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The Order of the Waking Flame

The Order of the Waking Flame (also simply known as the Waking Flame or Dagonists) are a cult dedicated to the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon.


Named Members
Acolyte Sondas
Acolyte Sorick
Councilor Vandacia (First Leader)
Concierge Nebia
Cyronin Artellian
Dame Dursaadia
Devastator Findonel
Devastator Varro
Disastrix Anderine
Disastrix CrastusThe Deadlands
Disastrix DaelonThe Deadlands
Disastrix Maglagor
Disastrix VibiusThe Deadlands
Disastrix Zansora
Sister CeldinaThe Deadlands (Second Leader)
Doombringer Eshil
Gracian Salvitto
Javinus Tirnendo (Former)
Initiate Tilgo (Initially)
Mehrunes Dagon (Patron Deity)
Novice Mairead (Former)The Deadlands
Pedagogue Eralin
Sinestrix Iribia
Vigilant JessiarilThe Deadlands
Generic Members
Flame Hound
Waking Flame AcolyteThe Deadlands
Waking Flame Alchemist The Deadlands
Waking Flame Armamancer Blackwood The Deadlands
Waking Flame Assassin
Waking Flame Battlemage
Waking Flame Battler
Waking Flame Blademaster
Waking Flame Bloodreaver
Waking Flame BloodstormThe Deadlands
Waking Flame Champion
Waking Flame Conjurer BlackwoodThe Deadlands
Waking Flame Conjuror
Waking Flame CultistThe Deadlands
Waking Flame Deserter The Deadlands
Waking Flame Disastrix The Deadlands
Waking Flame Elementalist BlackwoodThe Deadlands
Waking Flame FearmongerWaking Flame
Waking Flame InitiateThe Deadlands
Waking Flame InvokerFlames of Ambition
Waking Flame Ironclad The Deadlands
Waking Flame Laborer
Waking Flame Mauler
Waking Flame Pyromancer
Waking Flame Ranger BlackwoodThe Deadlands
Waking Flame Recruit
Waking Flame Scout BlackwoodThe Deadlands
Waking Flame Sentry BlackwoodThe Deadlands
Waking Flame Spellsaber Flames of AmbitionThe Deadlands
Waking Flame Taskmaster The Deadlands
Waking Flame Tempest The Deadlands
Waking Flame TorchlordFlames of Ambition
Waking Flame Whirlwind The Deadlands
Waking Flame Vigilant

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Overheard Dialogue[edit]

Waking Flame members have ambient dialogue that is uttered while they idle.


Leyawiin Castle and Bloodrun Cave
Fort Redmane
Doomvault Capraxus
Doomvault Vulpinaz
  • "Lord Dagon will know our dedication."
  • "The lord of bloodshed will rule over all existence!"
  • "We will kill them all!"
  • "This one loves the smell of your blood."
  • "This one honors our lord."
  • "The Dark Brotherhood is nothing compared to Dagon's might!"
  • "For Dagon!"
  • "Fall, lesser beings! There is no place for you in the new world!"
  • "A new dawn breaks! Die!"
  • "Lord Vandacia promised a great reward to the one who delivers him the Ambitions."
  • "Check the bodies of the slain! The Ambitions may be feigning death."
  • "It has begun! Look, we are in the Master's realm!"
  • "Look. The Prince's mortal minion has claimed the first of his prizes."
  • "Search every corner, every chamber! They must be here."
  • "Find the Ambitions!"
  • "We can make use of this place again. Xigira will make it so."
  • "Xigira lured those fools so easily. A little gold does wonders."

Uttered by Xivilai or Dremora allied with the cult

The Cauldron[edit]

The Waking Flame cultists in The Cauldron occasionally speak while idle.

"Never could I dream of such gifts as these!"
"Only the finest heartwood for my staves."
"Just don't make eye contact and they won't hurt you."
"Behold the majesty! Such an honor to be in this place!"
"All around us, his power grows."
"These potions take forever to blend, but they pack a punch."
"A delicate veil separates us, soon torn apart."
"I wish we could just get this over with already!"

When you engage them in combat, they might say:

"They found us!"
"Inconsequential bugs!"
"You shall not interrupt our work!"
"You think you can best us?"
"Taste our Lord's power!"
"More fiends?, coming for blood!"

The Dread Cellar[edit]

The Waking Flam cultists in The Dread Cellar occasionally speak while idle.

"Cower before the Waking Flame!"
"Don't let the Crimson Oath act like our betters. They are brute killers, nothing more."
"I never aim for anything vital. I like to watch them writhe."

When you engage them in combat, they might say:

"Finally! I can burn someone!"
"Burn for Dagon!"

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