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ON-qico-Group Area.png Search the depths of a Dwemer vault for a powerful artifact.
Zone: Eastmarch
Faction: Undaunted
Quest Giver: Tharayya
Location(s): Frostvault
Reward: Unidentified Frostvault Armaments
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High XP
ID: 6249
Group Group Size: 4
Tharayya needs help activating an ancient Dwarven Delver to break into the vault
I encountered an expedition party searching for a Dwarven vault in a glacier. Their leader, a scholar named Tharayya, made me an offer to assist her in locating an artifact known as the Wrathstone.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

The repaired Delver blasts upon the Vault of Mhuvnak
  1. Speak to Tharayya in the Frostvault's Iceflow Rift.
  2. Defeat Icestalker and enter the ruins.
  3. Follow the skeevaton to retrieve the soul gem from Warlord Tzogvin.
  4. Obtain an equilibrium sphere from the Vault Protector
  5. Retrieve the shock conveyors by killing Rizzuk Bonechill.
  6. Return the repair parts to Tharayya and watch as the Delver blasts upon the door.
  7. Enter the Vault of Mhuvnak and defeat The Stonekeeper.
  8. Speak to Tharayya to receive your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Take control of a skeevaton to shut down Dwemer defenses

Quest Stages[edit]

Lock and Keystone
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Tharaya [sic] warned me that the ice caverns ahead are dangerous and asked me to lead the way to the Dwemer vault.
Objective: Explore the Iceflow Rift
The Goblins have an ice troll guarding the entrance to the Dwemer ruins. I will need to deal with it before Tharayya's crew can safely pass.
Objective: Kill Icestalker
I cleared the way into the Dwemer ruins and Tharayya's crew has arrived safely. I should follow them inside and see what awaits us within.
Objective: Explore the Frostvault Ruins
We found a sealed vault door that Tharayya believes she can bypass with the help of a giant Dwemer construct we discovered. She deployed a skeevaton to help me locate its missing Soul Gem. I should follow it.
Objective: Find the Construct's Soul Gem
The construct's Soul Gem was plundered by a Goblin warchief who doesn't seem inclined to return it. I will have to defeat him to reclaim the gem.
Objective: Kill Warlord Tzogvin
Tharayya sent her crew for the gem and they informed me that she also needs an equilibrium sphere for the repairs she is working on. The skeevaton seemed to respond to this and took off. I should see where it leads me.
Objective: Find an Equilibrium Sphere
The skeevaton lead me to a Dwarven construct that could have an equilibrium sphere. Unfortunately, it is still operational and appears to function as some sort of protector of this place. I will need to disable it before I can claim the part.
Objective: Kill the Vault Protector
We were able to collect the parts Tharayya requested. We should deliver them to her and check on her progress with the repairs.
Objective: Return to Tharayya
Tharayya needs one more part before she can attempt to use the construct to open the vault door. Her skeevaton took off down a corridor, presumably in search of the shock conveyors she's asked for. I should follow it.
Objective: Find Shock Conveyors
The skeevaton lead me to a scrap pile the Goblins have accumulated. Unfortunately, their shaman and his ice atronach are busy picking through the loot. I'll need to deal with them before we can search for the shock conveyors.
Objective: Kill Rizzuk Bonechill
With the help of the skeevaton, we were able to locate suitable parts for Tharayya's repairs. We should return to her.
Objective: Bring Shock Conveyors to Tharayya
Tharayya is working to install the parts we recovered and enact her plan to open the vault. I should wait for her to finish.
Objective: Wait for Repairs to Complete
Tharayya's plan to blast open the vault using the Dwemer construct was a success, but Dwarven sentries stand ready to repel any attempt to claim the Wrathstone. I must destroy them.
Objective: Find the Wrathstone
I eliminated the Dwarven Sentries, but there is still a lightning field barring us from reaching the Wrathstone. Tharayya has a plan to shut it down and has asked that I help guide her skeevatons as they work in the guts of the Dwarven vault.
Objective: Use Skeevatons to Help Tharayya
Our attempts to overload the Dwarven defenses only managed to activate another countermeasure. A massive construct has emerged to stop our attempts at claiming the Wrathstone. Destroying it is our only option.
Objective: Kill the Stonekeeper
☑Finishes quest I defeated the Stonekeeper construct and disabled the remaining traps. Nothing stands between the Wrathstone and us now. I should speak to Tharayya about what we have found.
Objective: Talk to Tharayya
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