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Location Ten-Maur-Wolk; Tower of Lies; The Reaver Citadel; Imperial City PrisonImperial City; The CauldronFlames of Ambition; Player HousingCrown Store
Race Dremora Gender Female
Health 39959 (Coldharbour), 52831 (Imperial City Prison)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Foolkillers Clan
Lyranth at the Tower of Lies
"You have served me well and I have a certain fondness for you, mortal, but do not presume that we are friends. Dremora have no need of such things. And I will not share my secrets with you. They are mine and mine alone."

Lyranth is an outcast Dremora originally encountered bound inside the ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk in Shadowfen, where her essence is being harvested by the Dominion in order to create skin-stealers. You are given the option to free her in exchange for information, or leave her bound.

Regardless of your choice, she can later be encountered at the Tower of Lies, and will help you free the members of the Fighters Guild imprisoned down there. She will approach the Tamrielic expedition outside the Reaver Citadel and offer a way to break the Daedric defenses during the quest The Citadel Must Fall. Once inside, she will offer to open the barrier protecting the Endless Stair in return for killing Valkynaz Seris and allowing her banished clan to return to power in Coldharbour.

Lyranth is also found in the Imperial City Prison, where your group must help her defeat Lord Warden Dusk in order to reclaim the animus of her clan.

Lyranth is also involved in the Gates of Oblivion story arc.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


Trail of the Skin-Stealer[edit]

Lyranth bound inside Ten-Maur-Wolk

She is first encountered when you find a face-stealing potion. She appears nearby as a magical projection.

Lyranth: "You aren't like the others. You should keep your own face, it suits you better."

The Skin-Stealer's Lair[edit]

She is next encountered inside the ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk, magically bound:

Lyranth: "Come to me, mortal. This is the way in."

You can then speak with Lyranth to see how she is involved:

"Curious. You dabble in their spells and break into their outpost.
Oh, how he misjudged you! How grand!"

However, if you've already met, she'll greet you with:

"Little mortal. How far we have come since we first met."
Are you the one behind the skin stealers?
"Yes, you marvelous fool. I allowed them to pull me from Oblivion, bind my essence, and siphon my power because I'm secretly behind their shabby little plans.
Oh, but you don't know about those, do you?"
Tell me what you know of the Dominion's plans.
"You've heard of Ruuvitar, the celebrated Dominion alchemist? It's all his doing, you know.
I'll tell you his plans for your impending doom. For a small favor, of course."
How do I know that I can trust you?
"You can never know that, dear mortal. But you're best able to help me dance upon my captors' innards, aren't you?
For but a small favor, I'll tell you the Dominion's plans, why they've come to Shadowfen, whose faces they've taken … everything."
What kind of favor?
"You must find the pair of altars binding me, further inside the complex.
Do so and I pledge to share the Dominion's plans, and direct you to their most prized possession. Also, I pledge not to violate your corpse on your burial day. A true bargain!"
Perhaps. What would I do at the altar?
"Within each altar you'll find simple foci. A mortal's touch destroys them and removes my bonds. Then, all I offer is yours."
I don't make deals with Daedra. (If you've not met before)
"There is no other way, my sumptuous little morsel. Break my bonds and I'll give you what you desire … perhaps more. Or don't, and let your self-righteous pride doom the entirety of Shadowfen.
Mortals do love pretending they have a choice."
I'm not sure I should help you, Lyranth. (If you've met previously)
"You would be a fool to let your poor judgement keep me from my freedom, little mortal. Consider that I will find a way from this imprisonment, with or without you. What will become of you and those who failed to help me, when that time comes?"

If you have completed Hope Springs Eternal:

How were you captured? Didn't you steal the Ambition powers?
"I do not seek to relive the insult of how I arrived in this predicament. But rest assured, mortal, the powers I claimed from the Ambitions are safe — where only I can reach them. And reach them I will, when the time is right.
Now — free me."

If spoken to again, she says:

"Such an unexpected indignity. When I first devised this torture, I never thought it would one day be visited upon me.
Smile and nod your head, mortal."

If you choose to help her, and speak to her in the final room, she says:

"The bindings unravel at a mortal's touch. Not unlike how mortals unravel at my touch.
Go on, then. Unravel."

After freeing her, she will reveal more about the Dominion's plans and how to stop them:

"What a capable servant you are!
So many to disembowel for their intransigence. I'm practically shivering with anticipation!"
You pledged to tell me what you knew of the skin-stealers.
"For you, anything. Beyond the sealed door is the Vault, and inside is the creature who wears your vicecanon's face.
His master Ruuvitar took the Mnemic Egg away. A shame, truly. But I'll tell you how to cripple the skin-stealers in the Vault."
Then tell me.
"Their key is sap of the Hist, boiled in vats. Fused with my essence, the sap is how the skin-stealers steal the memories of their victims. No more sap, no more skin-stealers.
For my essence makes the sap flammable. So burn them. Burn them all."
I have more questions.
"Yet I have no patience. Burn the vats, little plaything. Please me with your actions, and I'll please you with your life.
Oh, but don't fret. I honor my pledges. I even have a present to build your anticipation."
What sort of present?

She will disappear and show a vision of Ruuvitar inspecting the Mnemic Egg:

Lyranth: "Why a glimpse of your enemy: Ruuvitar and his prize."

She comes back when you face the Skin-Stealer before taking cover behind rubble:

Lyranth: "A moment, my mortal trifle. Come close. I have one last secret to whisper in your ear."
Lyranth bound inside Ten-Maur-Wolk (old shader)

You can speak to her before confronting the imposter, she will suggest killing the prisoners so that Hrondar cannot use them. You may choose whether or not if you want to follow her idea:

"You're far too delightful for the horrible death awaiting you. After all, we've grown so close. Such a pleasure should be mine alone to deliver."
What are you talking about?
"The false Nord will use those prisoners against you. He'll steal their skins, prolonging his life and ending theirs.
But I can capture their souls for myself. Such sweet suffering I'll deliver upon them …. And the false Nord, when you slay him."
Kill the prisoners. The skin-stealer fights without aid.
"So firm, so decisive! I could roast and devour you.
But now isn't the time to speak of the future. Stand back. I assure you, it will be quick for them … in this realm."
No, I'll fight him without your help.
"I suppose I could watch you die at his hands. Go on, prove you're a unique and special creature. I'll try not to chuckle when he cores your skull like an apple.
Or accept my aid. I'll let you think it over, if thinking is something you do."

If you choose to follow her idea, she will instantaneously kill all the prisoners with one spell.

After slaying the skin-stealer, she will ask you to follow her.

Lyranth: "Follow me. The exit is this way."

She will lead you to the end of ruins and will mention that you will need to hunt down Ruuvitar before opening a portal for you:

"What to do with you, what to do? Far too entertaining to slaughter, yet I can't let another Daedra get their hooks inside you. Besides, I assure you mine are the rustiest.
Positively maddening you are. If I end you now, we'll be together. Forever."
That's not going to happen.
"Oh, it thinks it can defeat me. You have no sense of your own futility, do you?
Much as I desire, I can't steal a walking tragedy from this realm. Go, look for Ruuvitar and the Mnemic Egg, as though your actions matter."
Where is Ruuvitar?
"Somewhere beyond these ruins, I'm sure. This portal will take you from this place, I promise. And that is the last promise to you I will keep."

Speaking to her before going inside the portal:

"Do you desire an exquisite torment? No? Then go, before I change my mind."

If you choose instead to betray her and help Bijot instead.

Before speaking to Bijot while she's still binded:

"It matters not what the lizard told you, our bargain stands. Release me and learn the skin-stealers' secrets, or don't and become Ruuvitar's victim.
Do you like my robes? I think they're named Okanil. A shame they stopped dripping."

After speaking to Bijot, you will distract her while Bijot gets the door open:

"You're no fool to withhold your trust. Commendable, truly. But you'll go no further without my help.
Destroy these bindings and free me!"
You promised to tell me the Dominion's plans.
"Your reticence is infuriatingly enticing. Very well, Ruuvitar used Hist sap and my stolen essence to create his skin-stealers. The Hist sap is what steals the victims' memories.
It's all to acquire the Mnemic Egg. With it, he has all of Black Marsh."
How can the Mnemic Egg give him Black Marsh?
"My patience grows thinner than you'll be after I fit you with a scathing-girdle! Fail to uphold this bargain and I'll instruct you in pains of which you've never conceived, mortal.
Wait, what is that swamp-rat doing to the Vault door?"
He's opening it.

She will disappear and show you a projection of Ruuvitar inspecting the Mnemic Egg:

Lyranth: "Then gaze upon your doom. Ruuvitar and his prize."


Truth, Lies, and Prisoners[edit]

Speaking to her before Skordo and if you never met her before:

"Great. Some strange mortal seeks to gawk at me with its mooning gaze.
Must I be burdened with yet another torture in this despicable tower of lies?"

She can be first encountered within the Tower of Lies standing on the small docks. If you started the quest from Skordo:

"I find your antics to be quite enticing, little mortal!"

Otherwise if you started the quest from Gwilir:

"Ah, a new guest has joined our little party! And will you provide amusement and interesting diversion? I think you just might, at that!"
You're a Dremora, aren't you?
"It speaks. I suppose I should be impressed that one of your kind even dares to approach me."
Daedra don't usually speak to mortals.
"Pity. To think they'd miss out on this fascinating conversation."
Are you one of the prison wardens?
"Oh, little mortal, you amuse me so!
Surely you have more important things to do than waste time with me? Aren't there rocks that need to be chipped or bugs to be swatted? Perhaps you need to mutter to yourself and wander around in circles?"
Does this place make people do those sorts of things?
"Most of the guests here suffer from one or more such afflictions.
If you linger long enough, perhaps you will adopt one of these distinctive quirks. Or perhaps not. I will continue to watch with interest to see what develops."

However if you previously met her in Shadowfen, you will mutually recognize each other.

"You seem determined to make yourself useful. What strange habits you mortals have."
You look familiar.
"Really? Most mortals look alike to me. Plus, there's that smell. The odor of warm blood and quiet desperation. Mildly unpleasant, if you don't mind me saying so. Ah, wait a moment… I do remember you."
Why are you in this place?
"The mortal continues to speak to me. What does it want, I wonder? Perhaps if I ignore it, it will just go away."
You were imprisoned last time, too. I helped you.
"I assure you, contrary to the way it looks, imprisonment is not my usual situation. But before you get any ideas in that mortal little head of yours, I do not need your help this time."
I'm helping the Fighters Guild find a way out of here.
"How fortunate of you. I shall enjoy observing how you go about accomplishing that particular miracle."

After you have made you way to the upper levels while looking for Captain Eilram, she will appear again, idly playing with a fireball.

"Ah, mortal! You are a curious creature."
What are you doing up here?
"You don't really expect me to answer that, do you little mortal?
Needless to say, it amuses me to bide my time here and observe your plight. No need to concern yourself about my safety, though, for the lesser Daedra will not harm me."
Do you know where I can find the Fighters Guild captains?
"Oh, yes! Watching them has been very entertaining. They struggle in a web they cannot see and it makes me laugh.
You mortals! So easy to manipulate and so much fun to play with."
So you're the one behind all this?
"No, little mortal, I am neither your jailor nor your tormentor. I am merely a disinterested observer who finds some tiny enjoyment in your predicament."
Why do you care what happens to me?
"Even if I cared to explain myself to you, I doubt that you would understand. The politics of Oblivion are much too convoluted for your primitive mortal mind to comprehend."
Can you help me free the Fighters Guild?
"I will not hinder you, dear mortal. Consider that to be enough help for now.
Know this, however. The exit from this place is currently… unavailable. I suspect you will rectify that in the near future."

After finding Eilram's sword, she will appear as you make your way to Captain Arakh's camp.

"I find your antics to be quite enticing, little mortal!"
Are you following me?
"Following you? An interesting notion. Perhaps you are the one following me?
But enough with the pleasantries. I was checking something. You should run along now. The other mortals seem lost without you."
What were you checking on?
"My, your interrogation technique is withering. I feel I must reveal everything to you.
Wait. No I don't. The feeling has passed. Maybe it was simply something I ate."

Once you have found both of the Captains and brought them proof of your sincerity, they will argue about whether Ifriz is a Fighters Guild member or a Dremora until Lyranth suddenly interrupts.

Captain Arakh: "Who's that? Is that a Dremora?"
Lyranth: "I grow weary of this situation. It's time to put an end to Ifriz's interference."
Lyranth: "You need to kill Ifriz. I need him dead. It seems we have a common goal to discuss."
Captain Arakh: "Help from a Dremora? Why doesn't that reassure me?"

You can then speak with her to find out what she wants.

"We share a common problem, little mortal. It only makes sense that we work together to solve it."
Why would you offer help now when you didn't seem interested before this?
"Do either of us have any other options?
Ifriz created the barrier that blocks the way out of this prison. Eliminate Ifriz and the barrier collapses. But you must find Ifriz if you are going to kill him."
Can you direct me to Ifriz?
"How sweet of you to ask! Ifriz hides behind illusions. I have removed them.
He has something of mine. I want it back. Kill him, and both our problems are solved. But hurry. He will soon discover his defenses are down and hide himself again."
I'll deal with Ifriz. Will you help?
"Ah, little mortal. I have provided more help than you deserve. The rest, as they say, is up to you."

Speak to her again and she will say:

"Ifriz is never far from his beloved barrier. Hurry and end this so that we can both get on with our existences."

Once Ifriz is dead, she will congratulate you on beating him.

Lyranth: "Well done, little mortal. You killed Ifriz and I didn't have to lift a finger. Delightful!"
Lyranth: "You and I will meet again, I think. I look forward to seeing what trouble you get into next."

The Citadel Must Fall[edit]

Lyranth outside the Reaver Citadel

As you first approach the Reaver Citadel, you will witness Lyranth talking to Vanus Galerion.

Vanus Galerion: "Be gone [sic], foul creature! We don't have time for your games."
Lyranth: "Mortals are always so amusing. I offer information, aid for your quest and you shun me."
Vanus Galerion: "You expect me to trust a creature of the planes? Ridiculous!"
Lyranth: "A mer as arrogant as a kyn. How delightful! I do so love watching egotistical braggarts stumble."
Lyranth: "I may allow you to reconsider and accept my offer. Of course, I may not. I haven't decided yet."
<Lyranth teleports away.>
Vanus Galerion: "You there. Find out where that creature is lurking. I want her watched."

After you begin your mission to storm the Citadel, Lyranth will appear as you approach the stairs. You can talk with her to see what she meant earlier.

"Ah, little mortal! While it might be entertaining to watch you bumble about the Citadel, I would much rather just see you get about your business.
I'm sure that whatever you have planned will ultimately work in my favor."
Why don't you just tell me what you're talking about?

You can ask for more questions about the breach:

"Right to the point? How distressful! Oh, very well. You seek a way into the Citadel, one that won't attract any undue notice.
As it happens, I know just the thing. If you follow the east wall, you'll find a branch that leads inside."
Why are you helping us?
"Never look a gift daedroth in the maw, little mortal. I offer information, nothing more.
The warded building you seek is near the main gate. The kyn will try to stop you. If they don't succeed, we will speak again."
Does this have anything to do with what you were doing at the Tower of Lies?
"Ifriz had information I needed. It ultimately led me here.
I enjoyed what you did to Ifriz, little mortal. I'm looking forward to seeing what mayhem you stir up here."
I'll look for the breach.

If you talk to her again, she will remind you of the directions.

"The old Fighters Guild Hall. It's near the main gate. Go!"

Once you are inside the citadel, she will appear once more. You have the chance to ask her why she keeps assisting you.

"And so, the little mortal, once more into the breach!
I believe the Ayleid King wants you to find a hidden key. Hurry! I think your friends have already made it into the sealed hall."
Why isn't this break in the wall guarded?
"How amusing! The little mortal suspects a trap.
You are wise to fear the duplicity of Dremora, but I assure you that you are safe enough. Illusions hide this area from the kyn. Just a little trick I recently picked up."
Why are you helping us?
"Technically, I am helping you, not them. But this constant desire to know the why of things grows tiresome.
I don't want to confuse you. Just know that I have a debt to settle. As long as helping you advances my goal, I will continue to do so."
You're using me?
"The look on your face! How precious!
You are dismayed. Why should the truth upset you? You benefit from my assistance, just as I benefit from yours. Patience, little mortal, you shall see. Now off with you. Nothing will come of us standing here."
What can I expect inside the Citadel?
"Death, most likely. The kyn that guard this Citadel will try to kill you. It's generally what we do.
The old hall you seek is near the main gate. If I were you—and, most thankfully, I am not—I would make my way there, posthaste."

Speak to her again and she'll only say:

"Scurry off, little mortal, but heed my words.
Controlling the Citadel, while useful, is not enough. Not for where you must ultimately go. But we shall talk more of this later, provided you survive."

After you leave the Fighters Guild to reach the upper city, Lyranth may appear if you travel along the terrace and are not in combat:

"I'm impressed, little mortal. Hardly a scratch on you!"
Are you following me?
"A smart investor keeps track of her investment. The fighters surprised the kyn and might even win the day. Bravo!
But once you control the Citadel, what then? How will you get past the Labyrinth without the proper key?"
Labyrinth? What Labyrinth?
"Ill-informed, impulsive … mortals! Did you think you could just stroll up to the portal you seek?
The Valkynaz guards a key to the maze beneath Molag Bal's stronghold. You must pass through this Labyrinth, and to do that you need the key."
I'll get the key from the Valkynaz.
"Finish your original quest first. Help your mages. Banish these kyn to the darkness that spawned them. It is no less than they deserve.
Then meet me at the pyramid. Only I can help you acquire the Labyrinth key."

If you talk to her again, Lyranth will say:

"Don't mind me, little mortal. It's just that I find you so … fascinating!"

After you have opened the portal to let the Mages Guild reinforcements in, Lyranth will be at the entrance to the Reaver Citadel Pyramid with Gathwen and Cadwell.

"Only those of Daedric blood may enter the pyramid, little mortal."
Can you open the way for us?
"I told you that you'd need my help. A Daedric ritual locks this door, and only a willing offering of kyn blood will open it.
I am your key to Valkynaz Seris. You are my key to vengeance."
Will you help me in the coming battle?
"That I cannot do, little mortal. If the Valkynaz is banished by my hand, I will lose honor and standing.
If you kill him, however, I remain true to my word. And Seris abides in the darkness with my lost clan until Coldharbour allows him to return."
Why do you seek vengeance?
"My clan was destroyed. Erased from this existence. And the hand that orchestrated that destruction was Valkynaz Seris.
He thought my clan was a threat to his power. Whatever the right or wrong of it, Seris must pay for what he did."
I'm ready. Open the door. (Will end the conversation.)

Lyranth will then peform the blood ritual to open the door.

Lyranth: "The way is open. Destroy Seris. Painfully. He deserves whatever horrors you decide to inflict upon him."

If you speak with her again before entering she will ask you to get on with it.

"Well, little mortal? What are you waiting for? Must I hand you an engraved invitation?
Get inside and do what you came here to do!"

After you slay Seris, Lyranth will enter the pyramid.

Lyranth: "My lost clan awaits Seris in the darkness. Even though the blade that banished him was not in my hand, his end was my doing."
Lyranth, the new Valkynaz

With a flash of light, the chamber will be filled with Dremora cheering for Lyranth. You can take the key or you can speak with her to learn the full story—or what she deigns to give you.

"Even by kyn reckoning, I have waited a long time send Seris into the darkness. Allow me to savor this moment, little mortal."
So, now you're the Valkynaz of the Citadel?
"What possible interest could that be to you, little mortal? Let me guess. You're worried that now I will order my kyn to destroy you.
I assure you, a change in leadership can be a time of confusion. No harm will come to you or yours—for now."
Are you happy now that Valkynaz Seris is dead?
"Kyn do not die. Seris has been banished to the darkness.
Long ago, our clans were locked in war. Seris, through treachery, banished my clan. Everyone but me. I accepted a blood oath to remain free, promising that my hand would never harm him."
But you asked me to slay him.
"I remained true to my oath. I helped you enter the pyramid. Nothing more. Indeed, the ignominy of a mortal sending Seris to the darkness was most gratifying."
Will you help us assault the Endless Stair?
"My goal was revenge. I have no interest in your squabbles.
Understand, little mortal. A kyn's desire to spill mortal blood never ebbs, even if we don't always act upon it. I am what I am. If we meet again, I will smile as I take your life."

Before you take the key, if you speak to her again:

"The Labyrinth key is in the chest, little mortal. Take it and be about your business while I'm still inclined to be friendly."

Once you take the key, she will thank you for the assistance.

Lyranth: "You have been a most useful weapon, little mortal. Take the labyrinth key, with my thanks."

If you talk with her afterwards, she will suggest that you leave soon.

"You proved very useful and earned the assistance I provided you.
But I wouldn't recommend lingering in my territory, little mortal. I cannot vouch for the patience or control of my newly awakened kyn."

The Imperial City[edit]

Appears only with Imperial City

Summary Execution[edit]

Lyranth in the Imperial City Prison

Lyranth can be found fiddling with a skull near the side entrance to the prison.

"A mortal wandering here of its own volition? And it can fight! A daring soul! Perhaps you'd like to help me complete my day's work.
I seek to attack this prison, lay low the Daedra who run it."
Why would I help you?
"Why does your kind do anything?
Perhaps you want to see what spoils you can mine from this place. Or maybe you want to help the mortals trapped deep below. Your kind has such baffling sensibilities."
There are people trapped here?
"So many! Held for torture, for parts. For amusement. You can't hear the screams from up here, but I assure you they are uttered."
I'll handle this.

You can ask her a few questions after starting the quest.

"I'll lead you to the prisoners if you'll assist me in my day's butchering. Information has a price, little mortal.
Head inside, slay the Overfiend, and anything else that bars our way to the inner halls. Then we'll talk."
Why do this? You're a Daedra?
"And? Mortals kill mortals, do they not? I see it every day. Such atrocities you commit against each other given proper incentive!
We do the same. We do it better."
Who is this Overfiend?
"He was like you, once. Mortal and small. But the aura of this place changed him. You'll see. His death is necessary if we're to reach the inner halls."
Defeating him will allow us to free the prisoners trapped below?
"You'll find plenty of prisoners to free if you survive. Perhaps they can serve as distractions as we move deeper.
Every Daedra here will come to stop you, little mortal."
What happened to this prison?
"It holds prisoners as it always has. But the torture chambers below have been made exquisite.
They belong to Lord Bal now, run by his … trusted lieutenants. It should have been my clan in charge."
What do you mean?
"One thing at a time, mortal. Let's see how far you get. The Overfiend is waiting."
Haven't we met before? (if you've encountered Lyranth previously)
"Have we? You mortals all have the same awkward growth for a face."

Once the Overfiend is dead she will call out to you your next target.

Lyranth: "The Flesh Sculptor is your next target. Go! His laboratory is just up ahead."

When you arrive at his flesh pit, he will have a brief conversation with Lyranth.

Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor: "Have you brought me these mortals as gifts, Lyranth? I'm flattered."
Lyranth: "Let's see if you're still blushing when we stick your head on a pike."

After the Flesh Sculptor is slain Lyranth will tell you your next target on her list.

Lyranth: "The Gravelight Sentry is all that remains between us and the Warden."

You can talk to her at this point.

"Your will to survive is impressive. With the Sculptor gone and none to command the prison's flesh constructs, the Warden's sword is broken.
There are wretched mortals in the cells up ahead. Free them if you must, but you face the Gravelight Sentry next."
What if I free the prisoners and just walk away?
"That would be Daedric of you! You owe me nothing, and you'd have your mortals freed. But do you know how many they process here in a day? In a week? The screams are endless!
If you want to put this place out of power, there's more work to do."
What is this Gravelight Sentry?
"Can't you tell from his name? You mortals think in such … three dimensional terms."
I want to know what I'm up against.
"Watch your tone, mortal.
I'm sure you've noticed the myriad watchers that surveil this place. Through these children, the Sentry sees all that we do. Useful in the operation of a prison. Slay it, and the Warden will lose his eyes in these halls."
Why are you after the Daedra in this prison?
"I wondered if you would live long enough to ask that. You have proven most amusing."
"They wronged me. I've come to wrong them back."
You were waiting for a bodyguard to just happen by?
"You are powerful for a mortal, but surely you jest.
We Daedra have established practices and I required a third party. Let's leave it at that. We've wasted enough time."

After you kill the Flesh Abomination, she says:

Lyranth: "In my experience, flesh atronachs are tools of the dim-witted. Get moving. The way out is ahead, past the last cell block."
Lyranth: "Let's see how you handle the Warden's traps. You'll have the pleasure of meeting him if you survive."

Once you reach the last cell block:

Lyranth near the last Cell Block
Lyranth: "The Warden is your final obstacle. You'll find him ahead."

You can talk to Lyranth before fighting the Lord Warden.

"You're so desperate to live on, short as your lifespan is. I'd be impressed if it weren't so futile.
Only the Warden remains. You could turn and run now, if you'd like. After all you've seen. But I think you'll push on. Go! Slay him! Or die trying."
Tell me about this grudge you bear against the Warden.
"He took something from me long ago, and I plan to take the same from him."
What, exactly?
"Why do you bother with this? Expelling so much air from that hole in your face? You're much more amusing when your life is being threatened. Let's see more of that!"

After killing the Warden, the animus in his armor will released, freeing Lyranth's fellow Dremora. She proceeds to capture the Lord Warden's animus as it escapes from his body.

Soul of Dusk: "No! I will not suffer this!"
Lyranth: "My clan suffered it. And now, you will."

Speak with her to end the quest.

"The Warden is dead. His prisoners freed. What fun this has been!
You've done well, for such a fleeting creature. I have found a new, and very slight, respect for mortal-kind."
What's next?
"You live to fight another day! Treasure it! I have much work to do. Someone's going to have to look after this prison for Lord Bal.
This trinket is for you. I've infused it with the animus of the great Lord Warden. Take it and go."

After receiving your reward you can ask her for some explanations before leaving.

"We're through here, mortal. Your presence is no longer required. It would behoove you to leave, in fact."
What happens now?
"What more do you want, little mortal? You've won. Broken the Lord Warden's power. Lord Warden. What an absurd title to give yourself.
But it's time you left. This prison still belongs to Lord Bal, and someone needs to run it for him."
Tell me why you wanted to attack the Warden.
"Long ago, he captured the animus of my clan, sealed them within the armor he wore. Today, I did the same to him.
My clan is free now. Free to return, as Daedra do. Don't you know retribution when you see it, mortal?"


"My clan and I would run this prison with an iron fist. The inmates would be put to work in Lord Bal's glorious name, not left to linger.
Such a waste."

Flames of Ambition[edit]

Appears only with Flames of Ambition
Lyranth in the Cauldron

Into the Deep[edit]

You'll encounter Lyranth inside The Cauldron. Before picking up the quest, you'll see a Dunmer named Drathas fighting off a Scamp and losing.

Drathas: "No. No! Get back!"
<Lyranth emerges through a portal and destroys the creature with a fireball.>
Lyranth: "Get up, mortal! Your weakness embarrasses us both."
Lyranth: "Hmm … someone approaches. Doesn't appear to be from the Waking Flame."
Drathas: "Can you talk to them? I just need to catch my breath."

Speak with her to begin the quest.

If you've met her before:
If you haven't met her before:
"Oh good. Someone competent arrives.
I trust I can rely on you to fulfill this deal? You showed so much skill last time, I would hate to be disappointed."
"More people showing up. Did the weakling Drathas recruit assistance in retrieving his people? You do appear more capable than that feeble creature.
I assume our deal stays the same?"
What deal do you mean?
"Of course he left the details up to me.
I hired Drathas to access an important lockbox that I cannot. His family was captured by the same cultists that possess what I seek. Thus, I offered an exchange—he accesses the box and I save his people."
And the lockbox is in this mine?
"This mine holds much more than bats and mold. A cult seeking immense power waits within. I fear that Drathas alone cannot withstand such foes.
More of us could improve our odds. How about I sweeten the deal? Some gold if you help retrieve the box?"
I'll join your search for the lockbox and Drathas's family.

You can ask her a few questions after accepting the quest.

"It's agreed. I suggest you move ahead and clear the way of any of these obnoxious cultists and their pets. I don't believe we can rely on Drathas for any help in that regard."
Tell me more about the cult.
"I admit I don't know much. They sprang from nowhere. The trail that I followed of the item I seek led to this mine. But where they come from stays a mystery. That is exactly what concerns me."
If you've met her before:
If you haven't met her before:
What are you doing here? / What are you doing here, Lyranth?
"Since we met last, I dedicated myself to destroying the associates of Mehrunes Dagon. This is how I know of the contents of the lockbox and why I am here. But I say too much.
I wouldn't want to worry a mortal such as yourself."
Who are you?
"You may call me Lyranth. I know that most Dremora like myself behave maliciously toward mortals, but I promise you have nothing to fear.
Well, unless you find a way to upset me."
What does this lockbox hold?
"Information such as that is not part of the deal. I shall tell you if it becomes necessary, but that seems unlikely.
In the meantime, just focus on its acquisition."
Can you tell me why you can't access it?
"Hmm … yes, that seems reasonable.
The lockbox's creator enchanted it with a ward that blocks access by Daedra such as I. In his hubris, he didn't think to ward against mortals. Assuming, I guess, they would never live to approach it."

After you defeat the first group of enemies, you'll come across three prisoners in cages: Nevrasa is in a cage with a captive. A dead captive is in the cage next to them. Drathas and Lyranth will run up after you, and the former will unlock Nevrasa's cage.

Drathas: "Look, in the cage! Survivors!"
Drathas: "I can open this! Give me a moment."
Drathas: "Here—you're free!"
Nevrasa: "Drathas? What are you doing here?"
Drathas: "I came to find my father and my uncle. Have you seen them?"
Nevrasa: "Those cultists took them both ahead. Nobody who has gone farther in has come back. Be careful!"
Drathas: "Hold your end of the bargain, Lyranth. Make sure they get out safe."
Lyranth: "Indeed. I will see them to safety."

Lyranth runs off with the two surviving captives, leading them towards the entrance.

Further into the Cauldron, once the Taskmaster is defeated, Lyranth will appear with some bad news:

Lyranth: "It's worse than I thought up ahead. They used the captives to excavate an old Mehrunes Dagon shrine."
Lyranth: "It seems they prepare to sacrifice the captives who still live."
Drathas: "Sacrifice? My father could be one of them! Let's hurry!"

If she's spoken to at this point:

"We don't have much time if we're to save Drathas's people. And if I don't uphold my end of the deal, I fear the bargain may be void. And I need that lockbox.
So we should stop babbling and move on."
What did you find out?
"As I said, the cultists used their slave labor to unearth a Mehrunes Dagon shrine. Now they prepare to perform a great ritual. For what purpose, I cannot tell.
However, I do believe the ritual involves sacrificing mortals Drathas cares about."

Further into the cave, through the Boiling Path, you'll encounter Lyranth and a force barrier blocking your way, which she easily gets rid of. After this, Baron Zaudrus will suddenly appear, knocking Drathas who tries to confront him and kidnapping Lyranth.

Lyranth: "It's worse than I thought up ahead. They used the captives to excavate an old Mehrunes Dagon shrine."
Baron Zaudrus: "Ah, Lyranth. Your reputation precedes you. I find you … useful."
Drathas: "Who are you? Why did you take my people?"
Lyranth: "Baron Zaudrus. We meet at last."
Baron Zaudrus: "Lyranth. You are mine!"

Further on you'll enter the Extraction Chamber, where Lyranth is being held on a strange device.

Lyranth: "About time you showed. I started to think I would have to break out without you."
Drathas: "What in all of Nirn is this?"
Drathas: "Take out those Daedra guarding her. I'll see if I can find anything useful up top."
Drathas: "There's some conductive oil up here! Maybe you can use it."
Lyranth trapped in the Extraction Chamber

During this fight, Lyranth will be giving you instructions and comments every now and then while Drathas provides you with the Daedric Catalyst Fluid. When a player picks up the oil:

Lyranth: "Good. Now drip some of that near me."
Lyranth: "That mess you're making will be useless if you don't hurry."
Lyranth: "My flames will light that up if you can plod over by me."
Lyranth: "We need to destroy those power cells, and that muck may be the key."

If no player picks up the oil for a while:

Lyranth: "That liquid on the ground won't move itself."
Lyranth: "Use the fluid that Drathas provided."
Lyranth: "I'm looking right at the fluid you need to pick up. Go for it!"
Lyranth: "My freedom won't happen if you ignore that oil Drathas found."

If the player fails to get the oil close to Lyranth:

Lyranth: "Try again mortal. Get that fluid closer to my magic."
Lyranth: "The range of my magic is limited. Track that fluid closer to me."
Lyranth: "Not close enough. Go again. Faster."
Lyranth: "Not good enough! You must bring that fluid closer to me."

If the gets the oil close to Lyranth, but not to a power cell:

Lyranth: "Almost. My cold fire must reach an active power module to disable it."
Lyranth: "My cold fire needs a little more help to reach an active power module."
Lyranth: "This will only work if you can lead my cold fire to an active power module."
Lyranth: "Don't stop now. Try again mortal."

One or more power cell successfully destroyed:

Lyranth: "Well done. Now dispatch our unwelcome guests."
Lyranth: "Our progress seems to have attracted friends."
Lyranth: "Excellent. Looks like that got their attention."
Lyranth: "My freedom approaches mortal. Stay sharp down there."

Group wipe:

Lyranth: "Please tell me that's not all you can do."
Lyranth: "You must try harder than that!"
Lyranth: "Get up and start being productive!"
Lyranth: "You need to start taking this seriously."
Lyranth: "I'm starting to think you enjoy dying."

All power cells destroyed, thus freeing Lyranth:

Lyranth: "Enough! This feeble prison can no longer hold me!"
Lyranth: "That did it! Finally, I can get down from this inane trap."
Lyranth: "Drathas, you performed adequately. I'm impressed."
Drathas: "Huh. You actually praised me."
Drathas: "What did Zaudrus want with you?"
Lyranth: "He said very little. But such machines are used to extract Daedric power. I assume for use in their ritual."
Drathas: "We must stop Baron Zaudrus and find my father. He's close. I can feel it."
Lyranth: "I concur."

You can then ask Lyranth about her thoughts:

"What an absolute nuisance this Baron Zaudrus has become. How dare they try to imprison me! And worst of all, forcing me to rely on you—a mortal!
He shall pay for this indignity."
Did Baron Zaudrus say anything to you?
"Our conversation was brief. He asked about my plans here and how we discovered this location. I offered to tear off his arms and insert them in a new location. He declined.
Now that I'm free, I may still follow up on my offer."

You walk your way to the place where Zaudrus's ritual is taking place. As soon as he sees you, he goes away. There, Drathas will find his father among his townsfolk's corpses.

Baron Zaudrus: "You defile the sanctity of this site! I must find another."
Baron Zaudrus: "I know what you seek, Lyranth. Come find me if you wish."
Lyranth: "Coward! He couldn't have gotten far."
Drathas: "All these people. I knew them. My friends, neighbors."
Endris: "Drathas … son, is that you?"
Drathas: "Father! You're alive! I'm here now."
Endris: "How are you here? Who are these people?"
Lyranth: "Every moment we wait, we lose time. I fulfilled my end, Drathas. I must get that lockbox."
Drathas: "Friend, I must stay with my father. Finish the deal. Find Baron Zaudrus and get the lockbox."

You can then talk to Lyranth:

"Zaudrus's ritual failed. It appears he wished to consecrate this site with the blood of mortals. But for what purpose?
The answers lie with the Baron himself."
Are you ready to face Baron Zaudrus?
"A ridiculous question. Is he ready to face me? That's the true matter.
I only wish to recover what I seek. This nuisance Dagon creature shall easily fall if he stands in my way."
Lyranth facing Baron Zaudrus

You'll enter the Exalted Summit, where Zauldron is waiting for Lyranth:

Baron Zaudrus: "What you want is right here, Lyranth. Come take it."
Lyranth: "Hand the map to me, creature! Or die protecting it."

Then, Zauldron will trap Lyranth once again, and will face you instead.

During this fight, Lyranth will lend you her power against Zaudron:

Lyranth: "Mortal! Channel my power and turn them to dust!"
Lyranth: "To me, mortal! Let my power course through you!"
Lyranth: "Take my power so you may stand against him!"

Once Baron Zaudrus has been defeated in the Exalted Summit, Drathas will meet you there, along with his father. Lyranth have a word with you then.

Drathas: "You killed him. The monster responsible for all this suffering. It's over."
Lyranth: "Drathas has his father. Now you must complete the deal. Let us speak."
"I must say, I came seeking one thing and discovered a much larger mystery. Why sanctify this site? For what purpose?
Not knowing what the servants of Mehrunes Dagon plan feels … uncomfortable."
You said something about a map to Baron Zaudrus.
"Ah, you heard that. Yes, I hope to find a map within the lockbox once Drathas opens it. It should lead me to even greater mysteries.
But that doesn't matter to you now. I promised gold and here it is. Well deserved, I must say."

After speaking with Lyranth and turning in the quest, you'll hear Endris words to his son, which Lyranth will interrupt, so Drathas can open the lockbox and fulfill his part of the deal:

Endris: "I am proud of you Drathas. I thought for sure my death was near. Never did I imagine you capable of such strength."
Drathas: "Thank you, father. My friends helped me more than I can say."
Lyranth: "A touching reunion indeed. But you must fulfill the bargain, Drathas."
Drathas: "Yes, of course. One moment."
Drathas: "Ah ha! Easy enough."
Drathas: "Here you are. Seems to be a map?"
Lyranth: "Adequate work. I hope our paths never cross again."

After this, you can ask Lyranth some questions before parting ways.

"Our deal is complete. I have my map, Drathas has his father, and you have your gold. Nice and neat, just how I prefer.
I do not plan to stand around much longer. So if you have questions, ask."
What were the cultists up to?
"The ritual looked like a sort of consecration of the shrine. In itself wouldn't accomplish anything nefarious, but merely the first step of something big.
I suspect we delayed whatever this was, but didn't stop it."
What will you do next?
"I shall follow this map to wherever it leads me. Big events draw near. I wish to observe them.
Perhaps I may have use for you in the future? Be prepared for my summons."

Blackwood Prologue[edit]

A Mortal's Touch[edit]

This is the prologue quest for Blackwood. You'll need to speak with her inside the Shrine of the Black Maw. You'll find her interrogating a Waking Flame Cultist when you arrive.

Lyranth: "What interest does a Dagon cult have in this place, flea?"
Waking Flame Cultist: "Do your worst, Dremora! I'll tell you nothing!"
<She squeezes his throat with her magic, and accidentally snaps the cultist's neck.>
Lyranth: "I'll squeeze the knowledge out of—"
<The cultist dies, and Lyranth drops his corpse.>
Lyranth: "Damn! I forgot how fragile mortals can be."

Speak with her.

If you've met her before:
If you've completed The Cauldron:
If you haven't met her before:
"Ah, you have arrived. Excellent. I found you both mildly interesting and suitably helpful in the past. Let us endeavor to continue that streak.
This Mehrunes Dagon cultist refused to answer my questions and I may have insisted a bit too vigorously."
Why have you summoned me, Lyranth?
"Since last our paths crossed, I ran afoul of these Mehrunes Dagon followers. While I was investigating their activities, I ran into … an obstacle.
As much as it pains me to admit, but this requires a mortal's touch. I need your assistance."
What kind of assistance are we talking about?
"An Imperial cache hides behind that doorway. Unfortunately, the entrance has been warded to prevent entry by anyone, including those of the Daedric persuasion.
I need you to shatter the ward and help me discover the cache's secret."
How do I shatter the ward?
"Take this amulet. I went to great trouble to acquire it. With it, you should be able to destroy the ward and open the way into the annex.
We must reach the secrets inside before the Dagonists get to them. The fate of your world depends on it."
All right, I'll try to shatter the ward.
"Ah, here you are, and not a moment too soon. As you can see, the same cultists from the Cauldron have come to this desolate place. Despite a minor setback due to the fragility of the mortal form, I will learn the reason for their interest."
Why have you summoned me, Lyranth?
"Since the events at the Cauldron, I have been chasing these Dagonists. After running into a few dead ends, I encountered … an obstacle.
It pains me to admit it, but this requires a mortal's touch. I need your assistance. little mortal."
What kind of aid are we talking about?
"One of the Imperial caches lies beyond that doorway. Unfortunately, the entrance has been warded to prevent entry by anyone—including Daedric entities.
I need you to shatter the ward and help me discover the secret behind these hidden caches."
How do I shatter the ward?
"Take this amulet. It cost me a great deal, but it should allow you to destroy the ward and open the way into the hidden annex.
We must find the cache before the Dagon cultists get their hands on its contents. The fate of your world depends on it."
All right, I'll try to shatter the ward.
"I sense … yes, you are the mortal I sent for. And not a moment too soon. Good.
I attempted to get this Mehrunes Dagon cultist to enlighten me. He refused. I may have insisted a bit too vigorously, but it was his own fault."
Why is a Daedra asking me for help?
"Technically, I am a Dremora. But, yes, my origins are Daedric.
I was investigating the activities of these followers of Mehrunes Dagon when I ran into … an obstacle. It pains me to admit it, but this requires a mortal's touch. I need assistance."
What kind of assistance are we talking about?
"An Imperial cache lies beyond that concealed doorway. Unfortunately, the entrance has been warded to prevent anyone, including those of my kind, from passing through.
I require a capable mortal to shatter the ward so we can see what's hidden inside."
How do I shatter the ward?
"Take this amulet. I went to great trouble to acquire it. With it, you should be able to shatter the ward and open the hidden storehouse.
We must find the secrets locked inside before the Dagonists do. The fate of your world hangs in the balance."
All right, I'll try to shatter the ward.

She hands you Lyranth's Amulet. You can ask her a few questions at this point.

"The amulet should allow you to remove the ward so we may enter the concealed annex. I had it specifically constructed just for this purpose, but it will only function for a mortal.
Hurry now. I haven't got all day."
What do you hope to find in the concealed annex?
"I acquired a map from the Mehrunes Dagon cultists that indicates an Imperial cache is hidden inside
I want to reach that cache before they do and find out what Emperor Leovic thought was important enough to hide from mortals and Daedra alike."
You mentioned the fate of the world. Care to elaborate?
"Don't the actions of the Daedric Princes, when turned in this direction, always concern the fate of this particular ball of mud? The Longhouse Emperors have protected a secret for three generations. A secret that involves Mehrunes Dagon."
And you think that secret is dangerous?
"A secret guarded from mortals and Daedra alike that involves the Prince of Destruction? I do not think the threat could be any more clear if they painted us a picture.
What form that threat will take, however, that is what I hope to ascertain."
Why do you care? I thought all Daedra were evil.
"How remarkably narrow-minded you mortals can be. What is your definition of evil? Do I care for the lives of mortals? No. Do you care for the lives of ants that crawl beneath your feet?
Our interests are aligned at this time. That should suffice."
If the ward is in place, why are you concerned about the cultists reaching the cache first?
"I saw the Dagonists use magic to temporarily disable the ward. Their power is limited however, and the ward reasserted itself before I could follow them.
Only power akin to the amulet can totally destroy the ward."
Where did you get the amulet you gave me?
"Do you assume I am without resources? That I do not have connections in both the Mundus and throughout the planes of Oblivion?
I have given you the amulet and it will do its job. Nothing else matters, little mortal."
Why don't you just use the amulet yourself? Why do you need me?
"The protective ward is deadly to Daedra. As a mortal, you are perfectly immune to any such dangers. The ward simply bars your way.
Besides, the amulet can only be used by a mortal. That's part of the reason it can destroy the ward."
So the ward won't hurt me?
"As a mortal, you are immune to the harmful effects of the protective ward. As long as it is in place, however, it will prevent either of us from passing through the warded doorway.
That is its primary function, after all."
Who's Mehrunes Dagon?
"Mehrunes Dagon is one of the Daedric Princes, the lords of Oblivion. Specifically, he is the Prince of Destruction, Revolution, and Ambition. Natural disasters are his forte, though some consider him nothing more than a god of bloodshed and betrayal."
Why do the activities of a Mehrunes Dagon cult concern you?
"Concern? I am not concerned. I am curious. Secrets … intrigue me.
If anyone should be concerned, little mortal, it is you."
Why should I be concerned?
"When a cult devoted to the God of Destruction performs mysterious deeds upon your doorstep, there's a good chance your home will soon be engulfed in fire, devoured by earthquakes, or submerged in a raging flood.
And by your home, I mean Nirn."

Use the amulet Lyranth gave you on the ward, and it will disappear.

Lyranth: "The ward has fallen. Let us see what waits inside."

You can speak to her again before entering the Imperial Cache Annex.

"You see, little mortal? The amulet worked perfectly.
Now, let us enter, deal with the Dagonists, and see what secrets Emperor Leovic left behind."

When you enter the annex, she notes the presence of more wards.

Lyranth: "I sense more wards ahead. Deal with them. I shall wait here."

You can ask her a few questions before moving on.

"I sense additional wards deeper within. Deal with them and see if the Imperial caches remain intact. I shall wait here until the danger is past.
But stay alert, little mortal. The Dagon cultists can be dangerous in large numbers."
You can sense the wards?
"Yes. Now that I've studied the energy, I can detect it quite clearly. Getting through the initial ward must have expended a tremendous amount of power. I suspect the cultists haven't recovered enough as yet to replicate their earlier efforts."
So we still have time to get to the caches first.
"If you cease your prattling and get on with it, yes. But do hurry.
And remember, I cannot risk getting too close to these wards, so you'll need to deal with the Dagonists on your own."

Speak with Lyranth once you've recovered the items from the three warded caches.

"You destroyed the wards. I felt each one shatter in turn. Well done, little mortal!
Now tell me, what did you find?"
I found a scroll bearing the seal of Emperor Leovic, schematics for a vault, and a map of Grahtwood.
"Let me see them. Hmm. A collection of apparently mundane items, at least on the surface.
But look at this scroll. It not only bears the seal of the last Longhouse Emperor, it has been ensorcelled so that it cannot be unfurled or read. Interesting."
What do you make of the schematics?
"Architectural plans, from the looks of it. And not the mundane engineering so common to your world. No, these plans include powerful Daedric elements.
Some sort of vault, obviously. Strengthened and enhanced by a complex arcane matrix. Intriguing."
And what do you think the map signifies?
"It marks a location in Grahtwood. Ne Salas. Another ruin. And perhaps another annex. I'll open a portal to take you there.
Keep the amulet. It retains power enough to deal with a few more wards. While you search, I shall try to read the scroll."

She opens a portal to Ne Salas.

Lyranth: "This portal will take you to Ne Salas. Raid the caches while I deal with the ensorcelled scroll."

You can speak to her before leaving.

"Go on. The portal will safely take you to a point near the marked location on the map. I shall follow along after I try to unravel the magic securing the Emperor's scroll.
Do hurry. We don't want the cultists to ransack any caches before we do."

Your attempt to open the cache in the Ne Salas Cache Annex fails, but Eveli Sharp-Arrow (whom you meet in Ne Salas) decides to try it herself. It works. As soon as the ward goes down, Lyranth appears. Eveli, spooked by the sudden appearance of a Dremora, raises her bow. Lyranth tells her to back down.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hang on, let me try …."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, that actually worked! Look out—Daedra!"
Lyranth: "Lower your weapon, Elf. I'll confer with the other mortal after they search the cache."

If you speak to Lyranth before looting the cache:

"That ward was more powerful than anything we encountered before. The amulet alone couldn't penetrate it. How in Oblivion did the Wood Elf accomplish that?
No matter. See what the cache contains and then we can talk further."

If you speak to her after looting the cache, she says:

"The Wood Elf appears to be agitated. Or is that how she portrays excitement? nevertheless, go on and show her what you discovered first. I wouldn't want her to explode from the anticipation.
I saw that happen once with a Daedroth. Made quite a mess."

Speak with her after showing Eveli the contents of the cache.

"Now that you've satisfied the Wood Elf's curiosity, it's time to satisfy mine.
Show me what the cache contained, little mortal."
I found Emperor Leovic's signet ring and a scroll written in an Imperial code.
"We already knew this concerned Emperor Leovic. And I cannot read coded words. As much as this mystery intrigues me, it has also begun to bore me.
If we don't solve some piece of the puzzle soon, I may just look elsewhere for entertainment."
You'd leave us to deal with this on our own, even though the fate of the world may be at stake?
"The fate of your world, little mortal, not mine. But do not fear. The mortal realm has always amused me. I will aid you as I can. Provided such efforts continue to benefit me as well.
Alas, I cannot help decipher the emperor's code."
Eveli knows someone in Elden Root who can decipher the code.
"So the Wood Elf is useful after all. Interesting. I will open a portal to this Elden Root to expedite your journey.
When the opportunity presents itself, ask the Wood Elf how she was able to break that ward. I sense something … powerful."
I'll ask her. Were you able to open the ensorcelled scroll we found at the other annex?
"Not yet, but I have my finest banekin working on it even as we speak.
Go, little mortal. Solve the mysteries before you while I ponder the various clues we've pulled together. I will find you when one of us has something new to report."

She opens up a portal to Elden Root.

Lyranth: "This portal shall take you to Elden Root. Do not dally. I sense there's more to this mystery than the politics of emperors."

If you talk to her before entering the portal, she says:

"Go, and take the Wood Elf with you. My portal will deposit you near this place she called Elden Root.
I will see you again when the time is right, but not before."

The Emperor's Secret[edit]

Once you have investigated some of the Annexes and gotten in contact with Eveli, the Wood Elf will ask you to come with her to Riften to deliver the book she recovered from Black Drake Villa to Farrul Lupus. However, when you find him, Farrul will have been killed by the Dark Brotherhood. After speaking with Eveli beneath the Riften docks, Lyranth will arrive through a portal:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh great, the scary Daedra lady is back."
Lyranth: "Flattery and cuteness will get you nowhere, Elf. Come, little mortal, I have information."

Speak with Lyranth to see what she has learnt, and so you can tell her what has happened.

"Say thank you, little mortal. I have read the ensorcelled scroll and I know where we need to go next on our quest to learn Leovic's secret.
Unless, that is, you and the Elf discovered something in the coded documents?"
The coded message led us to Leovic's steward, but he was murdered by the Dark Brotherhood.
"The assassins who follow Mephala? Or are they the ones who serve the Void? No matter. My information actually concerns the secret we seek to uncover.
According to the ensorcelled scroll, there is another cache annex beneath the Imperial City."
There's something beneath the Imperial City?
"Yes, hidden in the Imperial sewers.
I will open a portal that will get you close to the annex, but you will need to deal with the wards. For all their reverence of the Daedra, these Longhouse Emperors certainly went out of their way to keep us out."
All right, let's go see what's waiting for us in the Imperial sewers.
"Oh, not me, little mortal. I have no intention of slogging through the muck and the sludge when you are more than capable of handling that.
I shall catch up to you after you have dealt with the wards. Go on now, and take the Wood Elf with you."

Lyranth will then open a portal to a section of the Imperial Sewers and will be annoyed if you try talking with her.

"The portal is over there, little mortal. You do realize how much energy it requires to keep such a passage open, don't you?
No, of course you don't. But rest assured, it will take you to a spot close to the warded annex. Now go."

When you arrive in the Sewers, you will find that the Waking Flame has already breached the wards of the Imperial Cache Annex. Further inside, you witness Doombringer Eshil communing with Mehrunes Dagon and entering a portal to the Deadlands Testing Grounds. You and Eveli enter the portal and listen in on the conversation between the cultist and the Daedric Prince. Once you have killed Eshil, Dagon will open a portal for you and allow you to leave due to your victory. You arrive back at the camp near Elden Root where Lyranth is waiting for you.

Lyranth: "A portal from Oblivion? And you, little mortal, emerging with hardly a scratch! Come, tell me everything."
"You never cease to intrigue me, little mortal. Is that the distinct scent of Mehrunes Dagon and the Deadlands that lingers about you like a cloud of fleshflies?
Never mind about that. Tell me what you learned and how you ended up in Dagon's realm."
The Waking Flame cultists were in the annex when we arrived.
"Yes, the Order of the Waking Flame has been particularly persistent in trying to run down this secret for themselves.
Speaking of which, did you learn any more about Leovic's secret?"
I found a record of a bargain made between Durcorach the Black Drake and Mehrunes Dagon.
"Interesting. I recall something about that. The mortal who went on to become the first of the Longhouse Emperors attempted to make deals with a number of the Daedric Princes—my own lord included.
Any indication about the terms of this bargain?"
Some sort of weapons, the Four Ambitions. And I found a list. People who apparently know the secret.
"Well, little mortal, your course is clear. We have barely plumbed the depths of this mystery. You must find the people on this list and discover the truth of the Four Ambitions. Meanwhile, I have other avenues to explore."

Without a goodbye, Lyranth will teleport away, leaving you to talk to Eveli.


A Hidden Vault[edit]

After the Waking Flame attack on Leyawiin Castle and the reveal of Councilor Vandacia as the cult's High Priest, you and Eveli will need to hunt down the only lead you have. Ojel-bak, which according to Keshu the Black Fin, is a location far to the south of Gideon. When you and Eveli investigate the area, you will find a large Daedric structure in the center of the area. Lyranth will then appear and call you over, she is in need of your assistance:

Lyranth: "Ah, little mortals. Come, speak to me."

Speak with her to see she knows and wants:

Lyranth has been met during the Prologue:
First Time Meeting:dialogue needs to be verified
"There you are, little mortal! It seems we once again find ourselves on the trail of the same mystery.
I expect we can aid one another in the events that are about to unfold."
Aid one another? What are you proposing, Lyranth?
"Since last we met, I have been watching the activities of the Order of the Waking Flame. I followed a couple of their scouts to this location and discovered this charming Daedric vault.
I believe the Ambitions that you seek are locked inside."
You believe? Haven't you gone inside yet?
"Unfortunately, the vault is warded like the Imperial annexes—wards designed to repel Daedra. Including me. Remove the wards and open the way, and we will both have our curiosity satisfied.
Oh, and about that strange book that the Elf carries …."
What about the strange book?
"When the Wood Elf and I crossed paths when she first learned of Leovic's secret, I sensed something unusual about her. It's the book she carries. It's an ancient and powerful tome of … questionable origin."
Questionable origin? How so?
"I believe the book to be the Mysterium Xarxes, a tome penned by Mehrunes Dagon himself. Or so they say. Whatever the truth of its origins, the tome is both powerful and dangerous.
Eveli must place it on the lectern to disable the wards."'
You mentioned cult scouts. What happened to them?
"I dealt with one of the scouts. She will not bother anyone again. The other … may have slipped away while I was studying the vault's exterior.
So, I suggest you pick up the pace. The cultists could return in force at any moment."
All right, we'll try to enter the vault and see what it contains.
"Little mortals, have no fear. I have no particular desire to inflict harm upon you.
Quite the contrary. I suspect we may be able to aid one another in the events that are about to unfold."
Aid one another? What are you proposing?
"Since my last encounter with the cute Wood Elf, I have been watching the activities of the Order of the Waking Flame. I followed a couple of their scouts and discovered this charming Daedric vault.
I believe the Ambitions are locked inside."
You believe? Haven't you gone inside to check?
"The vault is warded, little mortal. Wards that repel Daedra—including me. You and the Elf, however, should have no trouble. Just remove the wards and we can both satisfy our curiosity.
Oh, and tell the Elf I think I know what tome she carries."
You know about the strange book?
"Didn't she tell you? We met before, after she first became aware of Leovic's secret.
I believe the book she found is the Mysterium Xarxes, penned by Mehrunes Dagon himself. Or so they say. She must place it on the lectern to disable the wards."
What about those scouts you mentioned?
"Ah, yes. The scouts. One has been dealt with. The other … may have slipped away while I was admiring the vault's construction.
So, I suggest you pick up the pace. The scout could return with reinforcements at any moment."
All right, we'll try to enter the vault and see what it contains.

You can continue to speak to Lyranth before helping Eveli unseal the door:

"Remember, while the wards are in place, none of us can enter the vault. Use the book the Wood Elf carries to disable them and open the way. Once the wards are down, I shall meet you inside.
Now, hurry. The Waking Flame could arrive at any moment."
How do you know the vault is Daedric?
"You cannot see it? The exquisite workmanship? The otherworldly crafting? This vault was not forged by mortal hands. In fact, I believe it was constructed in the lava crucibles of the Deadlands.
It was definitely built to contain something powerful."
What's your interest in all this?
"Curiosity, little mortal. How else am I to fill the endless days of immortality? I collect secrets, and I long to learn the truth of the Longhouse Emperors and their mysterious bargain with the Prince of Destruction.
Now, go deal with those wards."
Why do you need me to remove the wards?
"Need is such a specific word. I do not need anything, little mortal. I am quite content to find a new distraction and leave your pitiful world to the Prince of Destruction.
However, if you do decide to open the vault, I shall aid you as I can."
But why can't you just remove the ward and open the door yourself?
"The wards not only serve as powerful locks, they are designed to specifically keep Daedric entities such as myself from passing through them. While merely an annoyance for a mortal, to me the wards are … deadly.
Enough. The Daedric vault awaits."
Tell me more about the Mysterium Xarxes.
"Dagonists and Dremora familiar with such things say it was scribed in the deserts of the Deadlands. I did some research after I sensed the Wood Elf had it.
An artifact of great and evil power, it is said that merely handling it could be dangerous."
Dangerous in what way?
"That … I do not know. Artifacts related to Daedric Princes often possess a corrupting influence. At the least, she will probably feel a sense of discomfort, if she hasn't experienced it already.
She should guard it well, but tread carefully."

Eveli will then approach the daedric lectern and place the tome:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right, I'm placing the book as Lyranth suggested. You check out those cubes."
<Red light pours out of the book and three symbols in the Daedric Alphabet appear above the book.>
Lyranth: "You check out those cubes."

Once you have matched the cubes with the symbols, Doomvault Capraxus will be opened and you can enter. Barely ten steps from the door and Lyranth will ditch you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look at this place."
Lyranth: "Well done, little mortal! Now I must explore!"
<Lyranth teleports further in.>

You and Eveli will have to make your way through the Doomvault, travelling through vast areas where Nirn and the Deadlands appear to merge, as well as unsealing more doors with the book. Eventually you can catch up with Lyranth outside the door to the Inner Vault, another seal has stymied her:

Lyranth: "Ah, I was wondering where you had gotten to. I need you once again."

Talking with her, she will ask you to deal with it:

"Little mortal, I can proceed no farther. Another ward bars my way.
Deal with it, will you?"
There's another warded door ahead?
"Yes. This interior is littered with the damn nuisances. Disrupt it so that we can continue our search. I do not believe we have much time before the Dagonists arrive."
This place certainly feels bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside.
"Very perceptive. The construction is imbued with a magic that allows the vault to behave as if it were a small pocket of Oblivion. In a way, I suppose it is. Those exterior portions you passed through? That's where the Deadlands and Nirn coexist."
"It's all part of Mehrunes Dagon's master plan. He believes Nirn belongs to him. And he has long sought a way to combine his Oblivion realm with the mortal world. Hmm. Perhaps the Ambitions are another step in that direction.
Now, open the door."

After bringing down the ward, you and Eveli will head into the Inner Vault. There you will find Calia and Destron painting. When you approach, Eveli will blurt out her confusion, and then things ramp up:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "People? Where are the Daedric weapons?"
Destron: "Who are these intruders?"
<Lyranth teleports in with her own news.>
Lyranth: "I sense the cultists. They're close. Wood Elf, check the other side of those doors."
Calia: "Careful, brother. They look dangerous."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Dangerous? We're heroes! All right, Lyranth. I'll scout ahead. You talk to them, partner."
<Eveli exits through the door across the room.>

Speaking to Lyranth before the pair, she will have her suspicions:

"An unexpected twist. Could these mortals be the Ambitions? Whatever the truth, I see only two, not four. Talk to them. See what they can tell us about Leovic's secret.
But hurry. I sense that the Waking Flame will soon arrive in force."

When you speak with the Twins, they will have no idea what you mean about the Four Ambitions. You can then investigate the room:

"Look around this chamber and see what you can learn. I wish to study these mortals for a few more moments. I sense … something …."

Nearby you can find a Daedric Totem, Lyranth will comment as you examine it:

Lyranth: "A totem revering Mehrunes Dagon, I believe."

After your search, you will hear Eveli calling for help from the next room. The cultists have arrived. Lyranth will tell you to go on ahead:

Lyranth: "See to Eveli. I shall get Calia and Destron to safety."

Speaking with Lyranth before you go:

"From the tremor in the Wood Elf's voice, I suspect the Waking Flame cultists have arrived.
Go, help your friend. I shall see to the safety of the twins."

While you move through the Deep Vaults, you may overhear Destron, Calia and Lyranth in the distance:

Calia: "What's going on? Where are we going?"
Destron: "Whatever happens, stay close to me."
Lyranth: "How touching. Makes me want to rip out my eyes."

After you defeat Sinestrix Iribia, you will hear an altercation up ahead. It appears that some cultists have reached the twins and Lyranth and took take them away. In response Destron electrocutes the lot of them with his power. Lyranth explains what happened:

"I attempted to open a portal that would take us out of this Daedric structure, but instead it dropped us here. Before I could try again, the cultists confronted us. And then ….
Well, you saw what happened. I suggest you ask Destron to explain."

You can then speak with Destron and Calia who will explain some things, afterwards you will need to talk to Lyanth and Eveli. The Dremora's curiosity having momentarily been satisfied:

"And so the secret finally becomes clear. The Ambitions aren't just weapons—they are mortals, of a sort. Obviously, these two have been imbued with immense power. Power that has a distinct Daedric tinge to it.
I have learned enough. For now."
You learned enough? You're leaving?
"The mystery intrigued me. I wanted to know what the Ambitions were and why the Dagonists wanted them. Now I know. Or at least, now I have some idea."
We could still use your help. There's more to learn and we still need to stop Vandacia.
"Vandacia is a mortal problem, best dealt with by mortals. In the meantime, I wish to look into how these Ambitions gained their power. I have my own avenues to explore.
But do not fear. I am sure we shall meet again. In fact, I guarantee it."

After speaking with everyone, you can say goodbye to Lyranth:

"If you plan to save this world, make sure the Ambitions do not fall into the hands of the Dagonists. Giving the cult access to such power would be … unwise.
I shall continue my own investigation in the meantime. Farewell, little mortal."

A Mysterious Event[edit]

After rescuing the twins, you and Eveli will do some investigating and find out that Vandacia is holding an important event for the Order of the Waking Flame. You manage to obtain some invitations and inflitrate, ending up at Vandacia's Keep in the Deadlands. Once you enter the entry hall, Eveli will notice Lyranth is among the guests. You have the option of talking to Lyranth before exploring further in the keep.

Before you speak to Eveli, you can talk to Lyranth, she will say:

"All this for the price of a single Dagon coin...and then they let me keep it! I will never understand the motivations of mortal creatures."

Lyranth will be standing to the side, watching the guests mingle. She immeditately criticizes your fashion sense:

"Ah, little mortal, I was wondering when you were going to arrive. And where did you get that outfit? Is that really what passes for the height of fashion among the Tamriel elite this century?"
Never mind about my outfit, Lyranth. What are you doing here?
"I told you I had my own avenues of investigation. Why does it surprise you that I would be on hand for Vandacia's major announcement?
Besides, the Dagonist who gave me this coin was only too happy to let me take it from her cold, dead hand."
Do you know what Vandacia is going to reveal at this event?
"Not exactly. I haven't been able to move about as freely as I would like. I don't want to reveal myself to Dagon's Dremora any sooner than I have to.
But some of these mortals believe that Vandacia has finally found one of the Ambitions."
Do you think he did it? Found an Ambition, I mean?
"As I understand it, he has been looking for them ever since Emperor Leovic's death.
I suggest you take advantage of that disguise you're wearing and see what you can find out before Vandacia begins this extravaganza. I shall … remain close by."

Your exploration of the keep will prove the rumors right. You find Sombren, another Ambition who was abducted to be sacrificed by Vandacia. You leave Sombren to find the key to his chains, returning only to find to from Eveli that Vandacia has brought the guests (including Lyranth) to the audience chamber to begin the sacrificial ceremony. Eveli then has an idea for you to cause a distraction so you can free Sombren. Once inside you will find the guests gathered in front of Sombren and Councilor Vandacia, Lyranth will be watching from the back of the room.

Once you have placed the reeker beetles, you can give the signal at which Eveli will run it and shoot at the bugs, causing clouds of noxious green gas to fill the room. The sacrifice is stopped and things are a shambles as guests flee the room:

Councilor Vandacia: "Who dares … interrupt this sacred ceremony? Destroy them!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Now that's what I call a distraction! Let's grab Sombren and get out of here."
Valkynaz Orran: "Councilor, this way! Before the odor overwhelms you!"
Valkynaz Orran: "Now go! I will deal with the intruders! They will not escape this keep."
<Vandacia turns and leaves through the back door.>
Lyranth: "Oh, well done, little mortal! That stench is horrendous!"

After you free Sombren, Lyranth will be your way out of the keep:

Sombren: "Thank you, stranger."
Lyranth: "Damn, the high priest is getting away."
<Lyranth turns and begins running.>
Lyranth: "No matter. Come. If we can reach the entry hall, I can open a portal back to Nirn."
<Eveli and Sombren follow her out.>

When you reach the entry hall, Valkynaz Orran will arrive, ready to recapture Somren. You will need to defeat the daedra while Lyranth opens a portal. Once Orran is defeated the portal to Nirn will be ready:

Lyranth: "I opened a portal, little mortal. Take your companions and leave this place."
Lyranth: "We shall see each other again. I guarantee it!"

Heroes of Blackwood[edit]

Lyranth in Gideon

Once you have spoken with Eveli at the celebrations in Gideon and completed the quest, Lyranth will appear out of portal to the side. You can speak with her:

"It seems you have done well, little mortal. I hear you killed Mehrunes Dagon's high priest and stopped the planes from merging.
I find you to be … interesting. I will remember that the next time I require the assistance of a mortal agent."
The next time?
"You must realize that the events surrounding Leovic's secret and the Four Ambitions have not yet reached their climax? When next Dagon and his followers emerge from the shadows, I will be waiting to see what they do.
And then I'll send for you."

Waking Flame[edit]

A Rose of Many Thorns[edit]

Lyranth and Weylin talk business

When you enter Red Petal Bastion, you'll see Lyranth and a priest of Azura named Weylin being rebuked by a Silver Rose Knight.

Silver Rose Knight: "Denied! Trespass no farther or you will be met with force, heathen."
Lyranth: "I told you bargaining wouldn't work."
Weylin: "It was a courtesy. They must face Azura's wrath now."

You can ask Lyranth a few questions before and after accepting the quest, but she won't be very forward about what exactly she's after.

If you've never met Lyranth before:
If you've helped her in the past:
"If you are expecting a warmer welcome from the Knights of the Silver Rose than ours, I wouldn't stake your life on it. Were I you."
"Ah, we meet again. I'll admit I'm pleased to see you. You've proven yourself useful. Weylin has yet to earn that distinction."
What are you doing here?
"Helping. Is that so hard to believe? Not out of the goodness of my heart, of course. The priest was in possession of something I need until the Knights of the Silver Rose robbed it from him. We've come to a mutually beneficial arrangement."
What is it you want from the priest?
"That's between he and I. Nothing you need to concern yourself with, little mortal. So long as you don't stand in my way of acquiring it this can remain a pleasant reunion."
Does this have anything to do with the Waking Flame?
"Astute guess, little mortal. I learned that the cult is hunting quite aggressively for the relic that Weylin had in his possession—before the knights stole it—and I would very much like to see what has caught their interest in it. Wouldn't you?"
Who are you?
"You may call me Lyranth, little mortal. So long as you intend to help the priest and reclaim what was taken from him, I am your ally. If you so much as think about interfering in our arrangement you will live to regret it for generations to come."
What's your arrangement?
"I seek a relic that was in the priest's possession until the Knights of the Silver Rose robbed it from him, along with the rest. I have agreed to help him recover his lost collection in exchange for that object. Simple. Don't complicate it."

While exploring the housing area, Lyranth will follow Weylin as searches the seneschal's home for information:

Weylin: "A journal? Perhaps this will tell us what led to this sorry state of affairs. I'd like to see what we can learn here, but you should press on before the knights mount a counterattack."
Weylin: "I'd like to see what we can learn here, but you should press on before the knights mount a counterattack."
Lyranth: "I can watch over Weylin. We'll catch up once you've cleared a path."

Speaking with her while there:

"Weylin knows the affairs of these people better than I, so when it comes to the merits of digging through this wreckage, I suppose I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
If I deem it a waste of time, I'll be sure to drag him along."

Entering the courtyard outside the keep, Lyranth will follow you:

Lyranth: "I expected greater resistance. It seems the Silver Rose are short on more than servants."
<Rogerain the Sly exits the keep's doors.>
Rogerain the Sly: "Oh, ho ho! They're still here. Just not everyone takes to these toys as well as me. Hee hee hahahaha!"
Lyranth: "Sanity seems in short supply as well."

In your fight with Rogerain the Sly, Lyranth will assist in dealing with the Mad God-touched enchantments that are used in the fight:

Lyranth: "If you don't kill that fool soon I'm going to stop changing you back on principle."
Lyranth: "Did you prefer that form? I never bothered to ask."

After you kill Rogerain the Sly, Weylin will appear from the servant area:

Lyranth: "Could you not have silenced that idiot any sooner?"
Weylin: "What is that odor? It smells like livestock and baked goods. Did we miss the fair? Well, that's not the only disconcerting thing in the air. The seneschal's notes expressed concern with the knight's fixation of Daedric artifacts. The order even began deploying them in their crusade."
Lyranth: "So we've seen. Whether we must pry the artifacts out of a vault or their cold, dead hands it of little consequence until we find them."

You can speak with Lyranth before you head into the keep. She is very annoyed:

"That imbecile we just killed reeked of the Mad God's influence. All those trinkets in his bag of tricks must have come at the cost of his sanity.
What won't you creatures trade away for a little power?"
You're willing to besiege a fortress for one of these items yourself.
"Putting myself in harm's way is hardly a comparison. What's costly to me is priceless to you, mortal. When your kind bargain with the lords of Oblivion, you always walk away poorer."

After you enter the keep, you will find your path blocked by wards. After some discussion between Lyranth and Weylin, they will have you split from them to deal with the wards:

Weylin: "Can you feel that? Great emanations from beyond that door."
Lyranth: "And strongly warded. Maintaining it requires great power. There must be a source nearby."
Lyranth: "The priest and I will search right, you check the room to the left."

Speaking with Lyranth before you leave:

"Was there some confusion distinguishing your left from your right, little mortal?
Until we deactivate the ward on that door, we won't be getting any closer to our objective."
What should I be looking for?
"For a ward of this power? An enchanted source from which it must draw. Several, perhaps. Once those connections are severed, the spell should simply sputter out."

After defeating several of the Silver Rose Knights in the second boss fight:

<Lyranth teleports in.>
Lyranth: "What's keeping you? We already dispelled part of the ward."
Weylin: "Dispelling the ward did nothing to reduce those dreadful emanations. In fact, it only made them worse. Proceed with caution."
<Lyranth does her thing.>
Lyranth: "There, the ward should be no more. Let's return to Weylin."

Speaking with Lyranth before Weylin attempts to cleanse the vault:

"Let's find the artifacts we came for and begone. The treacheries of the Knights of the Silver Rose are of little consequence to me."
Are you going to leave the moment you have what you want?
"Hmph. Much as I might like that, the agreement I have with Weylin is binding. We must recover all the items from his temple, at least so long as he's alive.
Take good care of him and you'll continue to have my cooperation."

After the vault is cleansed:

"It seems Azura deigns to assist us. I suppose Weylin isn't completely useless after all.
Continue driving the knights back and we'll clean up after you."
"I can think of nothing good coming of leaving all of these artifacts in mortal hands. I am loathe to admit it, but helping Weylin cleanse this mess may be … necessary."

In the next room with more relic themes:

Lyranth: "Those things were once mortals. Oblivion tainted them to the core."
Weylin: "The corruption will continue to well up here until it floods out from these ruins. I must cast it out."
<Weylin pray.>
Weylin: "Azura, I offer you this power. May it provide succor to your chosen."
<There is golden light and the room is cleansed.>
Weylin: "That did it, but I still feel more corruption beyond this room. Let's press on."

Speaking with Lyranth here:

"Treasures abound, and still no sign of what we seek. I'll search every corner of this fortress before I leave without what was promised to me."
What's so important about this artifact you're seeking?
"Persistence will not wear me down, mortal. If I deign to share my motives with you, it won't be for the sake of your idle curiosity.
Remain useful and you may become part of my designs."

The next room, there is another conversation:

Lyranth: "I am slightly impressed by the size of this collection. I never knew you mortals had it in you."
Weylin: "Then you take us far too lightly."
<Weylin prays.>
Weylin: "Drain fell powers, to the Rim of all Holes."
Weylin: "This horde will need to be divided and scattered, or this will all happen again."
Lyranth: "I'd happily take them off your hands."
Weylin: "I wouldn't entrust anyone, mortal or Daedra, with this much power."

Speaking with Lyranth here:

"This troublesome bargain is nearly at a close. Let's be done with it."

Once you arrive at the deepest part of the vaults, Prior Thierric Sarazen will be waiting for you:

Lyranth: "I feel a surge in the Daedric power. It's gathering."
Lyranth: "It's coming from behind that door!"

<The door breaks down and Prior Thierric Sarazen walks out.>

Prior Thierric Sarazen: "I have conquered countless of the Princes' chosen and reaped the spoils! Now you will learn what it means to master Oblivion!"
Lyranth: "That looks like a you problem. I'll support you from the high ground."
<Lyranth teleports to the walls above.>

Once you have Prior Thierric Sarazen:

Prior Thierric Sarazen: "No! Where are you taking me? Divines, please—no …!"
<His spirit is dragged away.>
Weylin: "May Azura shed a tear for this tragic end to a once-noble order."
Lyranth: "Hah. Oh, no, it's nothing."
Weylin: "Mother of the Rose, we return these wilted petals to you. There. Red Petal Bastion is finally cleansed."

Speaking with Lyranth before Weylin:

"This troublesome bargain is nearly at a close. Let's be done with it."

After the quest is completed, Lyranth will collect her prize:

Lyranth: "Ahem."
Weylin: "I haven't forgotten our bargain, Lyranth."
<Lyranth enters the small room and takes an object.>
Lyranth: "Yes, it's here among the rest."
Weylin: "Does that satisfy the terms?"
Lyranth: "This will do, priest. This will do."

You can then speak with Lyranth:

"Despite the priest's obvious deficits, he was wise enough to enlist your aid in this ordeal. He is of no more use to me, but you I'll be certain to enlist again soon. I'm certain I can provide a more enticing incentive at the least."
Just what are you planning?
"It's not so much what I'm planning as what a troublesome Prince has in motion. Once I figure out where I—and this little trinket—fit in I'll be sure to seek your services.
Until then, you'll have to wait with bated breath."
What's that item supposed to do?
"I couldn't possibly explain it to you, admittedly because I don't know myself. What I do know is someone who shouldn't have it wants it very much and I'm very curious to know why this miniscule thing is of such great importance."

Deadlands Prologue[edit]

An Apocalyptic Situation[edit]

Lyranth is in a bit of a pickle

Rogatina Cinna will have you take Sweet Daffodil to Lyranth's location: Aldmeri Dominion Dead Man's Drop,Daggerfall Covenant Silumm, orEbonheart Pact Fort Greenwall. You'll need to use the Epiphany Bloodruby Pendant to locate her. You'll follow the pendant's Phantasmal Mote to the delve's northernmost chamber, which also happens to be the largest room in the fort. You'll open a portal to her lair, where you'll find her laying still on the ground, clutching a glowing red blade that's been driven into her chest:

Lyranth: "The blade … remove … the blade."

Take the blade, and Lyranth sits up, clutching her wounded chest. She rises to address you.

Lyranth: "Damn enchanted blade! I'll need to figure out how they were able to use it to trap me. But first, we need to talk."

Talk with Lyranth to see what is going on:

Know Lyranth:
First time meeting:
"Ah, little mortal, your timing is impeccable as always.
Of course, if you had arrived just a few moments earlier, I might not have wound up with that damn blade stuck in my chest."
What happened here, Lyranth?
"Must I say it? That the Dremora you know and admire had a lapse in judgment? That she failed to take her surroundings into account when she opened her portal?
Very well, little mortal. I erred. And the Waking Flame took advantage of the opportunity."
The Waking Flame?
"The Order of the Waking Flame, to be precise. Fanatics devoted to Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction.
Two of the cultists followed before the portal closed and surprised me. Incapacitated me with that enchanted blade."
Were they trying to kill you?
"Quite the opposite. The blade carries a unique enchantment I've never encountered before. It paralyzed me. Gave them the time they needed to portal in others and ransack the place.
Quickly, check my coffer. Make sure the velvet pouch is still safe."
All this trouble for a velvet pouch?
"I sense you carry the pendant I gave my mortal servant. Yes, you are the one I instructed her to find and send to me.
If only you had arrived but a few moments earlier, you wouldn't have had to pull that blade from my chest."
What happened here?
"Must I say it? That the great and powerful Lyranth had a lapse in judgment? That she failed to examine her surroundings before she opened the portal to her hidden lair?
Very well. I erred, ever so slightly. And the Waking Flame took advantage."
The Waking Flame?

You can ask her a few questions after receiving your task.

"It's what the velvet pouch contains that matters. I'm still attempting to ascertain its purpose, but since the Dagonists want it, it must be important.
My coffer rests on the nearby pedestal. Check on it while I examine this accursed blade."
Rogatina said the situation was apocalyptic. Care to explain?
"Why do mortals insist on receiving every detail, no matter how insignificant or profound, before they accomplish the task at hand?
Apocalyptic. Just what you might imagine where the Daedric Prince of Destruction is concerned."
Does this have anything to do with what we found in the Red Petal Bastion? (If you completed the quest in Red Petal Basion)
"As matter of fact, it does. The velvet pouch contains the relic I acquired for services rendered.
Now go, make sure the relic remains safe in this pouch. The Dagonists also sought it, so that's reason enough want to keep it out of their hands."
Remind me about the Prince of Destruction and the Waking Flame.
"Mehrunes Dagon is a powerful Daedric Prince, ruler of the Deadlands and the so-called god of disaster and revolution. His mortal followers call themselves the Order of the Waking Flame. They are his devoted servants here on Nirn."
Is this related to Leovic's secret and the Four Ambitions? (Previously completed Blackwood story)
"Perhaps, but I have yet to establish a firm link between these activities and those related to the Longhouse Emperor's plots.
Regardless, I have every indication that Dagon seeks to unleash destruction upon this plane of existence."
Why go to all the trouble of an enchanted blade instead of just killing you?
"Dremora are difficult to kill, and that's doubly true where I'm concerned. Besides, we don't actually die. Not as mortals do. Our essence simply returns to Oblivion and we are reconstituted. How long that takes varies.
The blade was more prudent."
More prudent? How so?
The Dagonists went to great lengths to forge a blade capable of trapping a Dremora inside its incapacitated body. Instead of simply slaying this form and risking I would return too quickly, they chose to entrap me."
Can they do that to you whenever they want?
"I need to study the magic to be sure, but I don't think so. An enchantment of that magnitude is complex and requires a multitude of resources. I doubt they have other such blades just lying around and ready to use.
I will be more cautious, however."
Lyranth studies the blade that trapped her

Do as Lyranth instructed and search the coffer. You'll find the Velvet Pouch, but it is empty. Lyranth will approach from behind you:

Lyranth: "It's gone, isn't it? Search the rest of my lair. Find the cultist I wounded before the blade brought me low."

If you speak to her here, she'll say:

"I might have been incapacitated, but that didn't hinder my senses. I knew I saw the wounded cultist near my coffer from the corner of my eye.
Find him and recover what was stolen from me, little mortal. I will follow when I can."

When you find the cultist, he'll have died from the injury Lyranth inflicted upon him:

Lyranth: "I knew I delivered a killing blow. Surprised he made it this far before he collapsed. Search the body and retrieve my stolen items."

If you speak to her before searching the corpse, she says:

"The maggot distracted me. Allowed the other to plunge the enchanted blade into me. At least I delivered a mortal wound before the incapacitation took hold.
Search his corpse. Maybe the item he stole from my coffer is secreted in one of his pockets."

Once you search the corpse you will find the Waking Flame Letter. Lyranth will then ask you to bring it over and show it to her:

Lyranth: "Show me what you found, mortal."

Hand over the letter, and Lyranth will go over it:

"Well, little mortal? Did you recover the item that maggot stole from my coffer? Was it in one of his pockets as I suspected?"
No. All I found was this letter.
"Let me see that. Hmm.
This letter names the maggot I killed. Devastator Rullen. And it mentions Greenshade. I wonder what they're doing in that miserable place?"
They seemed to be after your item specifically.
"Indeed. My relic. When I learned that the cult wanted it, I decided to acquire it before they could. I covered my tracks, but apparently not well enough."
Tell me more about the relic.
"There isn't much to tell. I have yet to determine the relic's purpose or function. I was just preparing to study it when the cult invaded my lair.
No matter. The letter tells us where to find the Dagonists. I'll open a portal."

After your conversation, Lyranth opens a portal to Greenshade. If you speak to her before entering the portal, she says:

"Go ahead. Step through the portal. It will take us to Greenshade, close to where I expect we'll find the Dagonists' camp.
We can talk more once we get there."

When you arrive in Greenshade on the road in front of Shadows Crawl, Lyranth will comment on the area:

Lyranth: "I shall never get used to Nirn's smell. Come, mortal. We have plans to discuss."

You can then speak with Lyranth about your plan to reach the Waking Flame Camp:

"So much greenery and animal life. How do you mortals stand it? Never mind. Rhetorical question.
Let us go deal with the Dagonists and retrieve the relic they took from my lair."
How do we find the Order of the Waking Flame?
"The note you discovered contains the answer. "Where umbrage creeps." It can only refer to one place in this region—Shadows Crawl.
I have no doubt we'll find the Dagonists near there."
Shadows Crawl sounds like a big place. Any way to narrow down our search?
"The Dagonists use portal magic. I can smell its residue on the air. The pendant that Rogatina gave you. It can be used to follow traces of portal magic in the area."
Where should I start my search?
"Right here. Simply use the pendant and follow the trail of the residual magic. Then use it again once the trail turns cold. We must retrieve the relic they stole from me.
I shall pursue my own investigation and meet you once we locate the cultists."

Before using the Epiphany Bloodruby Pendant, speaking to her:

"I went to a lot of trouble to acquire the relic they stole from me. With your assistance, I will get it back.
Remember, use the pendant to follow the trail of residual portal magic. That should eventually lead you to the cultists."

Using the Epiphany Bloodruby Pendant, a Phantasmal Mote will be summoned and will track the portal magic residue until you reach a small camp of Waking Flame Cultists. Lyranth will appear next to use as two cultists stand in front of an open portal:

Waking Flame Cultist (Male): "The Dremora! How did she overcome the blade?"
Waking Flame Cultist (Female): "Never mind that! Get in and I'll close the portal."
<The cultists jump through and the portal begins to close.>
Lyranth: "I don't think so."
<Lyranth casts a spell and red magic flies at the portal, keeping it open.>
Lyranth: "A simple spell will keep the portal open. Mortal, this way!"

Follow Lyranth and enter the portal. On the other side, you will find yourself in a nondescript cave:

Lyranth: "A cave? I expected the cult to have better taste. Let's look around."

You can then speak with Lyranth before exploring the cave that the Waking Flame have set up camp in:

"I expected Dagon's bootlickers to have grander accommodations than a simple cave. Look around and find my relic, mortal."
Where are we?
"I assume this cave serves as a base for the Waking Flame. Not very impressive, truth be told.
Come, let us find whatever hole those cultists use to store their valuables. I want the relic back in my possession before the next clannfear caws."

As you move further into the cave, Lyranth will begin to follow you:

Lyranth: "Search the area. Leave no stone unturned. We must retrieve the relic they stole from me."

Talking to her during your exploration:

"Stay alert, little mortal. The Dagonists are more dangerous than they appear."

Further into the cave Lyranth will hear activity:

Lyranth: "I hear voices up ahead. It must be the cultists."

You will soon see wooden structures and campsites, showing that the cultists have settled in:

Lyranth: "The Dagonists. No better than Daedrats, hiding in the bowels of these caves."

You will have to fight your way through the cultists, including Doombringer Rizareen before reaching the main camp:

Lyranth: "Finally! Search the camp and find my relic, little mortal."

Speaking with her before you search:

"The relic is close. I can sense it. Search everywhere until you find it."

There will be four items of interest in the camp, and Lyranth will comment as you pick some of them up:

Elegian's Cataclyst Schematics and notes:

Lyranth: "Curious drawings. Definitely mechanical. But what was that about transforming Daedra? Intriguing."

Reading the Waking Flame Correspondence:

Lyranth: "So this Sister Celdina wants my relic? And she provided directions on how to use it. Interesting."

Finding Lyranth's Relic:

Lyranth: "Well done, mortal. You found my relic. Give it to me."

Hand over the relic to Lyranth and talk to her:

"A letter that conveniently lays out the cult's plans, schematics for some strange device, and my relic.
Not bad for a day's labor. These items tell me much about what the Dagonists are up to."
What does the letter signify?
"That this Sister Celdina had the audacity to order the cultists to steal my relic. And she gave them the damn blade that incapacitated me.
She calls the relic a portal key. Claims it leads to some sort of base in Oblivion."
A base in Oblivion?
"Yes, from which they plan to unleash disasters upon your world. I suspect it has something to do with these schematics. A diagram for some sort of device they call the cataclyst.
It has some purpose regarding Daedric transformation. Intriguing."
I encountered something called a cataclyst at the Dread Cellar. (If you completed the quest at Dread Cellar)
"So I was told. The battlemages and I have exchanged information. Details concerning the catclyst and its function were severely limited, however.
Suffice it to say, I suspect the device plays into their plan to unleash disasters upon your realm."
So now what?

At this, Lyranth will open a portal back to Nirn and bids you to follow:

Lyranth: "My minion had better have completed the preparations I assigned her. Come."

You can then enter portal to the Marbruk Outlaws Refuge. A small workspace will have been set up and Lyranth will be looking down at the corpse of Devastator Rullen layed out on a table. Talk with Lyranth to complete the quest:

"We got lucky, little mortal. The letter we found indicated that Sister Celdina wanted the portal key brought to her after the cultists recovered it. For whatever reason, that didn't happen.
Perhaps they were waiting for Devastator Rullen to return."
Devastator Rullen? That's the cultist you managed to kill in your lair, right?
"Yes, and whose corpse now rests before us. He will serve my purposes well, I think.
Time enough for that later. For now, take this. I understand that your kind expects such treats after performing clever tricks for your betters."

The Key and the Cataclyst[edit]

Lyranth still has unanswered questions and so more work for you. If you linger beside her in the outlaws refuge without taking the quest, she says: "There is more to do, little mortal."

Talk with Lyranth to see what her plan is:

"Questions about the Order of the Waking Flame still linger, little mortal. And the danger posed to your plane of existence hasn't abated.
We can still help each other, if you are willing."
What do you need me to do?
"Before we make use of the portal key, we must complete our own preparations. Then we can find the cult's base in Oblivion and determine their plans for the cataclyst.
You must acquire the root of a fluster fume plant and a tincture of befuddlement."
Why do we need roots and a tincture?
"The relic opens a portal to Oblivion. Most likely the Deadlands. Regardless, we can't just stroll in and expect them to reveal their plans.
I'll use those items to create a potion to fool them. It will make you appear to be the corpse lying here."
All right. I'll get the fluster fume root and the tincture of befuddlement for you.
"Fluster fume plants grow nearby. Southeast, in the caves of Camp Gushnikbar. As for the tincture of befuddlement, I believe Aurien the alchemist may have one at the outpost south of Bramblebeach.
Return here when you have acquired both."

After you agree to collect the ingredients, you can ask follow-up questions:

This potion you plan to create will make me look just like the dead cultist?
"No, it will make you look like the dead cultist when he was still among the living. That's the intent, anyway. I am not much of an alchemist, but I believe I can make this work. Mortal flesh is much more malleable than you would imagine."
Tell me more about fluster fume root.
"A little known plant, the fluster fume has a wide variety of alchemical applications. For our purposes, the root will suffice. That's where all the confusion-inspiring properties congregate.
It will help muddle the minds of those you encounter."
What's a tincture of befuddlement?
"Consider it an enhancement for the potion I'll create. A strengthening agent, if you will. It provides the necessary layer of bewilderment that will reinforce your disguise."
And where can I get this tincture?
"An alchemist I know has a supply. Aurien. You can find her at the outpost south of Bramblebeach [sic].
Tell her the tincture is for me and give her some of those yellow rocks you mortals are so fond of. Then return back to me."
Remind me, why is the portal key so important?
"When I learned the cult sought the relic, I acquired it first. Then they stole it from me and I employed your assistance to retrieve it. During that escapade, we learned that the relic was a portal key to a Waking Flame base in Oblivion."
And why is it important that we sneak into this base?
"My interests in these matters are strictly curiosity. I want to know more about their strange cataclyst device and its ultimate purpose. You, I assume, want to stop the cult from unleashing the disasters of Mehrunes Dagon upon the mortal realm."
And you think we can accomplish all that by sneaking into their base?
"No, but we can both get closer to our goals. We know that a cult leader called Sister Celdina is expecting our dead cultist to bring the portal key to her. And we know she plans to test the cataclyst.
We need to be there to witness that test."

Once you have collected the needed ingredients, you can return to Lyranth in the Outlaws Refuge. She will call out to you as you approach:

Lyranth: "Just in time, little mortal. Place the root and the tincture in the cauldron."

Speaking to her before placing the ingredients:

"You have the items I requested, yes? Then place them in the cauldron so I can complete the potion of disguise."

The cauldron brew will begin to glow once the ingredients are added. You can then talk to Lyranth:

"The root you found was a perfect specimen. And the tincture, just the right shade of distraction. The potion should work perfectly now."
I assume there's more to your plan than just the potion of disguise?
"Of course. Wheels within wheels and all that. After you drink the potion and disguise yourself as a Waking Flame cultist, I will pretend to be your prisoner.
Not only are you returning with the portal key, you're bringing them a gift. Me."
Remind me. Who am I impersonating again?
"Devastator Rullen, the worm who led the craven attack on my lair. He had the good fortune of dying by my hand before his associate incapacitated me with that damn blade.
You will pretend to be the cultist, and I shall pretend to be your prisoner."
And what will you do with the portal key?
"Sister Celdina's letter explained how to align the segments of the portal key. I shall set it accordingly and open a doorway to whatever realm the cult is using as a base.
You drink from the cauldron and step through. Then our charade begins."

Before you drink the potion, she will say:

"The potion of disguise is ready. It contains the ingredients you gathered, a few components of my own design, and just enough bits of the dead cultist to enhance the illusion. Take a heaping scoop from the cauldron and drink up, little mortal!"

You can then drink the potion, your form will be covered in ripples of green light and you will become Devastator Rullen. Lyranth is pleased with the result:

Lyranth: "The disguise is perfect!"
<Lyranth then walks some distance away and opens a portal while using the portal key>
Lyranth: "Now I shall activate the portal key. There! Step through and assume your role. I shall do the same."

You can then enter the portal and Lyranth will do the same. On the other side, the surrounding area will be different from what you have seen before:

Lyranth: "Definitely not Nirn. Let's look around."

Speaking with Lyranth before you begin exploring:

"You are my captor and I am your prisoner, little mortal. Remember that and play your role or we will both meet an unfortunate fate.
Now, let's look around and find the cult's meeting place."
What are we looking for exactly?
"Some clue as to where we are and what the Order of the Waking Flame is doing here. I also think we need to determine if the cataclyst mentioned in Sister Celdina's letter is related to the device found at the Dread Cellar in Blackwood."
Have not completed the Dread Cellar:
Completed the Dread Cellar:
The Dread Cellar?
"An old Imperial prison. A battlemage I occasionally deal with investigated the place. Found Waking Flame cultists and a device called a cataclyst.
It was some sort of empowering machine, but I have yet to determine its ultimate purpose."
I was with Battlemage Lucilla when we encountered the antecedent cataclyst.
"Ah, the battlemage. I dropped hints that the Waking Flame was up to something at the Dread Cellar. She, in turn, informed me of what you found.
That cataclyst was some sort of empowering device, but I have yet to determine its ultimate purpose."
Why all the subterfuge? Can't we just rush through and attack?
"We have no idea where we are or what we will find here. Trickery and deceit will serve us better than reckless violence.
Besides, we need to learn the cult's plans and the purpose of the cataclyst. Such information will benefit us both."

Walking through the cave, you will emerge in an area which has a natural window to the outside. A strange desert landscape can be seen with large city in the distance—Lyranth immediately recogizes where you are and walks over to take in the view:

Lyranth: "This is Fargrave. Interesting. We must find the Dagonists and determine what they're doing here."

You have the option of talking to Lyranth here before heading further in:

"This obscure corner of Oblivion is known only as Fargrave. I certainly didn't expect the portal key to lead us here."
Fargrave? Never heard of the place.
"I wouldn't have expected you to. The inhabitants prefer their privacy. It's a realm without a prince, which gives them a modicum of freedom. And it's a crossroads of sorts. A way station between Nirn and the rest of Oblivion."
A way station?
"Once you find your way to Fargrave, the paths through Oblivion become easier to navigate. Daedra and mortals alike can be found here, engaging in trade on a planar level.
I begin to grasp why the Waking Flame have set up operations here."
What do you mean?
"With no prince, the accords that make it harder for other realms to connect to Nirn do not apply. Once they learn the way, with relics such as the portal key, the Waking Flame can move through Fargrave with impunity to reach Nirn and the Deadlands."
Why do you think they need easy access between the two realms?
"Not for any reason that won't give you nightmares, little mortal.
Now let's find the cultists so you can present your prisoner. Then we shall learn what we can about the cult's plans and the true purpose of the cataclyst."
Lyranth in chains

Moving on from this area, you will soon find a door guarded by a Waking Flame Sentry. As you approach, Lyranth will suddenly appear to have her hands chained. Speaking to her before the sentry, she will already be in character:

"I have nothing to say to you, Dagonist dog."

After speaking with the sentry, you will be given permission to present your prisoner to Sister Celdina in the next room. Talking to Lyranth at this point:

"This Sister Celdina obviously commands a level of respect in the cult.
Remember, you are Devastator Rullen and I am your prisoner. Play your part and I'll do the same."

Once within the Conclave you have the option of talking to some of the Daedra and cultists in the room. As you approach Sister Celdina, you will hear her talking with Valkynaz Nokvroz before he notices you. Lyranth will move to stand before them. Talking to her before Sister Celdina, Lyranth will threaten you:

"Release me, flea, or the pain I bring upon you will be as nothing you have ever imagined."

When you have handed over Lyranth to the cultists, Sister Celdina will give you the honor of testing the Cataclyst on Lyranth. You can follow them into the Cataclyst Chamber, where Lyranth is chained in front of the machine. Lyranth will give her signal:

Sister Celdina: "Touch the rune and witness the transformative power of the cataclyst! Lord Dagon's blessing will turn Lyranth into disaster incarnate!"
Lyranth: "Do what you must, flea. Lyranth is ready."

Once you touch the rune, Lyranth will free herself and attempt to disrupt the cataclyst:

Lyranth: "I have seen enough! I will be free!"
<Lyranth fires her magic into the heart of the machine. Lightning begins sparking from it.>
Valkynaz Nokvroz: "The Dremora damaged the cataclyst! Duke of Fire, destroy them!"
Sister Celdina: "Shut it down! We must preserve the cataclyst!"

At this the Havocrel Duke of Fire will jump down to fight.

Lyranth: "Deal with the Havocrel, mortal. I'll open a portal back to Nirn."

Once the Duke of Fire is slain, the Cataclyst will begin to smoke as the room shakes:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "This device is lost, Celdina. Another failure for you and your order."
Lyranth: "Now, little mortal, flee!"

Follow Lyranth through a side passage, there will be Waking Flame cultists waiting for you:

Lyranth: "The energy emanating from the cataclyst is interfering with my magic. We must find a place where I can open a portal."

Speaking with Lyranth here:

"I cannot open a portal this close to the cataclyst. The energy it throws off is … not conducive to my magic.
Let's keep moving, little mortal."

Fight your way through until you are far enough away that Lyranth can create a portal:

Lyranth: "This is far enough. I will open a portal out of this place."
<Lyranth runs ahead and opens a portal.>
Lyranth: "Quickly, into the portal before more cultists arrive."

Before you go into the portal:

"Go, into the portal. Let's be done with this place."

When you enter the portal to the Outlaws Refuge, you will find a frantic Rogatina Cinna hovering over Lyranth:

Rogatina Cinna: "Mistress, you're injured!"
Lyranth: "Nonsense! Merely a scratch."

You can then speak with Lyranth:

"You did well, little mortal. Sister Celdina and her cultists never suspected a thing. And we return richer than when we departed."
Richer? You were almost turned into a monster by the cataclyst.
"That was never going to happen. My bonds were illusory and it was a simple enough task to free myself once you activated the cataclyst. I observed long enough to grasp the workings of the machine. Then I made my escape."
But what did we learn?
"We learned that Sister Celdina's faction of the cult has a base in Fargrave. And they plan to conquer that obscure plane of Oblivion to use as some sort of staging ground for their nefarious machinations."
But what did you learn about the cataclyst?
"The power surging through the device carries the tinge of Mehrunes Dagon. It seems it is designed to imbue a Daedra with the energy of a single disaster and transform it into an Incarnate.
They plan to unleash these horrors on Nirn."
Did you destroy the cataclyst?
"Perhaps. Nokvroz seemed to think so. I bought us time to consider, to plan. Sister Celdina can make more such devices, however. Eventually.
But did you see? Nokvroz despises Celdina. Perhaps we can use that."
I still don't understand why you're interested in all this. (Progresses Quest)
What does all this have to do with the Four Ambitions?
"We know that a portion of Mehrunes Dagon's energy was used to create the Ambitions. I could sense that same power surging through the cataclyst. I suspect the same magic and rituals were used in both, but applied differently.
Quite ingenious."

Leaving the conversation and returning before completing the quest:

"We infiltrated the Waking Flame base in Fargrave, saw the cataclyst in action, and learned that Sister Celdina plans to create an army of Incarnates with the machine.
All in all, we learned much about the cult's plans, little mortal."
I still don't understand why you're interested in all this.
"And you don't have to. Just know that the cult plans to unleash destruction on your world. Now, I must contemplate. The device, it can change Daedra ….
I must return to Fargrave. I will summon you when I learn more. Until then, you have my thanks."

Speaking with Lyranth after completing the quest, you can ask some questions:

"So many avenues to ponder. Sister Celdina and the Waking Flame. The cataclysts. Valkynaz Nokvroz and Mehrunes Dagon's role in all this.
I shall return to Fargrave and see what else I can learn. I'll call upon you when I need you, little mortal."
Do you know Valkynaz Nokvroz?
"No. Never met him before. But I've heard of him. One of Dagon's fiercest generals. A soldier in his ongoing quest to satisfy his insatiable hunger for destruction. It appears he was ordered to work with Sister Celdina—and I don't think he likes it."
What was it like when the cataclyst was activated?
"Like being in the eye of a storm. A deluge of raging infernos, devastating earthquakes, and apocalyptic floods. The energy would have transformed me had I not acted.
I could feel the promise of power … and the strange sensation of change."
Why do you need to return to Fargrave?
"Because that is where Sister Celdina is. The cult has ambitious plans for the demiplane. We delayed those plans, but we didn't stop them.
I will find out what I can and then send for you. Assuming you still want to save your world, that is."
Appears only with Crown Store


The Celestial Palanquin[edit]

The quest is started either by receiving a letter from Lyranth to meet her in Fargrave or by talking with the Anchorite when you arrive outside the city. In either case, Lyranth never arrives at the meeting spot. Meanwhile, there is a Waking Flame plot within the city and your investigation leads you to the old Bathhouse in the Shambles. As you approach one of the warded doors in passages beneath the bathhouse, you and the Anchorite's hands will glow like they did when you first met.

The Anchorite: "Our hands … they're glowing again."
<Lyranth calls out to you from next to the warded door.>
Lyranth: "I see my spell brought the help I requested, but I didn't expect there to be more than one of you."

Now that you have found Lyranth, you can ask her what she is doing and has found out:

Met Lyranth before:
First time meeting:
"Ah, my simple spell finally yields results. I was hoping it would bring you to me again, little mortal. I do so appreciate working with known quantities.
But who is this other mortal who also carries my glowing brand upon their flesh?"
Lyranth, this is the Anchorite. Anchorite, meet Lyranth the Dremora.
"The Anchorite? An unusual appellation, even for a mortal.
You must be wondering why I summoned you and then failed to be on hand to greet you. When I heard that Sister Celdina had arrived at their headquarters in the Shambles, I had to act quickly."
Did you find Sister Celdina?
"You can plainly see that I did not. Finding this location took more time than I expected. And even then, getting inside has proven difficult.
But now that we're together, I suspect we can make short work of any obstacles and locate Sister Celdina."
Why are you so intent on finding Sister Celdina?
"My reasons are my own, little mortal. Suffice it to say, I want to determine how Sister Celdina plans to utilize the votive runes to seize control of Fargrave. She wants to use its many portals as a gateway between the Deadlands and Nirn."
What do you need us to do, Lyranth?
"Even a Dremora of my talents cannot hope to stand alone against the Dagonists and an army of living disasters. I seek to learn Sister Celdina's secrets. You want to protect the mortal realm from total destruction.
Together, we can accomplish both."
"Who knew that a simple spell would take so long to yield results? Or that my request for mortal help would deposit multiple options at my feet?
But the brand is unmistakable. That glow certainly contains my arcane indicators. Who are you, mortals?"
I'm [PlayerName] and this is the Anchorite. She thought you wanted to meet at Fargrave's southern gate.
"The Anchorite? An unusual appellation, even for a mortal. As for my absence, I heard a cultist mention that Sister Celdina had arrived at their headquarters in the Shambles. I could not let the opportunity to catch up with her slip away."
Why are you so intent on finding Sister Celdina?
"My reasons are my own, little mortal. Suffice it to say that Sister Celdina commands an Order of the Waking Flame sect intent on seizing control of Fargrave. I want to determine how they plan to accomplish that."
What do you need us to do, Lyranth?
"Even a Dremora of my talents cannot hope to stand alone against the Dagonists and an army of living disasters."

You can continue to ask Lyranth questions about Sister Celdina and her plans before progressing:

What can you tell us about Sister Celdina?
"She's smart and ruthless. A powerful combination in a mortal. She commands the Dagonists here in Fargrave and oversaw the creation of the cataclyst. With that device, she plans to create an army of living disasters to unleash upon Nirn."
Living disasters?
"Daedra empowered to unleash destruction upon the mortal realm and make it easier for Mehrunes Dagon to conquer Nirn. Did you know he's tried before? Dagon broke an agreement and the doors between the Deadlands and Nirn were sealed. He can't use them."
What agreement did Mehrunes Dagon break?
"Sotha Sil, one of the so-called Living Gods of the Dark Elves, supposedly made a pact with various Daedric Princes to protect Nirn. I don't know the details, but Dagon broke the pact.
Sotha Sil slammed the doors and closed off Dagon's connections."
So Sister Celdina wants to conquer Fargrave so Dagon can use its portals?
"Everything about Sotha Sil's pact is rumor and speculation, so that is what I hope to determine. And I want to examine the cataclyst.
The attack on Fargrave could begin at any moment. Shall we enter the next area and see what Celdina is up to?"

Once you have finished talking to Lyranth:

The Anchorite: "The glow. It vanished again."
Lyranth: "The spell has run its course. The glow will not return."
<Lyranth turns towards the door.>
Lyranth: "Now to deal with this ward."
<Lyranth breaks the wards.>
Lyranth: "Come, I sense activity in the chamber beyond."

Entering the Bathhouse Auditorium, you will need to find Sister Celdina. Will moving down the path you may notice the various daedric critters in the area explode into clouds of ash as you get closer. Sister Celdina will be standing on the platform above you as portals appear behind her and reinforcements arrive.

After taunting you, Sister Celdina raises her hands in the air and a fiery mass appears above her. The screen will blur and be tinged red and there will be strange sounds, Lyranth and the Anchorite will begin clutching their heads in pain.

Sister Celdina: "Dagon's blessing reverberates among the votive runes. Soon, a wave of destruction will sweep over Fargrave and destroy the Daedra!"
The Anchorite: "The spell … what's happening to us?"
Lyranth: "Mortal, destroy the votive runes!"

Three runes will be in the area. When you destroy the third votive rune, the ritual will be stopped. Sister Celdina will blame Lyranth before teleporting away:

Sister Celdina: "All that work, ruined. You will pay for that Dremora. You and your companions both!"
<Sister Celdina teleports away.>
The Anchorite: "Sister Celdina got away and we're right back where we started. Nowhere!"
Lyranth: "Nowhere? How quickly mortals succumb to despair. Let's talk in the next room."

You can follow the pair into the adjacent room.

Lyranth: "Take a moment to look around. Sister Celdina departed in haste. Certainly she left something behind."

Speaking with Lyranth she will make it clear what the ritual was supposed to do:

"I did not think Sister Celdina capable of performing such a powerful ritual. You did well, mortal. A few more moments and the magic would have exploded across Fargrave, leaving the city defenseless and destroying all of the Daedra.
Including me."
I stopped the ritual, but Sister Celdina escaped.
"Yes, but she fled in haste. That means she probably left something behind. Let's search this bathhouse.
Bring me whatever you find. Sister Celdina's abandoned paraphernalia may be of use to me. And it may tell you more about the threat to Nirn."
Do you know what that ritual was all about? How was it going to help the cult conquer Fargrave?
"From what I could devise, the votives elevated the emotions of mortals in the city, siphoning the energy generated into Sister Celdina's ritual. She planned to use that energy to destroy the Daedra, including the Grasp, leaving the city defenseless."
Shouldn't we go after Sister Celdina?
"That would accomplish nothing. The Dagonists are experts when it comes to disappearing into the shadows.
Sister Celdina will pay for her various insults soon enough. For now, see what she left behind when she fled."
All right, I'll see what I can find in the bathhouse.

Speaking to her while you're searching:

"Search the bathhouse, little mortal, while I do the same.
In her hurry, Sister Celdina may have left something behind that will shed more light on her plans."

Up the stairs you will find an Encoded Note, and Lyranth will teleport in once you pick it up.

Lyranth: "What did you find, little mortal?"

Show her the note:

"Tell me what you found and I shall determine if it has any significance to my quest—or to yours."
I found this note. I can't make sense of it.
"Hmm. Nor can I. And while your literacy may be in question, mine certainly is not.
This is no language, mortal or Daedric. It is written in code. One used by the Dagonists for their more guarded correspondence."
Can you decipher it?
"No. And neither could any lowly recruit we captured off the streets and tortured for information. This code is reserved for the order's elite.
We'll need to find someone who can decipher it. I'm sure Fargrave must have someone with those skills."
What should we do now?
"We should leave. The cult's forces may have scattered, but no doubt Sister Celdina will send a force to try to deal with us. We should not be here when they arrive.
Perhaps the Anchorite can suggest a place for us to meet up, safe from prying eyes."
Are you coming with us?
"What I seek still eludes my grasp, so our business is not yet concluded. You ought to be grateful. I can be a powerful ally—when the mood strikes me.
I will meet you back in Fargrave. I'm sure the Anchorite knows someone who can decipher the code."

Entering the Bearer's Rest you will see the Anchorite seated and you can overhear her conversation with Lyranth:

The Anchorite: "So you really came all this way to stop the Waking Flame from destroying Fargrave?"
Lyranth: "Something like that."

Speaking with Lyranth before the Anchorite and completing the quest:

"An unusual city, Fargrave. They say those huge skeletons are all that remains of the beings that once carried it from place to place. This inn is named after them, I believe.
But why are you speaking to me? Ask the Anchorite about a codebreaker."

Destruction Incarnate[edit]

You can start this quest by speaking with Lyranth in Bearer's Rest or from Rogatina Cinna in Fargrave. If you are in Bearer's Rest you may hear Lyranth say, "Little mortal, attend me."

Speak with Lyranth to start or continue the quest:

"We have unfinished business, mortal. The encoded message you recovered from the bathhouse. That may be the key to determining the Waking Flame's next move and revealing the secrets I am searching for.
We must find someone who can decipher it."
The Anchorite suggested asking Madam Whim for a recommendation.
"The masked mortal has the right idea. Fargrave sits on the threshold to everywhere. If there exists a being who can decipher this code, we will find them here.
I'd prefer it if we could find someone other than Madam Whim to deal with, however."
I can ask around, but the Anchorite seems to have a history with Whim. Do you know her?
"I have heard of the infamous Mazken who calls herself Madam Whim. I find her practice of turning gossip into profit to be loathsome, but even a filthy daedrat has its uses, I suppose. Take the note to her and pay whatever it costs for a translation."
I'll take the encoded note to Madam Whim.
"Go to Madam Whim's establishment, the House of Whims. Show her the encoded note and tell her we need it deciphered.
I will meet you there. To make sure we have her undivided attention and that she understands this is more than a mortal's request."
You seem reluctant to deal with Madam Whim. Why?
"We know of each other. Perhaps our paths have crossed over the millennia. Perhaps not. Whim has changed her name and appearance multiple times. Or so I've heard. I have no doubt she will do so again … when Fargrave no longer amuses her."
Are you still trying to find out more about the cataclyst devices?
"You saw what I saw when we first encountered Sister Celdina at the Waking Flame conclave. Her infernal device can transform Daedra into Incarnates—living disasters of immense power.
They threaten Nirn, so you should hope I learn everything I can."
But we stopped Sister Celdina's ritual.
"We learned that Sister Celdina tried to use the votive runes to steal power from the mortals. Power she hoped would destroy the Daedra and allow her to conquer Fargrave. We stopped that plot, but this realm's many portals are too enticing to ignore."
You think the Waking Flame will try again?
"They are persistent, if nothing else, these Dagonists. If they truly want to unleash their Incarnates on Nirn, using Fargrave's portals makes the most sense.
The hope, slender though it may be, is that the encoded note will tell us more."

If you start the quest through Rogatina, Lyranth will alternatively say:

"Ah, there you are, little mortal. The encoded message you recovered from the bathhouse. That may be the key to determining the Waking Flame's next move and revealing the secrets I am searching for.
We must find someone who can decipher it."
(Continues the same quest dialogue)

Upstairs at Madam Whim's:

Madam Whim: "Why, Lyranth, my dear, it would be an honor to assist you in any way I can."
Lyranth: "An honor, yes. Mortal, show Whim the note."

Speaking to her before Madam Whim:

"Show Madam Whim the encoded note and get her to provide us with the name of a proper scribe who can decipher it.
The short time I've subjected myself to this establishment has left me feeling both infuriated and disgusted."

After you finish speaking to Whim, Lyranth will give you further instructions but she will be annoyed with Madam Whim:

Lyranth: "Go downstairs and rouse the Anchorite. We'll want her with us when we talk to this collector. Meanwhile, I need to conclude our business here."
Madam Whim: "Conclude our business. How I love the sound of that! It makes me all atwitter."
Lyranth: "I'm not here to play games, Whim."
Madam Whim: "But games are some of my favorite activities, dear Lyranth! Come, let me show you what the House of Whims has to offer."

Speaking to her before you find the Anchorite:

"The Anchorite claimed she was going to assist with our negotiations, but she allowed the temptations of this den of iniquity to distract her.
Rouse her from her indulgences and see if she is familiar with this Gazmod the Collector."
Madam Whim said you paid the price for this information. What did it cost us?
"It cost you nothing, mortal. As for what I paid, I'd rather not discuss it."

After speaking to The Anchorite, Lyranth appears behind you:

Lyranth: "Time to go, little mortals."
The Anchorite: "To the Collector's villa. As soon as I finish my drink."
Lyranth: "Go. We will catch up. I want to hear more about the Anchorite's missing memories."

Speaking to her before you go to the villa:

"Away to the Collector's villa, little mortal. I want to hear more about the Anchorite and her missing memories. She has suddenly become more interesting. We will be along shortly."

Arrive at the villa and you'll find the Collector admiring The Anchorite's mask:

"A Watcher. I never could abide these abominations. You speak to the Collector and determine if they have anything in their collection that can assist us."

After speaking to the Collector, you turn to Lyranth who, with The Anchorite, try to sweeten the negotiations:

Lyranth: "I meant no insult by having my mortal speak to you, Collector. We merely seek to borrow a Dagonic codebreaker."
The Anchorite: "Since you're clearly interested, I'll allow you to examine my mask."
Gazmod the Collector: "No, the Arox must not leave the gallery. But Gazmod will peer at its mask. This way, mask-wearer."
Lyranth: "Come, little mortal. We must find the Arox. Perhaps the gallery is beyond that door."

Follow Lyranth across the courtyard:

"This door must lead to the Collector's galleries. While Gazmod gazes upon the Anchorite's mask, let us step inside and locate the Arox of which the Collector spoke."
Will the Anchorite be all right by herself?
"There is more to the Anchorite than meets the eye. She survived the hazards of Fargrave before we arrived. I suspect she will continue to do so long after we have departed.
Let us not waste the opportunity she has afforded us. Step inside."

Inside the gallery:

Lyranth: "The Collector let slip that they have a codebreaker called the Arox. We must find it."

Speaking to her:

"I have no idea what sort of relic an Arox might be, but if it can help us decipher the encoded note we must find it.
Keep looking, mortal."

As you move through the gallery, you come across a cave with both fauna and flora:

Lyranth: "It appears not all of Gazmod's collection consists of relics."
Lyranth: "An arboretum? This collection is not at all what I imagined."

You eventually come to a doorway:

Lyranth: "Perhaps the Dagonic relics lie beyond that door."

Enter and you'll be confronted with the magnificent Arox:

Lyranth: "This gallery contains but a single display. See what it is, mortal."
Arox the Mutilator: "I am Arox the Mutilator, terror of the Deadlands!"
Arox the Mutilator: "Release me from this cage and I will grant you a boon, mortal."
Lyranth: "The relic is a … talking daedrat? Mortal, release the vermin!"

Speaking to her before Arox:

"It appears we were seeking not a what but a who. Release the daedrat. Determine if it can actually help us decipher the coded message."

Release Arox and Lyranth will be only mildly annoyed:

"It scurries in a most unpleasant manner. Talk to the vermin, little mortal. Find out what it is and whether it can help us decipher the encoded note."

Allow Arox to join you and Lyranth will continue her bemusement:

Lyranth: "We have a daedrat. Wonderful. Now let's find the Anchorite and depart this place."

Speaking to her:

"Congratulations, mortal. You are now the proud owner of a filthy, Oblivion-flea-infested daedrat. That talks. Let us hope it can actually do what it says and decipher the encoded note.
Now we should find the Anchorite and depart this place."

After you cleared Gazmod's collections, she will urge to find the Anchorite:

Lyranth: "Quickly. Through the door and find the Anchorite before the Collector returns."

As you try to leave the villa, you'll find The Anchorite in magical chains:

"It seems I overestimated the Anchorite's resourcefulness. Or underestimated the Collector's need to possess whatever catches their fancy.
Regardless, I suppose you should find a way to set her free. We must leave before Gazmod returns."

Release The Anchorite:

"I suggest we find the nearest exit and return to the House of Whims with all due haste. The Collector's attention span ebbs and flows like the tides of Topal Bay, but they could return at any moment."

Make your way to Madam Whim's and go upstairs. Arox will pop out of your pack and claims to have made progress in his deciphering:

Arox the Mutilator: "Master, Arox has deciphered the note! Daedric troops from Burning Gyre Keep in the Deadlands are preparing to invade Fargrave."
Lyranth: "Well done, rat. Mortal, find out what else the note contains."
The Anchorite: "That daedrat … talks?"
"If what the daedrat says is accurate, then the danger to Fargrave is far from over. The forces of Burning Gyre Keep stand as some of the most fearsome of Mehrunes Dagon's warriors."

After speaking to Arox:

Lyranth: "An excellent idea, mortal. Use the Plaza of Portals to reach the Deadlands. We'll rendezvous at Burning Gyre Keep."

Speaking to her about Burning Gyre Keep:

"I applaud your initiative, little mortal, but the Deadlands will test us all. Mehrunes Dagon and his ilk revel in destruction and constant warfare. Maintain your vigilance at all times.
We will meet near the keep, provided we survive the journey."
You've heard of Burning Gyre Keep?
"The place isn't exactly a secret. At least not to those of us who wander the many realms of Oblivion. The reputation of the keep's warriors is such that other Princes often hire them out to accomplish impossible missions."
How do we get to this keep?
"If I open a portal, it could alert Nokvroz to my presence. Better to take advantage of Fargrave's Plaza of Portals and use one of the permanent gateways between this plane and the Deadlands.
The portal to the Burn should get us close to the keep."

Outside Burning Gyre Keep, you'll meet up with your friends just as an explosion rocks the area:

The Anchorite: "What in Oblivion was that?"
Lyranth: "Great power was just unleashed inside the keep. Hurry, mortals. We must see what's going on inside."

Speaking to her before you go inside:

"An incredible amount of energy was just unleashed within the keep. Whatever just happened, little mortal, be assured it does not bode well for Fargrave or Nirn. Or for us, for that matter.
We must go inside, but maintain your caution."

Speak to her inside and she'll say:

"This may be where Sister Celdina fled to after we disrupted her ritual at the Shambles' bathhouse.
Stay alert and be watchful, little mortal."

As you make your way through the keep, you'll come across an abandoned sword:

Lyranth: "A Bladebearer weapon? Here? Examine it, mortal."

Speaking to her before picking up the sword:

"That sword. It bears the mark of the Bladebearer clan. And that clan has no connection to this fortress.
Go ahead, little mortal. See what you can make of it."

Pick up the sword:

Lyranth: "It is the Bladebearers crest. This is not their fortress. Why would that broken sword be here?"

Speaking to her to know more:

"The Bladebearers are not affiliated with Nokvroz or his clan. Their weapon has no reason to be here, especially not discarded and so badly damaged.
We must reach Sister Celdina and Nokvroz and determine what's going on here."

Before you engage the Incarnate, she will say:

"My time in the cataclyst was enlightening. I devised a spell that can weaken the Incarnate, but it still poses a deadly threat. Take it down as fast as you can, mortal!"

Make your way to the central area and Sister Celdina will order her Incarnate to attack you. As you do battle, Lyranth will assist with energy pools:

Lyranth: "I've summoned a pool of energy! Go into it!"
Lyranth: "Now mortal, go to one of my energy pools."

Defeat the Incarnate:

Valkynaz Nokvroz: "The Incarnate failed, Celdina. You failed. Again!"
Sister Celdina: "You see failure, I see opportunity. Let's head to the Riven Cataclyst. I have a legion of Incarnates to create!"
Lyranth: "We should leave, too. Quickly, mortals, into the portal!"

Lyranth's portal will take you directly back to Madam Whim's:

"We stopped Celdina's ritual and forced her to retreat to Burning Gyre Keep. There, instead of allowing her to summon Nokvroz's promised army, we defeated her Incarnate. Now she's on the run, back to her Riven Cataclyst.
That device intrigues me."
Intrigues you? She plans to use the device to create a legion of Incarnates to invade Fargrave.
"And do not forget that Nirn is her ultimate target, little mortal. She plans to use Fargrave to sacrifice your realm to Dagon.
But Celdina figured out a way to change the very nature of a Daedra, truly change it—that bears further investigation."
So how do we find the Riven Cataclyst?
"A question I must ponder. There are few places I can think of to hide such a device. None of them pleasant. And there are the Bladebearers to consider. Why was their sword in the keep?
For now, take this as a reward. That is the mortal custom, yes?"

If you exit out of the quest completion dialogue and return, she will alternatively say:

"Sister Celdina said something at Burning Gyre Keep that intrigued me. She admitted that the cult has another device to create Incarnates. The Riven Cataclyst.
I would like to examine this machine…before you destroy it, of course."
So how do we find the Riven Cataclyst?(Leads to quest completion dialogue)

The Durance Vile[edit]

Approach her and she'll remark:

Lyranth: "Our work is only beginning, mortal. These Incarnates threaten not only Fargrave, but your world as well."

If accepted from Hezehk:

"So, Madam Whim's obnoxious little assistant actually found you? I'm pleasantly surprised. I assumed his incompetence matched his lethargic nature.\n\nNow that you have returned, we can resume our hunt for Sister Celdina and the Riven Cataclyst."
How? Last I looked, we had no idea where Sister Celdina went or where to find the Riven Cataclyst. (Continues normal quest dialogue)


"Are you ready to resume our hunt for the Riven Cataclyst, little mortal? I assumed you'd want time to sample Madam Whim's delights or explore the splendors of Fargrave.
No? Very well. Let us go before more Incarnates are unleashed upon the city."
How? We have no idea where Sister Celdina went or where her Riven Cataclyst is.
"You are not wrong in your summation, but we are not without avenues to explore.
Remember the broken sword hilt you found at Burning Gyre Keep? It carries the mark of the Bladebearers clan."
And how does that help us?
"The Bladebearers are a Dremora clan who forge their own path. They have no allegiance to Mehrunes Dagon, so I find it curious that their crest was found on a broken sword in the keep.
I want to determine their involvement. With your aid, of course."
I'll help you investigate the Bladebearer clan and their connection to the events at the keep.
"The Bladebearers are nomads, but we should find them at a settlement called Wretched Spire. That's in the Sever region of the Deadlands. We must talk to their kynreeve, Rynkyus. I will meet you there.
And bring Arox. We may have a use for him."
What should I know about Rynkyus?
"Rynkyus is a kynreeve of the Bladebearers, a clan of nomadic Dremora who bow to no Prince. Like the rest of his clan, he is fierce, but values honor. He takes pride in his martial skills and the status of his Kyn.
Mortals hold no interest for him."
Are you and Rynkyus friends?
"Friends? Hardly. That is a mortal concept. If I understand the idea, it implies affection. Vulnerability. That you would attribute such an affiliation to Dremora is amusing.
But I have known Rynkyus for a long time. We have never been at odds."
What about Wretched Spire? What is it?
"The Deadlands belong to Mehrunes Dagon, but places exist where his minions rarely go. Wretched Spire stands as a refuge of sorts, a settlement where Dremora without clans and escaped mortal slaves can eke out a meager existence.
Hence the name."
Why do you think we'll find Rynkyus there?
"As I said, the Bladebearers are nomads who do not pledge allegiance to Dagon. As such, they roost in places that aren't under the Prince's direct control. Wretched Spire is one such location.
Rynkyus's clan can usually be found there this cycle."
What can Rynkyus tell us about Sister Celdina or the location of the Riven Cataclyst?
"He might be able to explain how his Bladebearers came to be at Burning Gyre Keep. If Rynkyus knows more about the Waking Flame's activity in the Deadlands than we do, perhaps he can tell us where Sister Celdina and her device are hiding."
What if the Bladebearers are allied with the Order of the Waking Flame?
"Then either Rynkyus knows about the involvement of his Kyn or he does not.
If he knows, then he is an enemy, and we may learn something by questioning him. If he does not know, then he is a potential ally—and a powerful one."

Speak to her before you leave:

"Mind yourself in Wretched Spire. Just because Dagon ignores it doesn't mean it isn't without danger. And tell Arox to keep quiet. We don't want to attract attention to ourselves. And I'd rather keep the daedrat in reserve, just in case."

Arrive at Wretched Spire and you'll find the two dremora in conversation:

Rynkyus: "I see the last of the Foolkillers still consorts with mortals."
Lyranth: "And I see a Bladebearer who could use a new perspective."
Rynkyus: "You travel a strange path, Lyranth. I won't ally with Kyn such as you."
Lyranth: "I was not offering an alliance. Mortal, speak to Rynkyus. Tell him about Burning Gyre Keep."

Speak to Lyranth first and she'll remark:

"Rynkyus dislikes mortals and isn't thrilled to see me. No matter. He has a keen mind. He will see the benefit of sharing information. Talk to him and tell him what we found in Burning Gyre Keep."

After speaking to Rynkyus, she'll tell you to go with him while she takes care of other issues:

"You and Rynkyus can chase his missing Bladebearers. I will return to Fargrave to sift for rumors about Sister Celdina or the cataclyst. And perhaps see if the Anchorite has remembered anything new.
I will find you when your work is done."
Shouldn't you come with us?
"The Bladebearers are notoriously wary of outsiders. And they distrust Kyn who have more flexible views about honor and proper behavior than they do.
I walk my own path. Some Dremora find that strange. Ask me if I care."
Can I trust Rynkyus?
"As much as you trust me. If his Bladebearers came to grief at the hands of the Dagonists or Valkynaz Nokvroz, then you share a common enemy. Remind him of that.
A temporary alliance with the enemy of his enemy? That Rynkyus can understand."
Do you really think you can learn anything in Fargrave?
"News has a way of reaching the nexus city. Perhaps someone knows more about the cataclysts. Failing that, I intend to delve into the Anchorite's missing memories. Something about that doesn't sit right.
She obviously knows more than she recalls."

At Zynoahz's Gaol, The Anchorite will arrive with Lyranth after you've uncovered some clues. The Anchorite will have recovered some memories:

Rynkyus: "Defective parts, strange scribblings, the inventions of a blind seer. I hope Lyranth learned more in Fargrave."
Lyranth: "The inventions of a blind seer? Interesting. I believe we know his name."
The Anchorite: "Elegian. That's what I remembered earlier. Lyranth helped me."
Arox the Mutilator: "Elegian? That old lunatic? He was locked in the Blood Pit, last I knew."
Rynkyus: "Did that daedrat … talk?"
Arox the Mutilator: "This pathetic form holds Arox the Mutilator, titan of destruction! Master, let's talk."

Speak to her before speaking to Arox:

"The daedrat proves useful yet again. See what else Arox can tell us about this Elegian. All I could help the Anchorite draw from her memories was his name and that he was some sort of seer."
How did you know where to find Rynkyus and me?
"You interest me, little mortal. I have ways to keep track of you. Does that surprise you?
Or it might be that I simply decided there was nothing left to learn in Fargrave and came looking for you. Feel free to accept whichever answer suits you."
How did you get the Anchorite to remember Elegian's name?
"I have some amount of skill at magic that reveals secrets and hidden things. It wasn't too difficult to help the Anchorite makes sense of the memory that welled up when the Collector examined her mask."
Can you help her remember everything she's forgotten?
"No. If the memory doesn't rise to the surface, the mask's protections are too powerful for my magic to overcome.
Perhaps we can locate an expert and deal with that later. For now, talk to Arox and find out more about Elegian and the Blood Pit."

After speaking to Arox:

"The daedrat raises a good point. I shall wait at Wretched Spire. Find me there when you and the Anchorite have learned what you can from the blind seer."
You don't want to break into the Blood Pit to speak to Elegian yourself?
"Although that would be both useful and edifying, Arox is correct. My presence would be immediately evident anywhere within the confines of the Blood Pit.
I shall have to rely on your skills. Alas."
The Anchorite and I will find out what Elegian knows about the Riven Cataclyst.
"I'm sure you are capable of asking questions. But neither of you are Dremora, and your interrogation techniques are … limited. Most mortals are disinclined to robustly extract the needed information.
Nevertheless, I will rely on your skills."

After discovering secrets at the Durance Vile, return to Wretched Spire:

"Interesting. You appear to have survived Dagon's worst prison and suffered little to no damage. And your demeanor suggests that you succeeded in your mission, though the Anchorite seems distressed.
Tell me, what happened in the Blood Pit?"
We found Elegian. He told us we can find the Riven Cataclyst by going to Annihilarch's Summit.
"I know Annihilarch's Summit. A high peak in the Sever, inhospitable to mortals. And Dremora, for that matter. Few go there. It would be a perfect place to hide the Riven Cataclyst.
But what's wrong with the Anchorite? Did Elegian recognize her?"
No, but he made her mask. Said it makes her forget her past and makes those who knew her forget her.
"Did he now? The cataclyst and the mask? This Elegian is clever, indeed. I am more determined than ever to examine the Riven Cataclyst in detail.
We must also keep the Waking Flame from misusing it, of course."
So let's head to Annihilarch's Summit and finish this.
"Patience, mortal. You have done well. Take pride in your accomplishments and accept this minor token of my appreciation.
With Rynkyus, Arox, and the Anchorite at our side, we may yet complete both our missions. Prepare yourself. We move out shortly."

If you exit out of the quest completion screen before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"You continue to impress me, mortal. You confronted Nokvroz's churls, survived the Blood Pits, uncovered the secret of the Anchorite's mask, and determined the location of the Riven Cataclyst.<be>Even Rynkyus is impressed, which is noteworthy indeed."
So let's go to Annihilarch's Summit and finish this. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Born of Grief[edit]

At Wretched Spire, Lyranth will be anxiously waiting for you:

Lyranth: "Come little mortal. Let us speak."

Speaking to her:

"Look at us, little mortal. Forced to accept the word of a blind, old seer, imprisoned and driven mad in Mehrunes Dagon's Blood Pit.
If Elegian is to be believed, we'll find Sister Celdina and the Riven Cataclyst at the summit."
What do you know about Annihilarch's Summit?
"I have heard of the location. A barren peak scoured by winds that flay flesh from bone. A good place to build a secret retreat, provided the walls can withstand the constant winds.
Sister Celdina has taken great care to hide the Riven Cataclyst."
I assume you have a plan?
"Always. With Rynkyus and his Bladebearers beside us, we will fight our way to the Riven Cataclyst. When I have seen what I need to, you can destroy the device.
Meet us at the base of Annihilarch's Summit, provided you want to be a part of this."
I'll meet you at Annihilarch's Summit so we can destroy the cataclyst.
"Grab the daedrat and prepare yourself. The dangers of Annihilarch's Summit are enough to make even a Dremora pause.
I assume we will have to deal with both Nokvroz's forces and the Order of the Waking Flame along the way."
What if Sister Celdina has already created an army of Incarnates?
"That seems unlikely. If Celdina already had such an army, she would deploy it at once. Remember, she is eager to conquer Fargrave and earn Prince Dagon's favor.
Still, I do not think we have much time before that changes."
The Incarnates we saw were practically mindless. Can Celdina actually control an army of them?
"The Incarnates we encountered were indeed mindless engines of destruction. The Dremora within no longer thinks. All it knows is power and rage.
Sister Celdina directs these living weapons for now. But Valkynaz Nokvroz wants this power, too."
Why are the Daedra volunteering to become Incarnates?
"Volunteer? The very thought is repugnant. Do you not understand how we value what makes us who we are? To surrender to such a process is to be destroyed. The essence survives, but the mind, the purpose? Gone forever. Do you imagine they had a choice?"
If we destroy this cataclyst, won't they just make another one?
"Possibly. But each time we delay the Waking Flame, we make it less likely that Elegian's mad vision becomes a reality.
Although it might have been for the best if you had … removed … Elegian while you were in the Blood Pit."
Elegian has something to do with the Anchorite. He made her mask.
"Hmm. If Elegian can create something as powerful as the Riven Cataclyst or as subtle as the Anchorite's mask, what else might he devise?
One never knows how a talent such as that might prove useful."

You can ask Lyranth for a recap, much to her annoyance:

Remind me: How do we know the Riven Cataclyst is at Annihilarch's Summit?
"Has the Anchorite's mask affected you as well? If you insist.
I summoned you to Fargrave to investigate the Waking Flame's Incarnates, living disasters created in cataclysts. We destroyed one at Burning Gyre Keep, but we didn't find a cataclyst."
Right. I remember that.
"Instead, we found evidence that the Bladebearer clan had been at the keep. Since I doubted the Bladebearers would ally with Dagon's cultists, we went to Wretched Spire to meet their kynreeve, Rynkyus. He told us some of his Kyn were missing."
Right, and we still don't know what happened to the missing Bladebearers.
"No, but we discovered that Elegian, creator of the cataclyst, was being held by Valkynaz Nokvroz at the Blood Pit. He told you that the Riven Cataclyst could be found at Annihilarch's Summit.
He also admitted that he created the Anchorite's mask."

Once you get Arox to hop into your pack:

"Time rarely concerns my kind, but I find myself growing anxious about Sister Celdina's progress. We must hurry and meet up at the base of Annihilarch's Summit."

Arrive at the Summit and Lyranth, Rynkyus, and The Anchorite will be there waiting:

Arox the Mutilator: "I can practically smell Nokvroz. Hurry master, we can catch him."
Lyranth: "Good, we're all here. You and Rynkyus will lead the assault, mortal."
Rynkyus: "Your mortal shell may not survive the climb to the summit, but I will do what I can to protect you."

Speak to her for further instructions:

"Unlike others of my ilk, I have no particular interest in open battle. I leave the assault on the summit to you and Rynkyus. The Anchorite, the Bladebearer rearguard, and I will catch up once you locate the Riven Cataclyst."
What do you think we'll face on the climb to the top?
"In addition to the harsh conditions and the destructive wind? I expect you will face Daedra loyal to Valkynaz Nokvroz. Perhaps mortals devoted to the Dagon cult. Surely neither Nokvroz nor Sister Celdina would leave the Riven Cataclyst unguarded."
Do you think Sister Celdina knows that Nokvroz wants to build his own cataclyst?
"Given what we've seen of their interactions thus far, I'd say neither of them tells the other any more than necessary. Perhaps we can use that at some point. Widen the rift that already exists between them.
Now hurry. We will see you at the summit."
I'll see you at the summit.

At the top, you'll come to a portal. This was not what Lyranth was expecting:

Rynkyus: "A portal? Curse it, our enemies have already fled."
Lyranth: "Where is the Dagonist temple? What exactly did the mad seer tell you, mortal? Did he lie?"
Arox the Mutilator: "Nokvroz used that portal, master. His scent lingers."
The Anchorite: "I don't think Elegian lied. The Riven Cataclyst must be beyond that portal."

Speak to Lyranth:

"Remind me, mortal. [sic] What, exactly, did Elegian say to you when you asked about the Riven Cataclyst?"
He said we could find the Riven Cataclyst by going to Annihilarch's Summit.
"If that portal leads to wherever the cataclyst waits, then Elegian spoke true. We will not know until we use it, however.
I sense that the portal connects to Nirn. Moreover, it contains a ward meant specifically for me. I dare not step through."
What kind of ward?
"Sister Celdina and the Waking Flame have attempted to neutralize me before. They warded this portal with a spell that will unravel my current body. Remember, I cannot die. Not like you. But I can be inconvenienced by the process of reformation."
There's no way to remove the ward?
"Perhaps, but it would take time we do not have.
You must serve as my eyes, little mortal. Find the cataclyst. Examine it. Remember everything you see. Then do whatever you feel is necessary. Take the Anchorite. I'll send Rynkyus through shortly."
I'll go find the Riven Cataclyst.
"We suspect the Riven Cataclyst waits through that portal, but we cannot be sure. If you find it, deal with its guardians and do what you must until I can join you.
If this is a trap, do your best to survive and then return to me in the Deadlands."
Will you be safe here on your own?
"You do not need to concern yourself with my safety, little mortal. Besides, the Bladebearers who remain have a reputation that is well earned. We will be able to handle most anything that comes after us."
What do you want me to do if I find the cataclyst?
"I would much prefer to examine an intact cataclyst. If I cannot dispel the ward, I will simply travel to Nirn and find you. It will just take time.
Deal with Sister Celdina and the Waking Flame as you must. But do not destroy the cataclyst."
The cataclyst threatens Fargrave and Nirn. Shouldn't I destroy it?
"There are things I still need to learn, mortal. If you feel you must destroy it, then do as I ask and examine it first. Tell me everything you see.
But if the danger is not immediate, leave it intact so I may study it directly."
If I examine it, what am I looking for, exactly?
"Anything that stands out. Better if you can find notes or bring me a piece of the device. Whatever will help me understand how it somehow transforms Daedra who are supposed to be unchangeable, eternal.
Now go."

Discover what you can at Fort Grief and Lyranth will create a portal to get you out and back to Wretched Spire:

Lyranth: "It took awhile, but I finally determined your location and opened that portal. Come, mortal, tell me all that transpired."

Speaking to her of your findings:

"Once the Bladebearers appeared and told me about Fort Grief, it only took a short time to ascertain your exact location and open a portal. This seemed like a safe enough place to regroup. Now tell me what transpired. Did you find the Riven Cataclyst?"
We had to destroy the Riven Cataclyst to stop Sister Celdina's Storm Incarnate.
"You had to …? Before I could examine it? Did you at least take a close look at the device? Or bring back any of its component parts for me to study?"
We were sort of busy fighting for our lives. And both Valkynaz Nokvroz and Sister Celdina got away.
"So we have nothing? Nothing I can investigate, no one I can interrogate? I am disappointed, mortal. Now I must start all over again."
Not necessarily. Bladebearer Dothaz said they have another stronghold. A place called Deadlight.
"Deadlight? That name is familiar. A lost realm somewhere in Oblivion. We need to return to Fargrave. Make inquiries. Locate this hidden place.
Meet me at Madam Whim's, little mortal. Perhaps my investigations will yield answers after all."
I'll meet you in Fargrave, at the House of Whims.
<Lyranth opens a portal and departs>

Back at Madam Whim's, Arox will be eager for you to show Lyranth the Twisted Rod you found:

"I assumed we'd find answers here in Fargrave. Some way to salvage the opportunity denied me at Fort Grief. But no, even Madam Whim seems at a loss as to the location of Deadlight."
Maybe this will help. We found this twisted rod in a cave on Annihilarch's Summit.
"Let me see. Hmm. It contains a dormant enchantment of some sort. It feels … unpleasant. And the magic … it smells like your daedrat. I will keep the rod and study it as time permits.
Unfortunately, I do not think it is related to Sister Celdina."
So how do we find this hidden realm called Deadlight?
"I'm not sure yet, but the answer will become clear soon enough.
I should not have gotten angry, little mortal. You have helped me a great deal. And you certainly helped Fargrave and Nirn by destroying the Riven Cataclyst. Take this as recompense."

If you exit out of the quest completion dialogue before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"I hoped Madam Whim would have collected a rumor or two about Deadlight over the centuries, but she knew nothing to point us to its location. And the twisted rod you found, while interesting, is no help in this matter. We must find another way."
So how do we find this hidden realm called Deadlight? (Leads to quest completion dialogue)


Lyranth will be found scrying in the back corner of the room. If you haven't started the quest yet she will say "Come mortal, we have much to discuss."

If you got the quest from Hezehk, she'll say:

"Ah, the messenger found you. Good. Sister Celdina has the means to create more cataclysts, so the danger to Fargrave and Nirn remains.
We must ascertain the location of Deadlight and the hidden stronghold the Bladebearer prisoners heard mentioned."


"The secrets I seek rest with Sister Celdina. She still has the means to create more cataclysts, so the danger to Fargrave and Nirn remains.
We must ascertain the location of Deadlight and this hidden stronghold the Bladebearers heard mentioned."
Do you have any idea how we learn the location of Deadlight?
"Everything I know about Deadlight is rumor and conjecture. It is a plane that suffered some great cataclysm in the ancient past. A realm forgotten and lost to time.
I had hoped that Madam Whim would know more, but she claims the place is a mystery."
Rynkyus was sending his Bladebearers to scour the Deadlands for Sister Celdina.
"Interesting. The Bladebearer clan's scouts are indeed competent. Perhaps they can find the trail where we have thus far turned up nothing.
Very well. Find Rynkyus and see what he has learned. Meanwhile, I have my own research to conduct."
I'll speak to Rynkyus about finding Deadlight and the cult's stronghold.
"I asked Rynkyus to meet us here in Fargrave. You should find him in the Plaza of Portals. See if his scouts learned anything useful or if he requires your assistance.
In the meantime, I have investigations of my own to attend to."
Can you tell me about your investigations?
"Much of what I study is beyond the limits of your mortal comprehension, but I suppose you have earned some insight into my grand purpose.
I plan to study the twisted rod you gave me. I also want to ask the Anchorite about the events at Fort Grief."
At Fort Grief, Sister Celdina and Valkynaz Nokvroz had some sort of falling out.
"Did you not see that coming? I'm surprised they remained allies for as long as they did. Valkynaz Nokvroz obviously hated providing support to a mortal, and Sister Celdina clearly despised having Daedric oversight."
Does that mean we don't have to worry about Valkynaz Nokvroz any more?
"Certainly not. Nokvroz was attempting to figure out how to build his own cataclyst, you do recall? But we should strike at the Waking Flame while it is in disarray. Find their hidden stronghold, learn what I require, and then do what you must."
You think the twisted rod could be important?
"Any tool can find a purpose in the correct hand. I sense dormant magic within the rod. And something about the energy reminds me of your daedrat."
Arox does think the rod is important.
"Hmm. He does, does he? Interesting. We have seen that the daedrat's senses are highly attuned. Perhaps there is more to the rod than I originally suspected. I will study it and see what I can learn."
What do you want to ask the Anchorite?
"Both Rynkyus and the Anchorite mentioned how she disrupted the cataclyst's power, giving you the opportunity to defeat the Incarnate and destroy the machine. She claims not to know how she accomplished that.
Perhaps I can help her understand."
You're not going to hurt her, are you?
"I only want to hear her story. Ask her questions. She has indicated that when she tries to access her forgotten memories, the mask causes some amount of discomfort, but I will not personally inflict any harm upon her.
Do you not trust me, mortal?"

As you approach the portal to Deadlight, you'll hear your friends already there:

Rynkyus: "Locked and warded against Daedric incursion. These mortals are more resourceful than I imagined."
Lyranth: "You did well to find this place, Rynkyus. Ah, mortal. Let us confer."
The Anchorite: "Good. I was worried about you out there on your own."
Arox the Mutilator: "On your own? Who is Arox the Mutilator? Chopped Ogrim spittle?"

Speak to Lyranth:

"Since you found your way to this portal, I assume you also recovered a portal key and the cipher necessary to activate it?"
I found a portal key and the instructions, yes.
"Very good. And I also assume that you heard Rynkyus? Sister Celdina warded this portal not just to prevent my entry, but any other Daedric entity as well.
Neither I, nor Rynkyus, nor Arox will be able to step through this portal."
That leaves me and the Anchorite. What do you need us to do exactly?
"Learn whatever you can about the cataclyst and Sister Celdina's plans. Then I suppose you will want to kill Celdina, for the sake of Fargrave and Nirn.
Just keep an eye on the Anchorite. The events at Fort Grief have triggered an onset of memories."
Why do the Anchorite's memories concern you?
"Did I say I was concerned? Just watch her. Neither we nor the Anchorite know what her memories will eventually reveal. Who she really is. None of us may like the answer.
Go. We will wait here. Try not to destroy anything I may want to examine later."

Speak to her before entering the portal:

"Rynkyus and I will guard this place. Make sure nothing follows you to Deadlight. You can handle whatever awaits you in that shattered plane.
Just gather what information you can and deal with Sister Celdina. And keep an eye on the Anchorite."

Do what you can in Deadlight, and just when all hope seems lost, Lyranth opens a portal for you back to Fargrave:

Lyranth: "Can you hear me, mortal? I'm opening a path to Fargrave. Hurry!"

Enter and you'll find yourself at Madam Whim's:

Lyranth: "Ah, good. Now that you're here, tell me what happened in Deadlight."

Briefing her what happened at Deadlight:

"Valkynaz Nokvroz and an entire cohort of Dremora attacked the portal to Deadlight. They overwhelmed and eventually shattered the ward. Rynkyus and I were forced to retreat.
You have returned … but where is the Anchorite?"
We defeated Sister Celdina, but Valkynaz Nokvroz captured the Anchorite.
"Why would Valkynaz Nokvroz take the Anchorite? We saw that she had some power over the cataclyst, but what use of that would Nokvroz have. Unless … could he have succeeded in building his own cataclyst?"
He said he had a Perfected Cataclyst. But listen. The Anchorite's memories have been restored.
"You unlocked her memories? Overcome the power of her mask? Interesting.
And Nokvroz has a … what did you call it? A Perfected Cataclyst? Tell me, what did the Anchorite remember?"
She's the daughter of Emperor Moricar and Sister Celdina. Her name is Mairead.
"The daughter of a Longhouse Emperor and a powerful follower of Mehrunes Dagon? That's a recipe for, quite literally, disaster. But why did Nokvroz take the Anchorite?"
Valkynaz Nokvroz said he needed her blood to fuel his Perfected Cataclyst.
"We can't allow Nokvroz to harm the Anchorite or spill a drop of her blood. We will deal with that shortly.
You ended the threat of Sister Celdina and revealed things I did not know. I am satisfied with that, little mortal. Take this with my thanks."

If you reached the quest completion dialogue and haven't turned in the quest yet, she will alternatively say:

"The Anchorite's ties to the Order of the Waking Flame run even deeper than I suspected. The cataclysts were built to respond to the blood that runs through her veins.
What else did you learn in Deadlight?"
Valkynaz Nokvroz said he needed her blood to fuel his Perfected Cataclyst. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

Against All Hope[edit]

If you haven't started the quest, she will say "We cannot allow the servants of Mehrunes Dagon to possess the Anchorite."

Whether you start the quest with her of Hezehk, she'll say:

"We can't leave the Anchorite in Valkynaz Nokvroz's hands. That would be a very bad idea. He can use her blood to create devastatingly powerful Incarnates, abominations even I could not stand against.
We must assault his fortress—Ardent Hope."
Do you have a plan for assaulting a Daedric fortress?
"I always have a plan, mortal. We will require allies for this. Rynkyus and his Bladebearers. And a way to get inside. The Waking Flame portal key will do … if we can attune it properly.
And we need Arox. He should be familiar with Ardent Hope."
How do we attune the portal key?
"Portal keys, when properly attuned, can open paths where none existed before. But we require an expert for this.
Talk to Madam Whim, little mortal. She likes you. Convince her to help. If we have to assault the front gate, then we've already lost."
I'll ask Madam Whim to attune the portal key to get us into Ardent Hope.
"Go on. Use your charms to convince Madam Whim to aid us once more.
In the meantime, I want to try another spell of identification on the twisted rod you recovered from Annihilarch's Summit. I believe I am close to determining its original purpose."
Wouldn't Nokvroz's fortress be protected against a portal key used by the Waking Flame?
"Why would it? They were allies mere moments ago. I doubt he expects trouble from a group of mortals he despises.
It's possible the key already contains the coordinates to enter the fortress. I assume Sister Celdina visited the place many times."
Can't you attune the portal key?
"Perhaps. If time were not an issue. Besides, I can open my own portals to locations I am familiar with. I rarely use portal keys. We require an expert, and Madam Whim knows more about secret portals and byways than anyone in Fargrave. Including me."
The Riven Cataclyst was fueled by Dremora essence. Why would the Perfected Cataclyst need blood?
"Mortal blood and Daedric essence perform similar functions. And blood tied to rituals make them more powerful. The cataclysts are basically rituals made manifest.
Royal blood flows through the Anchorite's veins. That makes it valuable indeed."
What can you tell me about Ardent Hope?
"It is one of the seven hundred and seventy-seven impregnable citadels that house Mehrunes Dagon's legions. Nokvroz commands the garrison, protected by a cabal of Dremora blood adepts.
That's why we need Arox once we get inside."
Why do you think Arox knows about Ardent Hope?
"If we believe the daedrat, he was once a mighty Daedra in service to Mehrunes Dagon, as well as Nokvroz's superior. If that is true, then he must know how to navigate the fortress.
If we attempt a frontal attack, we'll never reach the Anchorite."
<If you've been to Ardent Hope>I've been to Ardent Hope. I didn't see Valkynaz Nokvroz there.
"It is a vast fortress. Nokvroz does not personally oversee everything that goes on within its walls. But the Perfected Cataclyst, or the daughter of Emperor Moricar?
Those are of vital interest to him. Nokvroz will guard them well."
Do you really think we have a chance then?
"We have the same chance we always have. And we will find a way.
What you told me raises questions about the Anchorite that I must have answers to. And you do not want Mehrunes Dagon's plans to succeed. So we shall deal with Nokvroz. Together."
You think the twisted rod is important?
"You gave it to me to study. I studied it. It protects its secrets very well, but I have learned a few things while you were busy in Deadlight.
It is an old relic that contains an enchantment as twisted as its form. It is … disconcerting."
Do you know what the enchantment does?
"Not exactly. Not yet. But Arox's essence is somehow tied to the relic. That could be why he was attracted to it.
I will continue to examine it as time permits. Who knows? It may have a use we can exploit should the need arise."

Arrive at the dais, and the gang will be ready:

"Madam Whim does nothing unless she believes it benefits her interests. We are much alike in that regard.
We would be wise to remember that Whim's loyalties are for sale. I will keep an eye on her while you align the rune stones."

Once you've solved the runic puzzle, she'll say:

"Retrieve the key from Madam Whim and prepare yourself to enter Ardent Hope. Every moment we tarry gives Valkynaz Nokvroz more time to extract the blood he needs from the Anchorite for his cataclyst device."

With the portal key in hand, Lyranth will try to convince Rynkyus to join your front:

Rynkyus: "The Bladebearers will keep the fortress's defenders occupied."
Lyranth: "Leave that to your clan, Rynkyus, and come with us. We could use your sword."
Rynkyus: "I will face Nokvroz in open battle, in the sight of my Kyn. That is the path of honor."
Arox the Mutilator: "Well said, Bladebearer, but I will destroy Nokvroz! Master, a word, please."

Speak to her before Arox:

"We must reach the Anchorite before Valkynaz Nokvroz can use her blood to fuel his Perfected Cataclyst. Obviously, he seeks to create his own Incarnates. I'd prefer not to have to face such a creature.
Now collect Arox and let us be off."
What happens once we step through that portal?
"Rynkyus and his Bladebearers will assault the front gate, drawing the attention of Valkynaz Nokvroz's forces. Meanwhile, we will infiltrate using the attuned portal key and attempt to remain undetected as we search the fortress for the Anchorite."
What happens when we find the Anchorite?
"We must prevent Nokvroz from using her blood to fuel his device. I admit I want to examine his so-called Perfected Cataclyst. This entire notion of changing the unchangeable…intrigues me. But I have no desire to face another one of those Incarnates."
Have you learned anything else about the twisted rod?
"Let's just say I have an idea about how we may utilize it if worse comes to worse.
Just keep Arox close. His knowledge of the fortress is essential if we're to make our way through the interior undetected."

She will go into the portal with you leading to the inside Ardent Hope:

"I was hoping the portal key would have gotten us deeper into the fortress, but we will have to make do.
Let us hurry and find the inner keep. I do not expect the Bladebearers to hold the attention of Nokvroz's main force for very long."

Approach the eastern gate and you'll hear Rynkyus and his Bladebearers on the other side:

Rynkyus: "We've breached the gates! Archers, clear a path!"
Rynkyus: "Bladebearers, with me! Show them our fury!"
Lyranth: "There is our distraction, just as Rynkyus promised. Let us not waste it. To the inner keep!"

Make your way inside Ardent Hope Citadel:

Lyranth: "Watch for blood adepts. They are Nokvroz's most-trusted servants. If we encounter them, the Anchorite may be near by."

Speak to her:

"Blood adepts. It would make sense that Valkynaz Nokvroz would entrust them to harvest the Anchorite's blood.
Let us look around and see if they can lead us to wherever the Anchorite is being held."

When you venture further:

Lyranth: "If Nokvroz harvests the Anchorite's blood, she may not survive the process."

Inside the Blood Adept Sanctum:

Arox the Mutilator: "The Anchorite. She's near."
Lyranth: "I sense her presence as well."

Lyranth teleports ahead. Catch up with her and she'll have spotted The Anchorite in the next room:

Lyranth: "There! Bloodlord Zavak, and he has the Anchorite. Let us listen in."

Get near the opening in the wall and Zavak will reveal part of his plan:

Bloodlord Zavak: "Your blood will empower the Perfected Cataclyst and birth an Incarnate to conquer all for Mehrunes Dagon."
The Anchorite: "I'll destroy that device just like I destroyed the Riven Cataclyst."
Bloodlord Zavak: "Valkynaz Nokvroz cast down the foolish Arox and purged the Order of the Waking Flame. You will submit, too."
Bloodlord Zavak: "Bring her. Nokvroz awaits us in the volcano. And you there, in the shadows—we will deal with you soon enough!"
Arox the Mutilator: "Foolish? When I am restored I will return and slaughter them all!"
Lyranth: "Another time, Arox. How do we reach that volcano?"
Arox the Mutilator: "Through the door to the north. Soon Nokvroz will feel my wrath!"

Enter the Inner Keep:

Lyranth: "The Bladebearers draw the attention of most of the fortress, but they will not endure much longer. We must hurry."

Speaking to her:

"Arox says this way will get us to the volcano. If that's where Valkynaz Nokvroz awaits the Anchorite, then we can assume his Perfected Cataclyst will be there as well."

Enter the Upper Reaches, Lyranth will notice Rynkyus and his Bladebearers being surrounded by Nokvroz's forces:

Arox the Mutilator: "Let me down, master. I can run from here."
Lyranth: "As I feared. The Bladebearers falter."
Dremora Kynval: "These are the mighty Bladebearers?"
Dremora Kynval: "Kneel, Rynkyus or Valkynaz Nokvroz will erase your clan from existence."

When you catch up to Lyranth and Arox, they'll be on a platform overlooking the Bladebearers below surrounded by Dremora:

"The path to the cataclyst lies ahead. But the Bladebearers are in trouble. If they fall, all eyes will turn toward us as we ascend. We will never reach the Anchorite.
Perhaps now is the time to release the magic stored in the twisted rod."
What does the magic stored in the twisted rod do?
"I am guessing, but a guess is all I have. I believe that the twisted rod holds the key to breaking Arox's curse. The magic inside it, it's Arox's true form.
If I break the rod, Arox would be restored to his former glory—for a time."
For a time?
"Time, or the lack thereof, is the issue. If I had more of it, I could work out a permanent solution. But if we break the rod without removing the curse, it may restore Arox, at least until the curse reasserts itself. We could certainly use his power."
So we sacrifice Arox's long-term restoration to use his power right now?
"If we want to save the Bladebearers and the Anchorite, yes. I will also need to stay behind. I can stave off the curse, but even that won't allow him to retain his true form for long. Take the rod and decide quickly, mortal. As I said, time is short."

Break the rod to release Arox's true form:

Lyranth: "The magic is released! Get ready, daedrat. Your final flight is about to begin."

Arox frees Rynkyus and Lyranth tries to hold back the daedrat's curse:

"To the volcano, go! I cannot suppress Arox's curse for long."

Later after defeating Nokvroz:

The Anchorite: "Wait. Do you feel that? Something's coming. Oh … oh no!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "Nokvroz underestimated you. You are indeed powerful … for mortals."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Ah, I remember you, little one. Moricar's whelp. I have plans for you."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Your companions, however, are a momentary nuisance. I shall destroy them."
Rynkyus: "Fall back! We cannot fight Mehrunes Dagon!"
Lyranth: "Hang on, I'll get us out of here!"

The portal will take you to the Plaza of Portals. There you'll be reunited with your friends:

The Anchorite: "Oh, Fargrave, how I missed you!"
Rynkyus: "Well fought, all of you. Lord Arox, it was an honor to share a battlefield with you."
Arox the Mutilator: "Yes. Forever will they fear my name, no matter what form I wear."
Lyranth: "Back to the House of Whims. We need time to recover. And to talk."

Inside Madam Whim's, Lyranth will be upstairs waiting for you to speak to her:

"All has turned out to my satisfaction. I learned what I needed to and you eliminated the threat of Incarnates laying waste to Fargrave and the mortal world.
And with Sister Celdina and Valkynaz Nokvroz gone, none remain to build new cataclysts."
Can you tell me exactly what you learned, Lyranth? You've been pretty vague about that.
"You have served me well and I have a certain fondness for you, mortal, but do not presume that we are friends. Dremora have no need of such things. And I will not share my secrets with you. They are mine and mine alone.
Let us talk of other things."
Do you think the Anchorite will be all right?
"The Anchorite has demonstrated the ability to survive whatever hardships come her way. She will sort out her memories and come to terms with her parentage, eventually.
And she should be safe here in Fargrave. The Stricture will see to that."
Mehrunes Dagon seemed interested in the Anchorite. This might not be over yet.
"It is over for now, little mortal. I too am curious about the daughter of a Longhouse Emperor, but thanks to your efforts at Ardent Hope, she remains out of Dagon's hands.
You have served both me and your world well. Take this. With my gratitude."
Can you help Arox undo his curse?
"It would have been difficult even before you chose to break the twisted rod. Without the relic? The endeavor seems doomed to failure. I doubt it would be worth my effort to even try."
Arox would owe you a big favor if you succeeded.
"Gratitude is foreign to our natures. I understand the concept only because I know more about mortals than most of my kind. Bargains, though... should I acquire the means to restore Arox, he would pay any price for my aid. Hmm. I shall consider that."

If you exit out of the quest completion dialogue before turning in the quest, she alternatively say:

"We have done well, little mortal. The cataclysts are destroyed, Sister Celdina and Nokvroz are gone, and the Anchorite has learned her identity. It will take her some time to sort out through her memories, but she is safe. You have seen to that."
Mehrunes Dagon seemed interested in the Anchorite. This might not be over yet. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

The Last Ambition[edit]

You can find Lyranth at Madam Whim's, at the Fargrave Wayshrine, the garden party at Gideon, or the Leyawiin Wayshrine.

Lyranth: "Mortal, a word."

Speaking to her:

"We stopped the Waking Flame's threat to Blackwood and saved Fargrave from the Incarnates, but many questions remain unanswered. Mehrunes Dagon is still a threat to your world, mortal, and there are things I still wish to learn. Will you aid me again?"
What do you need, Lyranth?
"I want to resume our search for the Fourth Ambition. And we should track down the other Ambitions, Sombren and Calia. They need to rejoin us before Mehrunes Dagon's lackeys find them.
I also want to know why Dagon is interested in the Anchorite."
So how do we proceed?
"We must return to Fargrave. Check with my contacts there.
I have also given Eveli the task to search through the Longhouse Emperor's documents to look for more clues pertaining to the Fourth Ambition. She will meet us in Fargrave's Plaza of Portals."
All right. I'll meet you and Eveli in the Plaza of Portals in Fargrave.
"The window of opportunity closes quickly, mortal. Both for what I still wish to learn and for you to save your world. Mehrunes Dagon has been thwarted twice, but that will only make him more dangerous next time.
Let us go meet up with the Wood Elf."

You can ask for a recap at this point:

Remind me. What's going on, Lyranth?
"Do you seek praise? You have done as I asked and been compensated. That is the mortal custom, is it not? You want more?
Very well. You helped me unravel the Longhouse Emperors' secrets in Blackwood, where we discovered three of the four Ambitions."
Right. Sombren, Destron, and Calia.
"Yes, but Destron was killed during the battle with the Order of the Waking Flame's high priest. Still, we kept Sombren and Calia out of Mehrunes Dagon's hands. Now they wander the Deadlands with the Mysterium Xarxes, learning to control their powers."
Right. And we stopped another sect of the cult from conquering Fargrave.
"So you do remember? Yes, in that Oblivion realm, we learned about the cataclysts and the process for creating Incarnates before you destroyed the devices. And we met the Anchorite, heir to the Longhouse bloodline. Dagon seemed very interested in her."
How do we find Sombren and Calia? Do you know where they are?
"No, but perhaps one of my contacts in Fargrave has heard whispers of powerful mortals hiding in the Deadlands. We will turn our attention to locating the Ambitions after we talk to Eveli and see what she has learned."
What do you hope Eveli can turn up by searching through the Longhouse documents?
"You and the Wood Elf uncovered many documents in the Imperial vaults. We barely had time to examine them before other tasks drew our attention. Maybe they will reveal the location or the identity of the Fourth Ambition. One can only hope."
Why are you still involved in all this, Lyranth?
"My curiosity is not yet sated. There are still things I wish to know about Mehrunes Dagon's plans and the creation of the Ambitions.
I intend to learn these and other things. Since our goals align, why not continue to work together?"

In the Plaza of Portals you'll find Eveli eager and waiting:

"Go on, little mortal. Ask Eveli what she's found."

After speaking to Eveli, Lyranth will interrupt:

Lyranth: "The Longhouse documents were no help and I still haven't heard any word from my contacts. Our next chance can be found at the House of Whims."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The House of Whims? That sounds intriguing!"
Lyranth: "Meet me at the House of Whims. It's time to explore the Anchorite's memories."

Lyranth disappears in a portal and Eveli runs to Madam Whim's. At the House of Whims, Lyranth and Eveli will have joined Madam Whim and The Anchorite:

Lyranth: "Anchorite, Mehrunes Dagon was particularly interested in you at Ardent Hope. We must examine your memories."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "So you're the Anchorite, huh? Neat mask!"
The Anchorite: "Thanks. I like your bow, too."
Madam Whim: "Let us begin. Mortal, use the memory vessel to capture fragments of the Anchorite's recollections as the ritual progresses."

Speak to her:

"Madam Whim has agreed to try to untangle the Anchorite's restored memories. Since we have no leads on the Fourth Ambition or where to look for Sombren and Calia, we must resort to this.
Let us get on with it, mortal. Stop wasting time talking to me."

Take the fragment and you'll hear voices:

Emperor Moricar: "She is my blood. The legacy of the Longhouse Emperors flows through her veins."
Lyranth: "Keep going. We are close."
Madam Whim: "Another memory fragment! Take it before it disperses."

Take the next fragment:

Emperor Moricar: "You are a tool, nothing more. Fulfill your purpose, or you will be discarded."
The Anchorite: "No! Please, make it stop."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You're hurting her! Stop! Stop this now!"
Lyranth: "Foolish mortals! You try my patience."

Speak to her:

"The Wood Elf had no right to stop the ritual. It was not her decision to make. Without any other lead, the Anchorite's memories were our best chance to determine Mehrunes Dagon's plans.
Now we have nothing!"
We still have the memory vessel. Maybe Madam Whim can make sense of the memories we gathered.
"You seek to quell my anger by suggesting we may still salvage something from this debacle? Very well. Show the memory vessel to Madam Whim. Let her tell us what it contains before I take my leave."
Leave? Where are you going?
"We have no clue as to how to find the last Ambition. The ritual was halted before it could fully sort the Anchorite's memories. Only one other avenue remains open—Sombren and Calia.
The likelihood that I can locate them is slim, but I must try."
Is something else bothering you, Lyranth?
"Do I seem tense? Well, you and Eveli seem oddly calm for creatures whose very plane of existence is under threat. Do you enjoy it here in Fargrave? Shall this sand pit be your sanctuary once Mehrunes Dagon conquers your world?
Go. Deal with Whim."

Speak to Madam Whim and she'll tell you the Longhouse Emperors are at Brandfire Reformatory:

"Very well. You and the Anchorite explore Brandfire Reformatory. Locate the souls of the Longhouse Emperors and learn what you can. I will meet up with you after I locate Calia and Sombren."

As you leave, the group makes plans:

The Anchorite: "It's my amulet and my memories, so I'm going with you."
Lyranth: "Very well. Take the Anchorite and explore this memory. See where it leads."
Lyranth: "Meanwhile, I will begin the hunt for Sombren and Calia."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You shouldn't go alone, Lyranth. I'll join you."
Lyranth: "How distrustful, Eveli. Fine. Mortal, we will find you when we have word."

At the reformatory, Emperor Moricar will reveal that The Anchorite is the fourth ambition as Lyranth arrives with Sombren, Calia, and Eveli:

"So, the Anchorite is the Fourth Ambition. Interesting. However, my tolerance for mortal emotions has reached its limit. Who knows what I could have learned had I been allowed to question the emperors?
At least we have the surviving Ambitions."

Once you tell Eveli you're ready to leave, Sombren takes Calia and The Anchorite into a portal, despite Lyranth's protestations:

Sombren: "You're one of us, Anchorite. An Ambition. Do you know what that means?"
The Anchorite: "I don't know a lot of things, it seems."
Sombren: "I can answer your questions. Come with us, to a place meant only for Ambitions. I'll show you."
Lyranth: "No. We need to stay together."
The Anchorite: "I'm sorry, Lyranth. I need to do this."
Lyranth: "Damn it, that was a mistake that may cost us dearly."

Speaking to her:

"Mortals. Always so unpredictable. As annoying as that is, perhaps that's what keeps me so interested.
You and Eveli head to the Isle of Joys. See what you can find there. I will follow the Anchorite. I want to keep an eye on Sombren."
Do you know this place Sombren was talking about?
"No, and his erratic behavior worries me. Mortal minds were not meant to read the Mysterium Xarxes.
I'm wary about him separating the Anchorite from us as well. We're going to need her once you determine the nature of this contingency plan."
You seemed pretty angry when the Anchorite decided to go with Sombren and Calia.
"My reaction is irrelevant. The Anchorite recently had her memories returned to her and has yet to make sense of them all. Now she discovers she's also an Ambition of Mehrunes Dagon and a tool of a father she didn't know. I understand her motivations."
How will you follow them?
"Have you not realized after all this time that I have my ways, little mortal. I found Sombren and Calia once. I can do so again.
In the meantime, you and Eveli should search the Isle of Joys. We must discover this plan that Emperor Moricar spoke of."

Go with Eveli and the two of you will eventually discover a Daedric Relic inside Doomvault Vulpinaz. Suddenly Lyranth arrives with a portents of doom:

Lyranth: "Mortals, we have a problem."

Hearing her out:

"That fool Ambition! He will ruin everything!
You both need to come with me. Sombren has turned to Mehrunes Dagon, and he plans to take Calia and the Anchorite with him. We must stop him!"
What do you mean, Sombren has turned to Mehrunes Dagon?
"How clear must I make it, little mortal? He has Calia and the Anchorite and is attempting to force them to go with him. He plans to present them all to the Prince of Destruction.
We must get to Annihilarch's Summit and stop him!"
All right. Let's go to Annihilarch's Summit.
"When I left to retrieve you, Sombren was attempting to wrestle power from each of the other Ambitions and take it for himself. He will turn that power over to Mehrunes Dagon unless we intervene. Quickly, through the portal. There is no time to waste!"

On the summit:

Lyranth: "As before, the properties of this accursed mountain play havoc with my magic. Better if you make your own way from here."

Outside the door to Ambition's End:

Lyranth: "Over here, mortal. Sombren took Calia and the Anchorite through that door."

Lyranth will be frozen trying to stop Sombren.

Inside, Sombren absorbs Calia's power, but The Anchorite reflexively casts her own power to stop him:

The Anchorite: "Sombren! Leave her alone!"

Sombren is thrown into a portal.

Lyranth: "Sombren didn't expect you to fight back, Anchorite. Well done."
The Anchorite: "What—what did I just do?"
Lyranth: "We should go, too. I will summon a portal to take us to Fargrave."

Speak to her after she is unfrozen:

"We should not remain here. I opened a portal to Fargrave. Let us meet there to discuss what we should do next."
What did Sombren do to Calia? And was that really Destron?
"Sombren stole Calia's powers. The Anchorite stopped him from taking hers as well, but it has become clear that Sombren is now our enemy. As for Destron, I'm not sure. Was it his spirit or just a manifested memory?
We should discuss this elsewhere."

Lyranth's portal will take you back to Madam Whim's in Fargrave:

Lyranth: "Calia and the Anchorite will be safe here. Come, little mortal. Let's talk."

Speaking to her:

"I did not expect Sombren to turn against us. Or for him to try to take the power of the remaining Ambitions. He now possesses the power of Destron and Calia, as well as his own.
If he hands that power to Dagon, neither of us will like the results."
What do you suggest?
"I am still considering our options. At least we have the Anchorite, and she still has her powers. That is enough for now.
You did well, mortal. Against all odds, you continue to prevail. Take this with my gratitude and prepare for what comes next."

Ambition's End[edit]

If you haven't started the quest, she will say "Mortal, a word."

Speaking to her:

"Now that we can confer in the relative safety of Madam Whim's establishment, tell me what you discovered on the Isle of Joys. Did the spirit of Emperor Moricar speak true? Is there a weapon that can be used against Mehrunes Dagon?"
The Longhouse Emperors had a plan to banish Dagon with something called the egonymic.
"Let me see the documents you found.
I am familiar with nymics, but not with this egonymic. If it truly has the power to banish Mehrunes Dagon, then no wonder the Longhouse Emperors kept it hidden. And did you visit the doomvault mentioned here?"
We found this Daedric relic hidden in a chest, but we don't know what it is.
"Interesting. And you found this in the vault? The one Moricar claimed belonged to his daughter? Then show it to the Anchorite. Perhaps she can remember something and ascertain its purpose.
We will need some advantage the next time we face Sombren."
I'll show the Daedric relic to the Anchorite.
"Our best hope lies in the Anchorite now. Show her the Daedric relic you recovered from her vault. Let her study it and extract its secrets. Perhaps some of her memories will come clear when she examines it."
Tell me more about nymics.
"Simply put, a nymic is a Daedra's true name. Some of us have many, others only one. If another knows these secret names, they can wield great power and influence over the Daedra they belong to.
Mortals use them in their incantations to compel us."
So what do you think an egonymic is?
"As a guess, it might be a stronger, more potent version of a nymic. If we gain access to it, we might be able to weaken Mehrunes Dagon. Perhaps even banish him to the darkest corner of the Deadlands, as the Longhouse Emperors intimated."
Why do you think Sombren is doing this? He was our friend.
"As we have discussed at length, friendship is an alien concept to my kind. I cannot comment on why mortals do the things they do. And I see little point in spending time agonizing over what could have been. Our time is better spent devising a plan."
How will we find Sombren then?
"Let us solve one problem at a time, mortal. The relic first, then Sombren.
He has studied the Mysterium Xarxes and gained the power of two of the three remaining Ambitions. He will make his way to Mehrunes Dagon's side as soon as he is able."
How did he take Calia's powers from her?
"Between his research and the knowledge Sombren already had that helped Calia control her power, he apparently figured out a way. Remember, he saw Vandacia absorb Destron's power. He may have extrapolated. Or he found something in that cursed book."

After speaking to the Anchorite and before putting the relic on the table:

"Allow the Anchorite to observe the relic. With any luck, she will be able to discover what secrets it holds."

Place the relic on the nearby table and a vision of Emperor Moricar will appear:

Emperor Moricar: "Mehrunes Dagon provided parts of himself to create the Four Ambitions. These parts make up his egonymic and give the Ambitions their power."
Emperor Moricar: "The egonymic can be used to weaken Dagon, to compel him back to Oblivion should the need to do so arise."
Emperor Moricar: "All four parts of the egonymic must be used to even attempt this course of action. We will only use it as a last resort."
The Anchorite: "I … I know this. A low and constant hum at the back of my mind."
The Anchorite: "A part of me, but also a part of something else. I think that's how we recognized each other, Sombren and me."
Lyranth: "So, the Longhouse Emperors were not as reckless as I thought. Mortal, I have an idea."

Speaking to her:

"As I surmised, the egonymic is a more powerful version of a nymic. Perhaps only the Princes have them, since I never heard of them before.
Sombren has two, perhaps even three of the four. We cannot allow him to return that power to Mehrunes Dagon."
You said you had an idea.
"Sombren was able to take Calia's power. His summoning of Destron's spirit at the summit suggests he also has Destron's somehow, as well as his own. We need to do what he did and steal that power from him for ourselves."
Can you do that?
"Oh, not me, little mortal. The Anchorite. She's the Fourth Ambition.
If Sombren truly seeks Dagon, then he's heading for the Prince's capital, Destruction's Solace. We need someone who can lead us through that fortress so we can intercept him."
Do you have someone in mind?
"Who else but Arox the Mutilator. The daedrat was once Mehrunes Dagon's most powerful general. He must have visited the city multiple times over the centuries.
Arox crawled off toward the Shambles when I told him I had no time to remove his curse."
I'll go to the Shambles and find Arox.
"And while you track down Arox, I will gather what allies I can. We will need more than those of us here to breach the walls of Solace and take on Sombren.
Meet me at Wretched Spire. Dagon's gaze never reaches that corner of the Deadlands."

Speaking to her again:

"Find Arox and meet me at Wretched Spire. I do not know what allies I can convince to join us, but we need more than these few. It will take an army to keep Sombren occupied long enough for the Anchorite to recover all the pieces of the egonymic."

Make your way to Wretched Spire and meet Lyranth along with Calia, The Anchorite, and Eveli:

Lyranth: "There you are, finally. Now we can begin."
Arox the Mutilator: "This is your army? Were I still in possession of my true form, the ground would shake with my laughter."
Lyranth: "I was not finished."

Just then several portals open and out steps a small army of allies from your adventures in Blackwood and Rynkyus and his Bladebearers:

Arox the Mutilator: "Now this we can work with! I know a spot where you can open a portal into Dagon's city."
Lyranth: "Very good, Arox. Come, mortal, we have plans to finalize."

Speak to her:

"I gathered allies, those who have fought by your side in the past. You certainly accumulated a lot of them in your travels.
Let us hope that between them and the daedrat's knowledge of the fortress, it will be enough."
What's our plan, Lyranth?
"I will open a portal to get us inside the walls of the city as Arox suggests. After that, our allies deal with the bulk of Solace's defenses while we try to intercept Sombren before he turns over his power to Mehrunes Dagon."
What if Sombren has already given his power to Mehrunes Dagon?
"Optimism will serve us better than pessimism in this, mortal. But the sooner we begin the better.
Take a moment to speak with your allies, if you want. Then let me know when you are ready."
I'm ready to go.
<Exits dialogue>
I need time to confer with to my allies.
"Very well. Let me know when you are ready to proceed."

If you need to speak to your friends, come back to her and she'll say:

"Speak to your allies if you wish, but do not dally. Sombren grows closer to Mehrunes Dagon with each moment that passes.
When you are ready to go to Destruction's Solace, we will move on your word."
I'm ready.
<Exits dialogue>

Speak to her before leaving and she'll tell you:

"Once we gather at the gates of Destruction's Solace, we must move quickly. We cannot hope to avoid the place's defenders for long."

Arrive at Destruction's Solace and your allies will be waiting:

"Do not let your guard down for even a moment. Mehrunes Dagon is not easily fooled and especially not for very long. Find Sombren, but be prepared for anything."

Enter the gate and suddenly your comrades start vanishing one-by-one in puff of smoke. The world goes black for you too, but you hear a familiar voice:

Lyranth: "Relax, mortal, I have you."

Speaking to her in safety:

"I was barely able to get a hold of you before the spell dispersed you along with the others.
I was a fool to think we could challenge a Daedric Prince! Mehrunes Dagon is one step ahead of us and we've already lost."
We're not done yet, Lyranth. Where are the others?
"Fighting for their lives, scattered to the far corners of this fortress, no doubt. You do not possibly have time to find them all. Mehrunes Dagon seeks to distract you from reaching Sombren. Do not lose sight of that goal.
Good luck, little mortal."
Good luck? Where are you going?
"We have reached that point we knew was coming. The place where our paths diverge. You must deal with Sombren for the sake of your world, while I seek the knowledge I came here to acquire.
I think I know what Dagon has planned, though."
You do? What's Mehrunes Dagon planning to do?
"Complete the bargain made with the Longhouse Emperors. He will use Sombren to access Nirn, then take back the power of the Ambitions in order to merge your world with the Deadlands. It was his plan all along.
I do hope you survive, mortal."
I need your help, Lyranth.
"Your needs are irrelevant and no longer my concern. Find your way through the fog. Perhaps you can gather your allies along the way.
Remember, you must defeat Sombren and employ the egonymic against Mehrunes Dagon before he merges the worlds."

Lyranth vanishes in a portal.

Inside The Lava Court, your in a chase to stop Sombren:

Mehrunes Dagon: "Sombren, when I give you the power (?)"
Mehrunes Dagon: "Sombren, open the portal to Nirn!"

Sombren creates a portal:

Mehrunes Dagon: "Forward, my warriors! The way to the mortal realm is clear!"
Sombren: "Yes, Lord Dagon! Your will is my command!"

Lyranth appears:

Lyranth: "No!"

Lyranth binds Sombren in magical chains, but Sombren quickly breaks free:

Lyranth: "I cannot hold him!"
Lyranth: "He's too powerful."

While Sombren escapes through a portal, Lyranth opens portals of her own:

Lyranth: "One moment. I will gather your allies."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That was brutal! Is anyone hurt?"
Rynkyus: "The Bladebearers are here, Lyranth."
Lyranth: "Mehrunes Dagon's assault on Nirn has begun. You have one chance to stop him from taking the mortal world. Do not waste it."

Speak to her:

"Do not give me that look. Paths diverge and cross all the time. It's in their natures.
Sombren has opened the way to Nirn for Mehrunes Dagon. If he gives the Prince his power, then Dagon will be able to merge the realms. You must go and stop them."

Sombren's portal takes you to Sundercliff where he plans on giving his powers to Dagon. You and your friends have to stop him:

Lyranth: "Sombren is transferring his power to Mehrunes Dagon. We must separate the key from the lock."
Lyranth: "Free the weapons here and use them to distract Dagon as you get closer to Sombren."
Lyranth: "What are you waiting for? You must defeat Sombren!"

If you speak to her, she'll just urge you forward:

"Mehrunes Dagon needs Sombren's power to take Nirn and merge it with his own realm. You must defeat Sombren before that, and then banish Dagon.
If the Anchorite cannot do her part, your world is doomed."

With Rynkyus' help, defeat the first wave of defenders. Lyranth will join you once the battle is cleared:

Lyranth: "We will draw Dagon's attention from here. Get to Sombren."

During the course of the big fight with Sombren and Dagon, Lyranth will add her help:

Lyranth: "Fear not, little mortal. I am here."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Dremora. Why do you oppose me?"
Lyranth: "A futile effort."
Lyranth: "Most impressive Prince Dagon."
Mehrunes Dagon: "Insolent pests! You will fall!"
Lyranth: "Now!"
Lyranth: "Is this all the Prince of Destruction can do?"

Once again, things seem impossible:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We can't keep this up! It's too much!"
Lyranth: "Anchorite! It is time! Call forth the final piece of the Egonymic!"
The Anchorite: "Hold on while I summon the power!"
The Anchorite: "The egonymic can hurt Dagon! Use it now!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "This cannot be! Curse you, mortal! I am absolute! I am inevitable! No! No!"

But you are victorious and are able to defeat Sombren and banish Dagon. Then to everyone's surprise, Lyranth takes the ambition's powers from The Anchorite.

The Anchorite: "We did it, he's gone!"
The Anchorite: "Is it really over?"
Lyranth: "Well done, little mortal. You were successful."
The Anchorite: "I have the power of all four Ambitions now. It feels like my head is going to burst."
Lyranth: "Then I shall relieve you of it, Anchorite."
The Anchorite: "Lyranth, what are you doing?"
Lyranth: "You have done well, mortals, your realm is safe."
Lyranth: "I consider our venture together a success. But we must part ways."
Lyranth: "That portal will take you back to Wretched Spire. I have what I need. We will not see each other again."

Lyranth vanishes, again.

Hope Springs Eternal[edit]

Return to Fargrave and Madam Whim will tell you she senses Lyranth's presence in the city. Follow some magical anomalies and you'll see echos of Lyranth:

Lyranth: (from The Celestial Palanquin)"Even a Dremora of my talents cannot hope to stand alone against the Dagonists and an army of living disasters."
Lyranth: (from Destruction Incarnate)"It cost you nothing, mortal. As for what I paid, I'd rather not discuss it."
Lyranth: (from Ambition's End)"We have reached that point we knew was coming. The place where our paths diverge."

The wisps will eventually lead you to a balcony above Nila's House:

Lyranth: "Little mortal. Come to take in the view?"

Confronting her about her motives:

"I had a feeling you would not rest until you found me, little mortal. I skirted the Wood Elf earlier, but I know better than to keep you from your goal.
I assume you wish to speak with me. So. Speak."
Why did you steal the power of the Ambitions?
"Steal? Destron is dead, Sombren is dead, and Calia was already stripped of hers. I stole nothing.
As for the Anchorite, she is better off without them. She should thank me for removing that shackle to her past."
Was this your plan all along?
"My plan? I started out looking to learn a secret. Where my search would lead, I had no clue. But yes, the more we uncovered, the more I grew interested in the Ambitions' power. The ability to shift destinies.
What happens next? Not your concern."
It doesn't need to end like this, Lyranth.
"Oh, but it does. Where I walk next, no mortal has even ventured. Possibly no Daedra, either, for that matter.
I will not allow anyone to stand in my way. Not even you. It is time to let me go, little mortal."
Wait, there's still more I want to ask you.
"Mortals. Always asking questions that do not require answers.
But I cannot discount your role in helping me achieve my goals, so I suppose I can try to satisfy your curiosity. Go ahead. Ask what you will."
Why do you need the Ambitions' power?
"To fulfill a promise made a long, long time ago, little mortal. And that is all I will speak of it."
Our allies are meeting in Leyawiin. Will you join us?
"We are no longer allies. I do not see the point. My part in this is finished and I am satisfied. There is nothing further I need from them. Or from you."
Will we see each other again?
"I am not a prophet, mortal. Seeing the future is not among my many abilities. But the whorls and eddies of existence carry us together and apart in their courses. None can truly know when we will meet again."
I have no more questions.
<Exits dialogue>
All right. Farewell, Lyranth.
<Exits dialogue>
Lyranth: "You have been quite useful, little mortal. You have my thanks, for what it is worth."
Lyranth: "Wherever I go next, do not attempt to follow. Our paths must diverge, at least for now."

Lyranth dematerializes and vanishes for what feels like the last time.


What do you really know about the mysterious Dremora Lyranth aside from her affiliation with Coldharbour's Foolkiller clan? Listen and maybe learn. After adding Lyranth to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 025002,500 Crowns
Availability April 1, 2021

Lyranth became available in the Crown Store for 025002,500 Crowns as a houseguest on April 1, 2021.


Appearances: 1

  • Crown Store — April 1, 2021

Houseguest Dialogue[edit]

When placed in a home, she can be spoken with. She will say one of the following lines when prompted:

"Ah, mortals! What curious creatures! Your little antics amuse me so!"
"Ah, my delicious morsel. Whose downfall shall we plot today? Surely you must know some poor fool who deserves your vengeance. Tell me about them and we'll orchestrate something particularly inspiring!"
"Considering your pitifully short lifespans, why do you little mortals waste so much of your day lying unconscious in a bed? Ridiculous."
"Curios and furnishings. Consider how some other mortal spent a portion of its sad, finite existence to fashion them for another's benefit? How did they convince that creature to give up some of its life for such a materialistic endeavor?"
"For my own curiosity, could you recount the experience of your birth? It sounds like a perfectly awful way to begin one's existence on this plane, but I require more details to know for sure."
"Have you ever considered that you might advance your position through murder and assassination? Happens among my kind all the time.
You see, if you eliminate your rivals, they never trouble you again! You have no idea how convenient that can be."
"Hope is the cruelest torture of all, little mortal. Have you not yet learned this lesson?"
Houseguest Lyranth
"I am concerned that you do not have enough enemies. A Dremora is judged by the quality and quantity of her vendettas, after all. Is it not the same for mortals?"
"I confess I have been rather critical of mortal frailties and your so-called food. But there is something to be said for the substance you refer to as cake.
Do you happen to have any more lying around?"
"I don't see why you little mortals form attachments. You die, they die, someone will die. And then someone will be sad. A waste of effort, if you ask me."
"I forget. Is the Empire in Cyrodiil the same Empire that the so-called Saint Alessia founded? I can't be bothered keeping track of such things.
And time. It behaves differently here. Not like in Oblivion at all. Very disconcerting."
"I have been studying the beliefs of some of your Daedric cults. Ah, the sweet ignorance of these deluded fools! They have no idea what they are actually dealing with."
"I have determined what your world is missing—the satisfying and melodic screams of the damned.
The absence is rather unsettling, truth be told."
"I have just now learned how the foodstuff you call cheese is created. Truly, to relish such an abomination, you mortals must be made of sterner stuff than I had imagined."
"I might have need of you in about four hundred and thirty-three of your years. It's a minor scheme that I have been working on, but you would be perfect for it, and of course I would reward you. Do you think you could avoid dying until then?"
"I observed a very small mortal—oh, you might call it a child—interacting with a tiny beast. The creature kept licking the child, but its tongue had no barbs or sharp edges.
A rather damp and ineffective form of flagellation, in my opinion."
"I ventured into a mortal city recently and encountered—oh, what were they called again?—ah, mimes, that was it. I encountered mimes for the first time. They are absolutely horrifying. Well done."
"I visited one of your Aedric temples recently. The mortals there seemed to hold an entirely unwarranted regard for those tiresome entities. When was the last time a so-called god actually answered a prayer or smote an enemy?"
"I went to pay a visit to a mortal I hadn't seen in some time—a mage by the name of Hireneia. Evidently, she has been dead for some nine hundred years, which I understand you regard as a significant span of time.
How very inconsiderate of her."
"Is it customary to greet strangers by screaming and fleeing? I seem to encounter that a lot in your world."
"I've been reading about your so-called Emperor Reman and his ambition to conquer the world. A very admirable trait in a mortal, and highly unusual.
Could you introduce us? You mortals all do know each other, correct?"
"I've observed that many mortals spend their brief existences toiling to avoid death, but end up dying anyway.
If there's a point to all that, please enlighten me."
"Tell me about this thing called sleep. Do you really spend a part of every day unconscious and performing absolutely no useful function whatsoever? It sounds so inefficient and boring.
Why does your overseer permit such lackadaisical behavior?"
"The best advice I can give a mortal is this: Never ask a question to which you do not want to know the answer. Ignorance can be a kindness, my sweet morsel."
"The mortal seems to be addressing us. Does it desire something from me? Perhaps if I remain quite still, it will simply go away."
"This creature called a songbird. What a devious creation! This winged nuisance erodes sanity with its incessant chirping. What a brilliant form of torture!
Let's just make sure that one doesn't nest near here."
"What you mortals fail to appreciate is your ability to surprise me. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred I can predict exactly what a mortal will do. But the hundredth time? No idea.
That is why you interest me."
"Where do they keep the implements of torture? As long as I'm here, I might as well indulge in some recreational bloodletting."
"Your death draws nearer every day, the end of your very existence. And yet, you carry on with no unusual urgency. Fascinating."
"Your world has … possibilities. Mortals create new things. It is the one attribute of yours that my kind envy. I see why so many of the Daedric Princes wish to claim your world for their own."

The following Houseguest dialogue is dependent on if you have done her quests before:

"Ah, little mortal, so good to see you again!
You have helped me in the past, however insignificantly, and despite your lowly status as a creature of flesh and blood, I more or less appreciate your efforts."
"I admit that, to me, most mortals look more or less the same. Give me a moment. Yes, yes, I recall that odor. The distinct smell of over achievement and quiet desperation.
I do remember you, little mortal! What entertainment you provided me!"
"No, I am not imprisoned within this domicile, despite the predicaments you found me in in the past. I am merely here to … how do you mortals say it? To see how the other half lives?
So far, I am not impressed."

This dialogue is dependent on if you have done the Blackwood Prologue Quests, A Mortal's Touch, and The Emperor's Secret.

"Mehrunes Dagon cultists, can you imagine? Why mortals would turn to the Prince of Destruction is beyond even my great capacity to understand. Perhaps you can enlighten me.
Do mortals enjoy natural disasters?"
"Secrets. We seem destined to drown in enigmas and mysteries! The Daedric Princes have a fondness for them, as do so many of your fellow mortals. But the secrets of Emperor Leovic, they vex me. I will unravel them.
You may help too, I suppose."
"Wards. I can't abide such magic, especially when employed against me.
Little mortal, as much as I appreciate your efforts to break the wards on my behalf, the very fact that I required your assistance … it galls me. I'm sure you understand."


Flames of Ambition Gameplay Trailer[edit]

The Flames of Ambition trailer alternates between Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Lyranth narrating:

<Waking Flame cultists are shown worshipping at a statue of Dagon. It then cuts to the Gates of Oblivion Logo, before showing Eveli Sharp-Arrow reading a book.>

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The stories I've read tell of how these lands once thrived."

<Scenery from the Blackwood, before showing the cultists doing what they do best.>

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Before the cultists, before the chaos ... and fire."

<Switches to Lyranth watching cultists in the Cauldron.>

Lyranth: "Watching these pathetic mortals bores me."

<The next scene shows the cultists performing a ritual and channeling power into Baron Zaudrus.>

Lyranth: "Meddling with power they don't comprehend."

<Back to the Black Drake Villa with Eveli sneaking up on a pair of cultists at a summoning circle.>

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This destruction, this plotting and scheming. It must be stopped."

<Eveli shoots one of them with an arrow, next thing you know she's fleeing the summoned Fire Atronachs down a hallway. There is then a montage of player characters fighting monsters from the two dungeons, interspersed with the text, "OBLIVION INVADES TAMRIEL".>
<The scene returns to Lyranth in the Cauldron.>

Lyranth: "A deal has been struck."

<Lyranth appears to stagger as she has a vision of the Deadlands and its Master.>

Lyranth: "He is coming. Dagon."

Blackwood Trailer[edit]

Lyranth narrates the Blackwood trailer:

<Lyranth appears out of a portal on a cliff overlooking a city. The following scene shows her walking through various locations as she narrates.>

"Mortals. They're always in far greater danger than their feeble minds could ever hope to understand."

<A montage of mortal citizens going through their daily routines.>

"Even now they continue to live their pointless little lives, as they teeter oblivious on the edge of complete destruction."

<A silhouetted figure stabs a woman from behind and afterwards Eveli is seen investigating the scene.>

"Mortals are nothing more than insignificant grains of sand."

<A banner of Mehrunes Dagon is shown, and then cuts to a quartet of cultists summoning a daedra.>

"But I must admit, I am intrigued by their latest predicament."

<A montage of adventurers fighting various creatures. The next scene show Lyranth exploring some Argonian ruins.>

"It has been a ... very, very long time since I've encountered a mystery worthy of my time and talents."

<The group of adventurers are now in the Deadlands, where Lyranth watches them from up high.>

"Hmph. I will encourage them."

<The adventurers are shown fighting a titan, the POV character is hit by a wall of flame and the screen goes black.>

"They can thank me later."

<The final scene shows some Deadlands Daedra worshipping a giant Mehrunes Dagon.>