The Deadlands


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Home City Fargrave
Home Settlement Wretched Spire
Race Dremora Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bladebearer Clan

Rynkyus is a Dremora Kynreeve and the leader of the nomadic Bladebearer Clan. He has a tenuous relationship with Lyranth and is first encountered in Wretched Spire. His interests aligned with those of the Vestige, and a tentative alliance forms as he embarks on a search for his missing clanmates.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Durance Vile[edit]

Approaching Rynkyus in Wretched Spire, he is speaking with Lyranth.

Rynkyus: "I see the last of the Foolkillers still consorts with mortals."
Lyranth: "And I see a Bladebearer who could use a new perspective."
Rynkyus: "You travel a strange path, Lyranth. I won’t ally with Kyn such as you."
Lyranth: "I was not offering an alliance. Mortal, speak to Rynkyus. Tell him about Burning Gyre Keep."

You can then speak with Rynkyus directly to explain what you found.

"Mortals in the Deadlands exist only at Mehrunes Dagon’s sufferance. They grovel in his cult, toil as his slaves, or skulk and hide in places such as this in the hope he will forget about them.
Which are you? And why do you seek the Bladebearers?"
I found a Bladebearer sword at Burning Gyre Keep, along with Nokvroz and the Waking Flame cultists.
"No Bladebearer would willingly enter a fortress loyal to Lord Dagon. I am in search of my clan members who disappeared, however. You say you found one of our swords at Burning Gyre Keep?<bt>Tell me. What do you know of the Order of the Waking Flame?"
They attempted to deliver my world to Dagon by merging it with the Deadlands. I stopped them.
An audacious plan. Mehrunes Dagon has swallowed mortal realms before. Or at least a portion of them. Such as this settlement you see before you. You are fortunate that their plan failed.
What brings you to the Deadlands now? Vengeance?"
A new danger. The Dagonists build a device to create Incarnates—monsters that threaten my world.
"If Dagon's servants struck down my Kyn to protect this device, I will punish them. But first they must be found.
My scouts followed rumors to Zynoahz's gaol and Jynd's foundry before they vanished.
I will begin there. You may accompany me."
Who are Jynd and Zynoahz? Tell me about them.
"Jynd is a Dremora Kynmarcher. She studies relics and devices. Zynoahz is Xivilai. He studies pain.<bt>They are both subordinates of Valkynaz Nokvroz, who you say you encountered at Burning Gyre Keep."
Have the Bladebearers had trouble with Valkynaz Nokvroz before?
"When Dagon’s purposes interfere with our own, we gladly fight his minions. Prince Dagon knows this and welcomes it. We have met the valkynaz in battle before.
This business of mortal secrets and missing Dremora is new, however."
Tell me about your missing clan members.
"The Bladebearers come to Wretched Spire every cycle. It provides a place to plot our next campaign against rival clans. When one of our war parties never arrived, I dispatched scouts to find it. They made one report. Then they, too, disappeared."
Where do we find Jynd and Zynoahz?
"Kynmarcher Jynd oversees a foundry in the Sever, not far from Wretched Spire. Zynoahz is master of a gaol in the Burn. A place of suffering.
My scouts reported that both seek information about mortal dealings, each in their own way."
Is it unusual for them to be interested in mortals?
"It is unusual for two high-ranking lieutenants of Valkynaz Nokvrokz to suddenly concern themselves with mortals, yes. Nokvrokz has nothing but contempt for your kind.
Is that all? I grow impatient."

If you speak with him once more before departing:

"Kynmarcher Jynd’s foundry lies just to the north of Wretched Spire. You can find Zynoahz’s gaol east of Burning Gyre Keep, in the Burn.
I will meet you at each site."

As you depart, Rynkyus will issue orders to his Bladebearers.

Rynkyus: "Gykkah, Drozu—stay vigilant. It’s possible our clan mates will return while I am gone."

As you approach the marked location for Jynd's foundry, a portal opens and Rynkyus steps out.

Rynkyus: "The mortal appears? Surprising, but acceptable."

Then you may speak with him.

"I expected you to be killed on your way here. Perhaps you are more capable than you appear.
This is the foundry of Jynd, Kynmarcher under Valkynaz Nokvroz. Here she supervises Dremora who study and devise things of interest to the valkynaz."
What are we looking for here?
"Look for strange devices or documents about mortal machines in Jynd’s foundry. I will search for signs of my Bladebearers and question and churls I find.
There is a ritual site to the north. Meet me there when you finish searching the foundry."
You don't want to search together?
"That would be an inefficient use of my time and abilities.
Do not expect me to guard you, mortal. But if you die, as mortals are prone to do, I shall inform Lyranth. At my concenience."
I’ll search Jynd’s foundry and meet you at the ritual site.
"I have had few dealings with Kynmarcher Jynd. But I have…reservations…about any Dremora who dabbles in mortal inventions. It is an unseemly habit."
Why do you dislike mortals?
"Dislike? One must be familiar with something to dislike it. I am unfamiliar with your kind and not especially curious. You are simply…unimportant.
I mean no insult. I am sure you are very important to you. As far as mortals are concerned."
Are you uncomfortable working with me?
"Comfort is not a concept I give much thought to. It is something mortals seek, to protect them from fears and cares. Or so I have heard.
Dremora know little of fear, so the relative merits of being comfortable or uncomfortable are meaningless."

As you walk away from him, he reminds you:

Rynkyus: "I will only wait for a brief period at the ritual site after I complete my own investigations. Search quickly if you wish to compare notes."

After investigating the foundry, you find Rynkyus at the ritual site, and he remarks again on your ability to stay alive.

Rynkyus: "I thought Jynd would slice your flesh to ribbons. You are sturdier than you appear."

Then you may speak with him directly.

"Mortals have too many expressions—your face tells me nothing. Did you find anything at the foundry, or did you fail at your task?"
Jynd is trying to duplicate the cult’s plan. Nokvroz wants to build his own cataclyst.
"For what purpose? Prince Dagon commanded Valkynaz Nokvroz and his subordinates to assist the mortals of his Waking Flame cult. Or so I heard.
If the mortals devised a tool for the Prince’s use, why would the valkynaz need one of his own?"
There’s more. Sister Celdina ordered Jynd to send her more Dremora.
"This reeks of mortal lies and trickery. Mortals do not enslave Kyn.
And yet…I found signs left by my Bladebearers. Kyn of many clans gathered here before they were taken somewhere else."
Should we search Zynoahz’s stronghold?
"Yes. Kyn are not to be used by mortals. The very thought offends me. I must find signs of my missing clan mates.
Meet me near the gaol of Zynoahz. The area features many deep ravines. Do not fall into one and die."
What kind of signs are you looking for?
"You are not a Bladebearer. You have no means to perceive the secret symbols of my Kyn. We are of Oblivion, made of its substance. It is a simple thing to leave an impression that others of our clan can sense."
If any Dremora can sense it, how is it secret?
"We are Bladebearers. All the Kyn of my clan are pact-bound, one to another. The clan-pact unites us in purpose, attunes us to each other. I know my Kyn and can see what they wish me to see. Others cannot.
It is a connection that can never be broken."
Not even by death?
"The clan-pact shapes us. It defines our essential nature. Bladebearer is not an allegiance. It is what I am. What I ever will be.
Should this form be destroyed, I will respawn in a new body, but the clan-pact remains. We do not die, mortal."

As you walk away, he comments:

Rynkyus: "We will investigate the Xivilai, Zynoahz. I will meet you there. If you survive the journey."

If you speak to him once more before departing:

"I do not like this talk of Dremora being used to power some sort of mortal machine. The servants of Dagon have much to answer for.
Zynoahz’s gaol awaits, mortal. You will find it to the west, near Burning Gyre Keep."

As you approach Rynkyus near Zynoahz's gaol:

Rynkyus: "The Xivilai will grind your mortal bones to ash if he scents you here.

You may then speak with him.

"Zynoahz is one of Valynaz Nokvroz’s most fearsome underlings. He commands many Dremora. I do not know if he and Jynd work together for their master, or if they compete for his approval."
What should I be looking for in the gaol?
"Bladebearers would not allow themselves to be seen by you, so do not waste your time looking for them. Search for information about the mortal device that drew my scouts to this site.
I will look for my Kyn."
If I discover something useful, how can I find you?
"You exhaust me with all these questions. Are all mortals so…uncertain?
There is a scout’s camp north of Zynoahz’s gaol. I will await you there, but do not dawdle. My patience is extremely limited."
I’ll look for you beneath the northern cliffs after I’m done here.
"Xivilai are reckless creatures. They rely on wild emotion and brute strength instead of skill and strategy. Dangerous to the weak or the unwary.
You…are still here. Was I not specific enough in my warning?"
What clan does Zynoahz belong to?
"Xivilai are rarely bound to any clan. Sometimes they work together, but it never lasts. They are arrogant and do not like taking orders. Only the most powerful Daedric lords can compel their obedience.
Such as Prince Dagon.
Why do you think so little of mortals?
"The few I have seen are foolish, weak, or mad. There is no alliance with such creatures that would benefit my clan. Some Dremora see value in stufying the doings of your kind, but not I.
I leave that to Lyranth the Foolkiller."
Why do you call her Lyranth the Foolkiller?
"That is the name of her clan, so to me she is Lyranth the Foolkiller. Just as I am Rynkyus the Bladebearer. Do you not have clan names where you come from?
Lyranth concerns me. I cannot discern what she truly intends in these matters."
You don’t trust Lyranth?
"Lyranth’s curiosity leads her down murky paths. Her unseemly interest in you has lessened her. No, that is unfair. It has made her different.
She is someone to be wary of. That is as true for mortals as it is for Dremora. Remember that."
It sounds like you don’t think highly of Xivilai.
"You infer too much. I do not like or dislike Xivilai. They are difficult allies. Undisciplined. Quick to change course as their whims sway them. One cannoth guess their goals, because they do not know themselves.
Much like mortals, it seems."

As you walk away from him, Rynkyus warns you:

Rynkyus: "Stay alert, mortal. You seem to handle yourself well, but Zynoahz is dangerous."

After exploring the gaol, speak with Rynkyus at the scout's camp to the north.

"You have found information? Perhaps you have proven yourself a useful companion after all.
What have you learned?"
Zynoahz is trying to duplicate the cult’s plans. Nokvroz wants to build his own cataclyst.
"Of course. Valkynaz Nokvroz refuses to accept that the mortal followers of Mehrunes Dagon can succeed where he has failed. A useful insight. What else did you find out?"
I found drawings and a runic crux, and I learned that a blind seer invented the cataclyst.
"Blind seer? That means nothing to me. Nor can I make sense of the drawing. The runic crux, however. The work seems poorly done. Zynoagz’s methods have their limitations.
I found something as well. A hidden message from my Bladebearers."
Like the one you found at Jynd’s foundry? Did your scouts find the cataclyst?
"My Kyn learned little that we did not already know. They waited here, hoping to trail a Waking Flame messenger back to Sister Celdina. Since they are not here, it must have worked.
Which leaves us no clser to finding this mortal device. Or my Kyn."

After ending the dialogue, he remarks:

Rynkyus: "Defective parts, strange scribblings, the inventions of a blind seer. I hope Lyranth learned more in Fargrave."
Lyranth: "The inventions of a blind seer? Interesting. I believe we know his name."
The Anchorite: "Elegian. That's what I remembered earlier. Lyranth helped me."
Arox the Mutilator: "Elegian? That old lunatic? He was locked in the Blood Pit, last I knew."

After Lyranth, the Anchorite, and Arox have arrived, Rynkyus notices Arox speaking.

Rynkyus: "Did that"

If you speak with him after Arox arrives, he has opinions about the daedrat.

"If that…daedrat…is Arox the Mutilator, then I am a two-headed Scamp. Was that in your backpack all along?
Whatever it is, it wants to talk to you."

Speak with Rynkyus after discussing your findings with the rest of the party.

"Much as I would like to test myself against Mehrunes Dagon’s wardens, it would be unwise to draw attention to our interest in this seer. If you survive, find me at the Wretched Spire."

Upon returning to Wretched Spire, if you speak with Rynkyus before talking to the others:

"Many enter the Blood Pit. Few come out again. In truth, I did not know mortals were so resourceful. And more resilient than I had been led to believe.
Or perhaps you are just an unusual example of your kind."

If you spoke with Lyranth but haven't turned in the quest, he will say:

"Our work is not quite done. We did not find the missing Bladebearers at Jynd's foundry or Zynoahz's gaol. They must have found their way to Annililarch's Summit.
Or were taken there."

Speak with him once more, and he expresses his opinion on mortals:

"Except for those here in Wretched Spire, I have met few of your kind, mortal. And those I have seen left me unimpressed."

Born of Grief[edit]

Before you start the quest, he will say:

"Lyranth the Foolkiller wishes to speak to you…although what need she sees for discussion is beyond me. We should move against Annihilarch's Summit at once. My missing Kyn may be there."

When you start the quest and haven't spoke to Lyranth yet:

"I will not pause until I have found the missing members of my clan. And if they have been harmed, I will punish the curs responsible. This I so swear!"

Speak with him again before conferring with Arox:

"I cannot imagine what further need you have for the daedrat. Does your backpack require soiling?
They are not clean creatures."
Have you been to Annihilarch’s Summit?
"Oh. You assumed I would provide more detail. You should have phrased your query differently.
Yes, I have been to the area. I found it uninviting. Building a secret retreat there would be difficult. I suppose we shall see."

After you got Arox in your pack:

"We waste time here, mortal. Do what you need to do and proceed to the base of Annihilarch's Summit. I am eager to discover the fate of my missing Kyn."

Upon arriving at the base of Annihilarch’s Summit:

Arox the Mutilator: "I can practically smell Nokvroz. Hurry master, we can catch him."
Lyranth: "Good, we're all here. You and Rynkyus will lead the assault, mortal."
Rynkyus: "Your mortal shell may not survive the climb to the summit, but I will do what I can to protect you."

As you prepare to ascend, speak with Rynkyus:

"As we ascend to the summit, know that I can protect you from the worst of the lightning and the wind shears, provided you do not stray too far from my side.
As for any other threats, you will need to deal with those of your own accord."
What other threats are you expecting us to face?
"The dangers of the Deadlands are numerous, mortal. Have you not determined that by now?
Valkynaz Nokvroz will have his minions out in force. He may have been ordered to assist Sister Celdina, but he will look for every opportunity to displace her."
Displace her?
"You try to interpret Daedric actions through mortal understanding. I have seen the mortals of Wretched Spire do the same thing. It leads to all sorts of trouble.
Nokvroz will seek to discredit and undermine Celdina, even as he works to assist her."

Part way up the mountain, he reflects on the obstacles before you:

Rynkyus: "Using the natural defenses of this place to protect them. Probably Nokvroz’s idea."

If you stray toward some interesting looking doors that are off the path to the summit, Rynkyus reminds you of the task at hand.

Rynkyus: "Mortal, this is not the way to the summit."

Speak with him after Arox leaps in fury from your pack:

"You brought the daedrat? For what purpose? In case you have forgotten, battle awaits us at the top of this mountain. I have no patience for the antics of your pet."

After entering the passage, following Arox:

Rynkyus: "We’re following…your daedrat?"

If you speak with him at this point, he is not amused:

"Do not look to me. Evidently the daedrat’s whim is our command."

As the search commences, his frustration is evident:

Rynkyus: "I do not take orders from a daedrat."

If you speak with him while searching the area:

"My scouts did not notice this passage. Perhaps the daedrat is useful after all. Or his nose is, anyway."

He will comment once you've located useful evidence:

Rynkyus: "You found something? It did not occur to me to bother with a dead mortal."

Speak with him to reveal your discovery:

"I have seen only a few dead mortals during our stays in Wretched Spire, but it’s obvious that this cultist died recently. I do not need the nose of a daedrat to smell freshly spilled blood.
What did you find?"
A key of some sort. It’s covered in runes.
"Let me see. This key is not familiar to me, but it might prove useful. A way into the Waking Flame lair, perhaps? Careless of them to let some weakling walk about with it. Or for Valkynaz Nokvroz to leave it behind. Unless he had no need of it."
What do you think happened here?
"We saw that Nokvroz directed his underlings, Jynd and Zynoahz, to question Waking Flame cultists about the cataclyst device. I believe this cultist met the same fate.
But seizing a captive on Sister Celdina’s doorstep? Nokvroz grows bold."
Do you know what this twisted rod might be used for?
"It’s unimportant. Whatever power it once held has been expended. The daedrat might sniff and paw at it, but if the rod had a purpose, Nokvroz would not have left it behind.
Collect your pet. We should get to the summit."
I'll talk to Arox.

If you speak with him again:

"Let us be on our way. Whatever awaits us at the summit, we should make haste."

Once Arox is tucked away once more:

Rynkyus: "The creature is stowed? Then let us move."

As you continue to ascend to the summit, Rynkyus shields you and warns again:

Rynkyus: "Remember, mortal. Do not range too far from me, else I cannot protect you from the summit’s elements."

At the summit, upon reaching the wind-gate:

Rynkyus: "A wind-gate. Effective for blocking narrow places. See if the key you found by the dead mortal is of any use here."
Arox the Mutilator: "Wind-gate? Bah. My true form could tear through it with ease!"

If you speak with him before utilizing the rune-inscribed key:

"A new obstacle, simple but effective. The wind-gate blocks anyone from following the path to the summit. Unless they have a way to open it, of course.
Try the key you found, mortal."

Speaking with him once more after passing through the gate provokes his ire:

"Enough questions for now, mortal. Let us proceed to the top of Annihilarch’s Summit. I wish to confront my foes without delay."

As you reach the vacant summit, and he sees the open portal:

Rynkyus: "A portal? Curse it, our enemies have already fled."

If you speak with him:

"I do not trust open portals. Especially those of my enemies. Speak with Lyranth and see how she wants to proceed."

After conferring with Lyranth, he speaks:

Rynkyus: "Take the Anchorite and go, mortal. I will follow after I give the Bladebearers their instructions and confer with Lyranth."

If you also speak with him, he gives further instruction:

"I will follow shortly. After I confer with my scouts and Lyranth.
Look for my Bladebearers, mortal. You cannot spot the signs we leave, but they themselves will be visible to you. I will be highly agitated if my search for them comes to naught."

Inside of Fort Grief, upon discovering Bladebearers locked in a cage, Rynkyus appears.

Rynkyus: "How dare they pen up my Kyn like feral clannfear? Free them, mortal!"

If you speak to him before opening the cage:

"Free my Kyn, mortal, before my anger becomes storm."

Once the Kyn are freed, they report:

Hadri: "Rynkyus? Our Kyn! They feed them to a device beneath the citadel."
Rynkyus: "Report, Hadri. What is this place?"
Hadri: "They call it Fort Grief. Valkynaz Nokvroz’s minions captured us near Jynd’s foundry and turned us over to the Waking Flame. They brought us here."
Rynkyus: "Mortal, I will escort my Kyn back to the portal. Press on and free any other Bladebearers you encounter."

Rynkyus appears again as you free more Bladebearers from a second cage:

Rynkyus: "These mortals are allies, Dothaz. Tell them what you know of this place."

If you speak with him before talking to Dothaz:

"My scouts may have been captured, but they still have their eyes and ears. They may have learned something while immured in this fort. See what Dothaz can tell you before I lead them to safety."

Once you've spoken to Dothaz, he sends you on your way again:

Rynkyus: "Mortals, make your way into the citadel. I will follow once my Kyn are safe."

Deeper inside the citadel, he returns:

Rynkyus: "Mortals! I have escorted my Kyn to safety. Now let us find the Riven Cataclyst and punish our foes."

Speaking to him immediately:

Rynkyus: "It was a simple matter to follow your path, mortal. Let us find the cataclyst and end this."

But if you attempt to speak with him directly after hearing Sister Celdina:

"Now is not the time for questions. Our enemies await us at the Riven Cataclyst. Do mortals have no sense of urgency?"

In the chamber, Celdina will summon the Incarnate. You and your party quickly try to find a way to defeat it:

The Anchorite: "The Incarnate's drawing power from the cataclyst! I'll try to stop the flow!"
The Anchorite: "There must be a switch or something!"
Rynkyus: "There! Those look vulnerable!"
Sister Celdina: "Such pointless courage. Who hides behind that mask?"

Destroy one of the crystals:

Storm Incarnate: "Raaargh!"
Rynkyus: "Mortal! Take shelter under my shield!"
The Anchorite: "The cataclyst is healing that thing!"
Sister Celdina: "Fools. You cannot defeat disaster incarnate!"

And another one:

Rynkyus: "Mortal, my shield will protect you!"
The Anchorite: "Keep the Incarnate busy! I'll figure out something!"
The Anchorite: "How do I stop this damned contraption?"
Sister Celdina: "How are you taking control of the cataclyst? That's not possible!"

After escaping Fort Grief to Wretched Spire, if you speak to Rynkyus before Lyranth:

"Some of my missing Kyn have been recovered, thanks to you. A sensation of gratitude, directed at a mortal. How unusual.
You should tell Lyranth what happened at Fort Grief."

After reporting to Lyranth, Rynkyus will issue orders to his Bladebearers:

Rynkyus: "Bladebearers! Scour the Deadlands for signs of the Waking Flame. Wherever Sister Celdina hides, we will find her!"

If you speak with Rynkyus one last time:

"I do not know what Lyranth hoped to learn from the cataclyst, but I could feel the heat of her anger from over here. This Deadlight is also a mystery, but my Bladebearers will tear the Deadlands apart until they find Sister Celdina. You have my word."


Arrive at the Plaza of Portals to meet with Rynkyus. Before you can speak a portal opens revealing Drozu and some Bladebearers:

Drozu: "Hail, Rynkyus! We found it!"
Rynkyus: "Report. What have you uncovered?"
Drozu: "You were correct. The mortal Dagonists have broken with Valkynaz Nokvroz. They retreat to a hidden stronghold in Deadlight."

Speak to the Kynreeve:

"Where is Lyranth, mortal? As you heard, the Bladebearers have found Sister Celdina and her cultists. The Waking Flame has nowhere left to run."
You found their stronghold? You found Deadlight?
"I forced a cultist to tell me about Deadlight. It's a broken realm, apparently destroyed by Mehrunes Dagon eons ago. He gave it to the cult and they built a stronghold there.
A clever hiding place, but the portal to the realm requires a special key."
Tell me where this portal is located.
"That … we have not yet determined. But I have a plan. You must follow one of the groups of cultists, trail them to the portal, and take their key.
If the portal key works like the keys to Fargrave, you'll also need the code to operate it."
All right. I'll go into the Deadlands and track a group of cultists. What about you?
"We will search for more cultists. Here—the locations my scouts found in the Deadlands. I suggest you start in the Sever. Find a key and the portal, and we'll rendezvous before the assault begins. And take the daedrat with you. His smell offends me."

Speak to him before leaving:

"Go. The longer we delay, the more cultists escape our grasp—or fall prey to Valkynaz Nokvroz's forces. We are not the only ones hunting the Waking Flame in the Deadlands.
Good luck, mortal. We will meet you once we locate the hidden portal."

As you approach the portal to Deadlight, you'll hear your friends already there:

Rynkyus: "Locked and warded against Daedric incursion. These mortals are more resourceful than I imagined."
Lyranth: "You did well to find this place, Rynkyus. Ah, mortal. Let us confer."
The Anchorite: "Good. I was worried about you out there on your own."
Arox the Mutilator: "On your own? Who is Arox the Mutilator? Chopped Ogrim spittle?"

Speak to Rynkys:

"You acquired a portal key? Good. The portal may be warded against Kyn, but it has no such protections against you or the Anchorite.
Talk to Lyranth. She has a plan."

After speaking to Lyranth, speak to him again before entering the portal:

"I hoped to punish the Waking Flame for their offenses against my Kyn, but I cannot breach this ward. You must mete out vengeance for me, mortal. Do not disappoint me.
And try not to die in Deadlight. We still need to deal with Valkynaz Nokvroz."

Against All Hope[edit]

After starting the quest with Lyranth; Arox, Rynkyus, Drozu, and Madam Whim will be downstairs discussing the next course of action. Rynkyus will be speaking to Whim:

Rynkyus: "Valkynaz Nokvroz will come for Fargrave next, Whim. My Bladebearers and I will not wait for that."

Speaking to him before Madam Whim:

"Madam Whim refuses to use her influence. She could easily raise an army of Fargravians to join me and my Bladebearers when we assault Valkynaz Nokvroz's fortress, but she adamantly denies my request."

After speaking to Madam Whim, Rynkyus turns to his lieutenant:

Rynkyus: "Drozu, gather the Bladebearers. We must attack Ardent Hope before Nokvroz makes his next move."
Drozu: "Our swords are yours to command, Rynkyus."
<Drozu exits>

Speak to him:

"I would have preferred an army of Fargravians at our backs, but this will work, too. While you and Lyranth use Whim's portal to infiltrate the fortress, my Bladebearers will launch an assault on the front gate.
The battle will be glorious!"
Lyranth says a frontal assault on Ardent Hope is doomed to fail.
"Perhaps. But defeat does not mean the same thing to my Kyn as it does to you, mortal. Death is not the end for the Bladebearers—at least, not death in battle.
For what Nokvroz did to our clan mates, however, he must suffer."
So all you care about is vengeance?
"Vengeance is an honorable goal. Besides, your best chance to rescue the Anchorite is for my clan to draw the attention of Ardent Hope. And ours requires you to deal Nokvroz a grievous blow.
This is how we tear down our foe, and I will see it done."

Arrive at the dais, and the gang will be ready:

"The Bladebearers stand ready, mortal. I will wait until you pass through the portal, then I will join my clan and assault the front gates.
Today we teach Valkynaz Nokvroz the cost of making the Bladebearers his enemies."

Once you have the portal key, Rynkyus will convey his intent:

Rynkyus: "The Bladebearers will keep the fortress's defenders occupied."
Lyranth: "Leave that to your clan, Rynkyus, and come with us. We could use your sword."
Rynkyus: "I will face Nokvroz in open battle, in the sight of my Kyn. That is the path of honor."
Arox the Mutilator: "Well said, Bladebearer, but I will destroy Nokvroz! Master, a word, please."

Speaking to him before Arox:

"Good hunting, mortal. My Bladebearers and I will draw the ire of Nokvroz's army while you infiltrate the keep.
It is a great opportunity to prove the might of my clan. Today we repay Mehrunes Dagon's servants with pain and sorrow!"
You're going to lose a lot of your clan in this battle, Rynkyus.
"A mortal worry. We are Dremora. We do not die—we return. And Bladebearers do not fear pain. We exist for battle and glory.
Valkynaz Nokvroz has risen high among the Kyn, but we will prove stronger. It is our way."
If we defeat Valkynaz Nokvroz, what will his followers do?
"The stronger will fight for his position. The weaker will await the rise of a new leader.
Nokvroz commands obedience with his strength alone. None are proud to serve him. They know he won his place by making a staircase from his followers."
Won't Valkynaz Nokvroz resume command when he eventually returns?
"The paths of Oblivion are dark and strange, mortal. None can say how long his reformation might take. But even if Nokvroz returns immediately, he will bear the dishonor of defeat. Who would serve a valkynaz too weak to defend his own fortress?"

Speak to him before entering the portal:

"Enough talk. It is time to put an end to Valkynaz Nokvroz and these accursed cataclyst devices.
Fight well, mortal. Let them see your might!"

Inside Ardent Hope, approach the eastern gate and you'll hear Rynkyus and his Bladebearers on the other side:

Rynkyus: "We've breached the gates! Archers, clear a path!"
Rynkyus: "Bladebearers, with me! Show them our fury!"
Lyranth: "There is our distraction, just as Rynkyus promised. Let us not waste it. To the inner keep!"

Inside the Upper Reaches, you'll find the Bladebearers below surrounded by Dremora. You, Lyranth, and Arox decide to take a risk and break the Twisted Rod, releasing Arox's true form as a Daedric Titan. Arox decimates Dagon's forces and Rynkyus rallies his kyn:

Arox the Mutilator: "Behold the wrath of Arox the Mutilator! Behold your doom!"
Dremora Caitiff: "Arox has returned! Run!"
Rynkyus: "Bladebearers! On your feet! Rally to me!"
Arox the Mutilator: "Come, mortal, I can smell Nokvroz's fear! Take the Path of Cinders and I will help you reach the Anchorite!"
Rynkyus: "Go, mortal! The Bladebearers will aid you as we can!"

Later after defeating Nokvroz:

The Anchorite: "Wait. Do you feel that? Something's coming. Oh … oh no!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "Nokvroz underestimated you. You are indeed powerful … for mortals."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Ah, I remember you, little one. Moricar's whelp. I have plans for you."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Your companions, however, are a momentary nuisance. I shall destroy them."
Rynkyus: "Fall back! We cannot fight Mehrunes Dagon!"
Lyranth: "Hang on, I'll get us out of here!"

The portal will take you to the Plaza of Portals. There you'll be reunited with your friends:

The Anchorite: "Oh, Fargrave, how I missed you!"
Rynkyus: "Well fought, all of you. Lord Arox, it was an honor to share a battlefield with you."
Arox the Mutilator: "Yes. Forever will they fear my name, no matter what form I wear."
Lyranth: "Back to the House of Whims. We need time to recover. And to talk."

The group begins walking back to Madam Whim's:

Rynkyus: "Walk the streets with pride, mortals. You saved Fargrave. And most likely Nirn as well."
The Anchorite: "But did you hear? Mehrunes Dagon said he had plans for me."
Rynkyus: "Yes, the Prince of Destruction took note of you, Anchorite. You overcame his most powerful minions."
The Anchorite: "There has to be more to it than that. My mother … Sister Celdina … told me I would help Mehrunes Dagon destroy the mortal world."
Rynkyus: "A false prophecy, perhaps? Let it lie for now."
The Anchorite: "I suppose. I just have a feeling this isn't over. Not yet."
Rynkyus: "There is always another battle, but you need not seek it today."

Inside Madam Whim's, Rynkyus will be upstairs waiting for you to speak to Lyranth:

"You earned my respect, mortal. And that of all my Bladebearers. I hope we will fight by your side again one day.
Until then, watch over the Anchorite. I made light of Mehrunes Dagon's words, but there is purpose in everything he says."
How bad were the Bladebearer losses in the fight at Ardent Hope?
"Many of my Kyn fell. Most of them, in fact. We were sorely outnumbered by Valkynaz Nokvroz's forces. But I do not grieve, mortal.
Those whose bodies were destroyed in Ardent Hope will return soon enough. And every Bladebearer fell with honor."
The pain of dying means so little to you?
"No Kyn goes willingly into the dark, mortal. We fight hard to stave it off, just as you would. And I will miss my clan-brothers and clan-sisters until they return. Some I will see again soon. Others I may not see again for a Prince's age."
What next for the Bladebearers?
"Our feud with Nokvroz and his minions is over. Those of my Kyn who suffered at his hands have been avenged, and the tale of our wrath will be told far and wide.
But I shall be keeping an eye on Mehrunes Dagon's forces from now on. Just in case."

After completing the quest, you can ask him additionally:

What concerns you about the Anchorite?
"Mehrunes Dagon juggles schemes within schemes. All Daedric Princes do. We may have put an end to Valkynaz Nokvroz's part in that, but what other plans does he have in mind for her?
He addressed her directly and by name, after all."
Would Mehrunes Dagon's minions build another cataclyst?
"No, not that. The plan to turn Dremora into incarnations of destruction died with Sister Celdina and Valkynaz Nokvroz.
But the power the Anchorite demonstrated in Ardent Hope? That still exists. I suspect Dagon covets it for reasons of his own."

Ambition's End[edit]

Make your way to Wretched Spire and meet Lyranth along with Calia, The Anchorite, and Eveli. As you arrive several portals open and out steps a small army of allies from your adventures in Blackwood and Rynkyus and his Bladebearers:

"Champion. As promised, the Bladebearer Clan will fight by your side."
You have my thanks, Rynkyus.
"A magnificent battle awaits us within Destruction's Solace. Many will surely die. It is invigorating.
Your allies stand by your side, honored to lay down their lives for you. Tell me, are you truly prepared for this?"
I'm ready to stop Mehrunes Dagon.
"Good. You will need that conviction in order to emerge victorious. Do not let your stance waver, even for an instant. If you allow yourself even a shred of weakness, Mehrunes Dagon will exploit it. Of that, you can be certain."

Speak to him before leaving and he'll say:

"The time has come. Let us go to Destruction's Solace."

Arrive at Destruction's Solace and your allies will be waiting:

"Champion. As promised, the Bladebearer Clan will fight by your side."

On the Solace Keep Battlements, you'll meet up with Rynkyus and his Baldebearers:

The Anchorite: "You made it. Great! Come on, Sombren is close. I can sense him."
Mehrunes Dagon: "You are insects. Less than insects! With the power of the Ambitions, soon Nirn shall be mine!"
Rynkyus: "Get down! Stay low!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "Soon the pact will be fulfilled. My victory is inevitable."
Mehrunes Dagon: "What was freely given has been nurtured and will be freely returned!"

While Sombren escapes through a portal, Lyranth opens portals of her own:

Lyranth: "One moment. I will gather your allies."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That was brutal! Is anyone hurt?"
Rynkyus: "The Bladebearers are here, Lyranth."
Lyranth: "Mehrunes Dagon's assault on Nirn has begun. You have one chance to stop him from taking the mortal world. Do not waste it."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"I do not know what fate lies beyond that portal, but my Bladebearers will sing of the glory of this battle for eons to come."

Sombren's portal takes you to Sundercliff where he plans on giving his powers to Dagon. You and your friends have to stop him:

"There is no time to speak! We must strike while Mehrunes Dagon is still transitioning to this plane."

Make your way through the fortress and you'll come to your first wave of defenders. Rynkyus and his blades stand with you:

Rynkyus: "I am with you, Champion! We will defeat them together."
Rynkyus: "More beasts incoming!"
Rynkyus: "Be ready!"
Rynkyus: "Well done, Champion. Now let us put these weapons to good use."

Later, he'll join you to defeat Dagon:

Mehrunes Dagon: "Do you think you've won? That you could triumph over me? Fools! You have only seen a fraction of my power!"
Rynkyus: "We stand with you, Champion!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "If you wish to die together, so be it."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Insolent pests! You will fall!"

You are victorious and are able to defeat Sombren and banish Dagon. Then to everyone's surprise, Lyranth takes the ambition's powers from The Anchorite.

"Do not fret over the Dremora's deception. It is her nature to be selfish. The battle here is done. Let us return to the Deadlands."

Leave the field of battle and return to Wretched Spire:

"The battle against Mehrunes Dagon will surely be celebrated as the greatest triumph Clan Bladebearer has ever taken part in."

Hope Springs Eternal[edit]

Rynkyus in Leyawiin Castle

If you accept the quest from Hezehk and before you speak to Eveli:

"There are others who fought along side us that are not present. They deserve to be here as well. We would do well to find them."

After speaking to Eveli, he'll add:

"What a battle. I will remember it always with great pride.
As should you, champion. You faced an insurmountable foe and arose victorious. Are you not pleased with such a triumph?"
Is Mehrunes Dagon really defeated?
"You banished Dagon to the depths of the Deadlands. It is as close to death as Daedra can conceive. You have done what many would consider impossible, but he will return eventually.
Even I might have considered that impossible before meeting you."
Do you have any idea why Lyranth took the powers of the Ambitions?
"No. I care little for what she does with her prize. Neither you nor I have any use for the Ambitions' power. Why concern yourself needlessly?"
What will you do now, Rynkyus?
"An interesting question. Nokvroz is defeated. The Waking Flame is extinguished. And you, mortal, have dealt Mehrunes Dagon a humiliating blow that he will no doubt remember for eons to come.
My Kyn are avenged. I have many possibilities."

Join the celebration at Leyawiin Castle:

"Mortal. I have grown accustomed to your presence. It is a strange thing, but not entirely unwelcome."

After speaking to the Anchorite and before speaking to Eveli:

"I am unnerved. This place is said to be a fortification, but myself and the others were allowed in with only passing glances. Mortals are far too trusting."
Thank you for coming, Rynkyus.
"You called, we answered. Though I do not know if the mortals of Leyawiin approve of our presence. It came as quite a shock to those that witnessed our arrival.
We will return to Oblivion quickly after this is through, do not worry."

After Eveli gives her speech:

"The tales of our battles and victories will be known to all Bladebearers henceforth. They will be recited with the utmost pride."