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The Ruinblood Clan is a Dremora clan that serves Mehrunes Dagon. In On Dremora Clans, author Divayth Fyr describes them as the most powerful of the clans serving beneath the Prince of Destruction. They are among his highest ranking commanders, and serve as officers in his Daedric legion. Their leader currently rules the citadel of Ardent Hope.

They are working with the Order of the Waking Flame to execute Mehrunes Dagon's machinations.


Named Members
Valkynaz Nokvroz (Leader)
Mehrunes Dagon (Patron Deity)
Bloodlord Zavak
Caitiff Lansh
Kynmarcher Jynd
Overseer Jekshan
Overseer Tykh
Generic Members
Dremora Blademaster
Dremora Ironclad
Dremora Vigilant

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