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The Anchorite
Home City Fargrave
Race Reachman Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
The Anchorite

The Anchorite is a mysterious masked woman who helps the people of Fargrave. Arriving in the realm with complete amnesia and nothing but an enchanted mask, she remembers nothing of her life before coming to the realm, and has earned the title "darling of the alleys" for her heroics.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Celestial Palanquin[edit]

You can either start the quest by receiving a letter from Lyranth or encountering the Anchorite when you arrive through the Greenshade portal. The Anchorite will be watching a Waking Flame Cultist draw a strange glowing rune on a nearby wall. As you approach, both you and her hands will begin to glow.

The Cultist turns around and notices the woman:

Waking Flame Cultist: "The Anchorite! You're as bothersome as that damn Dremora! No matter. The votive rune is placed and now you die."
<He goes to attack her, but she punches him out first.>
The Anchorite: "You brought this on yourself, Dagonist!"
<The Anchorite turns around and talks to you.>
The Anchorite: "Hey, you. With the glowing hands. We have something in common. If you're not a cultist, we should talk."

Speak with the Anchorite to see if she knows what is going on:

Starting quest through the Anchorite:

"Damn these Waking Flame cultists, bringing their Mehrunes Dagon madness to Fargrave. Their votive runes infect mortals with dark magic. I came to meet someone about all this when I spotted that cultist and my hands began to glow.
Just like yours."
What is this place?
"This is Fargrave, a city in Oblivion with permanent and open connections to other realms. The cultists place those votive runes faster than I can destroy them, putting every mortal who lives here at risk. That's why I agreed to meet with the Dremora."
The Dremora?
"Lyranth the Dremora. She sent me a letter. Said the cult threatened Fargrave. Nirn, too. She wanted my help, but I can't deal with that now. The votive runes are clearly the immediate danger.
We should work together on this. I can pay."
All right, I'll help you deal with the votive runes. What do you need me to do?
"I need you to talk to my contacts. Madam Whim's establishment is here in the city. Initiate Tilgo meets me in the Burn, out in the Deadlands. See what they know about the votive runes and the cult's plans. Then meet me in the Fargrave Crafting Plaza."

Once you have agreed to help, you can ask additional questions:

I know Lyranth. It's not like her to not show up for a meeting. (Met Lyranth Before)
"Really? All I know is that she's a Dremora who has an interest in the Dagon cult known as the Order of the Waking Flame.
This is where we were supposed to meet, but all I saw when I got here was that cultist and the votive rune he was casting."
You said the votive rune affects mortals. Is that what made our hands glow?
"No. The votives mess with mortal emotions. Make everything more intense. Not sure why. Lyranth said the magic in her letter would allow her to recognize me. I think that's what the glow was.
If I could only get the Grasp to care about all this …."
The Grasp?
"The Grasp of the Stricture. They're an order of Daedra—mostly Dremora—who serve as arbiters and interpreters of the Stricture, a magical covenant that allows Fargrave to serve as neutral ground for all Daedra.
They enforce the laws, to a point."
To a point?
"Well, since mortals aren't bound to the Stricture, the Grasp pretty much ignores us. Unless we interfere with the Stricture in some way.
As long as the cult and its votive runes only threaten mortals, the Grasp simply doesn't care."
Tell me more about these contacts you want me to talk to.
"Madam Whim is a Dark Seducer who has her thumb on the pulse of Fargrave. Nothing happens here that she isn't keenly aware of.
She deals in favors and information, for a price. And the more you seek her help, the more expensive her services become."
And what about Initiate Tilgo?
"Initiate Tilgo's a member of the Order of the Waking Flame. He was my friend before the cult recruited him.
Turns out, Tilgo's had a change of heart. He's been providing me with inside information about where the cult plans to strike next."
And where can I find Madam Whim and Initiate Tilgo?
"Madam Whim runs an establishment in Fargrave called the House of Whims. Just be careful. She enjoys getting her hooks in new arrivals.
You'll find Initiate Tilgo in the Deadlands, an area known as the Burn. The Plaza of Portals will take you there."
The Plaza of Portals? The Deadlands?
"The Plaza of Portals is one of Fargrave's most important locations. A series of permanent gateways to other realms in Oblivion.
One of those realms is the Deadlands, the domain of Mehrunes Dagon."
The Anchorite. That's an unusual name.
"Is it? I hadn't noticed.
Look, we only just met. If you turn out to be trustworthy, I'll tell you the strange tale. If not … well, we'll deal with that if it becomes necessary."
Does your tale include an explanation about the mask you're wearing?
"Perhaps. And maybe it's just a fashion statement.
Now, go talk to Madam Whim and Initiate Tilgo while I make my rounds. I need to check on my charges around the city."
Your charges?
"As a crossroads, it's natural for people from everywhere to wind up here. I check on the mortals of the city on a regular basis. Help them as I can. That's why Whim calls me the fool of Fargrave, because I care. And it's why I abhor the Dagonists."
I've encountered the Order of the Waking Flame before. (Encountered the Waking Flame before)
"Then you know the cult is evil. They appeared recently. Proselytizing in the plazas. Then they started placing those votive runes. Some kind of prayer to Mehrunes Dagon, but it intensifies mortal emotions.
The runes are dangerous, I know it."

Once you have finished speaking with the Anchorite:

The Anchorite: "Hmm. The glow seems to have faded … for now."
<She the goes over to the unconscious cultist and begins searching him.>

After you have spoken to her two contacts and learnt about the Waking Flame plot for Fargrave, you can meet up with the Anchorite in the Crafting Plaza. She will be standing to the side as a pair of Stricture Guards tie up some captured Waking Flame Cultists. The Anchorite calls you over:

The Anchorite: "Over here, friend."
Waking Flame Cultist: "Lord Dagon will visit disaster upon this ash heap! Mark my words!"

Speak with the Anchorite and tell her what you found out:

"These new Dagonists are barely worth the effort. I followed them into the plaza and destroyed the votive rune before they even noticed I was there. And the Grasp decided to get involved, finally!
Hey, did you learn anything from my contacts?"
Madam Whim said Lyranth is searching the Shambles for the cult's local leader, Sister Celdina.
"Madam Whim didn't charge you, I hope. She usually lets you sample her wares for free the first time. After that it gets expensive.
The Shambles is a big place, but now we know more than we did when we started. Did you also make contact with Tilgo?"
He said Celdina's using the votives to conquer Fargrave and to look for an unusually hot building.
"Hot? In the Shambles? Must be the old baths. The furnaces beneath the bathhouse have been burning forever.
But what was that about the votive runes? How does Sister Celdina plan to use them to conquer Fargrave?"
The votives are prayers to Dagon. The magic only affects mortals, but neither of them knew any more.
"Damn it! No one is going to conquer Fargrave if I have any say in the matter! I suppose we need to investigate the old bathhouse. If we find Sister Celdina, maybe we'll find Lyranth, too.
Let's meet in the Shambles. We can discuss our options there."
All right, I'll meet you in the Shambles.

Afterwards, you can ask some questions about the Shambles:

"Once we enter the Shambles, we can work our way together to the old bathhouse."
Tell me more about the Shambles.
"The Shambles can be a dangerous place, but it's also where the majority of Fargrave's mortals live.
Warrens and dark alleys fill the area. There are three main paths through the Shambles. We can take any of them to reach the bathhouse."
What do you know about the old bathhouse?
"Just that it's mostly abandoned. Hasn't been used by anyone but squatters and vagrants for years. It's isolated at the northern end of the Shambles, easy to secure, and unbearably hot. The perfect location for the Dagonist leaders to plot and scheme."
I still want to know about your name and why you're wearing a mask.
"And I said I'd tell you … once I was sure I could trust you. Let's find out what's waiting for us at the bathhouse. Try to make contact with Lyranth the Dremora.
After that, we'll see."

When you finish asking questions, the Stricture guards will escort the Walking Flame Cultists out:

Stricture Guard: "Move, mortal flea!"
Waking Flame Cultist: "You will see! Lord Dagon will devour you and your city!"
Stricture Guard: "Be silent! Your Prince has no power here."

Once you enter the Shambles:

The Anchorite: "The Shambles. Not a place for a casual stroll. Let's go check out the old bathhouse."

The Anchorite will have become your follower. Speaking with her, you can ask about the different paths you can take.

"This is the Shambles, one of the most dangerous regions of Fargrave.
The old bathhouse is to the north. We can get there via the western warrens, through the central plazas, or by crossing Skein Row to the east."
Tell me more about the Shambles.
"The Shambles can be a dangerous place, but it's also where the majority of Fargrave's mortals live.
Warrens and dark alleys fill the area. There are three main paths through the Shambles. We can take any of them to reach the bathhouse."
You mentioned three paths we could take to get to the bathhouse.
"Yes. I know three ways to navigate the Shambles.
We need to be wary of the Vanquished if we cross the central plazas, and Boss Kezo's gang controls the western warrens. If we go east through Skein Row, try to avoid the Spiderkith that roost there."
Who are the Vanquished?
"A group of rogue Dremora that tend to hunt in the Shambles. Some legends say no Prince ever wanted them, others that they did something so awful their Prince abandoned them.
Enzir leads the Vanquished from their hovels along the central plazas."
What should I know about Boss Kezo and his gang?
"Boss Kezo and his gang of street toughs control the western warrens in the Shambles. They call themselves the Errants, mortals who use threats of violence to get by.
They talk tough, but back off at the first sign of a real challenge."
What are the Spiderkith?
"The Spiderkith are cruel Daedric spider people. Shaermeta and her clan, which she calls the Invisible Web, occupy the eastern section of the Shambles. Their territory is known as Skein Row.
They treat anyone who ventures there as prey."
Of the three paths, which do you recommend? (Appears after choosing one of the above options)
"Depends on the time of day, who else has passed that way recently, or any of a dozen variables. It doesn't matter to me. We're going to run into trouble somewhere along the journey. This is the Shambles, after all.
Pick a direction and I'll follow."
What do you know about the old bathhouse? (Same as Above)
I still want to know about your name and why you're wearing a mask. (Same as Above)

When you move further into the Shambles you will have three possible paths:

The Anchorite: "Choose a direction. East through Skein Row, through the western warrens, or directly north through the central plazas?"

Entering the Vanquished's territory:

The Anchorite: "The Vanquished consider the central plazas to be their territory. We need to be careful here."

Entering the Errants' territory:

The Anchorite: "The western warrens? Remember, while the Errants are basically cowards, they can be dangerous if they get desperate."

Entering the Invisible Web's territory:

The Anchorite: "East through Skein Row, is it? Be wary of the Spiderkith. They consider any mortals who enter their territory to be prey."

Once you reach the old Bathhouse:

The Anchorite: "That's the bathhouse up ahead. Let's see if the door is locked."

Getting closer, the Anchorite will run ahead and check the main door:

The Anchorite: "That door should take us into the bathhouse, if we can open it."

Speaking with her before trying the door:

"See if we can use that door to get into the bathhouse. I'll stay here and keep watch."

When you try to go inside you will find that the door is blocked by a magical ward:

The Anchorite: "Locked. And with magic, damn. If the main door is sealed, let's see if we can get in through the courtyard."

Speaking with the Anchorite before you search for another entrance:

"We're not getting in through the main door.
Luckily, I spotted three potential entry points—another door to the east, a cave to the west, and a bridge overhead that connects to the roof. One of those should lead to the bathhouse courtyard."

You can then choose which way to go, the Anchorite will follow you:

If you go to the side door to the east:

The Anchorite: "That door leads to the courtyard and isn't warded. Can you pick the lock?"

If you go to the cave to the west:

The Anchorite: "That opening in the cliffside. Do you think we could fit through there?"

If you go to the bridge:

The Anchorite: "This bridge leads to the roof. Might be a way in over there."

Once you go through either way, she will say:

The Anchorite: "This is the bathhouse courtyard. See those depressions? Used to be outdoor pools. Let's see if we can find a way inside from here."

Talking to the Anchorite during your search:

"I never met a building with only a single entrance and exit. Let's look around the courtyard. There's got to be another way to get into the bathhouse."
Why do you think there's another way to get inside the bathhouse?
"Because it's a big building, and big buildings always have multiple exits and entrances. Besides, we didn't come all this way to be defeated by a magical seal on a bathhouse door.
Let's search the courtyard and find another way to get inside."

Once inside the Bathhouse's upper level, you will find it crawling with Waking Flame cultists. You will need to find a way to the Undercroft.

"There has to be a way to get inside the bathhouse. Keep looking."

As you approach a possible entrance, the Anchorite will point it out:

The Anchorite: "That opening in the rocks. Maybe we can reach the caves below and get into the bathhouse from there."

Once you enter the cave leading to the Bathhouse's Undercroft:

The Anchorite: "We should be able to find a way inside through the undercroft. It runs beneath the bathhouse."

However, soon you will find your progress is blocked by another magical ward. The Anchorite will not be discouraged:

The Anchorite: "Another ward! I think we can get past this one though. I have an idea."

Talk with her to see what her plan is:

"Unlike the door outside, this area contains everything we need to disrupt the magic sustaining the ward and dispel it.
I've seen the Daedra use these crystals to do all sorts of things."
Crystals? What are you talking about?
"I spotted a lucent among the debris in this hall. It's a Daedric crystal that can absorb and store the background energy that pulses through all the realms of Oblivion.
We'll need that to get started."
Find a lucent, got it. Then what?
"Then take the lucent to the dynamus font over there. That background energy I mentioned? The font absorbs it. Place the lucent on the font and it will fill it with the charged energy."
Charge the lucent on the font. Then what?
"Finally, insert the charged lucent into the discharge labrum beside the door. That will release the energy from the crystal and disrupt the ward. That's the idea, anyway.
I've seen the Daedra do all sorts of things using lucents, fonts, and labrums."
All right, I'll find a lucent and follow your instructions.

Before you go ahead and follow her instructions to open the door, you can ask questions about the various components that will be used:

"Remember, find a lucent, charge it in the dynamus font, then place the charged crystal in the labrum beside the door.
Once you understand how lucents function, you can use them to accomplish all sorts of things throughout the realms of Oblivion."
Can you tell me more about the lucent?
"As I understand it, lucents form naturally in the void and occasionally rain down on the various realms. Some say they're actually crystallized bits of Oblivion. Who knows?
I've seen Daedra gather them, charge them, and make use of their energy."
Make use of their energy? How exactly?
"Well, as long as you have lucents, a dynamus font, and a discharge labrum, you can use the energy to open gates, ignite furnaces, operate torture devices. All sorts of things.
We're going to use it to overcharge the ward on that door and dispel it."
What's the purpose of the dynamus font?
"Look, I just observed how the Daedra use them. The dynamus font is sort of like a spring. Instead of water, energy wells up. Could be an atronach trapped in there. Or maybe it's the ambient dynamism that flows through the space between the realms."
"I'm not a Daedric scholar, all right! I just know what I know!
Dynamism. I heard the Dremora talking about it at Madam Whim's. It's what some call the energy of Oblivion. Or the energy in Oblivion? It's confusing, but it's energy that we can use."
Tell me about the discharge labrum.
"Basically, when you plug a charged lucent into the labrum, it releases the energy stored in the crystal. Most of the labrums I've seen are integrated into some larger mechanism.
I'm not sure what this one was originally used for."
Can't we just break the crystal to release the energy?
"You could, but you'd also get a destructive explosion. Better to control the release by using the labrum.
Besides, the lucents can be used over and over again. But not if you shatter them."

As you complete each step, the Anchorite will comment on it. You can also talk to her:

Finding the Lucent:

The Anchorite: "That's definitely a lucent. They're as common as clay jars in mortal ruins, but only the Daedra actually use them."

Picking it up:

The Anchorite: "Now take the lucent to the dynamus font."

Speaking to her again:

"That's a lucent. You need to charge it to dispel the ward.
Place it in the dynamus font nearby to fill it with energy."

Finding the Dynamus Font:

The Anchorite: "Place the lucent in the dynamus font and it should fill it with energy."

Charging the Lucent in the font:

The Anchorite: "That did it. Look how the crystal crackles with energy. Now place it on the labrum."

Speaking to her again:

"Perfect! The crystal looks charged and ready.
Now place it in the discharge labrum near the door. That should release the energy, dispel the ward, and let us through."

Finding the labrum:

The Anchorite: "Insert the charged crystal into the labrum and step away. You don't want to get scorched."

Placing the lucent in the labrum, the crystals will turn blue and the magical ward will disappear:

The Anchorite: "It worked! And now you know how to use a charged lucent. Let's see what's behind that door."

Speaking to her before you go through the door:

"All right, let's see where this door takes us."

Continuing down the tunnel, you will soon reach another warded door. There is also someone else down there:

The Anchorite: "Our hands … they're glowing again."
Lyranth: "I see my spell brought the help I requested, but I didn't expect there to be more than one of you."

Speaking with the Anchorite before talking to Lyranth:

"I assume that's Lyranth the Dremora. Which is why our hands are glowing again, I guess.
You talk to her. Find out why she didn't wait for us at the original meeting site. And see if she knows any more about the votive runes."

Once you have finished talking to Lyranth:

The Anchorite: "The glow. It vanished again."
Lyranth: "The spell has run its course. The glow will not return."
<Lyranth turns towards the door.>
Lyranth: "Now to deal with this ward."
<Lyranth breaks the wards.>
Lyranth: "Come, I sense activity in the chamber beyond."

Talking to the Anchorite after speaking with Lyranth:

"Let's find Sister Celdina and determine the exact nature of her plan to take over Fargrave. I want to figure out how to stop her votive runes before they harm any more of the city's mortal population."

Entering the Bathhouse Auditorium, you may notice the various daedric critters in the area explode into clouds of ash as you get closer to Sister Celdina and her ritual. Sister Celdina will be standing on the platform above you as portals appear behind her and reinforcements arrive.

After taunting you, Sister Celdina raises her hands in the air and a fiery mass appears above her. The screen will blur and be tinged red and there will be strange sounds, Lyranth and the Anchorite will begin clutching their heads in pain.

Sister Celdina: "Dagon's blessing reverberates among the votive runes. Soon, a wave of destruction will sweep over Fargrave and destroy the Daedra!"
The Anchorite: "The spell … what's happening to us?"
Lyranth: "Mortal, destroy the votive runes!"

Three runes will be in the area. When you destroy the third votive rune, the ritual will be stopped. Sister Celdina will blame Lyranth before teleporting away:

Sister Celdina: "All that work, ruined. You will pay for that Dremora. You and your companions both!"
<Sister Celdina teleports away.>
The Anchorite: "Sister Celdina got away and we're right back where we started. Nowhere!"
Lyranth: "Nowhere? How quickly mortals succumb to despair. Let's talk in the next room."

You can follow the pair into the adjacent room. Speaking with the Anchorite before Lyranth:

"All that and we let Sister Celdina get away. Well, if Lyranth thinks there's some way we can salvage this debacle, I'm all ears. Talk to her and see what she's got in mind."

Speaking with Lyranth she will explain what the ritual was doing and asks that you search the Bathhouse for any information Sister Celdina left behind in haste:

"I hate that we let Sister Celdina slip through our fingers, but Lyranth's right. She probably did leave something important behind. Let's look around."

Before you show Lyranth the note, you can show it to her but she can't read it:

"Sorry, I can't read that. You should show it to Lyranth."

You can find the Encoded Note, and Lyranth suggests that you all met up at the Bearer's Rest to find someone that can decode it. The Anchorite will walk upstairs and say:

The Anchorite: "Let's meet at the inn in Fargrave. Bearer's Rest. We can talk privately there."

Speaking to her before departing:

"We can meet up at the Bearer's Rest. It's the largest inn in Fargrave. Because of the crowds, we can talk safely there without fear of being overheard."

Entering the Bearer's Rest you will see the Anchorite seated and you can overhear her conversation with Lyranth:

The Anchorite: "So you really came all this way to stop the Waking Flame from destroying Fargrave?"
Lyranth: "Something like that."

You can speak with the Anchorite to complete the quest:

"I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't that. Finding the leader of the cult, watching as she almost completed a deadly ritual, and then allowing her to escape. I never fail like that.
And all we have for our trouble is a coded message."
Do you know anyone who can decipher the code?
"Maybe? This is Fargrave, after all. The city connects to everywhere. Madam Whim must know someone here who can help us with that.
In the meantime, we made a deal and I always honor my commitments. Here. You earned this, my friend."

Speak to her before starting the next quest:

"We didn't get Sister Celdina, but we stopped her ritual. Destroyed the votive runes before she could conquer Fargrave. Thanks to you.
I don't think this cult is finished, though. I think they're just getting started. We need to decipher that note."

Destruction Incarnate[edit]

After starting the quest, The Anchorite will offer her help again:

The Anchorite: "I'll meet you at the House of Whims. I can help with the negotiations."

Speaking to her:

"I'll go with you to Madam Whim's, too. She knows me and I can smooth over any rough spots once Lyranth and her begin negotiating.
Have you ever witnessed a negotiation between Daedra? It can get intense."
Intense? How so?
"I've only just met her and I can already tell that Lyranth thinks very highly of herself. That's not an uncommon trait among the greater Daedra. And when two or more prominent Daedra come together, their every action becomes a battle for supremacy."
That sounds dangerous.
"It can be. Depends on which types of Daedra we're talking about. Thanks to the Stricture, most such negotiations here in Fargrave remain at the hypothetical level. A battle of words and posturing to determine dominance.
It's almost ritualistic."
The Stricture?
"It's a code of sorts. A magical covenant that binds the Daedra and allows them to operate in neutral territory without the need for a centralized leadership. When the bounds of the covenant slip, that's when the Grasp of the Stricture steps in."
So the Grasp of the Stricture are law enforcers?
"Kind of. More like arbiters that maintain the peace among the Daedra. They have no love of mortals, however. Since we're not bound by the Stricture, they consider us with suspicion and even outright hostility. They're sure we're guilty of something."

After you finish speaking to Whim, Lyranth will tell you to go "rouse" The Anchorite who has "allowed the temptations of this den of iniquity to distract her." You'll find her downstairs with a mug in her hand:

The Anchorite: "Was Madam Whim helpful? Grab a drink and tell me all about it."

Speaking to her:

"I know I said I was going to help with the negotiations, but … look, I don't want to talk about it."
What's going on?
"Some things are private. Personal. You can't just walk up and demand I tell you my deepest, darkest secrets.
Ah, sorry. I agreed to talk about my name, my mask, everything. After you proved yourself. And you've certainly done that."
This is about your mask?
"When we first met, you asked about my name. Madam Whim gave it to me. I just arrived in Fargrave, and everything before that exact moment was … gone. All I had was this mask. I didn't know who I was or where I came from.
Still don't."
What does it mean, the Anchorite?
"Just one of Madam Whim's little jokes. Means I'm a recluse, a hermit. Living a life of seclusion behind a mask I can't remove.
Sometimes … sometimes it feels like memories are stirring deep inside my mind. When that happens, I need a distraction."
Why do you need a distraction?
"Because it feels like there's a war raging inside my skull. A war I can't win. Better to drink or … or whatever. Push them back down to stop the pain behind my eyes. That's my story, at least as much as I know.
Now tell me what Madam Whim said."
She said Gazmod the Collector might have something to help decipher the encoded note.
"I've heard of the Collector. Has a villa on the west side of the city. Never met them personally, but I assume they're some sort of Daedra. Makes sense, considering their influence and where they live.
I'll meet you there."
All right, I'll meet you at the Collector's villa.
"I'll finish this and meet you at the Collector's villa. It's on the west side, in a neighborhood that's strictly Daedric. So be careful and watch your step until I get there."
You arrived in Fargrave without knowing who you were or where you came from. Why did you stay?
"Where else was I to go? I assumed I awoke in Fargrave for a reason. I stayed to find that reason. And to see if whoever left me here would one day return.
Regardless, the city and its people quickly captured my heart. Especially the mortals."
Is that why you became the darling of the alleys?
"Another label assigned by Madam Whim. Stay in her orbit long enough and you'll collect a dozen appellations. I can't stand to see anyone go hungry or be taken advantage of. I try to help and don't ask anything in return. Whim sees that as a weakness."
And you really can't remember anything from before you arrived in Fargrave?
"Bits and pieces, but when the memories stir, the pain kicks in. If I try to focus on them, actually make sense of them, the mask … burns? It hurts me. Like it doesn't want me to remember.
Someday I'll look into those blank spaces, but not today."

Lyranth appears behind you:

Lyranth: "Time to go, little mortals."
The Anchorite: "To the Collector's villa. As soon as I finish my drink."
Lyranth: "Go. We will catch up. I want to hear more about the Anchorite's missing memories."

Arrive at the villa and you'll find the Collector admiring The Anchorite's mask:

Gazmod the Collector: "Its mask. It intrigues. It must become a part of Gazmod's collection."
The Anchorite: "Um … friend … why don't you talk to the Collector …."

Speaking to her before Gazmod:

"So Gazmod the Collector is a Watcher, hmm? Never met one before. At least, I don't think I have.
Quick, ask them about a way to decipher the code. Get them thinking about something—anything—other than adding me and my mask to their collection."

After speaking to the Collector, you turn to Lyranth who, with The Anchorite, try to sweeten the negotiations:

Lyranth: "I meant no insult by having my mortal speak to you, Collector. We merely seek to borrow a Dagonic codebreaker."
The Anchorite: "Since you're clearly interested, I'll allow you to examine my mask."
Gazmod the Collector: "No, the Arox must not leave the gallery. But Gazmod will peer at its mask. This way, mask-wearer."
Lyranth: "Come, little mortal. We must find the Arox. Perhaps the gallery is beyond that door."

Speaking to her before you go with Lyranth:

"Go with Lyranth. Find the Arox or whatever it is. I'll try to keep the Collector busy.
But hurry. I really don't want to end up in a display case."
Are you sure about this?
"Do we have a choice? Look, I can take care of myself. Just find the Arox and get back here as quick as you can. I'll do my best to keep the Collector's attention focused on me and my mask."

As you try to leave the villa, you'll find The Anchorite in magical chains:

The Anchorite: "Hey, a little help here! That floating sack of eyes wants to make me a permanent part of their collection!"

Speaking to her before you free her:

"As glad as I am to see you, can we do more rescuing and less talking right now? I think if you shatter that glowing crystal behind me, that will do the trick."

Destroy the crystal and she'll be thankful:

The Anchorite: "Thanks. Let's get out of here and return to Madam Whim's!"

Speaking to her before leaving:

"We can talk once we get out of this house of horrors and return to the House of Whims. I really didn't appreciate being put on display in this insane museum."

Make your way to Madam Whim's and go upstairs. Arox will pop out of your pack and claims to have made progress in his deciphering:

Arox the Mutilator: "Master, Arox has deciphered the note! Daedric troops from Burning Gyre Keep in the Deadlands are preparing to invade Fargrave."
Lyranth: "Well done, rat. Mortal, find out what else the note contains."
The Anchorite: "That daedrat … talks?"

Speaking to her before Arox:

"I'm still coming to grips with the fact that you're getting vital information from a talking daedrat, so don't look at me. Find out what else the encoded note said. And maybe Lyranth knows something about Burning Gyre Keep."

After speaking to Arox:

"I want to protect the city as much as the next Fargravian, but marching into the Deadlands … ah, well. I suppose we all have to die sometime.
Except for Lyranth and Arox. They can't be killed. Just inconvenienced for a while."

Outside Burning Gyre Keep, you'll meet up with your friends just as an explosion rocks the area:

The Anchorite: "What in Oblivion was that?"
Lyranth: "Great power was just unleashed inside the keep. Hurry, mortals. We must see what's going on inside."

Speaking to her before you go inside:

"What was that? It sounded like something exploded in there! We need to get in there and see what's going on."

Speak to her inside and she'll say:

"My forays into the Deadlands tend to be short. And I usually avoid places like this. So let's be quick, figure out what's going on, and get back to Fargrave as fast as possible."

As you make your way through the keep, you'll come across an abandoned sword. Lyranth will recognize it as a Bladebearer Clan weapon:

"From here, it just looks like a pile of discarded Daedric junk to me. Lyranth's eyes must be as sharp as a gryphon's.
Just watch out for lava crabs. The Deadlands are crawling with them and that's exactly the sort of place they like to hide."

Examine the sword and she'll comment:

"The Bladebearers clan? I've heard of them. Their mercenaries appear in Fargrave from time to time. This isn't their keep, though. And that sword looks badly damaged. What happened here?"

Before you engage the Incarnate, she will have concerns:

"That's not like any kind of Daedra I've ever seen. We can't let them send it to Fargrave. It will destroy the city!"

Back at Madam Whim's, you can speak to her while she's enjoying some grub:

"Sister Celdina…twice now you helped me stop her from harming Fargrave and its people. Thanks for that.
I'm not sure why Lyranth chose us, or what she really cares about in all this, but as long as the cult threatens my city, I'll stand by you."
You heard Sister Celdina. She plans to create a legion of Incarnates with her Riven Cataclyst.
"Yeah, I heard. I may not remember who I am or where I came from, but I found a purpose in Fargrave. That's what keeps me going. Protecting the city and its people.
I won't rest until we stop Sister Celdina and the Order of the Waking Flame."

If you exit out of the quest completion dialogue from Lyranth, the Anchorite will alternatively say:

"We need to find the device that Sister Celdina mentioned. The one that creates the Incarnates.
Talk to Lyranth and see if she has any ideas on where we should look for it."

The Durance Vile[edit]

Before you start the quest, she will suggest you asking Lyranth about where to look for Sister Celdina:

"How do we even start to figure out where to look for Sister Celdina and her Riven Cataclyst? The Deadlands is huge. And they could be anywhere! And what does the Bladebearers clan symbol we found have to do with anything?
Maybe Lyranth has an idea."

Once you start the quest and before you speak to Lyranth:

"Lyranth's been waiting for you. We've been discussing what we can do to find Sister Celdina and the Riven Cataclyst, but she's been frustratingly reluctant to share her thoughts.
The Deadlands is huge and they could be anywhere! Talk to her, please!"

After agreeing to go to Wretched Spire with Lyranth, The Anchorite will decide to stay at Madam Whim's:

"I think I'll stay here while you, Lyranth, and the talking rat return to the Deadlands. A memory swelled up when the Collector examined my mask. It isn't clear and I don't understand it, but I want to try to recall my first few days in Fargrave."
Do you think this memory has something to do with Sister Celdina and the location of the catalcyst?
"I—I'm not sure. The memory is only a fragment, and a jumbled one at that. Maybe if I retrace my steps, try to recreate my first few days in the city, maybe it will become clearer.
All I know is, whatever Gazmod did to me, it shook something loose."
Why do you think this memory is important?
"The memory … I saw glimpses of an old man. I know him … knew him … I think. And I saw other flashes. My first days in Fargrave. I think they're related in some way.
I'm not sure if I want to thank the Collector or run a blade through them."
Did Gazmod the Collector tell you anything about your mask?
"You saw what they were like. Gazmod treated me as something to be studied. Never actually talked to me at all.
Only my mask interested them. When they examined it, a memory shifted into focus. Sort of. I think I'll be more help if I figure this out."

At Zynoahz's Gaol, The Anchorite will arrive with Lyranth after you've uncovered some clues. The Anchorite will have recovered some memories:

Rynkyus: "Defective parts, strange scribblings, the inventions of a blind seer. I hope Lyranth learned more in Fargrave."
Lyranth: "The inventions of a blind seer? Interesting. I believe we know his name."
The Anchorite: "Elegian. That's what I remembered earlier. Lyranth helped me."
Arox the Mutilator: "Elegian? That old lunatic? He was locked in the Blood Pit, last I knew."
Rynkyus: "Did that daedrat … talk?"
Arox the Mutilator: "This pathetic form holds Arox the Mutilator, titan of destruction! Master, let's talk."

Speak to her before speaking to Arox:

"I can sense the truth of what Arox said. The name Elegian tugs at my mind.
Talk to Arox—I want to know more."

After Arox hops into your pack again:

The Anchorite: "Let's meet at the Blood Pit. If I know Elegian, maybe he knows me."

After speaking to Arox:

"I'll meet you at the Blood Pit. It's safer if we travel separately and don't call more attention to ourselves than absolutely necessary."
How did Lyranth help you remember something?
"Gazmod the Collector's interest in my mask gave Lyranth an idea. Rather than try to remove it, she attempted to suppress its enchantment with her magic."
What happened?
"It was as if a curtain in my mind moved in the breeze for a moment. I saw Elegian—a sad old man with eyes that looked on things others don't see. And I remembered his name.
I'm afraid that's all Lyranth could help me recall."
I see. Tell me if you remember anything else.

The Blood Pit

Make your way to the Blood Pit and you'll find The Anchorite waiting for you:

The Anchorite: "Over here, friend! No one's come in or out while I've been waiting."

Speaking to her:

"The Blood Pit. If names are omens, then this is a dire one. After what Arox told us about the place, I admit I wouldn't want to set foot there until we exhausted every other lead we had."
Do you think you might have been imprisoned here?
"I'm not sure. Wouldn't a place like this leave scars you couldn't forget?"
If you didn't meet Elegian here, then where else could you know him from?
"I don't know. And what does it matter? However we met, I just hope Elegian can tell me who I was before this mask was adhered to my face.
It would also be nice if he can tell us something useful about the Riven Cataclyst."

Speaking to her again:

"Arox mentioned a prison within the prison. The Durance Vile. Let's look around and try to find it."

Enter the area and you'll see Valkynaz Nokvroz talking to Overseer Tykh across the way:

The Anchorite: "There! An overseer. Let's see what's going on."

Speaking to her again on this:

"Valkynaz Nokvroz mentioned a blind old fool. Could he have been talking about Elegian? And what was that about an elixir? Let's keep looking."

Move ahead and she'll spot Nokvroz again:

The Anchorite: "Careful, overseer on the left."

At the Warden's Overlook, she'll say:

"There must be something around here that can lead us to Elegian—preferably before the warden or the overseers notice our presence. A map? A list of prisoners? Something."

Find the Blood Pit Prisoner Roll and the Blood Pit Map and she'll remark:

The Anchorite: "That map was obviously drawn by a prisoner."

Speaking to her again:

"The prisoner roll indicates Elegian is detained in a cell called the Durance Vile. And the map shows the Durance Vile to be in the southwest portion of the prison. We just need to get over there and then we can talk to Elegian."

Reach the Durance Vile:

The Anchorite: "That's it, the Durance Vile!"

Follow The Anchorite inside:

The Anchorite: "So close but one more obstacle. Any ideas?"

Speaking to her:

"If Arox is right, Elegian is behind that glowing door. That's a lot of security for one old blind seer, though.
I guess we need to figure out how to open Elegian's cell if I really want to talk to him."
Having second thoughts? I figured you'd be eager to find out what Elegian knows about your past.
"Yeah, I thought so, too. But what if something in my past is terrible? What if that's why I can't, or won't, remember?
All right, let's do this. I think we can use lucent crystals, just like back at the bathhouse in the Shambles."
Lucents? Remind me about those.
"Lucents can be charged with energy and used to activate all sorts of things. Like opening that door, maybe.
Gather some lucents and look for a dynamus font to charge them. There's got to be one around here. Maybe on the balcony up above?"
All right. I'll look for lucents.
"Spend any amount of time scavenging in Fargrave or the various realms of Oblivion and you'll run into a few of these Daedric devices. Lucents are usually easy to find. The tricky part is locating a dynamus font that still works."
What do I need to do again?
"Gather a few lucent crystals. Preferably a charged lucent. Then we can activate that displacer so you can get up to the balcony.
I'm pretty sure that if you place charged lucents in the discharge labrums above, that will open the cell door."
What if I can't find charged lucents?
"Then hopefully there are a few uncharged crystals lying about. In that case, we'll need a dynamus font to charge them. Why don't you search around?"

Once Arox's memory jogged, she will notice a charged lucent:

Arox the Mutilator: "I remember! There's a rune of unsealing on the balcony above. It unlocks the cell door, master."
The Anchorite: "And look over there. A charged lucent! Grab it and place it in the discharge labrum beside the displacer."

Pick up the charged lucent:

The Anchorite: "Now place the charged lucent in the discharge labrum."

Place the lucent:

The Anchorite: "I see discharge labrums on the balcony above. Find some lucents, charge them, then place them up there."
Arox the Mutilator: "The masked one speaks true. We need charged lucents"

Once you've unlocked the Rune of Unsealing:

The Anchorite: "Hurry, activate the rune of unsealing before an overseer comes around!"
Arox the Mutilator: "Good! The sooner we can get to the old seer, the sooner we can banish Nokvroz!"

Activate the rune and join The Anchorite below:

The Anchorite: "That did it. Now let's see what Elegian can tell us about cataclysts. And maybe my hidden past."

Enter Elegian's cell with The Anchorite and Arox the Mutilator. Elegian will be babbling to himself:

Elegian: "A noise! Is someone there?"
Elegian: "No. No more visions. I don't want to drink any more! Drink, brink, stink. Ha!"
Arox the Mutilator: "The blind seer is mad. I warned you, master."
The Anchorite: "That's him. The old man in my memory. Talk to him and see if he remembers me."

Speaking to her before Elegian:

"That poor man. I'm not sure if we can get anything useful out of him in the state he's in. But we came all this way. You might as well talk to him."

Try to speak to Elegian, but he won't make sense:

The Anchorite: "Nokvroz mentioned an elixir, didn't he? If you can find one, maybe it will calm him down."
Elegian: "Taste of spring, Rain's Hand in a bottle. Pour and pour on the coals, helps calm my mental debacle."

Speaking to her for further insight:

"There's meaning in Elegian's babble. Perhaps he's trying to describe whatever visions plague him. The elixir Nokvroz mentioned. It sounded like he used it whenever he came to interrogate the old man."
You think his rambling words are some sort of clue?
"He mentioned spring. Could the elixir be related to a season? And he said something about pouring it on coals. There are braziers right beside him."
What do you suggest?
"Look around for Elegian's elixir. I imagine the overseers would keep it close by in case they needed to talk to him.
Something in a bottle, related to spring. That's my guess."
I'll look for the elixir.

Speaking to her again before you look for the elixir:

"How could anyone in Elegian's state create these cataclysts? It's crazy, but I can't help feeling that there's meaning in his nonsense.
I think he's trying to tell us how to help him. Look for anything related to spring."

Search the room and return to her:

"Try pouring the green elixir on the braziers. I'm sure it's the right one. I think."

Use the elixir:

"That seems to have worked! Quickly, ask him about the Riven Cataclyst. We don't know how long he'll remain lucid."

Exit dialogue with Eligian and The Anchorite will speak to him:

The Anchorite: "You seem like a kindly old owl. I wish I could help you."
Elegian: "A kindly old owl? I remember … a young girl called me that once. I … I have something for you."
The Anchorite: "Something for me? What is it?"
Elegian: "This amulet. I've been saving it … for so long. For you, I think …."
<Elegian's voice starts to become shrill>
Elegian: "Now go … my mind … kind, wind, blind! It fills with a storm!"
The Anchorite: "Goodbye, old owl. <To the player> Let's meet back at Wretched Spire."

Outside the cell, she'll comment:

The Anchorite: "He remembered my mask and this amulet … but he didn't remember me."

Back at Wretched Spire, you can speak to her before speaking to Lyranth:

"I hoped Elegian would be able to tell me who I am or how I knew him. It's disappointing. But at least he sort of explained my mask. And he told us where to find the Riven Cataclyst.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this amulet, though."
Do you recognize the amulet that Elegian gave you?
"No, but it feels familiar somehow ….
Forgive me, friend. I'm not ready to talk about Elegian yet. My heart breaks for the poor old owl and I need some time to think. You should tell Lyranth what we learned."

If you spoke to Lyranth but haven't turned in the quest, she will say:

"I followed you into the Blood Pit. I'll follow you to Annihilarch's Summit, too. I'll see this through to the end."

After speaking to Lyranth:

"I can't stop thinking about Elegian. Why did he give me this amulet? And why did he create my mask?
Damn it! All these questions! And they need to wait until we finish our business at Annihilarch's Summit. Save Fargrave, then worry about myself."

Born of Grief[edit]

After accepting the quest but before speaking to Lyranth:

"The first Incarnate we ran into was bad enough. I'm not eager to meet another one, let alone an army of the things. We'd better stop Sister Celdina and the Waking Flame while we still can."

After getting instructions from Lyranth:

Arox the Mutilator: "Let us go, master!"
The Anchorite: "I'll meet you at Annihilarch's Summit. But we should be careful. I expect that both Sister Celdina and Nokvroz may be there."

Speaking to her before Arox:

"If Elegian devised both the cataclysts and my mask, did I know him before my memories disappeared? And did I know about the cataclysts?
It seems I wound up with more questions than answers."
What's the first thing you remember?
"Standing in the streets of Fargrave—I think I must have stepped through a portal. I stood there for a long time, trying to remember why I was there.
I had a few pieces of gold in my pouch. Eventually I got hungry and bought a meal."
After that?
"I ran out of gold. I found myself hungry and homeless, sleeping in deserted buildings. At some point I wandered into the Shambles and was set upon by a street gang—the Errants.
That's when I discovered I knew how to fight."
So you don't know where you were before Fargrave?
"No idea. In time, I met Madam Whim. Found my place in Fargrave. I helped people, scavenged for scrap. I made allies—planar travelers, the people of the poorer districts. And when the Waking Flame arrived, I made enemies."

After Arox hops into your pack:

"Time to move out, my friend. I'll meet you at the base of Annihilarch's Summit."

Arrive at the Summit and Lyranth, Rynkyus, and The Anchorite will be there waiting:

Arox the Mutilator: "I can practically smell Nokvroz. Hurry master, we can catch him."
Lyranth: "Good, we're all here. You and Rynkyus will lead the assault, mortal."
Rynkyus: "Your mortal shell may not survive the climb to the summit, but I will do what I can to protect you."

Speak to her and she'll reveal that Lyranth wants her to stay at the base:

"Lyranth wants me to hang back until we determine if there's any connection between my mask and the cataclyst. Elegian did create both, so I understand her concern.
Plus, I still don't know why he gave me this amulet. Many mysteries remain, it seems."

At the top, you'll come to a portal:

Rynkyus: "A portal? Curse it, our enemies have already fled."
Lyranth: "Where is the Dagonist temple? What exactly did the mad seer tell you, mortal? Did he lie?"
Arox the Mutilator: "Nokvroz used that portal, master. His scent lingers."
The Anchorite: "I don't think Elegian lied. The Riven Cataclyst must be beyond that portal."

Speak to her before speaking to Lyranth:

"It figures. Not even Mehrunes Dagon's fanatics would try to live up here. But it's the perfect place to hide a permanent portal. The cataclyst must be on the other side."

Speak to Lyranth and she'll send you through the portal with The Anchorite.

The Anchorite: "I don't think I've ever been to Nirn."
<She steps into the portal>

Follow her through and you'll end up on Nirn at Fort Grief:

The Anchorite: "So this is Nirn? It's so … different."

Speaking to her as you're moving forward:

"So this is Nirn? I don't remember ever walking upon this strange world, but the sky … it seems familiar, somehow.
Let's look around and see if the cataclyst and the Bladebearers are here."

Approach the southeast tower and you'll hear someone call out:

Hadri: "We are Bladebearers, you Dagonist fools. Free us now!"
The Anchorite: "Did you hear that? The missing Bladebearers are here!"

Before you free the Bladebearers:"

The Anchorite: "Looks like we found at least some of the missing Bladebearers. Let's let them out before Rynkyus tries to chew through the bars himself."

Free the captives and The Anchorite will remark:

"The captured Bladebearer we freed mentioned that the cultists were feeding their clan mates to some infernal device beneath the fort. That has to be the Riven Cataclyst!
Sister Celdina may already have her army of Incarnates. We should hurry."

Further along:

The Anchorite: "Over there! More cages."

Before you free the second group of prisoners:

"More Bladebearers. We'd better free them, and let them know Rynkyus is here."

Free Dothaz and Vame:

"Ask the Bladebearers what they can tell us about what the cult is doing here. And find out if they know where they're keeping the Riven Cataclyst."

After finding out from Dothaz that multiple Daedra are needed to power the Riven Cataclyst, she'll be appalled:

"How many Daedra does it take to create these new Incarnates? Do the cultists try again and again until they find one that can withstand the transformation?
It's strange, but I think I actually feel pity for the Dremora."

Enter the citadel:

"We have no clue as to how close Sister Celdina is to creating another Incarnate, let alone an entire army of them. Let's find the Riven Cataclyst and see what's going on here."

Make your way to the Cataclyst chamber and you'll spy Celdina and Nokvroz:

The Anchorite: "Sister Celdina and Nokvroz! They're in the chamber below!"
"Talk later! We must get to Sister Celdina and Valkynaz Nokvroz!"

In the chamber, Celdina will summon the Incarnate. You and your party quickly try to find a way to defeat it:

The Anchorite: "The Incarnate's drawing power from the cataclyst! I'll try to stop the flow!"
The Anchorite: "There must be a switch or something!"
Rynkyus: "There! Those look vulnerable!"
Sister Celdina: "Such pointless courage. Who hides behind that mask?"

Destroy one of the crystals:

Storm Incarnate: "Raaargh!"
Rynkyus: "Mortal! Take shelter under my shield!"
The Anchorite: "The cataclyst is healing that thing!"
Sister Celdina: "Fools. You cannot defeat disaster incarnate!"

And another one:

Rynkyus: "Mortal, my shield will protect you!"
The Anchorite: "Keep the Incarnate busy! I'll figure out something!"
The Anchorite: "How do I stop this damned contraption?"
Sister Celdina: "How are you taking control of the cataclyst? That's not possible!"

Continue to destroy crystals and wear down the Incarnate, until:

The Anchorite: "No more of this! I think I can release the core!"
Sister Celdina: "I'll kill you all for this affront!"

The massive core globe drops to the floor:

The Anchorite: "Quick, my friend! Destroy the core!"

Destroy the Cataclyst and Hadri will appear with a portal. Back in Wretched Spire:

"What happened back there? How did I do all that? I just sort of knew how to disrupt the cataclyst … knew what you needed to do to destroy it.
Look, talk to Lyranth, all right? I need time to recover my strength. And I need to think."

Speak to Lyranth and she'll ask you to meet her back in Fargrave. Speak to The Anchorite before leaving:

"Back to Fargrave? Good. I could use a familiar place right about now. I'll meet you at Madam Whim's."

Back at Madam Whim's, before you talk to Lyranth:

"I still have no clue as to how I knew what to do back at Fort Grief. You don't know how disconcerting that is. How…scary.
You better talk to Lyranth now, my friend."

If you spoke to Lyranth and haven't turned in the quest:

"I can't decide if I want my memories to fully return or not. Not knowing is bad, but knowing could be worse. It's all very confusing, and I hate that."

After the quest:

"I know the threat posed by the Order of the Waking Flame isn't over. As much as I wish that destroying the Riven Cataclyst was the end of it, I know that it's not. Sister Celdina won't be stopped that easily.
Talk to Lyranth and see what she thinks."


After speaking to Lyranth, you'll find The Anchorite lost in thought:

"Sorry, I was just thinking. Ever since we returned from Fort Grief, I've been having strange visions. More forgotten memories bubbling to the surface.
At least, I hope that's what it is. Some mortals who linger in Fargrave for too long go insane."
Do you want to talk about these new memories?
"Twice now, something triggered a return of memory. First when the Collector examined my mask, and then when I disrupted the cataclyst. But I just see fragments. Nothing clear or precise.
Funny, but I think the amulet has something to do with it."
The amulet that the old seer Elegian gave you?
"Yes. Whatever I did to the cataclyst—and it was me, I'm certain of that, even if I don't understand how—it also charged the amulet. Like what happens to a lucent when you place it in a dynamus font. Except this energy draws out my memories."
Can you tell me what you're remembering?
"As I said, fragments. Glimpses of clarity in a haze of forgotten moments. I feel loneliness. I see a dark, enclosed space. A flash of blinding light ….
Nothing very useful or definitive, I'm afraid. Maybe Lyranth can help me make sense of it?"

Speaking to her again:

"I can't decide if I want my memories to fully return or not. Not knowing is bad, but knowing could be worse. It's all very confusing, and I hate that."

As you approach the portal to Deadlight, you'll hear your friends already there:

Rynkyus: "Locked and warded against Daedric incursion. These mortals are more resourceful than I imagined."
Lyranth: "You did well to find this place, Rynkyus. Ah, mortal. Let us confer."
The Anchorite: "Good. I was worried about you out there on your own."
Arox the Mutilator: "On your own? Who is Arox the Mutilator? Chopped Ogrim spittle?"

Speak to The Anchorite:

"While you were out looking for a portal key, Rynkyus and his scouts found the Deadlight portal. Unfortunately, like the portal to Fort Grief, it's warded not only against Lyranth, but all Daedra.
We might be on our own in there, my friend."

After speaking to Lyranth, The Anchorite will be ready to go:

The Anchorite: "I'm ready when you are. Lead the way, friend."

Speaking to her before going into the portal:

"Don't worry, my friend. I won't fail you. The memories remain distant, confusing, but I won't let them get in my way. I'll help you find Sister Celdina and put an end to the Waking Flame. I swear it."

Use the key and step through the portal:

The Anchorite: "This is Deadlight? It feels … familiar."

Speaking to her to hear about her thoughts:

"Lyranth and Rynkyus told me about this place. Mehrunes Dagon chased some long-forgotten enemy to this realm and laid waste to the plane. Then he awarded it to his mortal cultists and they built a citadel here.
It seems … familiar."
Familiar? You've been here before?
"I don't know. It's just a feeling. I'm getting those kinds of impressions all the time now. Like the dam has cracked and the memories are spilling out.
I wonder what it will be like when the dam finally bursts …."
Tell me what you remember.
"Nothing that will help us find Sister Celdina or another cataclyst, if that's what you're hoping. It's just a feeling.
Let's keep moving. We should search for a way into the citadel. And let's try not to alert the entire fortress that we're here."

As you make your way through the bleak landscape, she'll remark:

"We're not likely to find Celdina or her next cataclyst device out here. Let's get inside the citadel and see what we can learn.
Lead the way. I'll stand ready to heal you if we run into trouble."

If you near the main entrance, she'll advise another approach:

The Anchorite: "The front door might not be the best approach. Let's look for another way in."

Head north:

The Anchorite: "This path looks promising. Let's see where it leads."

Inside the Deadlight Citadel, The Anchorite will suggest searching for clues:

The Anchorite: "This looks like an archive of some sort. Let's see if it contains anything that can help us."

Speaking to her again:

"We've entered an archive of some sort. Maybe we can find secrets related to the Order of the Waking Flame. Secrets that Lyranth has been looking for, maybe. Let's look around and see what we can uncover."

Find and read Secrets of Moricar the Inheritor:

The Anchorite: "That says Emperor Moricar personally ordered Elegian to design the cataclysts for Mehrunes Dagon."

Next, find the Letter to the High Priest:

The Anchorite: "Sister Celdina bore a child to Emperor Moricar because she thought Mehrunes Dagon told her to? That's crazy … isn't it?"

Finally, read Doombringer Celdina's Testament:

The Anchorite: "Sister Celdina worships destruction because she sees Mehrunes Dagon as a way to repair the design of Magnus—by destroying the world!"

Speaking to her:

"So they forced Elegian to have visions and create the cataclyst. As part of some deal between the Longhouse Emperors and Mehrunes Dagon.
But where Moricar wanted to ensure that his heirs ruled the world, Celdina wants to see the world destroyed."
It sounded like they perfected the cataclyst process.
"Yes. Can you believe it? They think they can make more of those terrible Incarnates. And faster, too. But have they built this new device or do we still have time to stop them?"
What do you make of Sister Celdina's testament?
"She believes that Mehrunes Dagon will destroy the world with fire in order to remake it. After suffering at the hands of the Reach, she took up with Emperor Moricar and joined the Waking Flame.
Like she was trying to remake herself as well."
Sister Celdina also believes she gave birth to Emperor Moricar's child.
"Right. A daughter. I suppose she'd be Emperor Leovic's half-sister. Have you heard of anyone coming forward with such a claim? I'm not totally current on happenings in Tamriel, but even in Fargrave we hear rumors.
Come on, we should keep searching."

She is going to urge to continue searching:

"Let's keep going. I don't want to give Sister Celdina another chance to slip away from us."

Inside the Deadlight Citadel Shrine, The Anchorite will move to the central dias:

The Anchorite: "I've seen this place. A glimpse in my fragments of memory."
The Anchorite: "My amulet … it's drawn to the altar. Can you take a look, please?"

Speaking to her before examining the altar:

"Is this a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon? I feel like I've been here before. I recognize it from one of the memory fragments … the visions … I've been having.
And my amulet. It's warm all of a sudden. Like it's drawn to the altar. How strange."

Examine the altar:

The Anchorite: "That altar and my amulet. I wonder …. Hey, I've got an idea!"
The Anchorite's memories come rushing back

Hearing her out:

"I had an idea, and then suddenly … the memories are overwhelming! I see other people … hear their voices. They're filling the room … yes, I've been here before ….
The amulet, it's like it's singing to me. I want to try something."
What are you going to do?
"The power I summoned to deal with the Riven Cataclyst. I think I can do that again.
The amulet reacted when I did that before, when I was focusing on the cataclyst. This time, I want to focus on the amulet. I think it will answer me."
Answer you? How?
"By unlocking everything this mask has been keeping from me.
I remember things that aren't here now—a totem in the stands, a starry globe, something in the mural. Watch closely when I concentrate on the amulet. I think you might see them, too."
All right, let's see what happens.

Before you continue:

The Anchorite: "If you see any of the items I mentioned, move closer and examine them."

The Anchorite will start to weave a spell, then clasps her head:

The Anchorite: "Ahh! It's too much! Do you see them? Hurry and take a closer look."
The Anchorite
Location Deadlight Citadel Shrine
Race Reachman Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Order of the Waking Flame
Condition Projection
Novice Mairead

Examine the Reach Blood Totem:

Sister Celdina: "Do you know why I brought you here, Novice Mairead?"
The Anchorite: "I … I do not, Revered Sister."
Sister Celdina: "Because I could not leave you in isolation any longer. You must know the truth. You are the daughter of Emperor Moricar. And I am your mother."
Sister Celdina: "We will finish your training here. Do not disappoint me."

Examine the Starry Globe:

Sister Celdina: "When Magnus saw the mortal world was flawed, he abandoned its creation. Foolishly, the other gods proceeded and doomed us to suffering. Learn this well. Joy is an illusion. Love is a lie."
The Anchorite: "What became of Magnus, mother?"
Sister Celdina: "Magnus watches from the sun, waiting to repair what the others set amiss. You will give him that chance, Mairead. Everything depends on you."
The Last Hope Mural

Examine The Last Hope Mural:

The Anchorite: "I don't understand the lesson of this tapestry. What does it mean?"
Sister Celdina: "Mehrunes Dagon stands before Magnus as a weapon of hope. He possesses the power to shatter the mortal world so it can be remade."
Sister Celdina: "But a spark within the world is required to summon Dagon's cleansing fire from Oblivion. You, my child, will be that spark."
The Anchorite: "No, mother … I … I can't do that."
Sister Celdina: "You dare deny your destiny, Mairead? The blood of emperors flows through your veins. This is your purpose. You will see it done."

Finally, examine The Anchorite's Amulet:

Elegian: "Time is short. The mask will control your powers, protect you from them. And as long as you wear it, all will forget you. Including yourself and your mother."
The Anchorite: "Thank you, Elegian. I can't do as she asks. I won't be responsible for the end of the world."
Elegian: "I will forget you, too, Mairead. But I will leave you with my name. And I'll hold onto your father's amulet. If you ever need your memories, find me. The amulet is the key."
Elegian: "This portal will take you to Fargrave. To a new life and a new world."

With the last vision, you and The Anchorite return to the world:

"My mind feels like shattered glass, reflecting images from a thousand shards. How can I sort through it all? Years of missing memories, flooding back in mere moments.
What happened after I placed the amulet on the altar?"
I saw some of your memories in this room.
"Then you know. Sister Celdina … is my mother. A consort of Emperor Moricar. Is that why I was hidden away? Raised in secret?
Gods. She raised me to destroy the world with an army of Incarnates. To kill so many innocent people!"
Elegian helped you escape that fate.
"It's all coming back. Elegian was ordered to make a mask to protect me from my powers. But he secretly altered it to hide me from the Dagonists. From my mother.
I have to confront her. If I can remember her now, then she can remember me, too."
We can do this together, Anchorite.
"No. I want her to see what I've become. The girl she tried to turn into a weapon is the same woman tearing down her wretched cult.
The power of the mask is broken. I'm Mairead, but I'm also the Anchorite. And I'm through hiding from my past!"
Anchorite, wait!

As The Anchorite rushes out of the room, she declares:

The Anchorite: "Sister Celdina must be nearby. I'll put an end to this myself!"

Follow her up to the Deadlight Summit where you'll see Sister Celdina imprison The Anchorite in magical chains:

Sister Celdina: "I remember! Mairead! Together we can destroy Nirn and set everything aright!"
The Anchorite: "Set aright? I refuse to be your weapon, mother. I'm here to stop you!"
Sister Celdina: "Foolish girl. You do not know what you are—and I do not need your cooperation. You must submit!"
A good old mother-daughter reunion

The Anchorite spots your approach:

The Anchorite: "I should have waited for you … you have to stop her!"
Sister Celdina: "You dare turn my daughter against me? You will be cleansed in the fire that remakes the world!"
Sister Celdina: "Fool! You cannot stop what is coming!"
Captive in Deadlight

Defeat Celdina only to see Valkynaz Nokvroz appear behind The Anchorite:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "You have my thanks, mortal. You eliminated Sister Celdina and served up Moricar's heir on a silver platter."
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Her blood will fuel my Perfected Cataclyst. With it I shall conquer Fargrave for Mehrunes Dagon. And after that, your world shall fall!"
The Anchorite: "My amulet, friend! Keep it safe!"

Nokvroz whisks The Anchorite away with a spell.

Against All Hope[edit]

Lyranth will have spotted The Anchorite in the next room:

Lyranth: "There! Bloodlord Zavak, and he has the Anchorite. Let us listen in."
Bloodlord Zavak: "Your blood will empower the Perfected Cataclyst and birth an Incarnate to conquer all for Mehrunes Dagon."
The Anchorite: "I'll destroy that device just like I destroyed the Riven Cataclyst."
Bloodlord Zavak: "Valkynaz Nokvroz cast down the foolish Arox and purged the Order of the Waking Flame. You will submit, too."
Bloodlord Zavak: "Bring her. Nokvroz awaits us in the volcano. And you there, in the shadows—we will deal with you soon enough!"

Inside the Xarxes Crucible, you'll find The Anchorite bound to an altar by Bloodlord Zavak. Defeat Zavak and she will be freed by Arox. Nokvroz will appear in his twisted form. The Anchorite will assist you:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Meddlesome fools. I already have what I need from Emperor Moricar's heir."
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "I am the embodiment of destruction and creation, bound within one mighty form! I am the Perfected Incarnate!"
Arox the Mutilator: "Valkynaz Nokvroz! Prepare to meet your doom! Doom him, master!"
The Anchorite: "I'll support you, friend. Just like at the Riven Cataclyst!"

During the battle, she'll use her power shield on you:

The Anchorite: "I need a moment to gather my power!"
The Anchorite: "I'm ready. Call on my power!"
The Anchorite: "You need my power, friend!"
The Anchorite: "Soon, my power will be ready to use!"
The Anchorite: "Blind them with my power!"
The Anchorite: "Help me break Nokvroz's defenses!"
The Anchorite: "I need a moment to gather my power!"
The Anchorite: "Use my power!"
The Anchorite: "Only my power can hurt Nokvroz!"

Defeat Nokvroz:

The Anchorite: "We did it! Now to deal with the Perfected Cataclyst."
The Anchorite: "We need to destroy the cataclyst so they can't create anymore of those abominable Incarnates!"
The Anchorite: "We actually did it! I wasn't sure you'd come for me, but I'm glad you did."

Suddenly the ground shakes...

The Anchorite: "Wait. Do you feel that? Something's coming. Oh … oh no!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "Nokvroz underestimated you. You are indeed powerful … for mortals."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Ah, I remember you, little one. Moricar's whelp. I have plans for you."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Your companions, however, are a momentary nuisance. I shall destroy them."
Rynkyus: "Fall back! We cannot fight Mehrunes Dagon!"
Lyranth: "Hang on, I'll get us out of here!"

The portal will take you to the Plaza of Portals. There you'll be reunited with your friends:

The Anchorite: "Oh, Fargrave, how I missed you!"
Rynkyus: "Well fought, all of you. Lord Arox, it was an honor to share a battlefield with you."
Arox the Mutilator: "Yes. Forever will they fear my name, no matter what form I wear."
Lyranth: "Back to the House of Whims. We need time to recover. And to talk."

The group begins walking back to Madam Whim's:

Rynkyus: "Walk the streets with pride, mortals. You saved Fargrave. And most likely Nirn as well."
The Anchorite: "But did you hear? Mehrunes Dagon said he had plans for me."
Rynkyus: "Yes, the Prince of Destruction took note of you, Anchorite. You overcame his most powerful minions."
The Anchorite: "There has to be more to it than that. My mother … Sister Celdina … told me I would help Mehrunes Dagon destroy the mortal world."
Rynkyus: "A false prophecy, perhaps? Let it lie for now."
The Anchorite: "I suppose. I just have a feeling this isn't over. Not yet."
Rynkyus: "There is always another battle, but you need not seek it today."

Inside Madam Whim's, The Anchorite will be upstairs waiting for you to speak to Lyranth:

"I admit, I'm kind of at a loss. Destroying the cataclysts, fighting Dagon's servants, confronting my own mother … the world was simpler when the mask hid me from myself.
It's going to take a lot of time to sort through my recovered memories."
Isn't it better to know the truth?
"Do I know the truth? Some things still remain hidden. I know who my mother and father were, yes. But I don't recall much about my childhood. I couldn't tell you where I grew up or who raised me.
And I don't know what Mehrunes Dagon wants with me."
You should be safe in Fargrave. Mehrunes Dagon can't reach you here.
"For now. The Stricture should keep Dagon's Daedric servants from causing too much trouble, but I'm sure the Waking Flame cultists aren't the only mortals who do his bidding.
Well, let them come. This is my city. And I'm not helpless."
You need to be careful. Mehrunes Dagon doesn't make empty threats.
"You're right. Fargrave offers some protection, at least. Mehrunes Dagon's Daedric servants can't violate the Stricture. But I can't hide from the Prince of Destruction forever, and I don't really want to try."
What will you do now?
"I can't rest yet. There are still pieces missing from the puzzle of who I am. I think I'd better find them before I face Mehrunes Dagon again.
Where will that take me? Who knows? No matter what, I'm still the Anchorite. I like who I've become."

The Last Ambition[edit]

At the House of Whims, Lyranth and Eveli will have joined Madam Whim and The Anchorite:

Lyranth: "Anchorite, Mehrunes Dagon was particularly interested in you at Ardent Hope. We must examine your memories."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "So you're the Anchorite, huh? Neat mask!"
The Anchorite: "Thanks. I like your bow, too."
Madam Whim: "Let us begin. Mortal, use the memory vessel to capture fragments of the Anchorite's recollections as the ritual progresses."

Speak to her:

"I know I agreed to take part in this ritual, but now I'm not so sure. Since my memories all came flooding back to me, I haven't been able to make sense of a fraction of them.
I'm not sure what Madam Whim will find, or if it will actually help."
Do you want me to call off the ritual?
"No, not at all. I just doubt we're going to turn up anything useful. I got twenty years of memories restored in a few seconds. It may take more than a single ritual to sift through them all.
Besides, there may not be any that can actually help us."
Your father was a Longhouse Emperor and your mother a high-ranking cultist. There must be something.
"Maybe. So far, though, I've had no luck making sense of all the memories. They still feel like they belong to somebody else, you know?
Hey, have you noticed that Lyranth is more serious than usual. A little more scary? Probably nothing, right?"
Maybe. We still need to find out how Mehrunes Dagon knows you and why he's interested in you.
"Yeah. Strange doesn't even begin to cover how I felt when he addressed me directly at Ardent Hope.
Well, go ahead and grab the memory vessel and let's get this started. Who knows? Maybe we'll get some answers after all."

Start the ritual, the Anchorite will collapse in pain:

Madam Whim: "Use the vessel to collect the memory fragments when they appear."
Madam Whim: "I will use the Anchorite's amulet as a focus."
The Anchorite: "Ugh, is this supposed to hurt?"
Madam Whim: "There! A memory fragment. Take it."

Take the fragment and you'll hear voices:

Emperor Moricar: "She is my blood. The legacy of the Longhouse Emperors flows through her veins."
Lyranth: "Keep going. We are close."
Madam Whim: "Another memory fragment! Take it before it disperses."

Take the next fragment:

Emperor Moricar: "You are a tool, nothing more. Fulfill your purpose, or you will be discarded."
The Anchorite: "No! Please, make it stop."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You're hurting her! Stop! Stop this now!"
Lyranth: "Foolish mortals! You try my patience."

Speak to her before Madam Whim:

"I think I'm going to be sick. Everything is spinning."
What did you see?
"Images … snatches of memory …. But it all happened too fast. Like a leaf caught in a river during a storm. Everything was rushing by … it was so violent.
Ask Madam Whim if she can make any sense out of what you captured in the memory vessel."

Speak to Madam Whim and she'll tell you the Longhouse Emperors are at Brandfire Reformatory:

"I'll meet you at the Brandfire Reformatory. I want to see this memory or lost soul or whatever it is when we find it."

As you leave, the group makes plans:

The Anchorite: "It's my amulet and my memories, so I'm going with you."
Lyranth: "Very well. Take the Anchorite and explore this memory. See where it leads."
Lyranth: "Meanwhile, I will begin the hunt for Sombren and Calia."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You shouldn't go alone, Lyranth. I'll join you."
Lyranth: "How distrustful, Eveli. Fine. Mortal, we will find you when we have word."

Arrive at the Reformatory and The Anchorite will be waiting:

The Anchorite: "This is it. Madam Whim said the amulet would guide us to Emperor Moricar's soul. Go ahead and use it."

Speaking to her before using the amulet:

"Madam Whim said to use the amulet to guide us, right? Let's do that and look around. I doubt she'd mislead us."

Activate the amulet and a wisp will appear:

The Anchorite: "A wisp! Let's follow it."

Speaking to her afterwards:

"When you used the amulet, that wisp appeared. Let's follow it and see where it leads."

Follow the wisp and The Anchorite will remark on the landscape:

The Anchorite: "I wonder how many souls are trapped in this place."
The Anchorite: "I don't think this is what the Longhouse Emperors expected when they made their bargain with Mehrunes Dagon."

At the eastern edge, the wisp will disappear behind a stone that flashes to life revealing a doorway:

The Anchorite: "A hidden door. I think we need to go in there."

Speaking to her before you go inside:

"Well, the wisp led us to this door. Let's go through it and see what's inside"

Inside the Reformatory Forge:

The Anchorite: "That looks like some sort of forge. I wonder if it still works."

Speaking to her while walking:

"I'm not sure what we're going to find in here, but let's look around. The amulet must have led us here for a reason."

Read the Waking Flame Journal found on one of the crates and you'll hear a voice from across the room:

Emperor Leovic: "Free us, mortals! Now!"
The Anchorite: "Did you hear that? It sounded like it came from the furnace."

Approach the furnace:

The Anchorite: "The furnace door is sealed tight. Why would my amulet lead us here?"
Emperor Moricar: "Open the door. Your emperor commands it!"
The Anchorite: "The same voice from my memory … Emperor Moricar!"
The Anchorite: "There's a discharge labrum there. We need to find and charge some lucents!"
"I think we can open the furnace door by using lucents. I want to see what's inside. See if that voice really belongs to Emperor Moricar. It certainly sounded like the voice from my memory.
Let's find some lucents and figure out how this works."

You can ask her again about the mechanics of the puzzle:

Remind me about using the lucents.
"You need to find some lucents, preferably charged ones. Otherwise you need a dynamus font to charge them. Then place a charged lucent in the correct discharge labrum to release the energy and make something happen."
And what do you think will happen?
"In this case, I think it will ignite the furnace and open the door.
That's my best guess, anyway."

When you pick up the charged lucent:

"We need to find a lucent and place it inside that discharge labrum. Hopefully we're on the right track and that will unlock the furnace door."

Get the door open:

The Anchorite: "The door opened! Hmm. All I see is a chunk of slag."

Before you examine the iron slag:

"That did it. The door's open. But all I see is a chunk of iron slag.
Why don't you take a look. It has to have some connection to the voices we heard coming out of the furnace."

Examine the iron slag and you'll hear a voice again:

Emperor Moricar: "Release us! Obey your emperor!"
The Anchorite: "Before you try anything else, let's talk."

Speaking to her:

"There's no doubt about it. The voice came out of that chunk of slag. And it sounds just like Emperor Moricar's voice from my memory.
He wants us to free him. Do you think we should?"
We came here to find the souls of the Longhouse Emperors. Any thoughts on how to set them free?
"You've seen this place. It's all about torture. I think they fused the souls of the emperors into that chunk of metal.
Seems like a fitting punishment for anyone who incurred Mehrunes Dagon's wrath, but we need to free them to talk to them."
Any idea on how we accomplish that?
"We need to ignite the furnace to melt the slag. I spotted two more discharge labrums. If we take that charged lucent and stick it in one, that might get us halfway there.
We'll need to find a second lucent, though."
Let's go.
The Anchorite: "There are two other discharge labrums. If we can find another lucent, we might be able to ignite the furnace."

You can continue to ask The Anchorite more questions:

"I think we need to ignite the furnace to melt down that slag. Hopefully, that will release whoever is trapped inside—whether it's really Emperor Moricar or not."
How do we ignite the furnace?
"The furnace has two other discharge labrums connected to it. If we move the charged lucent you found to one of them, we'll need to find another lucent for the second. Once both are active, that should ignite the furnace."

Pick up the lucent you used to open the furnace door and The Anchorite will notice another one above you:

The Anchorite: "Look, up there! A lucent! Place the charged lucent in that discharge labrum by the wall."

Before you go up the balcony:

"I see another lucent up on that ledge. Let's find a way up to it."

Get up the balcony and The Anchorite will have you pick up the lucent she saw:

"Place that lucent in one of the discharge labrums."

Pick up the lucent:

The Anchorite: "Over here! There's a dynamus font. Let's charge that lucent."

Do as she says:

The Anchorite: "That worked! The lucent is charged! Now place it in one of the discharge labrums."

Speaking to her again:

"The charged lucents need to go in both of the discharge labrums. That should ignite the furnace."

Place both lucents:

The Anchorite: "The furnace ignited! Good job!"

Three spirits appear:

"The souls of the Longhouse Emperors! We found them!
Look, spending decades encased in a chunk of metal can't have been good for their minds, but we need to learn why Mehrunes Dagon is interested in me. I'll let you do the talking."

Speak to Emperor Moricar and he'll reveal that The Anchorite is the fourth ambition:

The Anchorite: "I'm an Ambition? One of those people Lyranth was talking about? How is that possible?"

Sombren, Calia, Lyranth, and Eveli arrive via a portal. Sombren destroys the Emperor's souls:

"That man. Sombren. He seems familiar … but why did he destroy the emperors? There was so much more I wanted to ask. Especially of Moricar.
I … I can't quite bring myself to call him father. But what Moricar said. Is it true? Am I an Ambition?"
That seems to be the case. Maybe you should talk to Sombren and Calia about this.
"Maybe. But familiar or not, they're still strangers.
We came here for answers, and while I learned something, it feels like all I got was more questions."
Emperor Moricar said it was possible to use the Ambitions to defeat Mehrunes Dagon.
"Right. Moricar said the answers were waiting at the Isle of Joys. I have no idea where that might be.
Look, your friend Eveli wants to talk to you. And I need a moment to think this through. But don't worry. I'm with you to the end. I promise."

If you speak to her again, she'll just say:

"That power … that man is an Ambition, isn't he? I sense something familiar about him. Or maybe I'm just imagining things."

Once you tell Eveli you're ready to leave, Sombren takes Calia and The Anchorite into a portal, despite Lyranth's protestations:

Sombren: "You're one of us, Anchorite. An Ambition. Do you know what that means?"
The Anchorite: "I don't know a lot of things, it seems."
Sombren: "I can answer your questions. Come with us, to a place meant only for Ambitions. I'll show you."
Lyranth: "No. We need to stay together."
The Anchorite: "I'm sorry, Lyranth. I need to do this."
Lyranth: "Damn it, that was a mistake that may cost us dearly."

Through your investigations, you discover that Sombren has turned against you and plans to deliver the ambitions to Dagon. Arrive at Ambition's End on Annihilarch's Summit and you'll find you're too late. Sombren absorbs Calia's power, but The Anchorite reflexively casts her own power to stop him:

The Anchorite: "Sombren! Leave her alone!"

Sombren is thrown into a portal.

Lyranth: "Sombren didn't expect you to fight back, Anchorite. Well done."
The Anchorite: "What—what did I just do?"
Lyranth: "We should go, too. I will summon a portal to take us to Fargrave."

Speak to her:

"I didn't know I could do that. Open a portal out of thin air. I just couldn't let Sombren keep hurting Calia.
Well, I guess that proves it. I really am an Ambition, whatever that is."
Where did you send Sombren?
"I—I'm not sure. I just … shoved him. Somewhere. Away.
Come on, let's get out of this place. Lyranth's portal looks extremely inviting right about now."

Back at Madam Whim's:

"I want to apologize. I never should have went with Sombren and Calia. Never put all of us in that situation. I just wanted answers, you know?
What happened at the end. I still can't believe I did that."
What exactly did you do?
"I thought we could trust Sombren, but he was hurting Calia. I had to make him stop. So I … sent him away.
Getting these powers, it feels just like when my memories returned. I know they're mine, but they're not familiar."
What happened before we arrived at Annihilarch's Summit?
"Sombren wasn't making any sense. He kept trying to convince us to go with him. He's obsessed with the power and he thinks Mehrunes Dagon is the only one who can help us learn how to use it.
He kept quoting passages from that damn book."
The book? You mean the Mysterium Xarxes?
"Is that what it's called? He keeps it close. Never lets it go. He thinks the answers are in there. In there and with Mehrunes Dagon.
Near the end, Sombren decided to just take our powers. I was too slow to stop him. Poor Calia."

Ambition's End[edit]

Before you speak to Lyranth, she'll just say:

"I'm with you, my friend. No matter what."

After speaking to Lyranth, you can ask about the relic you found:

"It's just one thing after another, isn't it? I've barely had time to process the fact that I'm an Ambition or even learn what that really means.
I'm sorry I couldn't stop Sombren from taking Calia's powers. It all happened so fast."
We found this in your vault. Do you know what it is?
"I had a vault? Yes, I remember something about a place where they put me when I was being trained by Sister Celdina.
Let me see. Hmm. It does feel familiar. Like trying to remember a dream upon waking. Am I supposed to do something with this?"
We think it might be useful against Sombren and Mehrunes Dagon.
"Then I better remember what it is and how to use it, right?
Put the relic on the table over there. Let me get a better look at it. Maybe something will come to me."

Speaking to her again before putting the relic:

"Go ahead. Put the relic on the table. I want to examine it. Maybe if I touch it, or concentrate on it, something will happen.
My memories have to start making sense to me at some point, right?"

Place the relic on the nearby table and a vision of Emperor Moricar will appear:

Emperor Moricar: "Mehrunes Dagon provided parts of himself to create the Four Ambitions. These parts make up his egonymic and give the Ambitions their power."
Emperor Moricar: "The egonymic can be used to weaken Dagon, to compel him back to Oblivion should the need to do so arise."
Emperor Moricar: "All four parts of the egonymic must be used to even attempt this course of action. We will only use it as a last resort."
The Anchorite: "I … I know this. A low and constant hum at the back of my mind."
The Anchorite: "A part of me, but also a part of something else. I think that's how we recognized each other, Sombren and me."
Lyranth: "So, the Longhouse Emperors were not as reckless as I thought. Mortal, I have an idea."

Speak to her before speaking to Lyranth:

"Now that I know what to call it, I can feel the egonymic within me. It's been a part of me for my entire life, but I just accepted it without ever knowing what it was.
I'm not sure what we can do with only my piece of it, though."

At this point, Lyranth suggests recruiting Arox once again while she recruits more allies:

"We'll go with Lyranth and gather as many allies as we can. And I'll talk with Calia. She was with Sombren for a long time. She must have some idea how he stole her power. If not, maybe together we can figure it out."
So you think you can steal the power from Sombren?
"If he could do it, I don't see why not. I just need to get a handle on these powers I suddenly have.
I want to be careful, too. Sombren gave in to the dark part inside him. The part that belongs to Mehrunes Dagon. I don't want that to happen to me."
So you're confident you can deal with Sombren?
"Not by myself. I surprised him at Annihilarch's Summit. And he didn't have complete control of Calia's power yet.
We'll probably need to throw everything we have at him. Weaken him. Distract him. Then maybe—maybe—I'll have a chance."

Speak to her before leaving:

"We'll go with Lyranth and gather as many allies as we can. And I'll talk with Calia. She was with Sombren for a long time. She must have some idea how he stole her power. If not, maybe together we can figure it out."

Make your way to Wretched Spire and meet Lyranth along with Calia, The Anchorite, and Eveli. As you arrive several portals open and out steps a small army of allies from your adventures in Blackwood and Rynkyus and his Bladebearers:

"This is a pretty impressive force. Lyranth didn't seem too optimistic about finding allies, but I think she underestimated your influence on people."
You think this will be enough?
"I've never taken on a Daedric Prince before, so I can't say for sure. But I'd put my gold on us. If anyone can find a way to stop Mehrunes Dagon, it's you. You'll see this through.
And I'll be right by your side when we face Sombren."

Speaking to her again:

"I'm with you, my friend. No matter what."

Speak to her before leaving and she'll say:

"I'm ready to end this. Let's go to Destruction's Solace."

Arrive at Destruction's Solace and your allies will be waiting:

"There's no telling what's going to happen once we enter Dagon's city. I just hope I'm ready when the time comes."

Enter the gate and suddenly your comrades start vanishing one-by-one in puff of smoke. The Anchorite too is taken. Make your way through the compound and eventually you'll hear a familiar voice:

The Anchorite: "You made it. Great! Come on, Sombren is close. I can sense him."
Mehrunes Dagon: "You are insects. Less than insects! With the power of the Ambitions, soon Nirn shall be mine!"
Rynkyus: "Get down! Stay low!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "Soon the pact will be fulfilled. My victory is inevitable."
Mehrunes Dagon: "What was freely given has been nurtured and will be freely returned!"

While following her:

The Anchorite: "This way. Follow me!"

Chase Sombren and he escapes through a portal, Lyranth opens portals of her own to bring forth your friends, The Anchorite among them:

"I'll follow you into the portal. I need to get close to Sombren. Pull the powers of the Ambitions from him and form the egonymic! And I have to do it before he gives his power to Mehrunes Dagon."

Sombren's portal takes you to Sundercliff where he plans on giving his powers to Dagon. You and your friends have to stop him:

Make your way through the fortress and face Sombren and Dagon. Mehrunes Dagon spots you laughs at your pathetic solo attempt to stop him:

Mehrunes Dagon: "Ah, there you are. The doomed leader of this pathetic rebellion. Tell me, are your people prepared for your death?"

But suddenly, The Anchorite steps in:

The Anchorite: "Dagon! I'm the one you want, right? Come and get me!"
The Anchorite: "Go! I'll keep Dagon busy!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "Mairead. Have you come to fulfill your purpose?"

She engages in exchanges of magic with the Prince. He'll of course taunt the woman, only to have her come back with:

  • The Anchorite: "You can't control me Dagon."
  • The Anchorite: "I choose my own paths."

You move on ahead to face off with Sombren. Eventually The Anchorite joins:

Mehrunes Dagon: "There you are. So this is where you choose to die."
The Anchorite: "This ends here!"

As the battle progresses, the same sequence of events happen over and over with random lines.

First, Sombren goes down and The Anchorite will say:

The Anchorite: "I'll draw the egonymic out! Aim it at Dagon!"

Mehrunes Dagon will utter a threat. The Anchorite will say:

  • The Anchorite: "Go! Attack now!"
  • The Anchorite: "Strike now!"

Mehrunes Dagon is pushed back by your wielding of the power, but he's still in the fight and strikes The Anchorite:

  • The Anchorite: "Keep fighting. I'll be all right!"
  • The Anchorite: "Hold on, I need a moment!"
The Anchorite absorbing the power of the Four Ambitions

As the fight reaches its conclusion, The Anchorite releases the full power of the Egonymic:

Lyranth: "Anchorite! It is time! Call forth the final piece of the Egonymic!"
The Anchorite: "Hold on while I summon the power!"
The Anchorite: "The egonymic can hurt Dagon! Use it now!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "This cannot be! Curse you, mortal! I am absolute! I am inevitable! No! No!"

But you are victorious and are able to defeat Sombren and banish Dagon. Then to everyone's surprise, Lyranth takes the ambition's powers from The Anchorite.

The Anchorite: "We did it, he's gone!"
The Anchorite: "Is it really over?"
Lyranth: "Well done, little mortal. You were successful."
The Anchorite: "I have the power of all four Ambitions now. It feels like my head is going to burst."
Lyranth: "Then I shall relieve you of it, Anchorite."
The Anchorite: "Lyranth, what are you doing?"

The Anchorite begins to glow as the power is transferred to Lyranth.

Lyranth: "You have done well, mortals, your realm is safe."
Lyranth: "I consider our venture together a success. But we must part ways."
Lyranth: "That portal will take you back to Wretched Spire. I have what I need. We will not see each other again."
The Anchorite: "The power of the Ambitions, she took it all."
The Anchorite: "But the Egonymic worked. We defeated Dagon. We really did it."

Speak to her:

"Lyranth … she took the power of the Ambitions.
But we defeated Dagon. The egonymic worked. I feel like I can finally breathe again."

Leave the field of battle and return to Wretched Spire:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm so used to running off to the next disaster, it feels strange to have a moment of peace."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Am I dreaming? Or do we really have a moment to breathe?"
The Anchorite: "You're not dreaming, but it is odd, isn't it?"

Speaking to her:

"My powers are gone. I'm honestly relieved. Having all of the Ambitions' abilities inside me at once made it feel like my head was going to split.
I doubt Lyranth took them for my benefit, however."
Is there nothing left of your powers at all?
"No, it's an odd sensation, but not entirely unwelcome. Without them, Mehrunes Dagon will never have reason to hunt me. If Lyranth desires that burden, she's welcome to it. I'll finally have the peace I sought for so long."
What will you do now?
"A nap, first. After that? It's hard to say. Maybe I'll get a chance to explore the mortal world a bit. My part in world-ending prophecies and machinations is done. I'm just myself now, nothing more, nothing less. That's exciting."
What about your memories?
"I'm sure they'll all sort themselves out over time, but I'm not in a hurry. That chapter of my life is closed. I think it's time for new memories. Maybe even a new name, who knows?"
Why do you think Lyranth wanted the power of the Ambitions? / Why would Lyranth want your powers?
"I've never understood Lyranth's motivations. Sure, she was integral in helping us banish Dagon, but do any of us know why?
I shudder to think about what she has planned for all that power. But I doubt we've seen the last of her."
What makes you say that?
"Her curiosity about the mortal world will draw her back. She tries to hide it, but in her own way I think she is fond of us."

Hope Springs Eternal[edit]

Speak to her again after finishing Ambition's End with Eveli:

"So, we're all meeting in Leyawiin, was it?
It'll be good to see everyone gathered in one place and safe. We didn't get much of a chance to assess what happened. This will give us a chance to regroup and discuss."
Can we count on you being there then?
"Of course. I'd help you and Eveli hunt the others down, but I think I need to be alone for a bit. So much has happened and I feel like I still haven't caught up.
Will you two be all right if I take some time for myself?"
Eveli and I can handle things.
"Great. Not that I had any doubts.
You and Eveli head to Fargrave. Get Madam Whim and Calia caught up. I'll meet you in Nirn once I've got my head sorted."
Do you think we've seen the last of Lyranth?
"I can't imagine she's eager to run into us again after stealing the powers of the Ambitions. Though, that would be a normal reaction, and she doesn't exactly have a history of being predictable.
I think it's impossible to say for sure."
Did we get rid of Mehrunes Dagon for good?
"I don't know if a Daedric Prince can ever be gone for good. They're immortal, that's their whole thing.
But at the very least, I think Fargrave will be safe from him for a long while. Nirn, too. We made sure of that."
Where did the egonymic send him?
"I'm not really sure. What we learned from the Longhouse Emperors was that it would effectively banish him from Nirn. I would think he'd have turned up in the Deadlands, but it's possible he could be anywhere in Oblivion."

Join the celebration at Leyawiin Castle:

The Anchorite: "There you are."
"Good, you're here. I was afraid this crowd would turn ravenous if they had to wait any longer.
Don't be alarmed. Looks like everyone's in a good mood. Though, I think there's a few more people here than expected."
How did all these people find out where we were meeting?
"Apparently word spread faster than we thought. When I got here, there were already people gathered. Everyone knows what we did in Sundercliff.
Eveli's trying to muster the courage to say something to all of them, but she could use a little help."
I'll talk to her.
"Eveli's a little nervous. That Wood Elf can stare down a Daedric Prince without blinking, but public speaking? Perish the thought. She could use your help."
What will you do now?
"Good question. I have my memories back, no strange Ambition powers to speak of, and nothing riding on my shoulders. I could do anything.
I think I'm going to stay close to Calia for a bit. Tamriel is new to both of us. We can navigate it together."
Will you go back to Fargrave eventually?
"Of course, it's my home. Or at least the closest thing I've ever had to one. But I'm excited to familiarize myself with Tamriel, there's so much I don't know.
Besides, having Calia as a travel companion will be nice. We could both use the company."

After Eveli makes her speech, speak to The Anchorite again:

"It's nice to be able to celebrate something. Though, I can't stop thinking about Lyranth out there with all that power. I know I'll be sleeping with one eye open for a good long while.
But I'm glad I can count on you after all this."