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Warlord Tzogvin
Location Frostvault
Race Riekling Gender Male
Health Normal1683986Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Gold, Soul Gem, Potions, Poisons, Radiant Set item
Other Information
Faction(s) Coldsnap Tribe
Tzogvin on his throne

Warlord Tzogvin is the Riekling chieftan of the Coldsnap Tribe that serves as the second boss of Frostvault. He has plundered the soul gem of the Dwemer Excavation Machine and must be killed so that it can be obtained.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Raging Cyclone
Reverberating Smash


Landal Gevont: "Wait! It's their chieftain! I might be able to arrange a truce, maybe even a trade for the stone!"
Landal Gevont: <Flattering goblin gibberish.>
Warlord Tzogvin: <Furious Goblin gibberish.>
Warlord Tzogvin: <Commanding Goblin gibberish.>
Warlord Tzogvin: <Angry Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "Or you can just kill him. Nothing deranged about that."

During combat:

  • <Defiant Goblin gibberish>
  • <Bellowed Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Amused Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Vicious Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Angry Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Taunting Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Threatening Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Maniacal Goblin laughter.>
  • <Mad cackling.>
  • <Condemning Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Distraught goblin gibberish.>
  • <Bellowed Goblin warcry.>
  • <Mocking Goblin laughter.>
  • <Annoyed Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Commanding Goblin gibberish.>
  • <Enraged Goblin gibberish>
  • <Exasperated goblin gibberish.>


Achievements associated with this enemy:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Running the Right Angles
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Three Sheets to the Wind
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Frostvault Vanquisher
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Frostvault Conqueror
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Relentless Raider
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Smash and Grab
ON-icon-Question Mark.png Safe Keeping


  • He shares much of the same animations as The Celestial Warrior when fought, including the same sword model.
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