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Sister Celdina
Location Waking Flame Base
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Order of the Waking Flame
Priory of the Golden Staff (formerly)
Sister Celdina

Sister Celdina is a high-ranking Breton cultist of the Order of the Waking Flame who had a close association with Emperor Moricar. Following the demise of the original high priest, she now leads the Order from Deadlight and other outposts like the Fargrave Conclave. Her leadership has been instrumental in constructing Cataclysts needed to bring forth Incarnates, a project which Valkynaz Nokvroz has been asked by Dagon to work with her on.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Key and the Cataclyst[edit]

After you have successfully infiltrated the Fargrave Conclave with Lyranth pretending to be your prisoner, you can overhear the Valkynaz speaking with Sister Celdina:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "After the failure at the Dread Cellar, your Fargrave cataclyst must perform as promised, Celdina."
Sister Celdina: "The device will work as intended, Nokvroz. Ah, here comes the devastator now."

Celdina must be spoken to once you enter the Waking Flame Base to continue the quest:

"Devastator Rullen. I assume the blade did its job? Of course it did. How else could you capture Lyranth the Dremora. She has been a thorn in our side for much too long. Well done!
But what about the portal key? Were you able to recover it?"
The portal key and Lyranth. For you, Sister Celdina.
"A remarkable achievement, devastator. And fortunate, as well. We're about to perform another test with the Fargrave cataclyst, and Nokvroz is hesitant to provide me with any more of his precious Daedra.
Lyranth should do very nicely."
The Fargrave cataclyst will perform admirably, I'm sure.
"I hope that's not skepticism or sarcasm I hear in your voice, devastator. I get enough of that from Nokvroz.
Despite the setback at the Dread Cellar, I have every faith in the device. Soon we will unleash an army of living disasters upon Nirn!"
Living disasters?
"Did your doombringer tell you nothing? The cataclyst enhances Daedra. Transforms them into incarnates of disasters.
First we take control of this pitiful demiplane, then we launch our assault using Fargrave's connections to Nirn."
A worthy plan, Sister Celdina.
"Worthy? It is brilliant! Sentries, take the Dremora and place her in the cataclyst.
Devastator, enter the cataclyst chamber when you're ready. Then the demonstration will begin!"

She will take Lyranth and leave. When you follow them into the Cataclyst chamber, Sister Celdina will have a special honor for you:

Sister Celdina: "Come, Devastator Rullen! For your excellent service to the order, I award you with the privilege of activating the Fargrave cataclyst!"

Once you reach the machine, Sister Celdina will instruct you on what to do:

Sister Celdina: "Touch the rune and witness the transformative power of the cataclyst! Lord Dagon's blessing will turn Lyranth into disaster incarnate!"
Lyranth: "Do what you must, flea. Lyranth is ready."

Once you touch the rune, Lyranth will free herself and attempt to disrupt the cataclyst:

Lyranth: "I have seen enough! I will be free!"
<Lyranth fires her magic into the heart of the machine. Lightning begins sparking from it.>
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "The Dremora damaged the cataclyst! Duke of Fire, destroy them!"
Sister Celdina: "Shut it down! We must preserve the cataclyst!"

After defeating the Duke of Fire, you and Lyranth can escape. As you leave Valkynaz Nokvroz will pronounce the cataclyst as lost to Celdina.

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The Celestial Palanquin[edit]

After arriving in Fargrave, you will quickly be embroiled in finding and stopping a Waking Flame plot against the city. Your investigation will lead to work with the Anchorite and reunite with Lyranth, and you find out that Sister Celdina is behind this plan and that you need to stop her ritual. Entering the Bathhouse Auditorium, you may notice the various daedric critters in the area explode into clouds of ash as you get closer.

Sister Celdina will be standing on the platform above you as portals appear behind her and reinforcements arrive. She will recognize Lyranth immediately:

Sister Celdina: "The Dremora again! Well, you're too late. The ritual is almost complete!"

Sister Celdina raises her hands in the air and a fiery mass appears above her. The screen will blur and be tinged red and there will be strange sounds, Lyranth and the Anchorite will begin clutching their heads in pain.

Sister Celdina: "Dagon's blessing reverberates among the votive runes. Soon, a wave of destruction will sweep over Fargrave and destroy the Daedra!"
The Anchorite: "The spell … what's happening to us?"
Lyranth: "Mortal, destroy the votive runes!"

While you destroy the three votive runes in the area, the Waking Flame cultists will try to stop you. Sister Celdina will call out to you as you destroy each one:

Sister Celdina: "Stop! The ritual must destroy the Daedra! My plan depends upon it!"
Sister Celdina: "Your efforts are futile, fool! Lord Dagon himself taught me this ritual!"
Sister Celdina: "Waking Flame, protect the votive runes!"

When you destroy the third votive rune, the ritual will be stopped. Sister Celdina will blame Lyranth before teleporting away:

Sister Celdina: "All that work, ruined. You will pay for that Dremora. You and your companions both!"
<Sister Celdina teleports away.>
The Anchorite: "Sister Celdina got away and we're right back where we started. Nowhere!"
Lyranth: "Nowhere? How quickly mortals succumb to despair. Let's talk in the next room."


  • Celdina's position in the Waking Flame is documented in books, going from Disastrix, to Doombringer, and eventually to her current title of Revered Sister (and de facto High Priest).
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