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Join forces with Thallik to win the Battle of the Cliffs.
Zone: Coldharbour
Objective: Cliffs of Failure — Win the Battle of the Cliffs and set the mages free.
Quest Giver: The Observer
Location(s): Cliffs of Failure
Prerequisite Quest: The Endless War
Reward: The Observer's Battle Helm
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
To save the members of the Mages Guild that were forced to compete in the Observer's game, I decided to side with Thallik. Now I just need to find a way to win the game.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to the Observer.
  2. Find Thallik Wormfather.
  3. Defeat the opposing champions.
  4. Meet Mim at the cave entrance.
  5. Enter the Antechamber and defeat the guardians.
  6. Go to the Observer's Watch and defeat the Observer.
  7. Find the mages.
  8. Choose your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Thallik and Mim overlook the long winding ramp that leads north to the Worm Cult area of the Cliffs of Failure. The cultists and skeletal warriors are neutral to you.

Thallik gives you his rune and commands you to slay the champions of Estre and Angof. Estre controls the Heritage soldiers to the east of the zone and Angof controls the zombies to the west. Thallik's Embrace lasts 5 minutes.

Estre's champion is Relmus and he is aided by Coristir. Corister is an accomplished warrior. Relmus is nice a squishy and easy to take out quickly but you only incapacitate him rather than kill him. Angof's champion is Juline Ginis and she is aided by Paldrin the Wise. Paldrin is an accomplished necromancer. Juline is marginally tougher than Relmus but again is only incapacitated when defeated.

Once you slay one of the champions the Observer announces that you have slain one. Once you slay both he announces it again and asks you to meet him at the portal to the Observer's Watch. When you reach the Antechamber entrance Mim wills top you and tell you that the Observer has changed the rules and Thallik was upset about it.

Upon entering the Antechamber the Observer congratulates you and sics the two watchers on you. Once they are both dead you proceed back to the Observer's Watch. Here the Observer gives you your reward - a fight! The three mage pawns show some spine and join you in the final battle. The Observer is neutral and is facing away from you allowing you impunity for the first move. He will periodically target one of your allies in the fight and with their help you quickly triumph and can now leave the Cliffs of Failure for good.

Once you exit the Cliffs of Failure you encounter the Observer, alive and well and quite pleased to see you. He tells you to choose between Thallik and the mages. Thallik wants you to choose him because he is the most powerful but Mim points out that he can't be that powerful since he is caged just like the mages are. This is where Intimidate really shines and allows you to threaten the Observer into giving you both Thallik and the mages.

Whatever you choose the Observer teleports you and your chosen reward away and you tell them about the Hollow City and complete the quest.


  • Killing NPCs on the side you picked who are now neutral has no negative effect on the progress of the quest.
  • After defeating the champions, as the portals become shut off to streamline the rest of the quest, the only way to leave prematurely is to use wayshrines.
  • The watchers fought in the cave are the same seen as friendly earlier on. They are given an elite ranking during the fight but retain the same lower amount of health they had previously.
  • With the Fighters Guild Intimidating Presence perk, you can leave the game with Thallik and all three mages.
  • Despite the Observer stating you won't be allowed to participate in the games anymore, after you are booted out of the Cliffs of Failure, the portals to access them and the battlegrounds remain accessible.
  • After completing this quest, the House of Darkness in The Hollow City will unlock. If you saved Thallik, he will be found there, and also outside of The Shining Star. If you saved the mages, they will be found at the Library.


  • The enthralled mages disappear out of thin air instead of running away as later mentioned after defeating the champions. ?
  • The same as above occurs with Kinlady Estre after defeating her champion. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Will of the Worm
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
To save the members of the Mages Guild that were forced to compete in the Observer's game, I decided to side with Thallik. Now I just need to find a way to win the game.
I should find Thallik in the battlegrounds. Maybe he has a plan for how we can win the game.
Objective: Talk to Thallik Wormfather
To win this contest, I need to defeat the champions of the other two leaders. Angof gave me more seeds. I can plant them in slain enemies to gain allies in this battle.
Objective: Defeat Angof's Champion
Objective: Defeat Estre's Champion
I defeated the other champions. Now the Observer wants to meet me at the cave entrance that leads to the watch portal.
Objective: Return to the Cave Entrance
As I reached the entrance to the Observer's watch, I spotted Mim waiting for me. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Mim
The Observer wasn't at the entrance to the watch. I should enter the cave and use the portal so I can find him.
Objective: Enter the Observer's Watch
The Observer has changed the rules of the game and thrown another challenge in my way. I need to run the gauntlet in this cave to reach the portal and confront the Observer.
Objective: Survive the Observer's Challenge
I reached the Observer's watch. The Observer has challenged me to a final battle. The mages have arrived to help me. Now it's time to end this!
Objective: Defeat the Observer
The Observer is dead and this twisted game is finally over. However, he teleported the mages away before he died. I need to use the portal and try to find them.
Objective: Find the Mages
What? I killed the Observer, but there he is, standing right in front of me. I should speak to him and find out what else he has in store for me.
Objective: Talk to the Observer
Objective Hint: Talk to Mim
Objective Hint: Talk to Thallik
Finishes quest☑ (If you chose to save the mages)
I decided to save the Mages Guild members from the Observer's game. I should talk to Mim and send them to the Hollow City.
Objective: Talk to Mim
Finishes quest☑ (If you chose to save Thallik)
I decided to save Thallik from the Observer's game. It was the only real choice if I want to defeat Molag Bal. I should talk to Thallik and send him to the Hollow City.
Objective: Talk to the Thallik
Finishes quest☑ (If you used the Intimidating Presence Perk to save everyone)
I decided to push back against the Observer and take everyone out of the game. Now I have Thallik and the mages at my side. I should speak to Thallik and send them all to the Hollow City.
Objective: Talk to the Thallik
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