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Valkynaz Nokvroz
Location Waking Flame Base
Burning Gyre Keep
The Blood Pit
Riven Cataclyst Chamber, Fort Grief Citadel
Deadlight Summit
Xarxes Crucible, Path of Cinders, Ardent Hope
Race Dremora Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ruinblood Clan; Order of the Waking Flame (ally)
Valkynaz Nokvroz

Valkynaz Nokvroz is a high-ranking Dremora in service to Mehrunes Dagon. He is the leader of the Ruinblood Clan and commander of the Ardent Hope fortress and Blood Pit in the Deadlands, a position he attained through treacherous means. He is a reluctant associate of the Waking Flame who was sent personally by Mehrunes Dagon to overseer Sister Celdina's cataclyst.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Key and the Cataclyst[edit]

After you have successfully infiltrated the Fargrave Conclave with Lyranth pretending to be your prisoner, you can overhear the Valkynaz speaking with Sister Celdina:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "After the failure at the Dread Cellar, your Fargrave cataclyst must perform as promised, Celdina."
Sister Celdina: "The device will work as intended, Nokvroz. Ah, here comes the devastator now."

You can speak with Nokvroz before Celdina:

"A mortal, holding the chains of the infamous Lyranth Foolkiller? I think that says more about Lyranth's overblown reputation than it does about your abilities, devastator. Wouldn't you agree?"
The enchanted blade Sister Celdina provided incapacitated Lyranth, just as we planned.
"Yes, Celdina's blade. Pity she can't make enough of those for all of you. Might actually give you mortals the horns you need to rise from the mire of your pitiful existence.
Enough. Present your prize to your leader, devastator."

Once you have presented Lyranth to Sister Celdina, she will opt to use the Dremora for the latest trial run of the Catalyst. Valkynaz Nokvroz will leave for the conclave chamber with the rest of the group. When you follow, you will find Nokvroz on one of the balconies above the cataclyst where you have been given the honor of activating the device. However, Lyranth will use the opportunity to free herself and break the machine.

Lyranth: "I have seen enough! I will be free!"
<Lyranth fires her magic into the heart of the machine. Lightning begins sparking from it.>
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "The Dremora damaged the cataclyst! Duke of Fire, destroy them!"
Sister Celdina: "Shut it down! We must preserve the cataclyst!"

Once the Duke of Fire is slain, the Cataclyst will begin to smoke as the room shakes:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "This device is lost, Celdina. Another failure for you and your order."
Lyranth: "Now, little mortal, flee!"

Against All Hope[edit]

Valkynaz Nokvroz
Location Xarxes Crucible, Path of Cinders, Ardent Hope
Race Incarnate Gender Male
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Ruinblood Clan


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