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Ra Gada[edit]

The Ra Gada, or Warrior Wave, was an invasion fleet of Yokudans who arrived on the shores of Tamriel in the First Era, fleeing the doomed continent of Yokuda. They lent their name to the Yokudan refugees who settled Hammerfell in the wake of the invasion and became the Redguards.

Ra Gada (Malabal Tor)[edit]

Ra Gada is the name given to Redguard raiders who attack the coast of Malabal Tor. They have recently allied themselves with the Drublog, a tribe of Wood Orcs who have fallen under the influence of Ulthorn the Hound.

Rageclaw Clan[edit]

The Rageclaw Clan is one of three Reachmen clans invading the Rift. They are a matriarchal society and are fiercely protective of their children. They often absorb smaller weaker clans which causes some friction with the other remaining clans.

Rain Disciples[edit]

The Rain Disciples are a cult worshipping an ancient nereid named Lorelia. They also safeguard the Water Stone, an artifact that grants the nereid immortality. The reserve of books found in the ruins where they are found has attracted the attention of Hermaeus Mora. He thus sent a cult of his, the Primeval Seekers, to kill the nereid and gain access to the library of lore in his name.


The Reachmen are a tribe of primarily Breton descent that have been causing trouble in the Reach for centuries. Though they are descended from Bretons, they don't consider themselves to be Bretons, as they have their own culture and society. The Bretons of High Rock and Orcs of Orsinium are in agreement, as they have disowned the Reachmen, who claim the Western Reach. The Nords, who have territorial claims in the Reach, have also had run-ins with the Reachmen. The Eastern Reach of Skyrim is controlled by the Reachmen, being independent from both Svargrim and Jorunn.

The Reachmen have aligned themselves with Molag Bal and his daedric forces,[verification needed — pre-launch info?] who are attempting to drag Tamriel into the realm of Coldharbour.

Red Exiles[edit]

The Red Exiles are a tribe of exiled Ashlanders on Vvardenfell. They follow Chodala, who has convinced them that he is the Nerevarine.

Red Rooks[edit]

Red Rook attire

The Red Rooks are a band of rogues based in the Glenumbra region. They have overrun the town of Crosswych and formed an alliance with the Bloodthorn Cult.

Red Sails[edit]

The Red Sails, or Red Sails Pirates, are a group of pirates led by the self-styled Governor Fortunata ap Dugal. During the Soulburst crisis Fortunata and her pirates seized control of Anvil from its Imperial Prefect and declared the Gold Coast (between Anvil and Varen's Wall) an independent state under her rule. However, Count Carolus Aquilarios of Kvatch refused to recognize her claim and the two have been at odds since.

Red Sun Bandits[edit]

The Red Sun Bandits are a gang of outlaws settled in the Black Vine Ruins and a tower north of Reman's Bluff. They used to be allied with the spy Krin Ren-dro until their relation ended suddenly.

Renrijra Maor[edit]

The Renrijra Maor are the naval arm of the Renrijra Krin, a band of criminals and pirates.

Resolutes of Stendarr[edit]

The Resolutes of Stendarr are a group of Stendarr devotees who have sworn to help the sick and protect the weak. They are usually talented in healing magicks and are encouraged by their leaders to use those magicks unsparingly.

Ring of Daggers[edit]

The Ring of Daggers is the secret intelligence network of the Daggerfall Covenant.

Roadside Bandits[edit]

The Roadside Bandits are bandits found roaming the Wrothgar wilderness. They wear Orcish equipment, but are not solely Orcs. Roadside Bandits are mostly encountered in Western Wrothgar, with a few found in Central Wrothgar as well.

Rock Bone Tribe[edit]

The Rock Bone Tribe are a tribe of goblins found in Cyrodiil.

Root-House Tribe[edit]

The Root-House People, also known as the Tum-Taleel, is an Argonian tribe found within Murkmire, known for relying on other tribes for things they need. In other words, they take what they want, when they want it. They are known for their brutality and quick tempers. They have a habit of raiding villages, killing their inhabitants, and settling into the newly vacant huts left behind by their victims. They tend to be significantly larger than Argonians of the other Murkmire tribes, with broad shoulders, narrow eyes, and wide, powerful jaws.

Root Stewards[edit]

The Root Stewards are the Argonians at Hissmir whose duties are to assist the pilgrims that come to the settlement with their trials, as well as overseeing the Trials of the Burnished Scales. Lukiul pilgrims flock to Hissmir to find themselves and to commune with the Hist, and the Root Stewards are charged with guiding these pilgrims.

Root-Whisper Tribe[edit]

The Root-Whisper Tribe is an ancient Argonian tribe whose Hist tree created the Remnant of Argon to protect the tribe's souls from the Barsaebic Ayleids who invaded Murkmire. However, following its creation of the Remnant of Argon, the Hist fell into a deep slumber. After the Hist is reawakened, the tribe's ranks begin to grow with the help of the other tribes of Murkmire.


The Ropefish are a group of Orcs who smuggle slaves out of Vvardenfell.

Rotblood Tribe[edit]

The Rotblood Tribe is a tribe of Goblins. They are located in Jode's Light.


The Rumblegarde are a group of mercenaries hired by Drovos Nelvayn to protect his research within Matus-Akin Egg Mine.