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Location Frostvault
Race Riekling Gender Male
Health Normal15,000Veteran225562
Reaction Friendly
Burr with no hair
Burr with a handlebar mustache

Burr is the riekling assistant of Landal Gevont, and is not accustomed to human cultures or manners. In his youth, Burr ate his own mother. Landal found him half-dead in the snow while observing the local Goblin population and nursed him back to health.

Though constantly making questionable choices about food to eat (particularly rats), Burr shows many signs of intelligence, being able to cook, write, and displays curiosity about various topics. He is concerned that Landal is trying to "fatten him up" by feeding him. After finding the Wrathstone at the end of the Frostvault, Burr is spooked by the ruins, and Landal notes that Burr is the "only one of us with any sense."

Related Quests[edit]


When you speak to him at the entrance of the dungeon, he will say one of the following:

"Shoo! Shoo, shoo!"

Once inside the main chamber of the Crypt of Mhuvnak, after Tharayya activates the skeevaton:

Burr: <Rude Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "Now, Burr, you wouldn't want someone to say that about your mother, would you?"
Burr: <Flippant Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "What do you mean you ate your mother?"

After Warlord Tzogvin is killed:

Burr: <Pouting Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "I'm so sorry, Burr. I tried to resolve things peacefully."
Burr: <Dismissive Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "Oh, it means to resolve a conflict without violence. Yes, that's a good thing!"

At the Dwemer Delver:[verification needed]

Burr: <Complaining Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "Well, they disappeared, Burr. Nobody knows what happened to them. That's why we're looking for answers."
Burr: <Muttered Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "Well … I'm sure your tribe looked just as hard for you. I just found you first."

Within the Coldsnap scraphoard:[verification needed]

Burr: <Gnawing, frustrated Goblin noises.>
Landal Gevont: "Burr! Skeevatons are not for eating!"
Burr: <Exasperated goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "You shouldn't eat those either. Do you have any idea where they've been? Oh, you do …."


Burr: <Suspicious Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "Hm? I just thought you looked hungry. You don't want to eat?"
Burr: <Suspicious Goblin gibberish.>
Landal Gevont: "For the last time, Burr. I'm not trying to fatten you up."


  • His writing practice can be found at the campsite near the entrance.
  • Burr's appearance is always randomized, so he can use the large variety of hairstyles that are in the riekling customization pool.