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Ardent Hope
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Against All Hope: Dagonic Mantikora, Dremora Armamancer, Dremora Conjurer, Fire Behemoth, Ruinach, Xivilai Ravager, Xivilai Slaughter Priest, Flame Turret
Ardent Hope Citadel: Dremora Archer, Dremora Blood Adept, Dremora Bloodmaster, Dremora Conjurer, Dremora Paindancer, Flame Atronach, Ogrim, Ruinach, Scamp, Xivilai Slaughter Priest
Path of Cinders: (?), Dremora Conjurer, Flame Atronach, Infernium, Ruinach, Watcher
Daedrat, Deadlands Scorpion, Nixad, Skitteris
The Deadlands
North of Chantry of the Moon Reiver
Loading Screen
Loading screen
"Look upon my citadel and bear witness to the vastness of my legions. I am power. I am destruction. I am inevitable. As are the forces of Ardent Hope. See them and despair."—Mehrunes Dagon
Path of Cinders: "How do you get to the volcano known as the Xarxes Crucible? Why, everyone knows you must traverse the Path of Cinders!" —Arox the Mutilator
Ardent Hope

Ardent Hope is a vast Daedric citadel in the Deadlands. The Path of Cinders leads up to the volcano of Xarxes Crucible.

Related Quests[edit]

Ardent Hope[edit]

Ardent Hope Citadel[edit]

Blood Adept Sanctum[edit]

Inner Keep[edit]

Upper Reaches[edit]

A balcony where Lyranth asks you to temporarily restore Arox to destroy Nokvroz's forces fighting Rynkyus down below.

Path of Cinders[edit]

The Xarxes Crucible[edit]


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