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This article is about the character in the Deadlands. For the boss in the Infinite Archive, see Valkynaz Nokvroz (Infinite Archive).

Valkynaz Nokvroz
Location Waking Flame Base
Burning Gyre Keep
The Blood Pit
Riven Cataclyst Chamber, Fort Grief Citadel
Deadlight Summit
Xarxes Crucible, Path of Cinders, Ardent Hope
Race Dremora Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ruinblood Clan; Order of the Waking Flame (ally)
Valkynaz Nokvroz
"Nokvroz commands obedience with his strength alone. None are proud to serve him. They know he won his place by making a staircase from his followers."

Valkynaz Nokvroz is a high-ranking Dremora in service to Mehrunes Dagon. He is the leader of the Ruinblood Clan and commander of the Ardent Hope fortress and Blood Pit in the Deadlands, a position he attained through treacherous means. He is a reluctant associate of the Waking Flame who was sent personally by Mehrunes Dagon to overseer Sister Celdina's cataclyst.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Key and the Cataclyst[edit]

Valkynaz Nokvroz in the Fargrave Conclave

After you have successfully infiltrated the Fargrave Conclave with Lyranth pretending to be your prisoner, you can overhear the Valkynaz speaking with Sister Celdina:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "After the failure at the Dread Cellar, your Fargrave cataclyst must perform as promised, Celdina."
Sister Celdina: "The device will work as intended, Nokvroz. Ah, here comes the devastator now."

You can speak with Nokvroz before Celdina:

"A mortal, holding the chains of the infamous Lyranth Foolkiller? I think that says more about Lyranth's overblown reputation than it does about your abilities, devastator. Wouldn't you agree?"
The enchanted blade Sister Celdina provided incapacitated Lyranth, just as we planned.
"Yes, Celdina's blade. Pity she can't make enough of those for all of you. Might actually give you mortals the horns you need to rise from the mire of your pitiful existence.
Enough. Present your prize to your leader, devastator."

Once you have presented Lyranth to Sister Celdina, she will opt to use the Dremora for the latest trial run of the Cataclyst. Valkynaz Nokvroz will leave for the conclave chamber with the rest of the group. When you follow, you will find Nokvroz on one of the balconies above the cataclyst where you have been given the honor of activating the device. However, Lyranth will use the opportunity to free herself and break the machine.

Lyranth: "I have seen enough! I will be free!"
<Lyranth fires her magic into the heart of the machine. Lightning begins sparking from it.>
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "The Dremora damaged the cataclyst! Duke of Fire, destroy them!"
Sister Celdina: "Shut it down! We must preserve the cataclyst!"

Once the Duke of Fire is slain, the Cataclyst will begin to smoke as the room shakes:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "This device is lost, Celdina. Another failure for you and your order."
Lyranth: "Now, little mortal, flee!"

Destruction Incarnate[edit]

When you venture inside of Burning Gyre Keep, he is heard having a conversation with Sister Celdina:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Was such a display really necessary, Celdina?"
Sister Celdina: "You required a demonstration of the power of an Incarnate, Nokvroz. Your Daedra will reform. Eventually."

When you enter outside of a nearby balcony, you'll notice an Incarnate being channeled by Dremora Conjurers:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "You put much faith in these abominations, Celdina."
Sister Celdina: "With the Riven Cataclyst, Fargrave will fall. And then Nirn."

As you venture down the hallways, he will continue bickering with Celdina:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "They chased you out of Fargrave once. How many more failures must you endure, Celdina?"
Sister Celdina: "Careful, Nokvroz, or perhaps I'll point my Incarnate at your direction."

Once you enter in the inner wards of the keep, Nokvroz and Celdina will be alerted. The Incarnate will attack you:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "I sense…intruders in the keep."
Sister Celdina: "Lyranth and her minions. Incarnate, destroy them!"

Defeat the Incarnate, he and Celdina will flee into a portal:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "The Incarnate failed, Celdina. You failed. Again!"
Sister Celdina: "You see failure, I see opportunity. Let's head to the Riven Cataclyst. I have a legion of Incarnates to create!"
Lyranth: "We should leave, too. Quickly, mortals, into the portal!"

The Durance Vile[edit]

You will be eavesdropping conversations Nokvroz be having with his overseers at the Blood Pit.

Overhearing the conversation with Overseer Tykh:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "The blind old fool is useless! All he did was babble about nonsense."
Overseer Tykh: "He is becoming resistant to the elixir, Valkynaz Nokvroz. There is nothing to be done."
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Nothing to be done? Be grateful that I am not my predecessor, Arox the Mutilator."

Once he leaves in a portal, Arox will chime in:

Arox the Mutilator: "Nokvroz is weak. I would have killed the overseer for her failure."

Move ahead and you'll see Nokvroz again talking to another overseer, this time you find out he turned Arox into a daedrat:

Overseer Jekshan: "Ah, Valkynaz Nokvroz. Do you have any idea when we can expect Arox the Mutilator to return?"
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Arox never left. I had him cursed. Turned him into a daedrat."
Arox the Mutilator: "Nokvroz? He did this to me? That bloodless ash pile!"
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Improve the elixir before I return. And forget Arox. He is no longer your concern."

After you picked up the prison map on top of the Warden's Overlook:

Arox the Mutilator: "Look up there. Nokvroz returns!"
Overseer Tykh: "Have you completed your interrogation, Valkynaz Nokvroz?"
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Nothing but a waste of time. Just more of the same. Secure the Durance Vile until I return."
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "I must go. That tiresome mortal Celdina insists on my presence. Improve the elixir before my next interrogation."

At Nokvroz steps through a portal:

Arox the Mutilator: "He's getting away! I'll kill him!"

Born of Grief[edit]

When you're tracking down Valkynaz Nokvroz and Sister Celdina in Fort Grief, you'll overhear more of their arguments:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Your mortal hubris amuses me, Celdina, but Lord Dagon has no further need of you."
Sister Celdina: "You lie! You cannot create the Incarnates without me!"
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "You do not think so? No matter. I am done with your demands and posturing."
Nokvroz takes the Anchorite captive in Deadlight

As you advance towards the chamber, you'll fight more Waking Flame Cultists:

Waking Flame Whirlwind: "Intruders! Stop them!"

Once you get past the Waking Flame's defenses, she will have one final spat with Nokvroz before he leaves:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "I am leaving, Celdina. I am done with you."
Sister Celdina: "Then go! Lord Dagon will reward my devotion! You'll see!"


Defeat Celdina only to see Valkynaz Nokvroz appear behind the Anchorite:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "You have my thanks, mortal. You eliminated Sister Celdina and served up Moricar's heir on a silver platter."
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Her blood will fuel my Perfected Cataclyst. With it I shall conquer Fargrave for Mehrunes Dagon. And after that, your world shall fall!"
The Anchorite: "My amulet, friend! Keep it safe!"

Nokvroz whisks the Anchorite away with a spell.

Against All Hope[edit]

Valkynaz Nokvroz
Location Xarxes Crucible, Path of Cinders, Ardent Hope
Race Incarnate Gender Male
Health 1832381 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Ruinblood Clan
Valkynaz Nokvroz

After defeating Bloodlord Zavak, Nokvroz will appear in his Incarnate form:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Meddlesome fools. I already have what I need from Emperor Moricar's heir."
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "I am the embodiment of destruction and creation, bound within one mighty form! I am the Perfected Incarnate!"
Arox the Mutilator: "Valkynaz Nokvroz! Prepare to meet your doom! Doom him, master!"
The Anchorite: "I'll support you, friend. Just like at the Riven Cataclyst!"

During the battle:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "You cannot defeat me. I am disaster personified!"
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Disaster take you, mortal!"

He will call in reinforcements to deal with you:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Destroy the mortal!"
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "Cut them down!"

Eventually, he will be defeated with the help of the Anchorite's power.



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