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A Bloodthorn Incendiary

The Bloodthorn Cult is a cult of necromancers and bandits. Their leader, Angof the Gravesinger, seeks to conquer Glenumbra and turn its citizens into zombies. To further their goals, they have allied themselves with the Red Rook Bandits and the coven of Hag Fen.


Named Members
Angof the Gravesinger
Drusilla Nerva
Envoy Caoiss
Faolchu the Reborn
Grivier Bloodcaller
Harald Winvale
Lord Velian
Martine Lerineaux
Paldrin the Wise
Shorrin Thorncastle
Generic Members
Bloodthorn Assassin
Bloodthorn Cultist
Bloodthorn Harbinger
Bloodthorn Incendiary
Bloodthorn Necromancer
Bloodthorn Ravager
Bloodthorn Sentry


Related Quests[edit]

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