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Emperor Leovic
(lore page)
Location Imperial SewersAbyssal Depths (Lost Tombs)
Race Reachman Gender Male
Health 1,001,519 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackdrake Clan
Condition Zombie
Emperor Leovic

Emperor Leovic is a Reachman zombie boss found in the Abyssal Depths section of the Imperial Sewers. During the fight, he will transform into a flesh atronach.

A Worm Cult Dreadmage, Battlemage and Cryomancer are performing a ritual in front of the Emperor's corpse. The Worm Cultists surrounding his throne must be killed before you can face the former Emperor. His flesh atronach textures are unique, as his torn clothes are clinging to his swollen form.

He was formerly the Emperor of Cyrodiil a number of years ago before being deposed by Varen Aquilarios. According to the Groundskeeper's Letter and dialogue with The Rat, Leovic's body was dumped in the sewers after his death at the hands of Varen Aquilarios.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

His abilities at the start of the encounter are typical for zombies, and in no way unique.

A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
The zombie vomits on a target doing moderate disease damage as indicated by a cone.
The zombie lunges at the target. doing moderate physical damage and staggering the target. Blocking will prevent the stagger and set the zombie off balance.
Emperor Leovic
(lore page)
Location Imperial SewersAbyssal Depths (Lost Tombs)
Species Flesh Atronach
Health 1,001,519 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackdrake Clan
Emperor Leovic, transformed

His unique abilities come into play after he transforms, when his health falls to around 80%.

Debased Dragonfire
Atronach Leovic holds up his flaming arm and fires several bouts of accursed flames at you, quickly dealing moderate to severe flame damage. The projectiles he fires all home in on you, making them very hard to avoid.
Summon Zombies
Emperor Leovic summons several Imperial zombies to fight for him.
When Leovic summons zombies, it leaves a lingering poison AoE that snare you and deal major poison damage.
Slams his arm on the ground, dealing moderate physical damage.
He hits you with his arm, dealing low physical damage.
Imperial Summons
Emperor Leovic roars, slowly drawing all players in range towards him and dealing moderate void damage. You can break free from this ability's effect.


Using Debased Dragonfire

Upon resurrection:

"The White-Gold Tower is mine!"
"The Longhouse Dynasty is eternal!"
"Thralls of Varen Aquilarios will die!"
"The Emperor is dead. Long live the Emperor!"
"By the power of the Ruby Throne, interlopers will die!"
"This rebellion will be crushed!"

Summoning his zombies:

"To me, my subjects!"
"You are summoned, my subjects!"
"I command my subjects to serve me!"

Reeling attackers towards himself:

"Supplicants, come and pay homage!"
"By Imperial decree, I sentence you to death!"
"All subjects approach and pay respect!"
"All bow to the Emperor!"
"The Emperor sentences you to death!"
"Bring the prisoners before me, for my judgement!"
"Come to me and bask in the glory of the Empire!"


There is one Achievement associated with this creature.

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Sewer Subjugator.png Sewer Subjugator 15 Kill all the named champions lurking in the Imperial Sewers.

Emperor Leovic
(lore page)
Location Brandfire Reformatory
Race Reachman Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackdrake Clan
Condition Spirit
Emperor Leovic

His spirit can be found at secret room in Brandfire Reformatory in the Deadlands during The Last Ambition. He was the last of the Longhouse Emperors, and is accompanied by spirits of his father Moricar and grandfather Durcorach.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As you explore the secret chamber in Brandfire Reformatory you can hear him:

Emperor Leovic: "Free us, mortals! Now!"

You may talk to him after the souls of Longhouse Emperors are freed from their prison in the secret chamber:

"This is not freedom. No, simply a respite from the darkness.
I remember the traitors at my gates, the blade of the usurper slicing through my flesh. But I hid them away. I did my best to fulfill the bargain."
Who are you?
"I am Leovic, last of the Longhouse Emperors. But who are you? You have the stink of the traitorous Varen about you. That snake! I knew he was coming. I knew I had to take action. Preserve the plan. Keep the secret. Salvage the contingency."
Tell me about this plan.
"It started with my grandfather, but it was my father who passed the responsibility to me. It was all part of the bargain the Black Drake made with Mehrunes Dagon. We would prepare the Four Ambitions, and in return, our family would rule forever."
So what happened?
"I took action! I moved the Ambitions to new vaults. Safe vaults. But before I could do more, the usurper murdered me. And how did Mehrunes Dagon reward me? By locking me away in a block of metal! And the secret of the Longhouse Emperors died with me."

After the conversation with his father, Moricar, the meeting between the Anchorite and the spirits of the Longhouse Emperors will come to an untimely end. Leovic and other spirits vanish as Sombren attacks them.