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A Dremora

Dremora are an intelligent, humanoid Daedric race that despises mortals. They refer to themselves as the Kyn. The Dremora are commonly associated with Mehrunes Dagon, although many Dremora serve Molag Bal. Dremora society operates in a rigid caste system with an emphasis on loyalty. They tend to belong to clans, to which they are fiercely loyal. The Deathbringer and the Foolkillers clans are two clans that serve Molag Bal. The Xivilai and Xivkyn are races similar to the Dremora.

They have a chance to drop the Void Alloy Rivets antiquity lead for the Spaulder of Ruin.

For more information, see the lore article.

Unique Generic
Akvilaxu The Deadlands
Angata the Clannfear Handler
Arusax The Deadlands
Aspect of Namira
Bad Man
Bailakhet The Deadlands
Baron Moves-Like-a-Smoking-Plume Orsinium
Belofasa The Deadlands
Bloodlord Zavak The Deadlands
The Bloody Judge
Caitiff Lansh The Deadlands
Caz'iunes the Executioner Necrom
Cipher Jys Necrom
Cipher Zenifekh Necrom
Codaermet the Wicked
Dark Mage
Dissonance Summerset
Dogas the Berserker
Doom Witch Dekamma
Dothaz The Deadlands
Drozu The Deadlands
Elinzel The Deadlands
En The Deadlands
Enzir of the Vanquished The Deadlands
Eztiran The Deadlands
Fessitosha The Deadlands
Fessoshaz The Deadlands
Fight-Master Grel
The Fire-Eater
Firhik The Deadlands
Firikho The Deadlands
Flothlozel Necrom
Foshaz The Deadlands
Fothxura The Deadlands
Gelattaz The Deadlands
Gilfrex The Deadlands
Gniledan The Deadlands
Grasp-Kyn Oloshaz The Deadlands
Grasp-Kyn Xar The Deadlands
Grasp-Kyn Zyr The Deadlands
Grel's Resolve
Grel's Retribution
Gykkah The Deadlands
Hadri The Deadlands
Herald Kixathi
High Overseer Kvotai
Hivlota The Deadlands
Hivorate The Deadlands
Ifriz the Unraveler
Illitosha The Deadlands
Ioloola The Deadlands
Iss The Deadlands
Issata The Deadlands
Jan The Deadlands
Jerazzet The Deadlands
Jolatari Necrom
Kaluzan The Deadlands
Kmolag The Deadlands
Kynmarcher Jynd The Deadlands
Kynmarcher Strix Necrom
Kynreeve Brosuroth The Deadlands
Kynreeve Dezerog Blackwood
Kynreeve Erunas
Kynreeve Kev'ni Necrom
Kynreeve Ryl Necrom
Kynreeve Ykal
Lirif The Deadlands
Lord Dregas Volar
Makilakhet The Deadlands
Manifestation of Regret
Manifestation of Solitude
Markynaz Gadrah
Mazishasa Necrom
Minantille's Rage
Morah The Deadlands
Morbid Observer Necrom
Mysissa The Deadlands
Nif The Deadlands
Noroth The Deadlands
The Observer
Ofepayl The Deadlands
Olarra The Deadlands
Oololash The Deadlands
Osata The Deadlands
Overseer Aruz
Overseer Atris
Overseer Grexev
Overseer Jekshan The Deadlands
Overseer Tykh The Deadlands
Plokun Blackwood
Pyninzel Necrom
Pynufax The Deadlands
The Pyrelord Markarth
Qacath the Silent Necrom
Ri The Deadlands
Rynkyus The Deadlands
Screizzaz The Deadlands
The Shadow Guard
Shadow Knight
Shyn The Deadlands
Skrigif The Deadlands
Skriliaa the Guide The Deadlands
Sulazz The Deadlands
Sulimir the Villainous Dremora
Taskmaster Mirit
Taskmaster Uldun
Taskmaster Vyrotesn
Tassovas The Deadlands
Telixas The Deadlands
Tephilaz The Deadlands
Torvesard Necrom
Tutor Riparius Orsinium
Tuzunkykz Orsinium
Tyss Necrom
Uldazaan the Heresy-Keeper Necrom
Uluphae The Deadlands
Ulz The Deadlands
Un The Deadlands
Urata the Legion
Uxunath Necrom
Vaekar the Forgemaster
Valkyn Skoria
Valkyn Tephra Orsinium
Valkynaz Dek Necrom
Valkynax Nokvroz The Deadlands
Valkynaz Orran Blackwood
Valkynaz Seris
Vame The Deadlands
Velezai The Deadlands
Venatari The Deadlands
Vesakta The Deadlands
Viksax The Deadlands
Void Dremora Markarth
Voidprowler Dys Necrom
Voidprowler Azvaal Necrom
Warden of the Shrine
Xigira Blackwood
Xynaa Blackwood
Xyria Blackwood
Za The Deadlands
Zexamys The Deadlands
Zil Necrom
Zirokh Necrom
Zylara Morrowind
Zyzazzil The Deadlands
Bladebearer Caitiff The Deadlands
Bladebearer Dremora The Deadlands
Bladebearer Kynval The Deadlands
Bloodwraith Caitiff
Bloodwraith Fearkyn
Bloodwraith Kyngald
Bloodwraith Kynval
Cipher Guard Necrom
Collector's Bodyguard The Deadlands
Crimson Oath Armorer Waking Flame
Crimson Oath Berserker Waking Flame
Crimson Oath Elementalist Waking Flame
Crimson Oath Mauler Waking Flame
Crimson Oath Toxicator Waking Flame
Darkreave Runemaster Necrom
Darkreave Sun Mage Necrom
Darkreave Warpriest Necrom
Dreamcarver Kynreeve Necrom
Dreamcarver Shade Sentinel Necrom
Dreamcarver Spellsword Necrom
Dremora Alchemist Elsweyr
Dremora Arbalest Blackwood
Dremora Archer Elsweyr
Dremora Armamancer Blackwood
Dremora Armiger Blackwood
Dremora Arsonist Blackwood
Dremora Assassin Blackwood
Dremora Battlemage Elsweyr
Dremora Baunekyn
Dremora Beldakyn
Dremora Berserker
Dremora Blademaster The Deadlands
Dremora Blood Adept The Deadlands
Dremora Bloodmaster The Deadlands
Dremora Bonelord
Dremora Bowcaster Elsweyr
Dremora Bulwark Elsweyr
Dremora Caitiff
Dremora Channeler
Dremora Chemist Blackwood
Dremora Churl
Dremora Clasher
Dremora Conduit Elsweyr
Dremora Conjurer Blackwood
Dremora Dreadnaught Blackwood
Dremora Fearkyn
Dremora Ferylkyn
Dremora Firebrand Blackwood
Dremora Flame Adept Blackwood
Dremora Gandrakyn
Dremora Geomancer Scribes of Fate
Dremora Gladiator Blackwood
Dremora Harstryl
Dremora Hauzkyn
Dremora Hunterkyn Morrowind
Dremora Invoker
Dremora Ironclad The Deadlands
Dremora Knight Imperial City
Dremora Kynbek
Dremora Kyngald
Dremora Kynlurker
Dremora Kynmarcher
Dremora Kynreeve
Dremora Kynval
Dremora Lurker The Deadlands
Dremora Mafrekyn
Dremora Mage
Dremora Morikyn
Dremora Narkynaz
Dremora Paindancer The Deadlands
Dremora Portal Mage Imperial City
Dremora Ravager Elsweyr
Dremora Scout Blackwood
Dremora Shaman
Dremora Shadowkyn Morrowind
Dremora Skirmisher Blackwood
Dremora Skullguard Flames of Ambition
Dremora Slaver Flames of Ambition
Dremora Soldakyn Imperial City
Dremora Spellsmith Blackwood
Dremora Spellsword Elsweyr
Dremora Stalker The Deadlands
Dremora Sunderer Imperial City
Dremora Tempest The Deadlands
Dremora Tormentor The Deadlands
Dremora Torturer Flames of Ambition
Dremora Trapper The Deadlands
Dremora Vigilant The Deadlands
Infernal Performer Morrowind
Infested Fearkyn
Infested Invoker
Kynreeve of Embers Blackwood
Kynreeve of Scorching Blackwood
Kynreeve of Wildfire Blackwood
Reaper Mender
Rectory Archer Necrom
Rectory Battlemage Necrom
Rectory Blademaster Necrom
Rectory Spellbinder Necrom
Rectory Vigilant Necrom
Stricture Guard The Deadlands
Urata Elementalist
Urata Militant
Void Flameshaper Markarth


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