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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Ascend Annihilarch's Summit to locate the Waking Flame's hidden base.
Zone: The Deadlands
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Location(s): Annihilarch's Summit, Fort Grief, Wretched Spire
Reward: Bladebearer Edge
(?) Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6708
The mad prisoner Elegian, creator of the Riven Cataclyst, told me we can get to the device by going to Annihilarch's Summit. I need to locate the cataclyst before Sister Celdina unleashes more Incarnates to attack Fargrave and Nirn.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Born of Grief
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lyranth told me to gather Arox and prepare myself for the journey to Annihilarch's Summit. I should talk to the daedrat and have him hop into my pack.
Objective: Talk to Arox the Mutilator
Lyranth wants me to meet her at the base of Annihilarch's Summit. I should make my way there now.
Objective: Go to the Base of Annihilarch's Summit
Lyranth wants me and Rynkyus to lead the way up to the summit. She'll follow behind us, along with the Anchorite and the rest of the Bladebearers.
Objective: Climb the Summit
Optional Step: Talk to Rynkyus
Optional Step: Talk to Lyranth
Hidden Objective: Wrong Way
Hidden Objective: Find Key
Hidden Objective: Find Twisted Rod
Hidden Objective: Rynkyus Reminder
Hidden Objective: Turn Right Pillar
Hidden Objective: Turn Left Pillar
Hidden Objective: Reach Annilhilarch's Summit
Hidden Objective: Explore the Fort
Arox suddenly picked up the scent of Valkynaz Nokvroz. I should give him a moment to investigate.
Objective: Wait for Arox the Mutilator
Arox dashed into a nearby passage to follow Nokvroz's scent. He thinks it may be a shortcut to the summit. I should follow him.
Objective: Enter the Passage
Arox led us into a cave and ran on ahead. I should follow him before he gets into trouble.
Objective: Follow Arox the Mutilator
Arox reached the end of the cave and lost Nokvroz's scent. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Arox the Mutilator
Arox said that he smelled mortal blood in this cave. We should look around and figure out what happened here.
Objective: Search the Cave
I found an unusual key beside a dead cultist, and a strange twisted rod of metal. Arox seems keenly interested in the rod. I should show these items to Rynkyus and see what he thinks.
Objective: Talk to Rynkyus
I should talk to Arox and get him to hop back into my pack so we can continue our journey to the summit.
Objective: Talk to Arox the Mutilator
I should continue the journey to the summit.
Objective: Continue to the Summit
An imposing gate made of wind blocks the narrow passage that leads to Annihilarch's Summit. We need to open this wind-gate to proceed to the summit.
Objective: Open the Wind-Gate
The key I found beside the dead cultist opened the wind-gate. Now to continue on to the summit.
Objective: Reach Annilhilarch's Summit
We reached the summit and found a portal anchored here instead of a Waking Flame stronghold. Maybe it leads to the Riven Cataclyst. I should talk to Lyranth before going through.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Lyranth is blocked from using the portal at the summit. The Anchorite and I will go through and attempt to find the Riven Cataclyst and the missing Bladebearers.
Objective: Use the Portal
The portal atop Annihilarch's Summit led us to a fort somewhere on Nirn. Wherever in the world we are, it appears to be a Waking Flame stronghold. We should look around.
Objective: Explore the Fort
We came across some of Rynkyus's missing Bladebearers. We should free them.
Objective: Free the Captive Bladebearers
The Bladebearer Hadri confirmed that the cult is feeding Dremora to a device elsewhere in the fort. While Rynkyus gets them to safety, I should continue to explore.
Objective: Explore Fort Grief
We found more Bladebearer captives. I should free them.
Objective: Free the Captive Bladebearers
Rynkyus suggested I talk to his scout, Dothaz, and find out what he learned during his time in captivity. I should ask Dothaz about the Riven Cataclyst and what he observed in his time here.
Objective: Talk to Dothaz
Dothaz said that his Kyn were taken into the Fort Grief Citadel when it was time to sacrifice them to the cataclyst. I should enter the citadel and try to find the Riven Cataclyst.
Objective: Enter Fort Grief Citadel
I entered the Fort Grief Citadel. Now to look around and find the Riven Cataclyst.
Objective: Find the Riven Cataclyst
Sister Celdina and Valkynaz Nokvroz appear to be arguing in the chamber below. I need to find a way to reach them.
Objective: Confront Sister Celdina and Valkynaz Nokvroz
Nokvroz left, but Sister Celdina unleashed an Incarnate of lightning and thunder upon us. I need to defeat the Storm Incarnate.
Objective: Defeat the Incarnate
The Anchorite found a way to interfere with the Riven Cataclyst and stop it from fully empowering the Incarnate. I need to destroy the runic crux that controls the Riven Cataclyst now.
Objective: Destroy the Riven Cataclyst
The destruction of the Riven Cataclyst damaged Fort Grief. The citadel is crumbling around us, but Lyranth just opened a portal. We need to go now!
Objective: Exit Fort Grief
Lyranth's portal returned us to Wretched Spire. I should talk to Lyranth and let her know what happened at Fort Grief.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
While Lyranth was angry that I had to destroy the Riven Cataclyst, she seemed to think Deadlight was important. I need to go to Fargrave and meet her at Madam Whim's so we can figure out how to get to Deadlight.
Objective: Go to the House of Whims
I returned to the House of Whims in Fargrave. I should speak with Lyranth.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
☑Finishes quest We rescued the missing Bladebearers, defeated a new Incarnate, and destroyed the Riven Cataclyst. Sister Celdina escaped, but we dealt the Order of the Waking Flame a serious setback. I should talk to Lyranth about what's next.
Madam Whim's messenger said I need to meet Lyranth at Wretched Spire. The assault on Annihilarch's Summit is about to get underway.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth at Wretched Spire
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