make a good toy for her Senche-cousin's cub. Perhaps she will take one as part of her payment."


There are three achievements associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Wind-up Rodent Wrecker.png Wind-up Rodent Wrecker 5 Slow the spread of secrets by destroying 100 Skeevatons.
ON-icon-achievement-Rat Race.png Rat Race 10 Shut down the Stonekeeper's Extermination Protocol using Tharayya's skeevatons within 35 seconds of her summoning them in Frostvault. Timer begins at the start of her warning.
ON-icon-achievement-A Variety of Vermin.png A Variety of Vermin 10 Take control of each type of custom skeevaton. Custom skeevatons are available during an Extermination Protocol phase of the Stonekeeper battle after having activated the Veracity Verifier in Veteran Frostvault. You cannot be Scrap Metal or dead at the end of the phase to receive credit.