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Location Cath Bedraud, Wilding Run, Irrigation TunnelsImperial City, The Disquiet StudyNecrom
Race Varies Gender Varies
Health 31,364
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Condition Zombie
Fleshfly Larva, Hand of Glory
A Zombie

Zombies are the undead remains of sapient races that have been reanimated through necromancy.

Related Quests[edit]

The following are quests involving Zombies:

Skills and Abilities[edit]

A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
The zombie vomits on a target dealing moderate disease damage as indicated by a cone.
The zombie lunges at the target, dealing moderate physical damage and staggering the target. Blocking will prevent the stagger and set the zombie off balance.
Desecrated Ground
Upon death, the zombie has a chance to release noxious fluids around itself as indicated by a red circle. This does moderate damage over time and snares all targets within the red circle.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Pulled Under[edit]

A zombie appears at the dock during the investigation into the mysterious disappearances around Riften. They were raised by Anchorite Garmar from the corpses of people who drowned in Lake Honrich, and you must kill one during the quest.

Unique Zombies[edit]


Generic Zombies[edit]

Generic, unnamed zombies can be encountered in various places across Tamriel, including delves, dungeons, and DLC content. These zombies have varying stats, namely health. Below is a list of zombies, categorized by location, difficulty and health.

Zone / Dungeon Specific Location Reaction Difficulty Health
Tamriel Dark Anchors Hostile 60,370
Cyrodiil Culotte Hostile 42,677
Wayrest Sewers II Throughout the dungeon Hostile Normal19,647Veteran52,657
Crypt of Hearts I Throughout the dungeon Hostile Normal26,523Veteran58,327
Magdelena's Haunt Summoned by Magdelena Hostile ON-misc-Boss 1.png (?)
Wilding Run At some of the abandoned camps in the area Friendly 0
Blessed Crucible Summoned Hostile 42,265
Riften At the dock during the quest Pulled Under Hostile 13,846
Cliffs of Failure After planting Angof the Undying's seeds during the quest The Endless War Friendly 39,959
Cliffs of Failure/The Endless Stair Possible summonable follower during the quest A Thorn in Your Side and The Final Assault if Angof is sided with Friendly 39,959
Vaults of Madness Summoned by the Mad Architect Hostile Normal29,470Veteran64,808
Elinhir West tower's first floor Hostile 62,100
Summoned by Leta Doniticus and Yamanu-ko Hostile 27,619
Leta Doniticus' necromancer summon Hostile 493,600
Imperial City PrisonImperial City Imperial Subterrane Hostile (?)
White-Gold TowerImperial City Green Emperor Way Hostile Normal39,293Veteran81,010
IcereachHarrowstorm Bani's Laboratory Hostile Normal34,400Veteran(?)
Shipwright's RegretAscending Tide Around the ruined houses at the beginning of the dungeon Hostile Normal78,586Veteran(?)


  • The zombie that appears in Riften during Pulled Under used to be a unique NPC called the "Drowned Zombie".
  • A zombie horse can be obtained as a mount.