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Eveli Sharp-Arrow
(lore page)
Location Varies
Race Wood Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
31,364 (During Long Live the King)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower Blood on a King's HandsOrsinium (dependant)
The Emperor's Secret
Eveli Sharp-Arrow

Eveli Sharp-Arrow is a Wood Elf adventurer who has arrived in Wrothgar at the behest of King Kurog.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

During The Emperor's Secret, Eveli will aid you will her bow and healing:

Arrow Spray
Quick Shot
Wood Elf Restorative
Throws potions on the ground which leaves a three circles. Standing in any will give you the Wood Elf Restorative buff, healing you.

Quest-Related Events[edit]


Invitation to Orsinium[edit]

When you first approach her location near the Merchant's Gate, you'll hear the following:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "What are you doing? We can't let Chief Bazrag deal with the Winterborn by himself!"
Danual Saklin: "I didn't come all this way to die, Elf! That isn't what I signed up for!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Damn it! Where are all these Winterborn marauders coming from?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Anyone see where the chief and his warriors went? Anyone?"
Flies-In-Wind: "All I see is death and Ice-Heart's damn Winterborn. A whole lot of Winterborn …."

Speaking to her, she'll say:

"Did Orsinium send you? Are you part of the reinforcements?
The Winterborn came out of nowhere. It happened so fast. They took our cargo into the hills and the Orc peasants chased them. That's when Chief Bazrag and his warriors arrived."
Slow down and tell me what happened.
"Our caravan was heading for Orsinium, the new Orc city, when the Winterborn landed on the wagons like flesh-flies on skeever pie.
The Orc peasants refused to let their supplies be taken, so they chased the marauders into the hills."
You let defenseless peasants go after the marauders?
"In case you haven't noticed, these cracked acorns aren't worth their weight in blood-berry pudding!
Besides, before we could rally our forces, Chief Bazrag and his Orc warriors arrived. He told us to wait here and then went after the marauders."
I'll go help the chief.
"I knew I liked you the moment I saw you!
Chief Bazrag is big and mean and looks like he can fight, but there were an awful lot of marauders. Ice-Heart's Winterborn won't stop until Bazrag and all the Orc peasants are dead. You better hurry!"
Aren't you coming with me?
"I will. Eventually. Maybe. I mean, look around!
These people are injured! What happens if the Winterborn come back? Someone has to protect them, keep them from being picked off one by one. Anyway, I'll keep them safe while you help Chief Bazrag."
What brings a Wood Elf to Wrothgar?
"This caravan brought me! I thought we already covered that?
Oh, you mean specifically. The invitation. You got one, too, didn't you? It talked about testing yourself against the most savage land in Tamriel. That was a challenge I couldn't pass up!"
What can you tell me about Chief Bazrag?
"He's a chief! In charge of an Orc clan or something.
If you ask me, he's got more than a chip on his shoulder. It's a whole damn mountain! I don't think he's a big supporter of King Kurog, but he saved us before he went to help the peasants."
Was the chief part of your caravan?
"No, we were the caravan guards. Bazrag said he was on patrol, looking for Winterborn marauders. Some scary Reach warlord named Ice-Heart leads them. Even Bazrag seemed a bit nervous just talking about him.
Now go help the chief before it's too late!"

After meeting up with her, Bazrag, and Talviah Aliaria, she'll tell you:

"The others went on ahead to the city, in case you're wondering.
I, um, felt kind of responsible for sending you into harm's way, so I waited around to make sure you were all right. And here you are! Right as rain!"
So what's a Wood Elf doing in a place like this?
"Same as all the others. Looking for adventure!
I figured there wasn't a better place to make a name for myself than in the untamed wilderness of Wrothgar. Are you going to Orsinium?"
Yes. I need to present myself to Forge-Mother Alga.
"Ah, King Kurog's mother! She's one smart woman and an even smarter Orc!
From what I've heard, you want to stay on her good side. I understand she has a fierce temper."
What about you? Are you going to Orsinium?
"Eventually. But first they asked me to go to Frostbreak Fortress. I think they realized I was good with a bow and they need something filled with arrows. Hopefully, it's more of these Winterborn!
Who knows, maybe I'll see you there!"
(if you haven't completed The Hidden Harvest)
"After this and what happened at Frostbreak Fortress, I think I need to take a break. Think I'll lay low for a while.
You be safe out there, all right. This place is worse than Elden Root on market day!"
(if you have completed The Hidden Harvest)

The Hidden Harvest[edit]

Find Sergeant Rorburz in a besieged tower, and you'll see a familiar face.

""Stand back and stay out of the way, Elf!" They actually said that to me!
We're surrounded by death and destruction and they're worried that an outsider might show them up! They can take their pride and ... sorry, sorry. I'm a little stressed"

After getting orders from Rorburz, she'll be delighted with the Orcs trust in her:

"Did I hear that right? They're going to actually trust me with this mission?
It's about time. I told them how I won every one of my clan's archery tournaments since I was tall enough to hold a bow. I can do this. I know I can."
The mission depends on you.
"Between you and me, I'm kind of new to this whole adventuring thing. No one told me exactly what an adventurer is supposed to do. Will I know it when I see it? Is that how this hero business works?
An instruction manual would be good."
Aren't you supposed to mark the harpy nests with a fire arrow?
"Oh, I know what the mission is! I was just talking about hero stuff in general.
As for the aeries, I could hit something that big with my eyes closed. Say, that would be a real challenge! I'd even impress the Orcs with a strike like that."
I'll clear a path to the towers. Just follow the Orcs. And keep your eyes open.
"You seem pretty confident. All right, I guess I can be confident, too.
But these Orcs, they aren't the sharpest thorns in the forest. Still, no matter how hard a time they give me, they did manage to keep me safe. I'll follow them."
Just stay safe and keep your arrows ready.
"Charging through a camp of Winterborn marauders. Just another day for an adventurer, huh? Guess it takes some getting used to.
Remind me to ask you all kinds of questions later, once we're done with all this. I could use some advice on being a hero."

While trying to get to the Harpy aeries, you'll hear Eveli behind you:

Corporal Lugrots: "Keep up, Elf! Those harpies aren't going to kill themselves."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "But there are so … many … stairs …."
Corporal Lugrots: "No time for complaints, either! We have a mission to complete!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right, all right. Pushy Orc. Just tell me when you want me to make the strike."
"Gusting winds. Flying birds trying to eat us. Fire everywhere. But that up there? That's a stationary target that needs an arrow in it.
Just tell me when you want me to make the strike."
Loose your arrow!

Eveli shoots and hits the aerie on the opposite tower:

"Well … that was … amazing!
We get to do that again, right?"

At the next tower:

Sergeant Rorburz: "Tower secure! Good work, outsider!"
Sergeant Rorburz: "The Wood Elf is right behind me!"
<A Harpy swoops down and carries Sergeant Rorburz away>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm getting really tired of you Orcs trying to leave me be—that's strange, where did the sergeant go?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "How typical! Now I know why Orsinium put out that call for help."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Well, at least you're still here. Let me know when you want me to light the signal."
"Do me a favor and don't let any of those filthy harpies get too close. I'd hate to get carried off because I was busy concentrating on making this ridiculously easy strike.
Speaking of which, let me know when you want me to loose my arrow."
Loose your arrow!

Again, Eveli hits the mark:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Two aeries destroyed, no problem! Now let's find the Breton alchemist."

Speak to her before leaving:

"I have to admit, those Orc catapulteers can certainly hit a mark!
Now all we need to do is find this alchemist. The Orcs want him inside the fort so he can locate the source of those briarheart warriors."
Any idea where we can find the alchemist?
"Beats me. The squad escorting the alchemist was supposed to find a way into the fortress proper.
Sorry I can't give you better directions, but I never was good at making or reading a map."
Nice bow work, by the way.
"You really think so? Thanks! I'm kind of proud of my placement.
I'm just glad I was able to contribute to the cause."
What are you going to do now?
"Help you finish this, of course! That's what heroes do, am I right?
I'll just wait a moment and catch my breath, then I'll be right behind you!"

Arrive at the fortress keep entrance and Eveli will be waiting:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh good, you found him!"
"The rest of the Orc soldiers went back to the camp to report in and get new orders. I don't think they actually expected you to find the alchemist.
I guess the joke's on them, huh?"

Inside, Alinon will take the lead:

Alinon the Alchemist: "Come, come, follow me. If my suspicions are correct, we shouldn't have any trouble finding what I'm looking for."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We're all going to die down here, aren't we?"
"I think the alchemist found something. As much as I like the attention, you'll probably learn more if you talk to him."

And if you talk to her before speaking to Alinon:

"I think the alchemist found something. As much as I like tje attention, you'll probably learn more if you talk to him."

Speak to Alinon and he'll give you a task but ask that Eveli stay and protect him.

"Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to the alchemist. I promise."
You sure you're up to this?
"Am I sure? No, not in the least. But I figure you've got enough to deal with without worrying about me and Alinon.
Besides, once you really get going, this whole place will be too busy to bother with little old me."
I'll be back as soon as I can.
"Do what you need to do and try not to die. We'll be all right.
We need to destroy those briar hearts, one way or another. Then we can gloat about how we accomplished what an army of Orcs couldn't do. It'll be grand!"

Return to where you left Alinon and Eveli, only to find Eveli... alone:

"So … I don't suppose you … maybe … might have seen Alinon … on your way back. Maybe?"
What happened to Alinon?
"Listen, it wasn't my fault.
Alinon sent me to get him some moss that grows on the walls down here. When I got back, the alchemist was gone."
We have to find the alchemist.
"Right! That's an excellent plan!
But you should take this. Alinon said it was the last ingredient he needed to finish his elixir. I don't see his alchemy bag, so he must have the rest of the components with him … if the tree hasn't eaten him yet."
The tree ate Alinon?
"What? No, of course not. At least, I don't think it ate him.
But he told me that the Winterborn plant briar heart seeds in dead bodies. The seed eats the body, sprouts roots, and nourishes the tree. Or something like that. I wasn't really listening."
You have no idea where we should go to look for him?
"Well, I went that way to gather the moss, so he must have gone the other way. Probably turned right at the bend ahead.
Let's split up. We can cover more ground that way. Besides, I kind of feel it's my fault, since I left him alone and all that."
"You go that way and I'll go this way. The alchemist has to be around here somewhere!
As long as he's got his alchemy bag and that moss, everything will turn out fine."

Locate Alinon in his roasting cage and Eveli will catch up:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There you are! I was looking all over for—hey, how'd Alinon get up there? That doesn't look very safe."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We should get him out of there before he cooks, right?"
"I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I bet I could break the chain holding up the cage with a few well-placed arrows."
You help Alinon. I need to go find his elixir.
"Sure, sure. Don't worry. I've got this!
You don't suppose the cage will shatter on impact, do you?"
Just make sure Alinon doesn't get hurt, all right?
"No worries. I never hit anything I'm not aiming at. Well, except for that one time. But that totally doesn't count. I told Bomfor not to move!
Go on. I'll take good care of the alchemist."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, Alinon! I need you to stay very, very still so I can get you down!"
Alinon the Alchemist: "With a bow and arrow? The cage will drop into the fire—with me inside!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Just make sure you tuck and roll!"

Outside, Alinon will play down the whole ordeal:

Alinon the Alchemist: "I just need to catch my breath. I'll be fine."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "They tried to roast you! That's not how we define fine where I come from!"
Alinon the Alchemist: "Compared to some of my adventures, this was practically a day at the fair!"
"The alchemist was almost roasted alive and he's not even remotely distressed about it. No concern for my feelings at all.
Did he thank me for rescuing him? No. Does he show even a little gratitude? Not one bit!"

Speak to her before leaving and she'll say:

"Another mission accomplished! We make a pretty good team, don't we?
If you need my help again, just whistle. I'm always ready for another adventure!"

A King-Sized Problem[edit]

Finish speaking to Captain Zugnor and you'll hear a familiar voice:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey Hero! Over here!"
"The king sent you here to rescue the hostages, didn't he? Of course he did. That's why they recruited heroes, after all, am I right?
Listen, I have a plan. It's brilliant! Want to hear it?"
All right. Tell me what you're thinking.
"See those horkers behind me? Don't look! Anyway, they've been acting suspiciously. Standing around, making shifty eyes, showing odd hand gestures to passers-by.
I've read enough Investigator Vale books to recognize criminal behavior when I see it!"
Who's Investigator Vale?
"You never read Investigator Vale? The books about the brilliant scholar who travels the world and solves crimes? She doesn't use magic or weapons. Just her charm and her wits and—
Look, I'll lend you a copy later, but we need to focus here!"
You think those two are involved with the fanatics?
"Isn't it obvious? Look at their evil demeanor, their villainous whispering. I bet if we rattle them, they'll run off and lead us right to the hostages!
Watch. I'll just let loose an arrow. That should put the fear of Y'ffre into the survivor!"
You can't just shoot someone because you think they might be evil!
"Of course I can. I do it all the time. And I'll have you know that I'm right about fifty percent of the time!
Fine, fine, we'll do things your way. But I'm going to keep an eye on those two."
Speak to her again:
"Fine. Do things your way. Nobody ever believes the cute Wood Elf.
I'm going to stay here and watch those two, anyway. They're up to something. I'm sure of it!"
I see what you mean. Go ahead and let's see what happens.
"Really? I mean, yes! I knew I liked you for a reason!
Once the other one starts to run, don't let him out of your sight. He should lead you right to the hostages."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "On my mark …."
<Eveli shouts to the crowd>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Stop, you … thief!"
<Eveli shoots one of the Orcs>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "And there goes the other one. Get him!"

To Save a Chief[edit]

After finishing your business with King Kurog during In the Name of the King, your favorite bosmer will hail you as you leave The King's Cornerclub:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hello! I've been looking all over the city for you!"
"I had the hardest time finding you. Looked all over the city, even got lost once or twice.
I did find an adorable sweets shop, though. They had these wonderful tiny cakes that were absolutely delicious! Who knew Orc cakes could taste so good?"
Did you need something specific?
"Right to business, huh? Not even a 'Hi, good to see you?' Fine, fine.
Anyway, High Priestess Solgra needs our help. She wants us to work together on this. When you have a moment, you need to go see her."
Any idea what the high priestess wants us to do?
"It's a rescue mission! But she said she wants to give you the details personally. After all, you did save her life.
I can see it now. 'Oh, my savior! Let's retire to my private chambers so I can share the intimate details with you!'"
I'll go talk to High Priestess Solgra.
"Seriously, Solgra wants to keep this quiet. Said the situation was sensitive. She especially doesn't want the king to know. When I suggested asking the king for help, she insisted that that would only get more people killed.
Just so you know."
King Kurog doesn't know about this?
"No. Doesn't have a clue. That's what makes it so exciting!
This is an honest-to-goodness secret mission! I always wanted to go on a secret mission! Besides, once you talk to Solgra, you'll understand. She explains things much better than I do."
How'd you get involved with High Priestess Solgra?
"Have you seen my bow skills? I'm sure Solgra noticed and said to herself, 'That's a fine young lass! She can put a shaft through an apple balanced on the back of a moving wamasu. I shall recruit her!'
Either that or she was desperate for some help."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll meet up with you later! Go see Solgra but don't take too long!"

Meet Solgra at the Temple of Ire and she'll send you on a desperate mission to rescue an unknown clan chief at Fharun Stronghold. When you arrive you'll notice some familiar bosmer arrows. Follow the trail and you'll hear that familiar voice:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You made it! Excellent!"
"You found me! I knew you could do it.
Did you like the trail I left for you? It was easy. Hide, release an arrow, move forward, repeat! And I was able to stay hidden the whole way."
Sounds like you've got this hero thing figured out now.
"Well, mostly. I did almost get caught that last time. Scared the leaves off my tree, if you catch my meaning. I dove down here to hide and wait for you to arrive.
Worked a lot better in my head, truth be told."
Did you learn anything about what's going on here?
"I found out that the stronghold contains a large prison of some sort, but I have no idea where they hid the thing. Nothing around here looks like a prison to me.
Oh, I did hear something else while I was sorting my arrows and waiting for you."
What did you hear?
"A couple of Vosh Rakhs were arguing. One of them stormed off toward the overlook. He sounded pretty upset with the cult. We might be able to get the prison's location out of him.
Or, you know, he could alert the entire stronghold to our presence."
Any other ideas about how we locate this prison?
"The cultists talk. A lot. We might be able to eavesdrop on them and hear something useful. Or we can search the buildings and hope for the best.
Either way, let's split up. We can meet back up after one of us finds something."
I'll see what I can find out.
"If you discover anything useful, meet me behind the great hall.
And try not to raise any alarms. The longer we can keep the Vosh Rakh from discovering our presence, the less likely they are to start slaughtering any prisoners."
Any thoughts about the Vosh Rakh?
"Now that you mention it, the Vosh Rakh seem pretty well equipped for a deranged cult. I've seen armies that didn't have some of the equipment they're using.
You think one of the alliances might be funding these extremists?"
To harm a member of the Daggerfall Covenant? It's certainly possible.
"For as much as I crave adventure, I hate war. My clan refused to get involved in all that. Never wanted to bow to a High Elf queen who looked down upon our customs.
What can I say? I come from stubborn stock."

Find out the location of the prison then find Eveli:

"Did you learn anything about the prison? I gathered some interesting information, but nothing that helps us at this exact moment."
The prison is underground.
"Underground? Like in a dungeon or something?
I hope you don't expect me to grab a shovel and start digging. I don't do that sort of thing."
There's a well that leads to the prison. We just need a way to climb down.

If you got the information from Quan, she'll say:

"Then this must be our lucky day! Not only have we avoided detection, but I found this rope in the barracks while I was looking around.
It should be long enough to reach to the bottom of the well."
Good idea. Let's go.
"Follow me. I'll secure the rope and drop it into the well.
Just be careful down there. Who knows what kind of monstrosities live at the bottom of an Orc well."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Come on, the well is this way!"


"A well? Yeah, I saw the old well. We'll need a rope or something to climb down, though.
Check near the forge. I noticed tools and ropes hanging around. One of those ropes should serve our needs."
I'll find a rope and be right back.
"You can get a rope over by the forge. I'll wait here. Less chance of getting spotted if only one of us goes traipsing around the stronghold.
Just between us, I'd rather climb down than jump into a deep, dark hole, wouldn't you?"
<Get a rope>
"I'm glad you're back. It's starting to get cold out here!
Well, colder, really. I'm not sure how the Orcs and the Nords stand it. Did you find a rope? Was it right where I said it would be?"
I found a coil of rope.
"I knew you could do it!
Follow me. I'll secure the rope and drop it into the well."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Come on, the well is this way!"

Either way, follow her to the well:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll hang back and look around up here a little more while you head into the prison."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right, the rope is secure! Good luck down there. Hope you find the prison and not some nasty sewer or something."
"Go ahead. Climb down and do what you do best. I'm going to look around up here a little more. I'll catch up with you later.
Just remember, you're looking for an Orc chief, so keep your eyes open down there."

Escape the prison with none other than Chief Bazrag. While you were trying to negotiate with Bazrag, you'll notice Eveli sneaking up and aiming her loaded bow at the chiefs head:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Chief Bazrag, lower your weapon. Please. I don't want to loose this arrow, but I will if you don't stand down."
Chief Bazrag: "Damn it, Wood Elf! Fine. But you might as well put that arrow in my heart, because I won't let you turn me over to Kurog."

Speak to Eveli and she'll keep her arrow trained on the Orc:

"So now what? I've never taken an Orc chief prisoner before."
I'm not sure. He refuses to go see Kurog.
"I guess we could take him to High Priestess Solgra. She did send us to save him, after all.
I'm sure I can sneak him into the city, as long as he cooperates and doesn't do anything stupid or anything."
You escort Chief Bazrag to High Priestess Solgra and I'll meet you there.
"All right, then. We've got a plan! And it's a perfectly good plan. Really.
Other than me trying to sneak the chief into a city where Kurog has eyes and ears everywhere. What was I thinking? And how are we going to convince the chief to come with me?"
The chief suggested I talk to someone. I'll do that and you'll keep him out of Kurog's hands.
"Right. Sneak Bazrag into Orsinium and get him to Solgra. Easy as boar-knuckles pie!
Why do I have a feeling this trip back is going to get … complicated?"
You'll do fine.

The chief will interrupt:

Chief Bazrag: "You can put the bow down, Elf. I'll go with you as long as you promise not to turn me over to Kurog."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Sorry, no. I'm keeping the bow. But I promise not to take you to Kurog."
Chief Bazrag: "Fine. Just watch where you're pointing that thing."

Speak to her before leaving:

"Don't worry. Chief Bazrag gave us his word, so I'll get him to the high priestess. We'll sneak into Orsinium and no one will even know we're there.
When you reach the city, come find me. There's something not right here and it's making me nervous."

The Anger of a King[edit]

Decipher Eveli's cryptic message and you'll find her with a small contingent of Orsinium movers and shakers:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We can't just walk into the Vosh Rakh base. That's suicide!"
High Priestess Solgra: "We have to find out what the Vosh Rakh have planned. If we wait for them to strike, it will be too late."
Chief Bazrag: "Whatever they're planning, it's going to happen soon. They just about told me as much when they threw me into my own prison!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Maybe we should have left you in there. For all we know, you deserve to be in prison!"
Chief Bazrag: "Listen to me, Elf. I didn't attack anyone. I left Orsinium and they ambushed me."
High Priestess Solgra: "I sent you to rescue the chief, Eveli. I wouldn't have done that if I believed he was guilty."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You lied to us, high priestess! You knew who you were sending us to rescue the entire time! This feels like one giant trap and we walked right into it."

Eveli will leave the room in disgust.

High Priestess Solgra: "Ah, you found us. I'm sorry that Eveli is upset, but I did what had to be done. Please, let's talk."

If you talk to her immediately after:

"High Priestess Solgra wants to talk to you. Better not keep the lying liar who lies waiting."

Speak to Solgra and she'll ask that you convince Eveli to help you once again. Go upstairs and the elf will be all arms-crossed and in no mood:

"I hate this situation, I really do.
Being a hero, that's supposed to be pure and honest. Good is good and evil is evil, you know what I mean? But nothing here is clear cut. I can't tell the good guys from the bad."
If it was easy, everyone would be a hero.
"I'm not even sure whose side I'm on anymore. When Bazrag and I sneaked into the city, two guards got lucky and happened to be in the right place at the right time. They attacked.
I … I … I just reacted and let my arrows fly."
You defended yourself and your charge.
"But I killed two guards who were just doing their job! They probably have loved ones, pets ….
I … I don't know if I can do this anymore."
You have to do what's right for you, but I could certainly use your help.
"I knew you were going to say that. Still, I'm not sure I can get past Solgra's lies. She tricked us into helping Chief Bazrag—and I'm still not sure about his role in all this!
All right. You can count on me. But I'm doing this for you, not them."
Come to Paragon's Remembrance. I need someone I can trust with us.
"I can do that. Besides, it'll be nice to get out of a city. Try to forget about the price on my head for a while.
All right, let's do this. But be careful out there, will you? I can't afford to lose the only person I really trust."
Everything worked out, so stop your whining.
"I killed two guards! They were just doing their job! They probably have loved ones, pets ….
How can you be so heartless?"
How can you be so gullible? Look, are you going to help me or not?
"You can be a bastard sometimes, you know that? First Solgra's lies, tricking us into helping Chief Bazrag, now this?
All right. I'll help you. But I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing it because someone has to."
Then come to Paragon's Remembrance. I need someone I can trust.
"I can do that. Besides, it'll be nice to get out of a city. Try to forget about the price on my head for a while.
All right, let's do this. But be careful out there, will you? I can't afford to lose the only person I really trust."

Speak to her again and she'll add:

"I'll head out as soon as it's safe. I know how to avoid the guard patrols.
Let's determine what the Vosh Rakh are planning so we can stop them. Maybe that'll make me feel better about all the lies and deceit."
Paragon's Remembrance[edit]

Make your way to Paragon's Remembrance and you'll find her along with Talviah and Flies-In-Wind:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The entrance has to be somewhere in those hills."
Talviah Aliaria: "It's certainly well hidden. If Bazrag lied to us, then we're probably about to meet with horrible, horrible deaths."

Speak to her:

"I've got good news, disappointing news, and downright awful news.
The good, Bazrag's instructions were easy to follow. The disappointing, I have no idea how to find the entrance and there's no way to get inside without being attacked once we do."
So what's the downright awful news?
"I lost a bet with Talviah and now I owe him a traditional Valenwood dinner. You know, the kind Wood Elves like to eat.
I can't wait to see the look on his face when he realizes what kind of meat he's eating. It'll be priceless!"
You sound like your old self again.
"Yeah, I guess I just needed to get out of the city. I was seriously depressed when I wound up on the king's most wanted list.
Thanks for pushing me. Infiltrating a cult is certainly better than hiding in a hole someplace."
This is no time to make jokes.
"Right, sorry. Scary cult needs to be infiltrated. Wouldn't want to try to get you to crack a smile or anything.
It just feels good to be doing something and not hiding from the king's guard, that's all."
So how do we get inside?
"Well, with all the runners we spotted, we know we're in the right place. We just need a way to get inside without being noticed.
You know, we might be able to do something with those higher-ranking cultists in the fancy masks."
A disguise is a good idea. Seen any of those cultists recently?
"Well, a few of the masked cultists passed this way a little while ago. Then we heard a large commotion over there to the west.
I can't be sure, mind you, but I think those Vosh Rakh might have … well, they could have walked into an … um …."
Just tell me what happened.
"Talviah thinks … well … he thinks that the group might have walked into an echatere mating ritual. The sounds from the west, the screams. Y'ffre's bow, the noise was horrible!
Then it got real quiet. I don't think it went well for the cultists."
I'll go see if I can find something we can use.
"Just don't get too close to those echateres. I heard they become extremely violent when anything interrupts their … frolicking.
We'll look around on our own and meet you inside. Good luck!"
"West. That's where all the noise came from.
Not sure what happened to the cultists, but it probably won't be pretty. Still, it's one of our best chances for finding a disguise. We'll look around, too, and meet you inside the ruins."

Make your way inside the fortress and you'll find the group already in disquise:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This illusion is so weird. It looks like I'm wearing robes, but I feel so … unencumbered."
Flies-In-Wind: "This is like the time I licked one of our great hists. I feel so … exposed."
Talviah Aliaria: "It's merely an illusion bound to the amulet. Nothing to be concerned about. I've seen these used at festivals and grand balls back home."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I wonder if they come in different colors?"

Speak to her:

"Looks like you found an amulet, too. But tell me, was I right? Did the echateres get all frolicsome on those cultists?
Wait a moment. Your amulet's cracked. You weren't supposed to break it, you know."
It was broken when I found it. The echateres weren't particularly careful with the cultists.
"Well, the illusion seems to be holding up, at least for now. Hopefully it won't fail at a particularly critical moment.
Anyway, I think we should split up and cover more ground. That's the best way to find what we're looking for quickly."
Are you sure splitting the party is a good idea?
"This place is enormous! Besides, you never put all your acorns in one basket.
We need to find out what the Vosh Rakh are up to and fast. Flies and I will look around out here, while you and Tal see what the high-ranking cultists are meeting about."
Let's rendezvous back here after we find something.
"Good idea! And let's not to take too long. Lives are depending on us!
And speaking of lives, make sure Tal stays safe, will you? He isn't as experienced as we are. I'm afraid his wide-eyed enthusiasm is going to get him injured."
Isn't that like the leaf calling the tree green?
"Ha, ha. Tease me all you want, but I know better now. Sort of.
As long as you're here though, I know you'll watch out for us. You're surprisingly good at that sort of thing."
I will. You be careful, too.
<Ends conversation>

As she and the Argonian leave, she'll say:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Stay safe! Flies and I will meet up with you later."

Enter the fortress and go through the ceremonies. Return to the entry and Eveli and Flies-In-Wind will be waiting for you.

"There you are! I was beginning to get worried about you. We've found out some ….
Where's Talviah?"

At this point, the storyline takes two different paths. One path happens if Talviah Aliaria was spared. The other if Talviah Aliaria was sacrificed.

If you killed Talviah:
If you killed the Vosh Rakh Council:
He didn't make it.
"What … what do you mean he didn't make it? What aren't you telling me?"
I was forced to take his life to get the information we needed.
"You … you did what? What kind of person does something like that? He … he looked up to you. Like all of us did!
You're a monster."
That information will save a lot of lives, including the chiefs at the moot.
"Does that justify what you've done? Does that make you feel better?
I thought Bazrag was bad. That Solgra betrayed us. But you … you're worse than either of them. Would you sacrifice me, too? No … don't answer that."
I did what was necessary. Now you have to warn Bazrag and Solgra. They're in danger.
"Orders? You're giving me orders?
Fine. Tell me what you learned and I'll be happy to put this awful place behind me. This awful place … and you."
He sacrificed himself for us.
"Why … why didn't you protect him? I told you to keep Tal safe! I trusted you!"
Talviah died so I could get the information we need. They're going to attack the moot.
"That's it? That's your answer? He died because we needed him to?
I really wanted to be like you. I looked up to you. But if this is what it means to be a hero, you can count me out."
Now isn't the time for this. I need you to warn Solgra and Bazrag. They're in danger.
"Orders? You're giving me orders?
Fine. Tell me what you learned so I can get out of here. I want to make sure nobody else has to die today."
I'm sorry for all of this.
"I don't know exactly what happened in there and I don't want to know. Not right now. I just can't handle it.
Just tell me what I need to know so I can go."
They're going to take Bazrag at the inn and claim that Solgra leads the Vosh Rakh.
"The Vosh Rakh are strong enough to do all that? It's even worse than we feared. You tell the king about the moot. We'll go warn Bazrag and Solgra.
After that, I'm leaving. I don't want to be in a place where the only person I can depend on is me."

If you speak to her after the quest, she'll say:

"I know what you want me to do. I'll warn Bazrag and Solgra. Now leave me alone, all right? I don't want to look at you right now."
Talviah's fine. He's keeping the Vosh Rakh busy so we can go warn the city.
"All by himself? Are you sure he can handle that? What am I saying, of course you're sure!
We managed to find out that the attack on the temple was a ruse perpetrated by the Vosh Rakh. That was right before our amulets stopped working."
We lost our amulets, too.
"Yeah, I was suddenly as naked as an ash tree that had lost its last leaf of the season. Good thing we stashed our gear nearby!
Anyway, the temple attack was all to place the blame on Bazrag. The chief is innocent. I didn't help a murderer!"
I learned that the Vosh Rakh are hiding in the city. They're going to attack the chiefs at the moot.
"That's something, but not enough to provide the edge we were hoping for.
We'll just have to be careful. Anyone could be working with the Vosh Rakh. I don't know about you, but all this intrigue is starting to make my head hurt."
Return to Orsinium and warn Chief Bazrag. I'll meet you there shortly.
"Flies and I will go warn Chief Bazrag. This whole thing … it's stranger even than any Investigator Vale story I've ever read.
Here, take this. I found it and thought you should have it. For protecting Tal. I appreciate that."

If you speak to her after the quest, she says:

"Flies and I will sneak out of here and go warn Chief Bazrag. We'll see you back in the city!"

The King's Gambit[edit]

Talviah Aliaria spared[edit]

Rescue Eveli and Bazrag from the dungeons:

"About time you showed up!
Hey, where's Owayine? No, don't tell me. I already know."

After speaking to Bazrag, she'll say:

"I'll make sure Chief Bazrag gets out of here safely. Don't worry, you can count on me!
But I can't believe what you said about the king. That's some rotten acorns, that's for sure."

Find out where the moot is and meet up with Eveli and Bazrag outside the keep:

"I hope you had better luck than we did. All of the chief's contacts have disappeared faster than rabbit meatballs at a Nord banquet!"

Finish speaking to Bazrag and Eveli will have vanished.

Talviah Aliaria sacrificed[edit]

Inside The Greedy Gut, you'll find Eveli and Bazrag upstairs dispatching the last of the Disguised Vosh Rakh:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Keep your head down!"
Chief Bazrag: "This is the best Kurog has to send against us? Pitiful!"
"There you are! You missed all the fun."
I heard you got here just in time.
"I guess you could say that. I got here before the soldiers arrived, if that's what you mean.
lose. But we handled it. We handled it real good!"

After speaking to Chief Bazrag, she'll cheerfully say:

"You go warn the king. Don't worry, I'll keep the high priestess safe. You can count on me."

Blood on a King's Hands[edit]

Talviah Aliaria spared[edit]

After dealing with Vumnish, return to the temple. Inside you'll hear:

Priest Uugus: "They were soldiers! Trying to stop them would have only put us all in danger!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You could have done something! You're cowards! All of you!"
Chief Bazrag: "Eveli, enough! Solgra's gone. More priests getting killed wouldn't have changed that."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I should have been here … to save her."

Speak to her before speaking to Bazrag:

"If this is what it means to be a hero, I'm pretty sure I'm done with that dream.
I've had enough of death, of seeing my friends get hurt. Kurog. He's going to pay for this. I swear on my mother's bow, he's going to pay."

After speaking to him, Bazrag will turn to the body of Solgra:

Chief Bazrag: "May Trinimac take you to your final reward, high priestess."
Priest Uugus: "Chief Bazrag! I thought you were a firm believer in Malacath?"
Chief Bazrag: "There's no place for a gentle soul in the Ashen Forge, priest. So why not let Trinimac have her?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Goodbye, my friend. I'm going to miss you."

Speak to her before leaving:

"I guess I've got one more battle in me. For Solgra, right?
Damn, I hate how this turned out!"

Inside the Temple Library:

Chief Bazrag: "Look at this mess! We'll never find anything in here! Look around and see if you can find something that looks like a hidden passage."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll check over here."

Eveli will start searching the bookcases:

"I love books! I wonder if they have any copies of Investigator Vale in here?
Anyway, I'll look around over here."

Solve the switch puzzle and open the passageway:

Chief Bazrag: "Well, I'll be a puny Dark Elf! You found it! I guess we're climbing down that hole."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I knew you could do it! Now let's go stop the king."
"An honest-to-goodness secret passage.
If I wasn't terrified, this would be kind of exciting."

Continue through the tunnel taking out Vosh Rakh, and you'll continue to hear Kurog speaking to the chiefs as well as your companions commenting on the situation:

King Kurog: "Silence, chiefs! Your constant bickering has plagued our people for long enough!"
Chief Bazrag: "Kurog's belittling the chiefs. They won't stand for that."
King Kurog: "You isolate yourselves in your own strongholds, perpetuating our selfish nature. We must change who and what we are!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Kurog's got a point. We're still going to kill the bastard, right."
King Kurog: "I tried to appeal to you as equals, but you refused to listen. I grow tired of arguing with you."
Forge-Mother Alga: "The king cares for our people and all you do is break his heart."
Chief Bazrag: "Wonderful. The murderous king and his lunatic mother. This will be interesting."
Chief Bazrag: "We're getting close. Be ready for anything."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Sounds like the time I walked in on an Imga courting ritual!"
King Kurog: "The choice is simple. Kneel before me as your king and ruler of the united Orsimer nation—or die!"
Chief Bazrag: "We need to move faster. Kurog's about to start slaughtering the chiefs!"
Chief Bazrag: "Once we get inside, find Kurog and take him down. We need to save as many chiefs as we can."

Inside the Path to the Moot, Bazrag will open the gate:

Chief Bazrag: "There's still time if we move fast. We need to open this gate."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There's no lever. They must have shut it from the other side."
Chief Bazrag: "Stand aside and let me work! Get ready to get those people out of there!"
King Kurog: "You leave me no choice. I'll unite the clans over your dead bodies!"
Forge-Mother Alga: "But don't worry. Trinimac is waiting for you on the other side."

Enter the moot and all becomes chaotic. Kurog and Alga attack you and the chiefs, Eveli tries to help, but Bazrag calls for her aide while Bazrag helps the chiefs escape.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll take care of the archers!"
King Kurog: "Archers, eliminate the clan chiefs!"
Chief Ramash: "We've been betrayed! Defend yourselves!"
King Kurog: "And now the last guest has arrived. I'm going to make you pay for your disloyalty."
Chief Bazrag: "Eveli, I need you! Keep those Vosh Rakh bastards off of me!"
Chief Bazrag: "Clan chiefs, over here! Arrgh! Hurry, this gate is … heavier than it looks."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll go back and help Chief Bazrag. Don't get yourself killed without me!"

Eveli will be with Chief Ramash when you are ready to leave, but she cannot be spoken to.

Talviah Aliaria sacrificed[edit]

Priest Uugus will tell you that Eveli and High Priestess Solgra are on the roof of the temple. Race to join them and you'll witness to Vosh Rakh threatening the pair:

Vosh Rakh Archer: "There she is! Don't let the traitor get away!"
High Priestess Solgra: "Tell the king I'll play no part in his political games."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm warning you. Back off or you'll feel the sting of my arrows!"

After dealing with the Vosh Rakh, she'll say:

"Am I glad to see you!
I was about to start putting arrows into the soldiers when you showed up. No way was I going to let them get close to the high priestess!"

Before Solgra can respond, you hear someone else:

Penitent Vumnish: "There she is! My arrow will find its mark!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "More soldiers! Stay back, high priestess!"
<Penitent Vumnish fires an arrow, striking Eveli>
High Priestess Solgra: "Eveli, no! Find whoever did this! I'll get her back to the temple. Go!"
Penitent Vumnish: "Damn it! The interfering Wood Elf got in the way! Fall back!"

After dealing with Penitent Vumnish, enter the temple and Solgra will meet you at the stairs. She'll tell you that Eveli is asking for you:

"Is … is that you? Oh yeah, that's you. I'd recognize those footfalls anywhere."
It's me, <Character Name>.
"Solgra … Solgra says the arrow just missed my heart. Never knew an Orc who could shoot worth a damn, anyway. Well, except for those catapulteers back at Frostbreak. They were pretty amazing.
So, be honest with me. Am I going to be all right?"
I don't know.
"That bad, huh? Well, don't worry about me. You've got more important things to deal with. Like the clan chiefs.
You're going to go after Kurog, aren't you?"
You'll be fine. Solgra will take care of you.
"That's what I like about you. Always seeing the bright side of every issue. I'll try not to let you down.
But the clan chiefs … you're going to go after Kurog, aren't you?"
That wound looks pretty bad.
"That's what I like about you. Always direct and to the point. Just like an arrow. But don't worry about me. You've got bigger trees to chop.
The clan chiefs … you're going to go after Kurog, aren't you?"

Regardless what you tell her, you'll respond with:

Someone needs to stop the king.
"I used to think he was a good ruler. Strong, honorable. But he's a menace. He's let himself become more important than his ideas.
So go and do what you do so well. I'll wait right here. Recovering. I want to be ready for the next adventure."

After speaking to Eveli, Bazrag will appear:

Chief Bazrag: "This wasn't suppose to happen. I should have never sent her here by herself."
High Priestess Solgra: "Eveli saved me. I plan to return the favor."
Chief Bazrag: "Kurog won't get away with this, little one. We'll stop him."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Kick him in his tusks … for me …."
High Priestess Solgra: "Rest now, Eveli. You need your sleep."
Chief Bazrag: "I need to speak to you for a moment. This way."

If you try to speak to her again, she'll only say:

"Sleeping now. Shhh."

Long Live the King[edit]

Talviah Aliaria spared[edit]

At the behest of Bazrag, deliver an invitation to the funeral to her at the Temple of Ire:

"The high priestess used to study here. Read her books. Write her sermons.
Now she's gone, and it feels like I've got a hole the size of Elden Root right in the middle of my chest."
You're taking Solgra's death kind of hard.
"Damn right! We won, but the high priestess died. That's awful and it makes me so angry! It just isn't fair!
But you obviously came here for another reason. Sorry I got so emotional. What's up?"
Chief Bazrag wanted me to give this to you.
"A letter? Isn't that how all this trouble started in the first place?
But I guess I might as well see this through to the end. And you'll be there, right? Me and you, once more into the breach. Hopefully without anyone trying to kill us this time."
"I need a few more moments to clear my head.
I'll see you over at the keep before the funeral begins."
The Funeral[edit]

Make your way to the Castle Overlook:

"The high priestess … she looks so peaceful now. I think she'd appreciate all this attention."

After Bazrag's speech:

"That was a beautiful ceremony. So respectful and yet also inspiring. I particularly liked the fire. It was so … fiery!
And I'm glad they made Bazrag the king. I think he'll do a fine job for his people."

Back in the keep, you'll hear:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Thanks for the offer, but I … I can't. Not after everything that's happened."
King Bazrag: "I understand. Thank you for everything you've done, little Elf. I shall miss you."

Speak to her:

"You're leaving, too? I can't blame you. I really can't stay around here much longer. Not after everything that happened."
Are you doing all right?
"Not that well, all things considered. When I saw the high priestess's body, just lying on that slab ….
Look, I've got to get out of here. If I stick around, these feelings, these memories, they're never going to fade."
Did King Bazrag talk to you?
"Yeah. He wanted me to stay and help train the Orc archers. Even offered me my own squad and a fancy title.
But after everything that happened, I just need to get away so I can put this all behind me."
Where will you go?
"I'm not sure. I might return to Valenwood, see my family. I'm kind of missing my loved ones after what we've been through.
I wonder if Solgra had a family. She … never mentioned it."
I wanted to say goodbye.
"There's so much I want to tell you. To thank you for. I've learned so much from you. Out of everyone here, you're the one person I never lost faith in.
I wish I could just go and follow you around forever."
What's stopping you?
"Tempting, but I need to find my own way for a while.
But no matter where the wind blows, leaves from the same tree eventually find each other again. That'll be the same for us. You'll see."
Talviah Aliaria sacrificed[edit]

Eveli will still be unconscious as you make your rounds inviting all the participants to the funeral. Solgra tells you she will look after her.

The Funeral[edit]

As Bazrag starts to make his speech, you'll hear a cheery voice:

Chief Bazrag: "I believe we're ready to begin."
<Eveli and Solgra come up to the pyre terrace.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hope you weren't planning to start without me, chief."
Chief Bazrag: "Eveli, it's good to see you here. Everyone, in fact. Thank you all for coming."

Back in the keep, you'll hear:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'd be honored, um, King Bazrag, your majesty."
High Priestess Solgra: "What a welcome surprise! Thank you, King Bazrag."

Speak to her:

"Did you hear? I'm going to stay here and help King Bazrag!
Still not sure what I'll be doing, but he mentioned forming an archery unit. I'll get my own squad! I'll have to think up a clever name. Something dashing!"
Are you doing all right?
"I'm better. Much, actually.
Hey, I wanted to tell you that I forgive you. For Talviah. Not that you asked, mind you. I don't know what happened in there, but I know you save people. Solgra, me. If Talviah had to die, I know you had no a choice."
How are you feeling?
"You mean the arrow in the chest? I'm still sore. But I can move around on my own. Solgra says I need lots of rest, but that can wait. I'm not going to miss a chance to say goodbye to everyone. Especially you.
Plus, I have an amazing scar now!"
Any thoughts on what you're going to do with your own archery unit?
"No idea. Not even sure what an archery unit does, other than loose arrows at things. I get to be a captain, though! Investigator Vale doesn't even have her own squad! Well, except in that one book, but you remember what happened to them."
I wanted to say goodbye before I left.
"I'd give you a huge hug right now if I wasn't so sore.
I don't suppose you'd be willing to stick around? Stay with us for a while? I'm still not sure what's going to happen once you disappear. It's going to take some getting used to."
I have other places to go.
"Figured you say that. Maybe I'll track you down one day and we can get into some more trouble together.
I'm going to miss you. Just be safe out there, all right? I'll be around if you ever need me."

Flames of Ambition[edit]

Appears only with Flames of Ambition

Burning Secrets[edit]

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Well, this seems like the place. Look at the size of it!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey you! What are you doing here?"
If you've met her before:
If you haven't met her before:
"Well aren't you a sight for chapped leathers! Didn't know if I'd see you again after all that Orcy business.
Hold on, why are you here? Were you hired, too? I told them I could handle it just fine."
I came on my own. Someone hired you?
"You know it. They gave me a map to a library underneath Black Drake Villa—this fancy place you see up on the hill. I need to retrieve an important book the former owners hid down there.
Sounds like a job for an adventurer, right?"
You came all this way for a book?
"Books are great! If I'd known this was here, I probably would have come anyway. Even if I wasn't getting paid.
I have an idea, want to join me? We worked so well together before—it'll be fun! And you can keep any loot you find."
I'll come along on your hunt for this book.
"They warned me some competition might try to get in my way. And then you saunter up just as I find the place. A mite suspicious if you ask me.
Why did you come here? Who sent you?"
I came on my own. Why is this place so important?
"No one sent you? What, you just stumbled on this place? You must be an adventurer! Like me!
Well, you've found Black Drake Villa—the former home away from home of the Longhouse Emperors. And the place where they stashed something very important."
What did they keep here?
"The people who hired me provided a map to a library under the mansion. My job is to find some book that the old owners hid down there.
Hey, care to join forces? Together we can grab this book in no time. And you can keep any loot you find."
I'll join your search for this book.
"An old-fashioned alliance, just like in the stories!
All right, here's our plan. That sewer grate ahead should get us inside. If you could scout ahead, I need to prepare some arrows. Just in case, you know?"
What do you know of the Black Drake Villa?
"Oh, they say the villa holds all sorts of treasures. When nasty old Durcorach marched to Cyrodiil, he snatched up prizes from every city in his path. Paintings, jewelry, other fancy whatsits. You know how tyrants enjoy their baubles."
And he placed it all here?
"He sure did! After Durcorach took power, he ordered this estate built. A lot of the loot he grabbed ended up in here.
Can you imagine what treasures we'll find inside? And the library! As soon as I heard about it I knew this job was for me."
Who is Durcorach?
"What, had your head stuck in a swamp for the past few years? Durcorach was the Black Drake. A Reachman who stormed across Tamriel to take the throne and became Emperor!
Dead now, of course. Which, I guess, is how we can just walk into his home."
How do you know all this?
"Oh, I've read all the books on the Longhouse Dynasty! Barbula's 'Invaders from the Reach,' Coravel's 'The Crowned Dragon,' even Korstvolk's 'Longhouse Rising'—though, I thought that one was a bit salacious for my taste."
If you've met her before:
If you haven't met her before:
How have you been since Orsinium, Eveli?
"Oh, you know me! Always on the hunt for more excitement. I traveled south a bit after I last saw you. Elsweyr was quite beautiful, if you haven't seen it. Did you know they have Dragons? Their heads are enormous!"
Who are you?
"Eveli Sharp-Arrow—world-famous adventurer! Or, soon-to-be. Slightly new to this whole business. But that won't stop me from doing what needs to be done. I'm quick with a bow and more stubborn than most.
Seems to me like that's all I need."
You mentioned someone hired you to find the book?/You said someone hired you?
"Was the oddest thing. There I am, on my way to explore the ruins in Stormhold, when a courier rides up and hands me a letter.
Now, I had many questions: How did she find me? Who knows I'm here? Is this a trap? But no, it was just a simple note."
What was in it?
"A request. One Farrul Lupus from Riften wished to discuss an opportunity. Quite intriguing, I thought! So off I went.
It was quite the secret affair. I never actually met the man, but my contact warned I should tell no one. Which, hmm …."
Do you often take jobs from people you never meet?
"I should be honest—I don't really get hired that often. Usually I just wander about looking for an adventure. But not only did this sound exciting, also my biscuit bin was a bit low, if you know what I mean.
I was happy for the gold."

Soon after you enter the estate grounds, Eveli will follow you inside. There she'll say:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Do you smell that? The stench of smoke."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Something's on fire down below. Not a great sign."

You can ask her about her thoughts:

"Farrul Lupus's agent—go-between, really—warned that others might be on their way here as well. People who wished to destroy the place and take the book for themselves.
I hope whatever is burning doesn't mean they beat me here."
Who would want to destroy this villa?
"Good question. The contact stayed vague on that point. But I'd guess we're about to meet them.
I hope you don't mind if this exploration mission turns into a fight?"
I'm ready for anything.
"I hoped you'd say that! You have the adventurer spirit, I can see it.
Let's keep going. The entrance to the library should be just up ahead."
Who were those Goblins I just fought?
"Goblins? Oh those angry ones skulking around in here. I think since no one's been here since Leovic died, they must have … moved in? I mean, why not?
I can't imagine they'll cause too much trouble for us."

Further down, while facing Kinras Ironeye in the Overgrown Courtyard, Eveli will be assisting and encouraging every now and then during the fight.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look at that big boy! I'll help you from up here!"

Idling before combat:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I should have eaten a larger meal if I knew I'd wait around this long."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I know that mass of muscle looks mean, but I bet you've faced tougher."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh, he's not so big! I mean, yes, he is big. Huge. But you can take him!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I don't think this minotaur will negotiate, but you're welcome to try."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "How could I know that I'd need my special minotaur-killing arrows?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I don't like the look of that smoke. Let's not waste too much time here."

Hard Mode enabled:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I think you really angered the brute."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "A challenge, huh? I knew I liked you!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll need more arrows for this!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "So you want that kind of fight!"

When Kinras' salamanders spawn:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Seems there's no shortage of salamanders around here."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You've got salamander company!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Another spicy salamander!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Should have brought salamander traps!"

When Kinras throws his totem:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Watch out! He put down a totem!"

When Eveli fires her arrows against Kinras:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Got him right where I want him!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Ha! I bet this one chafes the knickers!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "No one could see this shot coming!"

Group member dies:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Come on, get up! We can do this!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "It's not over! Just need to stay strong!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Not time for a nap, friend!"

Group wipe:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Come on! You've got more in you than that!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Our adventure just started. We try again!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Get up and dust that one off!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Another try! That beast isn't so tough!"

Once Kinras has been defeated:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: Fine work! Come on—I'll meet you just past that door."

After crossing the door to the manor's entryway, Eveli will meet you at the other side.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "So much smoke! We have to hurry."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The map says this hatch is the easiest way into the library. Come on!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey look! What do you guess is in here?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Arrows! Nice ones, too. Why would someone leave these around?"

You can then ask her about her findings:

"All right—here we are. According to the map, this hatch opens to a walkway that leads to the Grand Archive. Once we're in, let's find the book and get out of here."
What's the Grand Archive?/You mentioned a Grand Archive?
"That's the library I told you about. Stories claim it's a massive underground collection of books, scrolls, and artifacts that the Longhouse Emperors gathered over the years. Volumes of secrets and knowledge might lay right under our feet."
Who was that massive Minotaur?
"Ah, sorry about that. Based on the armor, I'd wager that was Kinras Ironeye. He led the Goblins that we saw earlier.
I heard he was around this area, but didn't know he took over the villa. I guess some warning could have helped."
You found some arrows?
"I did! Quite fancy ones, in fact. Lighter than a baby jay's tail feathers.
The best part of these little excursions is finding all the stuff people leave behind. Sometimes it's a plate of old sweetrolls, but once in a while I find something handy."

Once inside the archive, after dispatching the first group of cultists, Eveli will follow you in, finding the library she sought after, on fire.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "No. No! What have they done?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "They burned the entire library!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "So many books. All those stories! Just … gone."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We should split up to find the book before this whole place turns to ash."

If she's spoken in this moment:

"Somebody thought the knowledge stored down here was important enough to destroy. What kind of book did I get sent for?
You go ahead and find the people who did this. I need to look for this book.

Inside, you'll find the cultist leader, Pyroturge Encratis, who'll set up a barrier of fire and send his minions against you to block your way further into the library. Once they're taken care of, Eveli will arrive to help you get pass the barrier.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Watch what those fancy arrows I found can do!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right—I'm here. What'd I miss?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Their leader said he's after the book. We need to find it before he does."

After she shots her totally rad but conveniently scarce water arrow to the barrier, you can speak to her:

"That cross fellow who set the fires, he called out that he's looking for a book. I bet all the berries in Black Marsh that he wants the same thing we do. So let's get there first!
You take the lower path and I'll head up top. We might cut him off."
Your new arrows put out the fires?
"Seems so! I assume a water enchantment of some kind. I've read about magic like that, but never really had too much interest in the stuff. Seems like cheating.
Sure helped us out in a jam, though."
They might be useful in the future.
"Oh, I used the last one saving your hide. I'm not too troubled about it. You know how treasure can be—lightly come, lightly go.
Come on, let's find that book!"

Further into the library, you'll find her on a higher pathway, leafing through some strange book:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey! Up here! Look at this journal I just found."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The writing is all strange scribbles. I think I'll hold onto it."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I saw that book burner just ahead. Keep going!"

In a rotunda near the archive's exit, you and Eveli will catch up with Encratis and one of his commanders, Captain Geminus:

Pyroturge Encratis: "The book isn't here. Burn this—burn it all! Our lord demands it!"
Captain Geminus: "You go. We must finish the job. I can delay these worms."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You take care of Captain Important there. I'm after the fire mage!"

After defeating Captain Geminus and halfway the Flooded Gardens, you'll find Eveli and two dead cultists.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Heh—these fools aren't so tough. Come on, their leader ran just over the hill."

Here, you can talk to her again:

"We can't let them destroy everything. Anything that we can save, we should. All this knowledge! I could read these books for years."
Who do you think these people are?
"Your guess is as good as mine. One of them called themselves the True-Sworn, but sworn to who? And why destroy the villa instead of ransacking it like normal people?
Questions that need to wait. After that arsonist!"
You mentioned picking up a book back there?/You mentioned picking up a journal back there?
"I couldn't help myself. All these incredible volumes turning to ash—I just wanted to save something. This journal was resting on a desk as I ran past, so I picked it up.
Of course, the one item I decide to save is completely illegible."
How do you know it's a journal?
"The casualness of the handwriting. All the little notes in the margins. Several tea stains on the pages.
When you spend as much time reading books as I do, you recognize these things. Even with the words all jumbled around, I can tell."

After reaching the Walled Garden up ahead, you'll finally catch up with Pyroturge Encratis:

Pyroturge Encratis: "You small creatures. The book belongs to the True-Sworn!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "If he thinks the book is here, then we have to stop him!"

Upon entering the second phase of the fight against Encratis, Eveli will be in the depths of the manor.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "A secret lair! It must be here! Keep him busy while I search."

After defeating Pyroturge Encratis:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I found it! Such a bizarre cover."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm not sure this even has words. Just symbols. Hmm …."
"This is definitely the book I'm supposed to bring to Farrul Lupus. It looks exactly the way it was described. But, it doesn't have any words in it. Just these strange symbols ….
We have it now and that's what matters. A job well-done."
What's next?
"Well, I should bring this eerie tome to Farrul Lupus. But first, I'm curious about that other book I found. The words seem encrypted? But I'm not sure.
Either way, thanks for helping me rescue it from the True-Sworn. We make quite the team!"

Once you've turned in the quest:

"The more I look through this book, the more uneasy I feel. Something about it … I don't know. I wish I could understand these symbols.
I know I have a job to do, but a little voice in my head says I should leave it here."
Who do you think the True-Sworn work for?
"I wish I knew. Someone wanted this whole place in ashes. That tells me they have something to hide. But the last Longhouse Emperor died five years ago. Who cares what's down here?
After I give over the book, maybe I'll look into this more."
Where will you meet Farrul Lupus?
"Over in Riften. No idea why he's interested in the book, but my contact told me not to ask questions.
Hey, if you find yourself in the area we should meet. Maybe look into these mysteries together. More adventure!"
What will you do with an encrypted journal?
"I know just the person who would love to dive head-first into solving this. He's a bit reclusive these days, but quite clever at figuring out puzzles.
It may come across as silly, but I just have to know what it says."

After this, if you've fought each one of Sentinel Aksalaz's avatars and collected enough Avatar Fragments to challenge him, at his sudden appearance, Eveli will say:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Whatever magic you turned on back there brought us some trouble!"

Talking to her at this point

"I saw you go back there and start fiddling with something. Then this stern-looking fellow popped from nowhere. Do you know what he wants? Seems like he's ready for a fight.
If anything happens, I'll back you up."

And after defeating Sentinel Aksalaz:

"By Namira's knickers—what a fight! I never saw anything refuse to go down like that before. I feel honored to have been a part of it.
I wonder who that was? He seemed grateful when he lost. If I hadn't been a part of it, I wouldn't believe it!"

Unsorted dialogue:

"Oh it's you! We keep running into each other at the funniest spots. You wouldn't be following a lady, would you? Nah, I'm just teasing.
Though, now that I think on it, why are you here? Were you hired too?"
"Whoever lived in a house this grand probably packed it with traps and secrets. Perfect! Just like a treasure hunt from the old stories."

Blackwood Prologue[edit]

A Mortal's Touch[edit]

This is the prologue quest for Blackwood. You'll encounter Eveli in Ne Salas with two Wood Elf Scouts. All three of the Mer have their bows drawn and aimed at you. Eveli shouts you a warning as you approach.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "One more step and you get an arrow in the knee! Hey, you don't look like a cultist."

Eveli and her companions lower their weapons. The two scouts turn to guard the hallway leading further in while you and Eveli speak.

If you've met her before:
If you've completed Black Drake Villa:
If you haven't met her before:
"You're not a Covenant soldier or one of those damn cultists—you're … you!
By Bazrag's chilly nethers, am I glad to see you! Between the soldiers and the cultists, this is almost as bad as that business in Orsinium. But what are you doing here?"
I'll looking for Imperial caches in a hidden annex chamber.
"Imperial caches? What a coincidence! That's exactly what brought me here. But then I ran into this band of Wood Elves. They're under assault by Covenant soldiers and a group of insane Daedric cultists.
It's just like an Investigator Vale story!"
I'm trying to get to the cache before the cultists find it.
"The cultists are after the cache, too? That explains a lot.
Their leader is someone called Doombringer Eshil. And he's got some kind of scholar-lady following him around like a sad puppy."
Do you know where the cache is located?
"Farther in, I'm guessing. The cult leader paid off the soldiers and they let him and his followers wander through.
If you can clear a path, I'll get these Wood Elves out of here and then follow after you. We can meet up when you find the cultists."
"Hey, you're that adventurer who helped me at Black Drake Villa! How'd you know I was going to be here?
Never mind that for now, I'm just glad to see you! Between the Covenant soldiers and the cultists, I could use the assistance."
What are you doing here, Eveli?
"Looking for a hidden Imperial cache. Problem is, I ran into this band of Wood Elves under assault from Covenant soldiers and a group of insane Daedric cultists.
That reminds me—what are you doing here?"
Same as you, apparently. We need to get to that cache before the cultists find it.
"The cultists are after the cache, too? That explains a lot.
Their leader is someone called Doombringer Eshil. I know, right? He's got a scholar-lady who follows him around like a sad puppy."
Do you know where the cache is located?
"Farther in, if I had to guess. The cult leader paid off the soldiers and they let the cultists just wander on through.
If you can clear a path, I'll get these Wood Elves to safety and then follow after you. We can meet up when you locate the cache."
"Damn it all to Hermaeus Mora's nether regions! If you aren't one of the damn cultists and you aren't one of the Covenant soldiers, then what in the name of Oblivion's stinky armpit are you doing down here?"
I'll looking for Imperial caches in a hidden annex chamber.
"Imperial caches? Really? That's funny. That's exactly what brought me here. But then I found this band of Wood Elves under assault by Covenant soldiers and a group of insane Daedric cultists.
You positive you aren't one of the cultists?"
I'm trying to get to the cache before the cultists find it.
"All right … the enemy of my enemy and all that. Just like in the Investigator Vale stories. I suppose I can trust you. For now.
The cultists answer to someone called Doombringer Eshil. And he's got some kind of scholar-lady at his side."
Do you know where the cache is located?
"Farther in, I'm guessing. The cultists' leader paid off the soldiers and they let him and his followers wander through.
If you can clear a path, I'll get these Wood Elves out of here and then follow after you. We can meet up when you find the cultists."

You can ask her a few more questions after she answers this one.

How are things in Orsinium?
"As well as can be expected, last I checked. Bazrag has been doing a good job. He's working with the various clans to keep things going. It's hard, though. A lot of people liked and respected Kurog.
Even after all he did, Kurog's still popular."
What made you decide to leave?
"Nothing specific. But just like you, I felt it was time to move on. Time to take that next step, face that next challenge.
So here I am, digging into Emperor Leovic's past at the behest of a wealthy benefactor."
Why are you after the Imperial cache? / Why are you after the Imperial caches? / Why are you after an Imperial cache?
"I found a journal in Black Drake Villa, a hidden refuge of the Longhouse Emperors. It was in some kind of code, so it took me a while to figure out what it said.
Well, actually, I had someone decipher it for me."
What did the journal say?
"Even deciphered, the journal didn't make much sense. Emperor Leovic wrote it. Lots of crazy talk about annexes around Tamriel where he hid caches related to something he called "the emperor's secret."
I decided to investigate, so here I am."
What can you tell me about Doombringer Eshil?
"Not much. I heard a few of the cultists mention his name. Said it with a mixture of awe and respect. I think they're afraid of him.
I noticed that the woman scholar stayed close to the leader's side. She was explaining the history of this place."
Who are you again?
"I'm just a young Wood Elf with a good bow and a thirst for adventure. I plan to make a name for myself, and this seems like the perfect opportunity—provided I don't get sacrificed in some stupid Daedric ceremony along the way."
What do you mean, a name for yourself?
"Cracked acorns, you established adventurers don't understand. When you're starting out, it's hard to become recognized as a real hero. But that's what I want to be. Just like in the Investigator Vale and Green Hood stories!"

If you begin to walk away, she calls out to you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Once I get these Wood Elves out of here, I'll catch up with you!"

If you talk to her before leaving after she shouts, she'll say:

"The cache has to be somewhere inside. Clear a path through the soldiers and cultists and I'll join you after I get these Wood Elves to safety.
Just between us, they aren't cut out for the adventuring life. But a seed's got to sprout, am I right?"

You'll find Eveli inside the Ne Salas Cache Annex. She calls you over.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, over here! You need to see this!"

Speak with her.

"What took you so long? Never mind, never mind. Look down there!
That's the cult leader and the scholar-lady I told you about. And that must be the Imperial cache! How did you get down here so quickly?"
How did you get down here so quickly?
"What can I say? I'm as fast as a leaf on the wind and silent as a shadow!
I suggest we take different paths to that chamber, just in case. I'll meet you down there. Last one to put an arrow in a cultist is a sour gorapple!"
That journal that led you here. Did it happen to mention anything about the fate of the world?
"That's an odd question. I was hired to find another book at Black Drake Villa and came across the journal. I was curious and had some time, so I had the journal deciphered.
Turned out to be a lot of ramblings. Emperor Leovic was either crazy or—"
Or what?
"Desperate. The coded message had that sort of air about it. But yes, he alluded to some end-of-the-world level stuff along with the rest of his crazy.
I came here to see if there was any truth to the danger, to go along with his obvious delusions."

If you speak to her again, she says:

"Go on. I'll find another path down and we'll take the cultists from two directions. They don't know we're here, so we can surprise them. Just like finding a worm in a tomato.
Not that we're worms … you get the idea."

When you enter Pedagogue Eralin's chamber, Eveli shoots the scholar down with an arrow before she can dispel the ward.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Eat arrows, creepy cult lady!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "My arrows always strike true! Can you open that Imperial cache?"

Your attempt to open the cache fails, but Eveli decides to try it herself. It works. As soon as the ward goes down, Lyranth appears. Eveli, spooked by the sudden appearance of a Dremora, raises her bow. Lyranth tells her to back down.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hang on, let me try …."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, that actually worked! Look out—Daedra!"
Lyranth: "Lower your weapon, Elf. I'll confer with the other mortal after they search the cache."

If you speak to Eveli here:

"Don't look at me. I don't know what I did! But the ward's gone, so you might as well see what's inside the cache.
Me? I'm going to keep an eye on the Daedra-lady over there."

After looting the cache:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "What did you find? Anything interesting in there?"

Speak to her after looting the cache.

"Well, what was inside the cache? Have we finally discovered the secret of the Longhouse Emperors?"
No secrets. At least none that I could tell. Just a signet ring and a scroll written in code.
"Let me take a look. Yeah, that's a code all right. Imperial. Just like the journal I found at Black Drake Villa.
I know someone who can decipher this. He helped me with the journal. I'm sure I can get him to translate this scroll, too."
Where can we find this contact of yours?
"Not far from here, just outside Elden Root. Just look for the camp with all the books in it. I'll meet you there."
Tell me more about this contact of yours that can break Imperial codes.
"Let's just say I've known him for a very long time and I'd trust him with my life. Like I said, he translated the journal I found. The one written by Emperor Leovic that led me here.
Tell me why we should trust that Daedra lady, though."
Appears if you've finished Orsinium:
Appears regardless of whether or not you've finished Orsinium:
Because you know me. You trust me. We can depend on Lyranth, to a point.
"Well, after everything we went through in Orsinium, I suppose that's not too much to ask. If you think the Daedra lady can help us, that's good enough for me.
I'm going to keep an eye on her, though. You can't count your seeds before they sprout."
I don't trust her. Not completely. But she's trying to figure this out, same as us.
"All right, if you say so. I suppose if she's willing to help, we have to give her the benefit of the doubt.
I'm going to watch her like a hawk, though. You never count your seeds before they sprout, my Great Aunt Loral always said."

If you speak to her again, she says:

"Looks like your friend the Daedra wants a word with you. You can show her what you found, but don't let her take anything.
Hurry, though. I want to get that scroll to my contact in Elden Root before more of those cultists show up."

If you speak to her before entering the portal Lyranth opens, she says:

"A Daedric portal? Do you suppose it's safe?
All right, all right. If I wasn't in a hurry, though, I'd be looking for a different form of transportation. I'll see you in Elden Root."

You'll be sent to meet Eveli's brother Beragon south of Elden Root.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Friend, meet Beragon. Beragon, this is my friend. We've got a scroll to show you."

If you speak to her here, she'll say:

"Go on. Show the scroll to Beragon. You can trust him and he's very good at deciphering coded messages."

If you speak to her after talking to Beragon, she'll say:

"Go on, you read it. I'm too nervous. Written words become all blurry and jumbled when I get nervous."

Speak to her after reading the Deciphered Imperial Document.

"Well? What did the scroll say? Do we finally know the emperor's secret?"
Here. It talks about secrets, Ambitions, and the emperor's steward. Someone named Farrul Lupus.
"Farrul Lupus? He hired me to investigate Black Drake Villa. But why is the word Ambitions capitalized? It must mean something special.
Thanks for helping me. Here. Take part of what Lupus already paid me. There's more if you come with me to Riften."

The Emperor's Secret[edit]

If you exit out of the conversation before the quest starts, she will mutter "Looks like the person who hired me has a few secrets of his own."

After completing the previous quest, you can continue talking to Eveli who will explain her prior connection to Farrul Lupus.

"The deciphered document, it mentions the person who hired me. Farrul Lupus. Could he really be Emperor Leovic's steward? I guess it's possible.
Anyway, I'm supposed to bring this book I recovered to him. Well, to his contact in Riften, anyway."
Tell me more about this book you recovered.
"Farrul Lupus sent me to retrieve the book from Black Drake Villa, one of the Longhouse Emperors' hidden retreats. I found it and a journal. The one that led me to Ne Salas.
It's a strange old tome. I can't read any of the words—if they are words."
What do you mean, you can't read it?
"It's written in a language I've never seen before. Looking at the pages makes my eyes hurt, and just carrying it around … it's kind of uncomfortable.
Will you come with me to Riften? I want to deliver the book and be done with this business."
I'll go with you to Riften to deliver the book.

After agreeing to help, Eveli will mention where you will need to go and you can ask her some questions before leaving.

"I never actually met with Farrul Lupus directly. Everything was done through an intermediary. A mage named Renna. We can find her at the Mages Guildhall in Riften.
My brother has a cart we can use to make the journey, or I can just meet you there."
What else do you know about Farrul Lupus?
"Before we found the document my brother deciphered for us, I assumed he was a scholar or a book collector or something. I had no idea he was the steward of the last Longhouse Emperor.
We never met. Just exchanged letters until he sent me to Renna."
And what should I know about Renna?
"Renna's some kind of mage. She gave me the final instructions for my mission to the villa and handed over the gold. Well, the first payment. I'm promised more when I deliver the book.
Don't worry. I'll make sure you get a fair share of the reward."
Tell me more about the book you were sent to retrieve from Black Drake Villa.
"Neither Farrul's letters nor my discussion with Renna provided much information. They told me where to look and gave me a map. It had a description of the book written in the corner.
I've been carrying it around for a while now. It's … difficult."
Difficult how?
"It's hard to describe. It's like carrying a weight, but not like a heavy pack or anything. More like a burden. A constant worry that never subsides.
I've also had … dreams lately. Bad ones. But I don't want to talk about them. Not yet."
Why didn't you deliver the book as soon as you retrieved it?
"Those feelings weren't there at the beginning. Plus, I found that journal. I took it to my brother to decipher. By then I realized the Longhouse Emperors were hiding something. I wanted to know more.
So I went to Ne Salas, met you, and here we are."
Did you show your brother the book? Maybe he can translate it.
"Yeah, I thought of that. He took one look at the thing and handed it right back to me. Said it wasn't any language he ever saw and wanted nothing to do with it.
Some brother, right?"
You never told me you had a brother. (Appears if you completed Orsinium)[verification needed — see talk page]
"Didn't I? I guess the subject just never came up. Besides, we were pretty busy most of the time back in Orsinium. There weren't too many opportunities to tell you about my extended family."
Extended family? How many siblings do you have?
"Hey, you brought it up! And I have a perfectly fine amount of brothers and sisters. About the usual for a clan of Wood Elves from the deep forest.
There's twelve of us in the family, but I'm the youngest."

When you enter the Riften Mages Guildhall, you will find Eveli standing in the front foyer and peeking around the doorway into the main hall.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, friend! Over here!"

Speak with Eveli.

"You made it! I'm glad you're here. I wasn't looking forward to facing Renna alone. Not after what we found out."
Are you sure Renna is here?
"Yeah, I spotted her in the main hall.
Look, I've been thinking. Since Farrul Lupus and Renna weren't totally honest with me, I might as well use an intermediary of my own. Plus, something's not right about all this. Will you talk to Renna for me?"
I'll go talk to Renna, but what do you mean that something's not right?
"I'm not sure, but I want to keep watch. I've had the feeling that someone's been following me since I arrived in Riften.
I might be acting like a cracked acorn, but better safe than sorry, right?"

Talking to her before entering the main hall.

"Renna's sitting in the main hall. Get her to set up a meeting with Farrul Lupus so I can deliver this book.
After that, we can decide if we want to keep looking into the emperor's secret or not. I guess it depends on what Lupus has to say."

As you enter the hall, Eveli will press herself against the wall trying to remain out of sight. She is not successful because as soon as you introduce yourself to Renna, the mage will notice her. Besides that, as soon as you mention Farrul Lupus' previous role as the Emperor's Steward, she will tell you to speak with him in their house.

"This is sounding more and more like an Investigator Vale novel all the time!
Let's find Renna's house. I want to finally meet Farrul Lupus in person so he can tell me everything he knows about the emperor's secret."

When you leave, Eveli will split up with you and tells you she'll meet you there.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Head for Renna's house. I'll be right behind you!"

Renna's House is the dock area of Riften, Eveli will run up to you once you arrive.

"What did Renna say? Oh, right. You need to knock two times. No more, no less. It's a code so he knows that it's safe to open the door."

After you knock on the door twice, Farrul Lupus will weakly cry out:

Farrul Lupus: "Help … help me …."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That doesn't sound good. Hurry, let's get inside!"

Talking to her before going inside:

"We need to get inside and help Farrul Lupus! He sounds like he's badly injured!
Do you know how to pick a lock? If not, let's see if there's an open window or something around back."

Once inside, you will find the house in disarray and Farrul Lupus dead. Checking the body, you will find the Dark Brotherhood Note. At this Renna and Eveli enter:

Renna: "Farrul? No, no, no!"
<Renna runs up to Farrul and kneels beside him crying.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh, Renna. I'm so sorry."

She will ask you to talk to Renna.

"Farrul Lupus is … dead? I … I can't believe someone killed him over some secret.
Can you talk to Renna? I'm not very good at condolences."

When you talk with Renna, she will tell you that Farrul did not tell her much about Emperor Leovic's secrets and warns you to stay out of the business. Afterwards Eveli will want to talk with you elsewhere.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Come on, let's talk outside. I'll meet you out back, under the dock."

Go behind the building and down the stairs, Eveli will be waiting for you and wants to know your thoughts. She will also reveal what she has been dreaming about.

"What do you think? Did the Dark Brotherhood really assassinate Farrul Lupus? Is this book he sent me to retrieve really that important?
I'm not sure what we should do next, so if you have any ideas, I can't wait to hear them."
We have a strange book, a secret that may concern the fate of the world, and a murdered steward.
"That about sums it up. Plus the dreams I've been having. Ever since I found that book, I've been having the most strange and disturbing dreams."
What kind of dreams?
"Nothing specific. I'm always someplace. A forest, a town. Then the ground starts to shake or fire erupts all around me. Once the place was flooded by a deluge of water. And there are always four animals watching from a nearby hill."
What kind of animals?
"A huge boar, a fox, and a pair of identical rams. Weird, huh?
You know, I'm attributing the dreams to the book, but it could be something I ate. My diet has been all over the place these past few weeks."
That's interesting, but it doesn't really help us at the moment.

At this moment, Lyranth will appear nearby out of portal:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh great, the scary Daedra lady is back."
Lyranth: "Flattery and cuteness will get you nowhere, Elf. Come, little mortal, I have information."

Speaking to Eveli before Lyranth:

"Did the scary Daedra lady say I was cute?
Well, if she has something to say, I think you better talk to her."

She will ask you what you found out in the coded documents from Ne Salas. After you tell her about the dead end in your investigation, Lyranth will tell you how she discovered the location of another Cache Annex beneath the Imperial City and is kind enough to make a portal for you there.

<Lyranth creates a portal to the Imperial Sewers.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Another portal? Don't Daedra have flying horses or something?"

If you speak to her, she'll say:

"Did I hear that correctly? Sewers? Do you know what's in sewers? Sewage! It's disgusting!
All right, all right. Let's just get going before I change my mind."

After you emerge in the Imperial Sewers, Eveli will comment on them:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "So these are the Imperial sewers? Fancy!"

You can speak to her here.

"This is a sewer, all right. Smells worse than the vats of fermenting rotmeth back home!
Let's find this annex and see what the Longhouse Emperors hid down here."

While in the sewers you will quickly see that someone else got there first:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Looks like the Order of the Waking Flame got here first, damn!"

Reaching the entrance to the Annex, you will find the wards have already been broken:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The ward's down. The cultists must be inside!"

If you talk to her again before entering:

"Damn it, wasn't there supposed to be a ward on this door? If it's gone, that must mean the cultists have already gotten inside.
Let's get in there. If they get to the emperor's secret before we do, we could lose the trail entirely."

Once you are inside the Annex, Eveli will remind you what you are looking for if you talk to her.

"We need to find the caches before the cultists steal everything out from under us.
I want to know what was so important that Farrul Lupus had to die. And what any of this has to do with the book I'm still carrying.'
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Go slow. Let's not alert the cultists until absolutely necessary."

In the first chamber of the Annex, Eveli will notice one of the caches:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look! A cache. And it's still warded!"

Upon taking and reading A Deal is Struck:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The Longhouse Emperors really did it! They made a deal with Mehrunes Dagon!"

In the next cache you will find the book, The Journal of Emperor Leovic:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: Emperor Leovic wrote that! But it's not in code. If those councilors know the secret, their lives are in danger!"

In another room you will find the annotated Order of the Waking Flame Ritual:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The cult's trying to contact Mehrunes Dagon! Let's find that shrine!"
"Let's find that shrine before anything really awful happens.
What kind of a cracked acorn thinks it's a good idea to summon up a Daedric Prince?"

As you approach the shrine, you will overhear Doombringer Eshil and Mehrunes Dagon speaking:

Doombringer Eshil "Mehrunes Dagon, show me where to find your Four Ambitions!"
Mehrunes Dagon "Step through the portal and prove your worth to the lord of fire and flood!"
Doombringer Eshil "To walk upon the sacred sands of the Deadlands? You honor me, Lord Dagon!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That cracked acorn is stepping into Oblivion?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look, behind the statue! A portal! Come on!"

Nearing Eshil, he will step into the activated portal. You and Eveli have no choice but to follow:

"An ominous voice from nowhere, crazed cultists, and another portal behind that statue …. What is it with Daedra and portals, anyway?
I suppose we ought to follow the cultist leader, right?"

After entering the portal, you will find yourself in the Testing Grounds of the Deadlands:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I don't believe it … is this really … Oblivion?"
"This is really a Daedric plane? I've never been to Oblivion before.
The spinners told stories about Mehrunes Dagon. Called his realm the Deadlands. I guess that's where we are. Let's find the cultist before he does something terrible."

As you fight you way through, Eveli will make some comments, sometimes on the environment, other times on the conversation between Dagon and Doombringer Eshil:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Why do you think he named this place the Deadlands? Looks more like the Really Hot Lands to me."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "My arrows will make short work of the cultist … but I'm not too sure about Mehrunes Dagon."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The Ambitions must be some sort of weapons. We can't let them fall into the hands of this cult."

When you reach the center, you will have to fight Doombringer Eshil and Qrazgoth, if you try to talk to Eveli at this point:

"Less talking, more killing! Go, go!"

After you defeat both of them Mehrunes Dagon will create a portal and let you leave, Eveli comments on this when spoken to:

"That's it? No talking? No explanations? Just go home, little mortals?
Fine! Come on, let's get out of here."

Upon entering the portal, you will find yourself back at Beragon's camp. Lyranth will be there and Eveli goes and sits with her brother.

"The Daedra lady wants to talk to you. Go on. I'm still trying to wrap my vines around everything that happened."'

After speaking with Lyranth, the dremora will leave and Eveli will want to speak with you.

"Now that the scary Daedra lady is gone, let's talk!"[verification needed — see talk page]

You then need to talk to Eveli.

"That was kind of exciting! I've never been to any part of Oblivion before. A lot of it felt familiar though. Like places I've seen in my dreams lately.
Anyway, thanks to everything we learned, I know exactly what needs to happen next."
What needs to happen next, Eveli?
"We need to find the people on that list. Warn them about the Dark Brotherhood. See what they can tell us about the Ambitions. And what I should do with this book.
Hey, thanks by the way. I never got the rest of my pay, but I can spare this for now."

Once you have completed the quest, you can speak with her some more.

"I'll start the search in Leyawiin. That's where Chief Councilor Lovidicus was, last I heard. Think he's helping to govern the city or something.
Once I get the lay of the land, I'll send word to you. You know, in case you still want to help and all."
Will you be all right hanging on to that strange book?
"I think so. This all started when Farrul Lupus sent me to find this book. And that put me on the trail of Emperor Leovic's secret.
Now we know that the secret concerns a deal made with Mehrunes Dagon and something called the Four Ambitions."
But we don't know any specifics.
"Well, we know the Dark Brotherhood murdered Farrul Lupus, who turned out to be the emperor's steward. And we know that the Waking Flame are Dagonists seeking the Ambitions.
In Leovic's notes, the Ambitions were described as some sort of weapons."
And Lyranth believes all of this concerns the fate of our world.
"Yeah, not sure how I feel about the scary Daedra lady, but her ominous warning makes my leaves shudder. If Mehrunes Dagon has his sights set on Tamriel, we're in for all sorts of disasters. Whatever the Longhouse Emperors promised, it can't be good."
Leovic's notes also listed other people besides Farrul Lupus who know about the secret.
"Right. I'm not an expert on Imperial politics, but I recognize Lovidicus's name. He was on the Elder Council before the Empire fell.
I remember listening to a herald in Elden Root. They brought news that Lovidicus was alive and serving in Leyawiin."
What do you know about Leyawiin?
"Not a lot, really. I've never been up in that area. As far as I know, it's an Imperial city on the Topal Bay. So far, it's been able to keep the Three Banners War mostly away from its borders. Or so the heralds have reported."
How will you convince Lovidicus that he may be in danger?
"I don't know! I usually just make things up along the way!
I suppose I'll offer my assistance and see what happens. Once I make some contacts, I'll send word. If you're still interested in solving this mystery, you can meet me then."


Appears only with Blackwood

A Deadly Secret[edit]

Only have dialogue for character that knows Eveli and is Dark Brotherhood, need other variants

Eveli in Blackwood

When you arrive in Leyawiin, you will learn that Eveli is working with Captain Rian Liore and Councilor Lovidicus after telling them about the Dark Brotherhood targeting former Elder Council. Captain Rian have you search for the missing Councilor Jirich, however when you find her she will be mortally wounded. After she dies Eveli will arrive on the scene:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Councilor Jirich! Damn, we were too late!"

Speak with Eveli, who will recognize you if you worked together previously:

Completed Blackwood Prologue:
First Time Meeting:
Met Eveli Previously:
"Damn it! Looks like we were both too late. It's just like I expected when we found that list with all the councilors' names on it. I hate being right when somebody dies.
Glad to see you made it here, by the way. Did you happen to see who killed her?"
I didn't see who attacked her, but there's a note beside her body.
"The mark of the Dark Brotherhood, just like Farrul Lupus.
Remember I said I was going to find Lovidicus? Well, I did. And turns out, he's the head of the city's Chamber of Legates! I just wish another person hadn't died because of this damn secret."
Remind me about the secret.
"The secret of the Longhouse Emperors. It has something to do with the Four Ambitions of Mehrunes Dagon. I think they're Daedric weapons, but that's all we know so far.
Remember, I was working for Farrul Lupus. He sent me to find that strange tome."
I found a letter to Councilor Jirich from Farrul Lupus. It warned her that she was in danger.
"Right. And we found that list with all the councilors' names on it. Farrul's, too. The one that suggested they all knew something about the Ambitions.
Since Farrul was murdered, I figured the others were in danger, too. Looks like I was right."
Do you know where the rest of the councilors are?
"Let me have your map. This is where Councilors Faleria and Sophus were, last time I checked. Go warn them. Convince them the threat is real.
Then meet me at Councilor Jirich's manor in the city. Maybe we can find something more about this secret."
I'll go warn the councilors, then meet you at Jirich's manor.
"Damn it! I'm too late. Poor Councilor Jirich. She didn't deserve to die like that. At least, I don't think she did.
Did you see what happened? Who attacked her?"
I didn't see who attacked her, but there's a note beside her body.
"The mark of the Dark Brotherhood, just like with Farrul Lupus.
Er, sorry. I'm working for Councilor Lovidicus, the head of the Chamber of Legates. I came to Leyawiin to warn him after I stumbled across some secret concerning the Longhouse Emperors."
I'm working for Captain Rian Liore. He sent me to find the councilor. What's that about a secret?
"It relates to something called the Four Ambitions of Mehrunes Dagon. I think they're Daedric weapons, but I'm still puzzling that out.
I was working for Farrul Lupus before he was murdered. Found a strange tome with Daedric markings at his behest."
I found a letter to Councilor Jirich from Farrul Lupus. It warned her she was in danger.
"Yeah, that's what brought me here. I found a list of names. Farrul Lupus and members of the Elder Council. It said they all knew something about this secret. Since Farrul was murdered, I figured the others were in danger, too. Looks like I was right."
Who are the other councilors?
"Let me have your map. I'll mark where Councilors Faleria and Sophus were last seen. Go warn them. Convince them to take precautions.
Then meet me at Councilor Jirich's manor in the city. Maybe we can find something to shed more light on this secret."
I'll go warn the councilors, then meet you at Jirich's manor.
"Damn it! I'm too late. Poor Councilor Jirich. She didn't deserve to die like that. At least, I don't think she did.
Glad to see you, by the way. Did you happen to get here in time to see who killed her?"

After agreeing on the plan, you can ask Eveli some questions before leaving:

"I'll get the city guards to come and gather the councilor's body. She shouldn't just be left out here. Then I'll head to Councilor Jirich's manor.
When you're done checking on Councilor Faleria and Councilor Sophus, meet me there."
Walk me through what you know so far about this threat against the councilors.
"Like I said, it all started when I found that strange tome for Farrul Lupus. And Emperor Leovic's journal. It was in code, but I got it translated. Sent me to a few hidden Imperial caches where I learned that the Longhouse Emperors had a secret."
Right. The secret concerning the Four Ambitions of Mehrunes Dagon.
"Right! But it turned out, I wasn't the only one trying to learn more about the Ambitions. A group of cracked acorns called the Order of the Waking Flame. Fanatic Mehrunes Dagon cultists. Had to put arrows in more than one of those bastards."
So why is the Dark Brotherhood murdering the councilors?
"I guess someone hired them to eliminate everyone who knows about the secret. The question is, who?
And I was told by a more-or-less friendly Dremora named Lyranth that the fate of our world was at stake. So of course I want to figure this all out!"
What have you been up to since Orsinium, Eveli? (Completed Orsinium Storyline)
"Oh, I'm still trying to make a name for myself. I was green as a blade of grass when we met in Orsinium. Now I've got a few more adventures under my belt … but I've never dealt with anything quite like this.
This is a more than I bargained for."
Tell me more about that strange book you found.
"So Farrul Lupus hired me to retrieve a book from a retreat once used by the Longhouse Emperors. He never told me what it was, and he died before I could ask.
The book is … weird. It has weird pages and weird markings and I can't read a word of it."
You never learned anything else about it?
"Not much. Farrul's partner said he planned to use it to make things right, but she didn't know how. And it's Daedric, I think. I will say carrying it … it's kind of a burden. And I've been having strange dreams, but I don't want to talk about that."

While you not able to save Councilor Sophus you are able to find Faleria in time, who will head to Tidewater Cave to go through her records. Once you have found both councilors, you can head into the city to meet Eveli at the manor. The place seems to have been rummaged through when you arrive:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh hey, over here!"

Talk to Eveli and tell her what you found out:

"I'm glad you're here! I've been searching all over, but I could use your help. This place is huge! Why do rich people need so many rooms?
Oh, but tell me. Did you warn the councilors like I asked?"
Faleria has protection and is going to search her records, but I was too late to save Sophus.
"Sophus is dead? Damn! Was it the Dark Brotherhood? What am I saying, of course it was!
I've torn this place apart, but so far I haven't found anything related to Imperial secrets or the Ambitions. Maybe you can spot something I missed."
Councilor Faleria told me Jirich kept records in a hidden compartment in her nightstand.
"I knew you'd be a help, but I didn't expect you to just have the answer the moment you walked in. Good job!
Councilor Jirich's bedroom is upstairs. Let's see if we can find that hidden compartment."

She will then run upstairs to Jirich's bedroom, follow her and you can uncover Councilor Jirich's Records. Talking to her before you search the compartment:

"You said there was a hidden compartment under the nightstand? Let's see what it contains."

You can talk to her again before you read the order:

"Well, don't keep me in suspense. See what you found and then we can talk."

Eveli will be eager to see what you have found:

"A hidden compartment? I love it! I mean, I hate that people have died, but ….
Ahem. So, what did you find?"
It's an order from Emperor Leovic. He told Jirich to move the Ambitions but the last line's in code.
"Let me see that. Hmm. That's a code, all right. Some of the other documents I found used something similar.
You know, I'm really starting to hate all this secrecy surrounding the Ambitions."
Your brother Beragon helped us before. Do you think he can decipher it? (Completed Prologue Quest)
"I'm almost certain of it. And Councilor Lovidicus knows my brother. We talked about him a bit when I arrived. If there isn't a qualified scribe nearby, I can send for my brother.
Let's go to Leyawiin Castle and talk to Lovidicus."
I'll meet you at Leyawiin Castle.
"I can't help feeling that once we solve the secret of the Longhouse Emperors, we'll know how to stop the Dark Brotherhood from murdering any more of the councilors.
I'll see you at the castle!"

Speaking to her before leaving:

"I'll meet you at Leyawiin Castle. We can talk to Councilor Lovidicus together."

When you enter Leyawiin castle you will have to talk speak to Captain Rian first:

"Technically, you work for the captain, so you should tell him what we uncovered."

After speaking with the Captain:

"Let's take the documents we received from Councilors Jirich and Sophus and show them to Councilor Lovidicus. Maybe he can make sense of the Imperial code.
If not, I know someone I can contact. He's a wonder at these sorts of things."

You can then head up to Councilor Lovidicus and Eveli will follow up the stairs. After reporting to Lovidicus, he will have you warn the remaining councilors and have them come back to the castle. You are first to make contact with Councilor Abor who is staying at Fort Blueblood.

Eveli will know where to go:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Fort Blueblood? That's to the east, across the river. I'll meet you there."

Speaking to Eveli before leaving, she will urge that you hurry:

"We better hurry. I came a long way to make sure none of these councilors died, and I've already let two of them down.
I'll meet you at the fort. It's to the east, across the river."

When you arrive at Fort Blueblood she will be arguing with Commander Ortin:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look, Councilor Lovidicus and Captain Rian sent me. I need to see Councilor Abor now!"
Lurius Corvinus: "And what about my sister? She hasn't been seen since she took the councilor her meal!"
Commander Ortin: "Councilor Abor was very clear about this. She doesn't want to be disturbed."

Speaking with Eveli before the commander, she will comment on the situation:

"Commander Ortin won't listen. He insists that Councilor Abor gave him strict orders. Said she wasn't to be disturbed. You talk to Ortin and try to convince him.
And I'm not sure why the servant is in an uproar. Something about a meal and his sister?"

After you have spoken with the commander, you will be given permission to enter the watchtower:

"A missing servant? I wonder what that's all about?
Well, let's head into the watchtower and talk to Councilor Abor. Hopefully it won't take a lot to convince her to return to Leyawiin with us."

However, when you enter the tower you will find Councilor Abor dead on the ground:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh no! Councilor Abor's been murdered! But where's the servant?"
"Damn it! Too late again! How is the Dark Brotherhood always one step ahead of us? And where's the servant who brought her meal? We've got a real locked-door mystery here.
Let's look around and try to figure out what happened."

You can then investigate the room, Eveli will comment on what you find:

The untouched meal:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Abor's meal is still warm. So what happened to the servant that delivered it?"

The Mysterious Note next to the body:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The Dark Brotherhood's calling card."

Councilor Abor's Journal on her bed:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Of course they tore out the pages and took them! Just when we were so close to finding out more about the Ambitions!"

After investigating you can talk to Eveli about what you found:

"We have a door locked from the outside, a dead councilor, and a missing servant. Did the assassin take off with both the torn-out journal pages and the servant?
Anyway, they not only murdered Abor, they probably know how to find the Ambitions now."
How did the murderer get in and out of the watchtower without the brigadines noticing?
"See that rope hanging from the top of the tower? Bet my bottom acorn that's how the assassin got in and out. But the missing servant … something about that is knocking on the back of my head.
And why would the Dark Brotherhood take those pages?"
Maybe the Dark Brotherhood wants the Daedric weapons for themselves.
"Maybe. But everything I've read about the Dark Brotherhood never suggested they would be interested in weapons of war. If that's even what the Ambitions are. Damn it, we're loosing arrows in the dark here!
Let's tell Commander Ortin about Abor."

Before you head out of the watchtower, you speak to her again:

"We have to inform Commander Ortin about Councilor Abor's murder. I doubt the assassin is still in the fort, but you never know.
Plus, we need to let him know that the servant is still unaccounted for."

You can then head outside and relay the news to Commander Ortin, who will have you try and find Talaise the missing servant:

"Talaise the servant. She brought the councilor her meal, but never exited the tower. Yet, the councilor is dead and Talaise is missing. Hmm.
All right, let's start by talking to the other servants in the kitchen and dining hall."

You can then question some of the servants in the Fort Blueblood Headquarters Building. All signs point to checking out the Fort Blueblood Pantry as Talaise went there the last time anyone saw her.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Before we check the pantry, let's talk."

Speak with Eveli:

"So, what did we learn?
Councilor Abor was frightened, but that's understandable. Interesting that she was burning documents. Her journal indicated that she knew more than the others. And Talaise visited the pantry before heading to the watchtower."
Do you think we should take a look in the pantry?
"Couldn't hurt. And every mystery novel I ever read taught me you should always follow up on every clue. Even the ones that seem insignificant.
Let's check the pantry and see if she was looking for more than hot-root flakes down there."

Speaking with Eveli before entering the pantry:

"Let's go around the building and find the door to the pantry. Maybe something down there will suggest what happened to Talaise."

Once in the pantry, you will find the body of Talaise Corvinus:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Is that—Damn it, they murdered Talaise, too!"

Eveli will notice something:

"Someone's going to pay for this, I promise you that! But if Talaise died down here, who delivered the councilor's meal to the watchtower?
Hey, look. There's a sheet of paper lying next to her."

It is yet another Dark Brotherhood calling card:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Why would the Dark Brotherhood murder—oh no! We need to talk about this."

At this point you need to talk to Eveli and your conversation will heavily differ depending on whether you are member of the Dark Brotherhood or not:

Member of the Dark Brotherhood:
"All right. I think I figured it out. The assassin followed Talaise down here, murdered her, and took her place so they could gain access to the watchtower. Pretty clever, but they didn't have to kill her."
Eveli, it's time I told you the truth. I'm a member of the Dark Brotherhood.
"Right. Haha. Very funny—wait, you're serious? If you're part of this, if you've been trying to save your murdering friends …. argh!
All right, we're going back to Leyawiin. You can walk on your own or I can drag your dead body behind me."
Calm down and listen. The Dark Brotherhood didn't do this. They don't kill without a contract.
"Yeah, I've read that somewhere.
But what about the calling cards. The black hand is definitely making a statement."
The Dark Brotherhood only leaves those under very special circumstances. Someone is trying too hard.
"Trying too hard to convince us that the Dark Brotherhood is behind the murders. All right, I can see your point.
That doesn't change the fact that the remaining councilors are still in danger. We need to warn Councilors Faleria and Vandacia."
What about Commander Ortin? We should tell him what happened to Talaise.
"Right. Report to Commander Ortin on your way out. Tell him what happened. Then go check on Councilors Faleria and Vandacia. I need to return to Leyawiin and consult with Lovidicus.
But this? Between you and I? It isn't over. Remember that."
I'll report to the commander, contact the two remaining councilors, and then meet you in Leyawiin.
"All right. I think I figured it out. The assassin followed Talaise down here, murdered her, and took her place so they could gain access to the watchtower. Pretty clever, but they didn't have to kill her."
Does this sound like the usual way the Dark Brotherhood operates?
"No, not from what I've read, anyway. I thought they only killed those whose names appeared on their contracts. I can't imagine anyone asked them to kill a poor servant."
Should we return to Leyawiin and inform Councilor Lovidicus and Captain Rian?
"Yes, but we still need to check on Councilor Faleria. And someone needs to go to Gideon and make sure that Councilor Vandacia is all right.
Can I leave those tasks to you? I want to return to Leyawiin and consult with Councilor Lovidicus."
I can check with Faleria and Vandacia. But we also need to inform Commander Ortin about this murder.
"Oh, good point. Before you head out, report to Commander Ortin. Tell him what happened to Talaise. And how we think the assassin slipped into the watchtower undetected.
His brigadines need to be able to recognize an imposter when they see one."
I'll report to the commander, contact the two remaining councilors, and then meet you in Leyawiin.

Once you have agreed to find the other councilors, Eveli will have a vision of sorts:

"After you report to the commander, make contact with Councilors Faleria and Vandacia. Faleria went to Tidewater Cave to get her records, and Vandacia works in the Gideon courthouse.
Cracked acorns! I suddenly had the weirdest feeling come over me."
Eveli, are you all right?
"Yes. No? I don't know. We were talking about the councilors. Faleria and Vandacia. Suddenly I had … a premonition?
It was brief and disturbing and mildly unpleasant. Like the dreams I've been having. But this is the first time while I was awake."
Tell me about the dreams.
"Remember I told you about that strange book I found? The one with the Daedric writing that I can't read? I've been having bad dreams since I found it. And the dreams are becoming more frequent.
This time, it happened right while we were talking!"
Tell me about the premonition.
"It was just a flash, but it was accompanied by a feeling. I felt a sense of overwhelming evil, all tied up in the figure I saw in my mind.
Like someone held a portrait in front of my face for just a moment and then pulled it away."
What did the figure look like?
"It was one of the Waking Flame cultists, I think. Someone powerful. In command. A dark silhouette wrapped in a cloak. I'll never forget the feeling it invoked. It was like a wave of hopelessness.
We can deal with this later. Let's get back to it."

You can report Talaise's death to Commander Ortin before heading off to find Councilors Faleria and Vandacia. Faleria will be well guarded at Tidewater Cove and Vandacia can be found in Gideon. Councilor Vandacia will have just had a near-miss; as his guards captured an apparent Dark Brotherhood assassin that was nearby. The assassin will escape custody and after chasing him into the Twyllbek Ruins, Elam Drals will decide to talk to you. Elam will claim that he is in Blackwood on unrelated business and that there are no current contracts on the councilors.

When you have found both councilors you can return to Leyawiin Castle with the Dark Brotherhood letter, Eveli, Captain Rian and the councilors will already be there:

"Welcome back! Things started to get interesting the moment Councilor Vandacia showed up, but otherwise it's been kind of quiet around here.
Hey, Councilor Lovidicus has been waiting for you to return. You better talk to him."

You can then report to Lovidicus, if you speak with Eveli before completing the quest she will have a question:

"I'm sorry I wasn't with you in Gideon when you confronted that Dark Brotherhood agent. Still, why did the assassin murder the servant at Fort Blueblood? The Dark Brotherhood never kills anyone without a contract.
I'm very confused right now."
[verification needed — when does this appear? non dark brotherhood only?]

An Unexpected Adversary[edit]

While the councilors shelter in the castle, Lovidicus will want you and Eveli to investigate Bloodrun Cave and verify if the Dark Brotherhood is involved in the matter or not. If you started the quest from Captain Rian or Brigadine Antonius, Eveli will call you over once you arrive:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There you are! Ready to investigate the sanctuary?"

Nonetheless her conversation with you will depend on your association with Dark Brotherhood:

Member of the Dark Brotherhood:
"All right, you heard Lovidicus. Time to get back to work. While the councilors remain here and wait for the scribe to show up, we need to determine what your Dark Brotherhood friends are actually up to.
Show me that letter you found in Gideon."
Here. It's orders from a Dark Brotherhood matron. They want to establish a sanctuary in the area.
"Yeah, these are definitely orders. It mentions Bloodrun Cave. That's northeast of Leyawiin, toward the edge of Blackwood territory.
Well, as the spinners always say, the best way to find out what's happening in the clearing is to step into it."
The letter indicates that the entrance to the sanctuary is deep inside the cave.
"Of course it does! Nothing has been easy since I found that strange book and started chasing down Leovic's secret.
Well, are you still interested in solving the mystery of the Ambitions? Will you come with me to Bloodrun Cave?"
I'll go with you to Bloodrun Cave to investigate the sanctuary.
"All right, you heard Lovidicus. Time to get back to work. While the councilors stay safe in Leyawiin Castle and wait for the scribe to arrive, we need to find out what the Dark Brotherhood is actually up to.
Show me that letter you found in Gideon."
(Same as first column after opening dialogue.)

After agreeing to help investigate the old Sanctuary, you can continue talking to Eveli. As before, the conversation will depend on your Dark Brotherhood membership:

Need dialogue for characters that DB but don't know Eveli from Orsinium
Member of the Dark Brotherhood:
"Meet me at Bloodrun Cave. Despite your assurances, we need to determine beyond a shadow of a doubt whether the Dark Brotherhood is behind the murders or not.
I'm still not sure I can trust you. You're an assassin and you only just told me!"
I helped the Dark Brotherhood in the Gold Coast and they made me a member.
"All right, but why keep it a secret from me? We were trying to prevent the councilors from being murdered, but four people had to die before you decided to mention your connection to the murderers! Oh, sorry, possible murderers!"
Eveli, you know me. We worked well together in Orsinium. Anything else doesn't matter. (Completed Orsinium)
"Yeah, we did, didn't we. All right, your secret's safe with me. But if the Dark Brotherhood turns out to be involved and you lied to me … well, let's assume that's not going to happen.
I just hope I don't have another one of those waking visions."
Waking vision?
"Remember back at Fort Blueblood when we found the murdered servant? I had a vision of a shadowy figure. It was a robed and hooded cultist. Order of the Waking Flame, I think.
It was brief and powerful. Over in a moment. But the figure felt … evil."
And you think these dreams and visions are connected to the strange book you recovered?
"What else could it be? It's written in an unknown language. Probably Daedric! Lupus sent me to find it, so it must be important.
The last vision was a warning. About the cultists. I can't let them get this book. I'll hang onto it. No matter what."
"The councilors should be safe, so meet me at Bloodrun Cave. We need to determine if the Dark Brotherhood is behind the murders or not. Either way, that sanctuary is a threat to Blackwood.
I just hope I don't have another one of those waking visions."
Waking vision?
"Remember back at Fort Blueblood when we found the murdered servant? I had a vision of a shadowy figure. It was a robed and hooded cultist. Order of the Waking Flame, I think.
It was brief and powerful. Over in a moment. But the figure felt... evil."
And you think these dreams and visions are connected to the strange book you recovered?
"What else could it be? The book seems very old, and it's written in a language we can't read. Just carrying it around... it feels heavy, oppressive. Like a burden I didn't know I had.
But Lupus sent me to find it. It must be important."
Important how?
"I don't know! I'm an archer, not a Daedric scholar or anything. I don't think I should let the Order of the Waking Flame get their hands on it. though.
And maybe one of these visions- if I have anymore- will actually help us figure this all out."
Are you sure you want to keep carrying it around? We haven't seen any cultists for a while now.
"No, but that last vision I had was clearly a warning about the cult leader, whoever they are. They're powerful. And evil.
So, bad dreams or no bad dreams, I think I'll hang onto the book. Just in case."

After you finish talking with Eveli you can see her leaving:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll meet you at Bloodrun Cave."
Councilor Vandacia: "You made the right call, Lovidicus. We won't be safe until the Dark Brotherhood is driven out of Blackwood."

You can then travel to Bloodrun Cave in the far northeast corner of the zone map. Eveli will be waiting for you inside:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Glad you made it. I wasn't looking forward to going much deeper without you."

You can then talk to Eveli about how to find the sanctuary:

"So this is Bloodrun Cave, huh? Creepy.
You go on ahead. I'll follow behind you. Make sure nothing tries to ambush us. I'll catch up farther in."
How are we supposed to find the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary?
"Check the letter you found. It said something about a door located deeper inside the cave. And there was a strange line about death being the key, whatever that means.
Go on. I'll follow along shortly."

Speaking to Eveli before heading further in:

"Go on ahead and see if you can find the entrance to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. I'll be behind you the whole time, watching for any surprises."

Midway through the cave, Eveli can be seen on top of some scaffolding:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This place is huge! No sign of the Dark Brotherhood. Just a lot of creepy undead. Let's keep going!"

Beyond the chamber with Tumma-Maxath, there will be a passage that leads to a hall blocked by a Black Door and decorated with skulls:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This looks promising. Let's talk."

She will want to talk to you about opening the door and the clue you read about:

"That creepy black door. That's got to be the entrance to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. I doubt it's as simple as turning a knob, because that door doesn't have one.
Let me see that letter you found again. Wasn't there something about a key?"
Here you go.
"Hmm. Gutted, untold danger, long trek, clear out … ah, here it is!
"And remember: death, my brother. That's the key.""
Dark Brotherhood Member:
You need a pass phrase to open the black door. That definitely sounds like it.
"You really do know your Dark Brotherhood stuff. It sure would have been helpful if you mentioned any of this a lot earlier.
All right, assassin. Is that what I call you now? If you're so smart, go and open the door. I'll wait."
How is that a key?
"I don't know! Maybe it's a pass phrase? I've read about things like that in some of my mystery novels. Go knock on the door or something and see what happens."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Go ahead. See if that pass phrase opens the creepy black door."

Talking to Eveli, before going to the door:

"The letter said that death was the key. So, go and unlock the creepy black door!"

You can the speak to the Black Door and answer its question with the aforementioned pass phrase. The door will unlock, and Eveli is unsettled:

"The creepy black door … it talked to you? I find that both frightening and fascinating at the same time.
All right, let's go see what's on the other side."

When you enter the Sanctuary, Elam Drals will be looking down at you from the second floor, flanked by Faurirwen and Ashwina. Eveli will walk further in to demand answers:

Elam Drals: "Still looking for your murderer? Well, you've come to the wrong place, my friends."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We found the black hands beside every body!"
Elam Drals: "Must I say it again? You've been duped! And the Dark Brotherhood has been set up to take the blame."

You will need to Elam, meanwhile Eveli will watch the other two as you talk:

"You talk to the assassin. I'll watch the others."

Midway through your conversation a portal will appear behind him and a Waking Flame cultist will emerge.

Elam Drals: "Now what?"
<Elam kills the cultist.>
Elam Drals: "Cultists, portaling in! Quickly, secure the sanctuary!"
<The three assassins will exit.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That's the Order of the Waking Flame! What are they doing here? Come on, we need to figure out what's going on."

Talking to Eveli, she will explain where she has seen the Waking Flame cultists before:

"Those cultists that attacked the Dark Brotherhood. That's the Order of the Waking Flame! They're those Mehrunes Dagon fanatics that attacked me when I first tried to learn about Leovic's secret.
We have to figure out how all this connects."

In the sanctuary's storage halls, you will find several hostile cultists, Eveli will comment as you progress:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This can't be a coincidence. Did the Waking Flame cultists follow us here?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The Waking Flame is definitely trying to occupy this sanctuary. But why?"

Soon, you will find a portal being maintained by two Waking Flame cultists, only for Elam to come up and kill one while the other escapes. He is ready to continue your conversation.

"You talk to the Dark Brotherhood person. I'll keep watch for more of the cultists."

Elam will decide to go after the cultists to avenge his siblings. Eveli asks that you accompany him, while she leaves to report to Captain Rian and Lovidicus:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Stay with the assassin! I'll inform Captain Rian and Councilor Lovidicus about the cultists!"

Before you enter portal, Eveli asks you to be careful:

"I'm all for leaping through strange portals into untold danger, but one of us should return to Leyawiin. Councilor Lovidicus and Captain Rian need to know that the Order of the Waking Flame is our real enemy.
Be careful in there, all right?"

The portal will take you to the nearby Welke ruin, where you and Elam discover several pieces of evidence. The two most important are that Councilor Vandacia is the High Priest of the Waking Flame, and that there is a plan in action to attack Leyawiin Castle and kill the councilors.

When you make it back to Leyawiin, you will find Captain Rian and the brigadines locked out of the castle gates. The captain will ask you to find Eveli, she can be found maintaining a chokepoint with Brigadines Cartiar and Pazipa:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Steady. Wait for it …."
<A cultist runs out the door and is shot.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Now we can go in! Let's— oh, you're here!"

Talk to Eveli and tell her what you learnt in Welke:

"Oh, thank Y'ffre you're back! Captain Rian and I … they tricked us! Lured us out of the castle.
Now the place is locked down and I don't know if any of the councilors are still alive. I've mucked this up real good."
Councilor Vandacia is behind everything. He's the high priest of the Order of the Waking Flame.
"Vandacia? That … traitor! He tricked us. Lied to us. Had his own colleagues murdered. And all to get his hands on a few Daedric weapons?
But Lyranth the Dremora. She told me that the fate of the world was at stake. We need to reach the councilors."
Does that door lead into the castle?
"Yes. The barracks connect to the rest of the castle. Since I dispatched the cultist guards, we can get to the councilors and the legates this way.
Let's go but stay alert. We're not sure how many of those cracked acorns are waiting for us in there."

Speaking to her before you go into the door, she will urge you to hurry:

"Come on, we need to get inside. Councilors Lovidicus and Faleria and the legates might still be alive. If there's a chance we can save them, we have to try!
And Vandacia. That must have been what the vision I had was trying to warn me about."

During combat, she may say one of the following ambient lines:

"Got him right where I want him!"
"What do you think of these acorns?"
"Try to dodge these, guar kissers!"
"There's no dodging this!"
"Eat arrows, you rotters!"
"Ha! I bet this one chafes the knickers!"
"My arrows never miss their mark!"
"Check out this move!"
"No one could see this shot coming!"
"This might sting a bit!"
"I hate wasting expensive arrows on the likes of you!"
"Going to turn it into a pin cushion!"

Talking to her again before entering the side entrance:

"I can't believe I fell for that ruse. You'd think my acorn just dropped out of its tree."

Once inside the castle:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hurry, we need to reach the councilors!"
"We won't let Councilor Vandacia get away with this. He has to answer for those murders! And we can't let him and his cult get the Ambitions.
Come on!"

Throughout the castle, cultists are killing people, citizens and Dark Brotherhood alike:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I can't believe Vandacia fooled us. Or that he's in charge of these fanatics."

Soon you and Eveli will find Councilor Vandacia cornering Coucilor Faleria on the balcony above the throneroom:

Councilor Faleria: "Vandacia, how could you?"
Councilor Vandacia: "Faleria, with everything at stake, how could I not?"
<A blast of magic from Vandacia pushes Faleria over the balcony.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Councilor Faleria, no!"

You need to find Councilor Lovidicus before it is too late. Along the way, you will Eveli's brother Beragon:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Brother! When did you get here, Beragon?"
Beragon: "I came as soon as word arrived from Councilor Lovidicus. I was with him when the cultists attacked, but we got separated."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We have to find Lovidicus! Come with us, brother. We need to stick together."

Beragon will join you and Eveli on your search and escape from the castle. Eveli will tell you there is no time to question Beragon:

"Come on, we don't have time to talk to my brother right now.
We need to find Councilor Lovidicus. If he's still alive, we need to do everything possible to keep him that way. If he's not … then Vandacia has to pay."
Shouldn't we find out what your brother knows?
"My brother will fill us in after we save Councilor Lovidicus and whoever else is still alive in the castle.
And don't worry about Beragon. He can take care of himself."

When you reach the throneroom, you will find a Daedroth eating Faleria's body:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Councilor Faleria. She's dead. We have to keep looking for Lovidicus."

Arriving in the courtyard, you will find Vandacia holding Councilor Lovidicus by the neck with a chain of red magic, choking him:

Councilor Lovidicus: "Vandacia, you traitor …."
Councilor Vandacia: "I will finish what the Longhouse Emperors started, Lovidicus. I will set loose the power of the Four Ambitions!"
Councilor Vandacia: "Lord Dagon, hear your high priest! Send forth a champion to destroy these meddlers!"
<The Disciple of Aspiration is summoned and Vandacia teleports away, Lovidicus dropping to the ground.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "What is that thing? Kill it, kill it!"
<Beragon runs up to Lovidicus and begins healing him.>
Councilor Lovidicus: "Don't worry about me. Deal with that creature!"

Eveli will help you fight the Ruinach, once it is dead, Captain Rian will run in with his Brigadines and escort Councilor Lovidicus outside. While Lovidicus rests, Eveli will be with her brother, watching him go over a document in his hand:

"Now that Vandacia and his cultists have run off, you should talk to my brother, Beragon. He's the scribe that Councilor Lovidicus sent for.
I think he was able to translate at least part of the coded documents before Vandacia grabbed them."

Beragon will explain that he only got to glance at the papers before the attack, and mentions a Jel phrase he saw. Afterwards, Eveli will make an oath:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Vandacia will pay. I swear it!"
"I heard what Beragon told you. Ojel-bak. I never heard of it either, but my brother sure picked a terrible time to admit that with all his vast knowledge, he doesn't know the word we need the most.
Hey, Councilor Lovidicus wants to talk to you."

You can talk with Councilor Lovidicus who will suggest you go to Gideon and speak with Governor Keshu about the word and how it may relate to the Ambitions. You can then speak with Eveli to complete the quest:

"Damn! I can't believe Vandacia is a traitor and a cult leader! And he killed Faleria … almost killed Lovidicus!
He's been ahead of us the entire time. We can't let him get to the Ambitions. We just can't!"
Councilor Lovidicus recommends we go to Gideon and ask Keshu about the term ojel-bak.
"All right, we have a plan. In the meantime, we saved Councilor Lovidicus, cleared the Dark Brotherhood of the murders, and determined Vandacia is the traitor and leader of the cult.
You did good, my friend. Here, your share of our compensation."

A Hidden Vault[edit]

You can start the quest by continuing to talk to Eveli after completing the previous one, or Captain Rian will send you to talk with Eveli outside the castle gates:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Over here! We have work to do!"

Eveli will ask you to meet Keshu with her:

"So, the information from the former councilors points to an Argonian location. Someplace called the ojel-bak.
Vandacia ran off with the documents before we could learn more. Now we need to figure out what it means before his cultists beat us to it!"
We don't know what ojel-bak means or how to find it. / We don't know what ojel-bak means or where to find it, do we? (appear only if you accept the quest from Captain Rian Liore)
"No, but Councilor Lovidicus has heard the term. Says it's a landmark in the Sul-Xan territory. The documents suggested it's a site connected to the Four Ambitions. Maybe where the weapons are stored?
We need to consult with an expert on that region."
Do we know an expert?
"Governor Keshu of Gideon! Councilor Lovidicus says she knows the swamps and bogs of Black Marsh like the back of her hand.
So, can I count on you? Will you come with me to Gideon to talk to Keshu the Black Fin?"
I'll go with you to Gideon to talk to Governor Keshu.

After starting the quest, you can ask what she knows about Keshu the Black Fin and Gideon:

"We'll meet up in Gideon. We can talk to Governor Keshu there. She has to know about this ojel-bak thing. She has to!"
What can you tell me about Keshu?
"Just what I've heard. She emerged from the Black Marsh swamps and made a name for herself as a freedom fighter. Battled Dark Elf slavers along the Morrowind border.
When the Akaviri invaders arrived, she took her soldiers and helped save Windhelm."
When did that happen?
"About ten years ago now. Defeated the invasion and helped form the Ebonheart Pact. Even commanded the Pact army during the start of the Three Banners War.
Then one day she turned in her commission. Came back to serve as governor of Gideon."
Anything else I should know?
"Keshu's progressive, as far as Argonians go. I hear she has an interest in the history of the Argonians, but she genuinely seems committed to creating an open and enlightened community for all people in Gideon.
Actually, I can't wait to talk to her!"
What do you know about Gideon?
"Hmm. What did the spinners say … oh yes! It's one of the eight major cities of Black Marsh, but its proximity to Cyrodiil makes it more Imperial than Argonian. In fact, Vandacia represented the Empire in Gideon for decades—until, well, you know."
Was Vandacia in charge of the city before he revealed his connection to the cult?
"No, more of an advisor of sorts. Like the councilors here in Leyawiin. Governor Keshu is the leader of the city.
When Vandacia revealed himself to be the head of a Daedric cult, well, that pretty much put an end to his government service."
Were you surprised by Vandacia's treachery?
"Now that you mention it, very much so! He was a member of the Elder Council! His name was on the list of people that knew Leovic's secret! I thought I was supposed to protect him. Keep him safe from the murderer. But he was the murderer!"
Where is Vandacia now?
"After he killed Faleria and grabbed the coded documents, he ran. He could be anywhere! He's had decades to establish the Waking Flame and set up hiding holes.
But he's after the Ambitions, same as us. We need to find the hidden vault before he does!"

When you enter Keshu's office in the Gideon Courthouse, Eveli is already in discussion with Keshu:

Keshu the Black-Fin: "Vandacia, a cultist? Gideon will help in any way we can."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Thank you, governor. Ah, here's my partner now."

Speaking to Eveli before Keshu:

"Good to see you! I just finished telling the governor what happened in Leyawiin. Why don't you ask her about the Argonian phrase we need translated?"

Talking with Keshu, she will explain that the word translates to "pit of the outsider" and that there is a place to the south that goes by the name. It is also the territory of the hostile Sul-Xan tribe. You can talk to Eveli before you leave:

"I knew Governor Keshu would be helpful. I'll meet you at the edge of Sul-Xan territory. Then we can find this pit of the outsider together.
That name sends shivers up my spine. I suppose that's fitting for a place full of Daedric weapons."
You sure you want to march into territory full of hostile Argonians?
"Hey! Just because I got the shivers doesn't mean I'm not up to this. It's a purely natural reaction to something that includes both the word pit and the word outsider.
I'll be right by your side every step of the way. Count on it!"

When you arrive at the outskirts of Ojel-bak, Eveli will call you over:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Over here! Let's talk!"

Speak with her before you progress further in:

"Ready to make our way into hostile territory? We need to find this pit of the outsider, see if the vault is there, and reach the Ambitions before the Order of the Waking Flame beats us to them."
Any thoughts on how we should approach this?
"Hmm. Well, you heard Governor Keshu. This is Sul-Xan territory. We want to avoid contact with this hostile tribe of Argonians if at all possible, but we need to reach the pit of the outsider.
Also … I had another one …."
Another what?
"Another waking vision! Happened when I got here. I think that strange book is trying to tell me something.
I saw these weird cubes with symbols on them. Symbols like the ones in the book I'm carrying. I'm not sure what it all means."
What do you want to do, Eveli?
"I want to find the vault! With any luck, we're way ahead of Vandacia and his cultists. Maybe we can get in, grab the weapons, and get back to Gideon before anyone even notices that we're around.
Are you ready?"
I'm ready.

After this, Eveli will become your follower as you search the area:

"Remember to avoid the Sul-Xan. But keep an eye out for the Waking Flame cultists. I wouldn't be surprised if we run into them before too long.
Now, let's go find the pit of the outsider!"
You really think the Waking Flame cultists are out here?
"They've got to be somewhere!
Besides, we don't know exactly what Vandacia learned when he killed the councilors. Or what he got out of the documents he stole from Leyawiin. We have to assume he's on the same trail as we are."
What happens if we can't avoid the Sul-Xan?
"Just what you'd expect, I imagine. They are blood-thirsty savages who revere death and chaos, after all.
Be ready to fight. That's all I'm saying."
Could the Sul-Xan and the Order of the Waking Flame be working together?
"It's possible, I guess. But we haven't seen any evidence of that up to this point.
Look, we won't find out any more if we just stand here and talk about it. Let's get going, all right?"

In the center of the swamp, you will find a daedric structure, it looks out of place-Doomvault Capraxus.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey! That shouldn't be there!"
<Lyranth then appears.>
Lyranth: "Ah, little mortals. Come, speak to me."

Eveli, is not enthused to see her:

"Oh great, her again! You talk to her, all right?"

Speaking with Lyranth, she will explain that the entrance is sealed with an anti-daedra ward and that she needs mortal assistance once more. Namely, Eveli's, because the book she carries is the Mysterium Xarxes, and it will allow you to bring down the wards. At this, Eveli will approach the daedric lectern and place the tome:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right, I'm placing the book as Lyranth suggested. You check out those cubes."
<Red light pours out of the book and three symbols in the Daedric Alphabet appear above the book.>

You can talk to Eveli before heading down to use the cubes. She recognizes the cubes from her vision:

"What did I tell you? Isn't she a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day?
I placed the book like she said. And those cubes … they're just like the ones in my vision. Let's see if we can figure out how to remove the ward on that door."

As you move the cubes to match the three symbols, Eveli will comment as you get them correct:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey! That did something!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That matches one of the symbols. Keep going!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I think you did it! Let's check the door."

Speaking to her before going down to the door:

"Nice work! Now let's see if that actually opened the door."

Once inside you barely get a glance around before Lyranth goes her own way:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look at this place."
Lyranth: "Well done, little mortal! Now I must explore!"
<Lyranth teleports further in.>
Eveli inside the Doomvault

Talk with Eveli for a reminder what you are looking for. You can also bring up the Mysterium Xarxes with her:

"We open the door and Lyranth just rushes ahead without us? Figures!
Well, I guess we should start looking around, too. Everything we learned so far indicates that the Daedric weapons should be in here somewhere."
Remind me about the Daedric weapons.
"It all comes back to Emperor Leovic's secret. How he hid the Four Ambitions before Varen reached Imperial City and killed him. We don't know exactly what these Four Ambitions are, but the documents indicated they're Daedric weapons of some sort."
Right. And Vandacia and his Order of the Waking Flame cult are seeking them, too.
"Yup. And Lyranth thinks they could arrive here at any moment. Let's look around.
Oh, hey, one more thing. The book sort of started to tingle the moment we entered the vault. Just thought you should know."
Lyranth thinks that book is the Mysterium Xarxes. If so, it may have been written by Mehrunes Dagon.
"The Mysterium what now?
Never mind. I can worry about that later. Right now we have a job to do."
All right, let's go look around.

After this, you can talk with Eveli more about her experiences with the book:

"I want to find out what's so important that Leovic had to stick it in a warded and sealed Daedric vault."
Tell me more about that book you're carrying.
"I suppose the book started this whole quest. I found it in the Longhouse Emperor's old retreat. It's full of Daedric symbols and strange markings. Carrying it around … it feels like a burden. Heavy, oppressive.
And now it's tingling."
"It feels like … anticipation. Like the book wants to be here or something.
Look, I've had some dark dreams since I found the book and those waking visions, but this is the first time … I don't know! Like it wants something?"
Lyranth said it may be Mehrunes Dagon's book, the Mysterium Xarxes.
"Like I didn't have nightmares before I knew that!
It's not talking to me. Not with words. But I can feel it. Like it's waking up. And while I've had similar sensations since I found it, the tingling really became intense when we entered this place."

Progressing the through the vault, you enter a door and find yourself in what looks to be a forested outdoor area, with Deadlands trappings and an oppressive red sky:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey! What happened to the vault?"

This big area will be filled with various Daedra, Eveli is still confused:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Are we still inside the vault? This doesn't look like Blackwood to me!"

The door at the end of the path will lead to another warded chamber:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Uh oh. Another warded door ahead of us."

Speak with her before continuing:

"There's another ward on the door ahead. Ready to see if we can open it?"
Do you think it works like the one outside?
"Only one way to find out. I'll place the book on the lectern. Then we'll see what happens."
All right, I'm ready.
"Then here we go. The book is really tingling! Get ready to turn the cubes after I place it on the lectern."
I'm ready.

Eveli runs forwards to the lectern:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The book … it's almost as though it wants to help us open the door."
<Eveli places the book, much like before the book glows red and three symbols appear in the air.>

You can ask Eveli about what she thought of the strange outdoor space you traveled through before:

"Rotate the cubes to match the symbols. Just like you did outside. That should disrupt the ward and open the door ahead."
What was happening in that weird open space we came through to get here?
"I don't know. It felt like we were outside, but it wasn't like anywhere I've ever been in Blackwood—or in Tamriel, for that matter.
It was almost like …."
Like what?
"Like we were in some sort of in-between place. Like a piece of Oblivion had somehow overlaid a portion of Nirn.
Confusing, right? But that's what happens when you get mixed up with Daedric magic. Now go turn those cubes!"

Eveli will call out when you correctly move a cube:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That did something! Keep going!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You matched the second symbol!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The ward is down, excellent! Let's go!"

Keep exploring the vault until you reach another open space, this time the area greatly resembles the Deadlands. Up ahead, a drawbridge will be up and you need to find something to bring it down:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Now where are we? Never mind. We need to lower that drawbridge."

If you talk to her before reaching the drawbridge, she will say:

"Sometimes our adventures are just like the stories...but most of the time, they're not at all like them."

Asking her about the drawbridge:

"That drawbridge is the only way across the chasm. We need to find a way to lower it into place."
Any ideas on how we go about lowering it?
"I don't know! Look for a lever or a crank wheel or something. Maybe through that door over there? Let's go!"

Find the path up to the overlook and search for some controls for the bridge:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There must be a lever or a switch around here someplace!"

You can pull the lever then head back down to the bridge:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That did it! Now we can get across!"

You can then follow the path through this lava and daedra filled area:

"Let's keep moving. We still need to find whatever this vault is protecting."

Eveli will occasionally comment on the scenery:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Really? Lava and an ominous sky? Oblivion stuff is weird."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That's sort of pretty. Disturbing and terrifying, but pretty."

You can then enter the Inner Vault Ward Chamber, where Lyranth will be waiting for you. She needs help with another ward:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Another ward, damn. I'll place the book, you turn the cubes."

Eveli will run in a place the book.

"Can you believe it! Another warded door! Emperor Leovic was certainly determined to keep people out. Or I suppose these precautions could be to keep something in?
Well, we won't find out by just standing here. See if you can disrupt the ward."

Like before, Eveli will comment as you move the cubes to right position:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That did something!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Good job, keep going!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That looks right. I wonder what they mean?"

With the final ward down, you can enter the inner vault Eveli is eager to find what is inside:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The ward's down! You did it! Now, let's see what's so important it needed all this protection."

When you enter, you overhear two voices laughing and talking with each other:

Destron: "How's this, sister?"
Calia: "More dramatic, Destron. More … panache!"
<Eveli runs down the hall towards the voices.>

In the room, Calia can be found painting a portrait of Destron as he poses.

Destron: "Calia, just make sure it actually looks like me this time."
Calia: "Oh brother, I always capture the real you!"

When you approach, Eveli will blurt out her confusion, and then things ramp up:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "People? Where are the Daedric weapons?"
Destron: "Who are these intruders?"
<Lyranth teleports in with her own news.>
Lyranth: "I sense the cultists. They're close. Wood Elf, check the other side of those doors."
Calia: "Careful, brother. They look dangerous."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Dangerous? We're heroes! All right, Lyranth. I'll scout ahead. You talk to them, partner."

While Eveli goes into the next room, you can speak to Destron and Calia and investigate their room. When you examine everything, you will hear Eveli shout for help as the cultists have arrived:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey! We've got trouble! I need you!"

Enter the Deep Vaults and you will find Eveli surrounded by dead cultists:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Vandacia's cultists have arrived! We need a plan."

Talk to Eveli:

"Portals opened all around me and suddenly there were cultists everywhere!"
How were they able to portal so deep into the vault?
"Well, we did take down all the wards that protected this place.
I put arrows in as many of Vandacia's crazies as I could, but the rest of them scattered."
Where did they go?
"Deeper into the vault. Damn, this place is enormous! I assume you didn't happen to find the Daedric weapons back in that other room?"
No, just those twins.
"Let's split up and go deal with those cracked acorns before they find the weapons. I really hate Daedric cultists!"

Eveli will split from you and you'll have to fight your way through the cultists. After you defeat Sinestrix Iribia, you will hear an altercation up ahead. It appears that some cultists have reached the twins, you will need to run ahead to see it in person:

Destron: "Stay back! I'm warning you …."
Waking Flame Cultist: "Nonsense, child. You are an Ambition! The high priest has great plans for you."
Calia: "Destron, what should we do?"
Destron: "Exactly what we were trained to do!"
<Lightning bursts out of Destron, killing all of the cultists.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Um … I think we may have found those weapons …."

Speaking with Eveli before the twins, she is still shocked:

"Don't look at me! I didn't know they could do that!
Go on. Talk to Destron. I think he has some explaining to do."

Once you have spoken with the twins, you can speak to Eveli and Lyranth:

"Destron and Calia, the twins. They're the Ambitions! Well, at least they're two of them.
I have to say, I did not expect the weapons to be people! Whatever, Vandacia and his cult still want to get their hands on them."
So what do you suggest?
"Obviously, we have to protect them. Get them somewhere safe. Especially since we're the ones who unlocked their vault and gave the cultists a way to get inside."
Where should we take them?
"Hmm. Good question. Leyawiin is still reeling from the cult's last assault, but Governor Keshu offered to help.
I say we take the twins to Gideon. After that, we can figure out how to locate and secure the other two Ambitions—whoever they are."

After speaking with Eveli she will address the twins:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Come with me you two. It's not safe here anymore."
Calia: "You want us to go … outside?"
Destron: "Time to say goodbye to this place, Calia. It will be a new adventure."

She asks to you to meet her at Gideon:

"I'll get the twins to Gideon. Meet me there so we can tell Governor Keshu what's going on."

You can find Eveli and the twins with Keshu, Eveli will ask you to talk to Keshu first:

"Good, you're just in time. I barely began to tell the governor everything that happened. Why don't you finish up? Talk to Keshu and tell her what we discovered in that vault."

After you have reported to Keshu, you can talk to Eveli to ask if she has any ideas to find the other Ambitions:

"Well, we found two of the Ambitions and kept them out of the cult's hands. Now we just have to find the other two and deal with Vandacia."
Any ideas on how we find the other Ambitions or Vandacia?
"Not yet, but I'm sure something will occur to us. It usually always does.
In the meantime, take this. Your share of our compensation from Leyawiin. I couldn't have found the twins and saved them without your help. Thanks."

Keshu will assure Eveli about the twin's safety:

Keshu the Black Fin: "These two will be safe here in Gideon, Eveli. You have my word."
Keshu the Black Fin: "Thank you, governor."

A Mysterious Event[edit]

If you exit out of the conversation before starting the quest, she will say "Alright, we still have a lot of work to do." While thinking of how to find Vandacia, Eveli explains that a courier arrived in Gideon to talk to you:

"While Governor Keshu takes care of Destron and Calia, we need to determine our next move. I wonder if Captain Rian has any news about Vandacia.
Oh, I almost forgot! Keshu mentioned that a courier arrived for us. They're waiting to deliver a message."
Any idea who sent the courier?
"Maybe Captain Rian or Councilor Lovidicus? Maybe they sent news about Vandacia?
I'm sure that stink-weed is still out there, searching for the other Ambitions. And the twins, too, I suppose. Vandacia won't stop until we stop him."
All right. What do you want me to do?
"Talk to the courier. Find out who sent them and what news they've brought us. I mean, provided you're still willing to stick around and help. Technically, I suppose, you've already finished the job Captain Rian hired you to do.
So, what do you say?"
I want to see this through. I'll talk to the courier.

If you accepted the quest from Legionnaire Itan-Nei and come speak to Eveli, she will alternatively say:

"Ah I see my messages reached you. While Governor Keshu takes care of Destron and Calia while we need to determine our next move.
Oh, I almost forgot! Keshu mentioned that a courier arrived a short time ago. They're waiting to deliver a message to us."

After agreeing to continue helping Eveli, you can ask some questions:

"The courier's waiting right over there. Talk to them and find out what they've brought us."
Any idea who sent the courier or what the message is about?
"No. I was waiting for you. Besides, they said they were supposed to deliver it to you specifically. Their instructions were very clear about that."

Once you read the Courier-Delivered Letter, you will learn that the author wants to meet you at Amnis Manor in town.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Well? What does the letter say?"

Tell Eveli what you read:

"Well? Did the letter say anything important?"
The letter isn't signed. It asks that we come to the Amnis Manor on the south side of town. Alone.
"An anonymous letter asking us to come by ourselves to a creepy old manor? Nothing suspicious about that!
Well, I don't suppose we have any better leads. I'll meet you there."

Talking to her again before leaving:

"Amnis Manor is that creepy house on the south side of the city. I'll meet you there."

Head to the manor and Elam Drals will be waiting for you with some news. After some digging, he learnt that the house's owner—Matus Amnis—is a supporter of Vandacia and probable Dagon Cultist. You can then head inside the manor, where Eveli will soon join you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Sorry it took me so long to get here. Let's look around."

If you talk to her:

"Was that Elam I saw outside? Never mind. Tell me later.
I assume we're supposed to find something important in here? Let's look around."

Eveli will follow you around the house, and comment on what you find:

The Letter to Matus Amnis on the sideboard downstairs:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Vandacia might be at the Salvitto Estate near Blackwood Lake? But what sort of event are they talking about?"

The Invitation Cover Letter on his bedroom desk:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hmm, that's just the cover letter. The detailed invitation is missing. And so is the coin."

Checking inside his wardrobe:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The wardrobe's empty. Looks like Amnis has already left for the event—whatever it is."

When you have checked all three things, you can discuss it with Eveli:

"I think that's everything we're going to find. Let's take another look at the evidence and see if we can figure out what's going on here."
That letter to Amnis suggests that Vandacia went to the Salvitto Estate.
"Right. Says that's located near Blackwood Lake. It also mentions some sort of event. And I think both Amnis and whoever sent this letter are part of the Order of the Waking Flame.
Actual Dagonists right here in Gideon! Can you imagine?"
This event sounds like Vandacia plans to reveal something special to his followers.
"I was thinking the same thing. Could he have found the other two Ambitions? And are they people, too? Cracked acorns, mysteries make my head hurt!
I'd much rather have a clear target so I can fill it full of arrows!"
We also found part of an invitation and noticed that his wardrobe was empty.
"Sounds like getting to the event requires a voyage and a special coin of some sort. Since we don't have a coin or an invitation, we should go to the Salvitto Estate next.
I think it's to the north of Gideon, near Blackwood Lake. I'll meet you there."
All right, I'll meet you there.

Eveli has some things to do in Gideon before she meets you at the estate:

"Salvitto's Estate is north of Gideon, near Blackwood Lake. I'll meet you there. I want to make a quick stop to check on the twins and let Governor Keshu know what we discovered. And to tell her where we're going.
You know, just in case."

As you approach the entrance to the Salvitto Estate grounds, Eveli will catch up and comment on who is hanging around:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This place is crawling with Waking Flame cultists. We'll need to be careful."

Talking with Eveli:

"Salvitto is definitely involved somehow. There are Waking Flame cultists all over the place!
Come on, let's look around. We need to figure out where Vandacia is or at least learn the location of this event they're preparing for."
Do you think Vandacia is still here?
"I doubt it. If Amnis already left for the event, Vandacia probably did, too. Still, there are cultists here. Maybe we can learn where the event is taking place. It's like trying to put an arrow into a torchbug at a hundred paces, but I've made worse."

Once inside, you will hear Gracian Salvitto give orders to his cultist guards. When you go upstairs, he sees you and begins to flee:

Gracian Salvitto: "Intruders! Stop them, my brethren!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "He went out that window! Head around behind the house and let's cut him off!"

You can corner Gracian on the estate's singular dock and stop him from setting sail:

Gracian Salvitto: "Stay back! Just let me go and I'll give you whatever you want!"
<Eveli catches up.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There he is, Gracian Salvitto! Get him to tell you everything he knows!"

Speaking with Eveli before Gracian:

"There he is! No place else to run to. Talk to Salvitto and find out where this event is taking place."

Gracian will confirm that Vandacia did visit, with his new "charge" and that there is an upcoming Waking Flame event. With some meaningful looks you make him hand over his invitation and the Waking Flame Coin. You can then talk to Eveli:

"A ship at the Leyawiin docks? Where is Vandacia holding this event of his? And he's got a prisoner? It sounds like he found one of the Ambitions."
Salvitto gave us his invitation and this strange coin.
"Let me see that. What a strange coin. The symbol on it … it looks like the symbols in the book I'm carrying. Here, you better hang on to the coin.
At least we know how to get to Vandacia's event—wherever it is."
So you think we should get aboard that ship?
"Absolutely. Let's meet in Leyawiin. According to the invitation, the event requires formal attire, so we'll need to visit a tailor before we head to the docks.
I'll meet you by the big tree just inside the city gates after I deal with Salvitto."

Eveli will get ready to drag him to Gideon:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right, Salvitto. Let's go turn you over to Governor Keshu."
"I'll make sure Salvitto gets to Gideon. Turn him over to Governor Keshu. Then I'll meet you in Leyawiin."

When you arrive in Leyawiin through the western gate, Eveli will be waiting beneath the tree in the middle of the square:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Over here, my friend!"

You will learn that Eveli has been doing some discussing with Keshu, as the governor gave her some advice:

"Oh good, I didn't miss you! We don't have much time before that ship departs, so let's get moving."
Should we head directly for the docks?
"Nope. The invitation says we need formal attire to attend Vandacia's event.
When I dropped Salvitto off with Governor Keshu, she suggested we'd be able to get what we need at the tailor's shop here in the city."
Do you know where the tailor's shop is located?
"It's not far. Pretty much dead center of the city. The place is called Armor and Fine Garments. Keshu suggested we should ask for a tailor by the name of Percius Loche. He's supposed to know his stuff.
I'll meet you there!"

Speaking to her again:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Armor and Fine Garments is right in the city center. I'll meet you there."
"Let's find the tailor's shop. We're going to have to look like nobles if we want to get on that ship."
Eveli making a decision

By the time you reach Armor and Fine Garments, Eveli will be looking at the outfits on the mannequins:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You deal with the tailor. I need another moment to pick something out. They all look so … uncomfortable."

As Eveli is unaccustomed to this kind of stuff, she asks you to do all the talking with Percius:

"That's Percius Loche, one of the tailors working at this shop. He's kind of haughty, but he seems to know his stuff. You should do the talking, though. I've never worn clothes like this in all of my life!"

Speaking with Percius, he is prepared to make a deal with you. You can either pay for you and Eveli's outfits with gold, or you can collect Bluewhisper Moth Silk from the river bank north of the city for him. Eveli will still be deciding:

"How do you choose? They all look so … impractical. Pretty, too. But not something I'd want to trek through the wilderness in."

If you went and collected silk, Eveli will ask you about it when you return:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Were you able to gather the silk?"
"Were you able to find the silk? The tailor has been watching me like a hawk ever since you headed out. I don't think he completely trusts us."

Once you have either bought or trade for the outfits, you can make a choice for your attire:

"I … I'm not sure. How do nobles do stuff like this on a regular basis?
Go ahead and choose your outfit. I'll find something eventually."
Eveli is ready to party

When you pick an outfit, Eveli will also make her choice:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That looks good on you! Hang on while I try this one on."
<She then enters one of the changing stalls. And you can overhear her progress.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Where does this piece go?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "What am I supposed to do with this thing?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This is itchy and I can't breathe!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right … there! So, how do I look?"
<Eveli exits the stall and begins examining herself with a hand mirror.>
Eveli in Percius Loche's dress during A Mysterious Event

With both of you dressed for a formal occasion, you can talk with Eveli:

"So, be honest. I look ridiculous in this outfit, don't I?"
It looks great on you, Eveli.
"You really think so? Thanks. You look good, too.
So, you be the noble and I'll be your escort. With these outfits, the invitation, and the coin, we should be able to walk right up and board the Calamity."
Then if we're ready, let's head over to the Leyawiin docks.
"Right. Just act natural and no one will suspect we don't belong at Vandacia's party.
But don't expect me to run, dodge, or loose arrows while wearing this. It isn't exactly made for sudden movements."

Speaking with Eveli again before heading to the docks:

"This is a far cry from my usual leathers, but I think I kind of like it. It makes me feel elegant and ridiculous at the same time. Which is how I always imagined people felt at those fancy parties anyway.
Let's head for that ship!"
Boarding the Calamity

When you arrive at the dock where the Calamity is, an annoyed Eveli is waiting for you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh good, you're here. This dead stump has really been rustling my leaves."
"Everybody was looking at me on the way here! You'd think they never saw a fancy-arsed woman with a bow before!
And this dead stump! She won't let me aboard until she sees the invitation and the coin Salvitto gave you."

After you show the coin to First Mate Gulfreida, you and Eveli will be allow the board the Calamity:

<Eveli walks aboard.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right, we're aboard. Let's figure out our next move."

Speak with her to see what she suggests to do next:

"We must be on the right ship. Everyone is dressed like they're about to have tea with Queen Ayrenn herself!"
It's supposed to be a long voyage. What should we do now?
"I don't know. We want to avoid drawing too much attention to ourselves. We don't want anyone to figure out we're not actually supposed to be here.
I guess we could talk to the other guests. See if we can learn anything. Just be careful, all right?"
Carefully talk to the other guests, check. Then what?
"Then we should find our berths and get some rest. We want to be ready when this ship arrives at its destination—wherever that may be."

You have the option of talking to Tactitus Urthinius and Marz-Jekka before bunking down in a hammock.

"Remember, if you do decide to talk to the other guests, don't do anything to give away your true identity.
And make sure you get some rest. The bunks are in the aft cabin, I think."

After you go to sleep in the aft cabin, you will wake up somewhere very different from Leyawiin. Namely, the Deadlands and Eveli will be waiting for you on the stone dock. She is confused how you slept through the journey:

"How could you sleep through that? Everyone else has already disembarked. We need to hurry!"
Where are we, Eveli?
"Well, according to the last couple of nobles who headed off the ship, we're somewhere in the Deadlands, the Oblivion plane of Mehrunes Dagon!
I guess Vandacia really didn't want anyone interrupting this event."
Where do we go from here?
"Same place the rest of the nobles went. Off the ship and that way. There's some sort of keep over there. That must be the place."

Eveli will then become you follower as you head up the path towards Vandacia's Deadlands Keep:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm right behind you. Let's go see what this is all about."
"Go on. Head toward that large, ominous structure in the distance. I'll be right behind you."
Eveli in the keep

Once you enter the keep, you will find yourself in the entry hall, where the guests are mingling and eating nibbles. Eveli is freaked out:

"All right, this is weird. We're in freaking Oblivion and these cracked acorns are having a party!
I wonder when Vandacia plans to make an appearance."
Do you think we should wait and see what Vandacia has to say?
"No. Look around. He brought these people here to show them he's in control. That he's got power and the favor of Mehrunes Dagon.
I think we need to explore this place and figure out what he's got planned before he reveals it to the world."
This place looks huge!
"Which is why we need to get moving! If he has found an Ambition, maybe we can free them. And if it's something else … well, we need to see what it is and figure out what to do about it while there's still time."
All right.
"Let's search around and see if we can get a look at Vandacia's surprise before he parades it before these corrupt nobles.
Oh, hey, look! Is that Lyranth? What's she doing here?"
Not sure. I'll talk to Lyranth, but do you think all these people are members of the Waking Flame?
"I'm getting that impression. At least from everyone that isn't you, me, or Lyranth. What's she doing over there, I wonder?
Anyway, since they all seem comfortable and excited to be sipping wine in the Deadlands … how could they not be cultists?"

You have the option of speaking with Lyranth before heading into the Inner Keep with Eveli:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Be careful. I don't think they want us wandering around on our own."

The place is patrolled by True Sworn:

"True Sworn! Vandacia's personal guard! I dealt with them back at Leovic's retreat. The place where I found this strange book. What did Lyranth call it? The Mysterium Xarxes?
Just stay alert. They may not be the only things protecting these halls."

Exploring the keep, you will find a man chained up in one of the chambers. He calls himself Sombren and he refuses to do what Vandacia wants. Eveli suggests you talk to him while she keeps watch:

"You talk to this Sombren person. Find out why Vandacia has him chained up like that. Oh, and ask him if he's an Ambition!
I'll keep my arrows aimed at the door in case any of those guards come by to check on him."

Speaking with Sombren, you learn that Vandacia plans to sacrifice him so Waking Flame cultists will be empowered. He then tells you who and where the key to his chains are being kept and suggests you free him to stymie Vandacia's plans. Eveli will stay behind:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You get the key. I'll stay here and watch over Sombren."
"I'll stand guard. Just find that key and get back here as soon as you can."

You go find Kynreeve Dezerog's chamber and take the Prisoner Key. However, when you return to the audience chamber, Eveli will be waiting outside:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, over here!"

Eveli has bad news:

"We're too late. While you were searching for the key, Vandacia arrived and called in the nobles. He started his presentation."
But I found the key.
"Great, but it's not like we can just walk in there and … wait a moment, that's it!"
What are you thinking, Eveli?
"If we can cause a panic, get those nobles to run around screaming, that should create enough of a diversion for you to use that key and set Sombren free.
We just need to accomplish that before Vandacia gets to the part where he sacrifices Sombren."
Do you have something in mind?
"Take these reekers. They're beetles, similar to dew bugs. Very tasty, though they release a foul odor when they die. I was saving them for later, but I'll get more.
Place them around the hall. Then, when you give the signal, I'll loose some arrows."
Sounds like a plan.

Continuing to speak with her, you can ask about the reekers:

"Just drop the reekers around the perimeter of the chamber. Once you've placed them, give me the signal and wait for the clouds of stench to clear the room. Then you can set Sombren free.
I hope you can hold your breath, though."
You seem to know a lot about these bugs.
"We had an infestation in my village when I was a little girl. If you know how to do it, you can kill them without causing a stink. They're quite delicious!
But if you just crush them or stick them with an arrow, phew! That's what we're counting on."

After you finish talking to Eveli and about to enter the chamber, she'll remind you again of the plan:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Place the reekers around the chamber, then give me the signal when you're done."

Once inside the chamber, you can witness Vandacia speaking to the cultists as he presents Sombren as an Ambition—whose death will grant them all power. As Vandacia speaks, he gathers red energy into his hand which covers Sombren. On your signal, Eveli will run in and shoot the planted reeker beetles, causing noxious green smoke to fill the room. The guests begin to flee:

Councilor Vandacia: "Who dares … interrupt this sacred ceremony? Destroy them!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Now that's what I call a distraction! Let's grab Sombren and get out of here."
Valkynaz Orran: "Councilor, this way! Before the odor overwhelms you!"
Valkynaz Orran: "Now go! I will deal with the intruders! They will not escape this keep."
<Vandacia turns and leaves through the back door.>
Lyranth: "Oh, well done, little mortal! That stench is horrendous!"

After you have freed Sombren, Lyranth will tell you to follow her to the entry hall. There she can make a portal to Nirn so you can escape. Eveli and Sombren will follow her out. When you reach the entry hall, Sombren will collapse to the ground, the demonstration having left him exhausted:

Sombren: "I need … I need a moment …."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Get up, Sombren! We need to get out of here!"
Sombren: "I can't … too exhausted …."
<At this point, Valkynaz Orran will arrive with his minions to stop you.>
Valkynaz Orran: "Stop them! Recapture the Ambition at all costs!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll help Sombren! You need to deal with those Dremora!"

Once you have defeated the Valkynaz, Lyranth will be able to make a portal for you to escape. On the other side, Eveli and Sombren will be waiting for you in the ruins outside Gideon. You have the option of talking to Eveli before Sombren:

"Remind me never to get dressed up for a romp through Oblivion again. This fancy outfit threw off my aim ever so slightly!"
What do you think? Should we take Sombren into Gideon?
"I think we have to. We've got three of the Four Ambitions. Now we just need to figure out what to do with them."
And keep them out of Vandacia's hands.
"That goes without saying. Take Sombren to the Temple of Dibella in Gideon. That's where Keshu was going to hide the twins. Then meet me at the governor's mansion. I want to let Keshu know what happened."

As you lead Sombren to Gideon, Eveli will remind you where to find her:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Take Sombren to the Temple of Dibella, then meet me at the governor's mansion!"

After you have brought Sombren to meet Calia and Destron for the first time, you can head over to Eveli at the mansion, where she has finished her report to Keshu:

"Did you get Sombren settled into the temple? Did you introduce him to the twins?"
Sombren is safe in the temple with the twins.
"Perfect! I was telling the governor everything that happened. How we traveled to the Deadlands and stopped Vandacia from sacrificing the third Ambition. We need to figure out our next move.
Oh, before I forget, here's your share of our compensation."

Speaking with her again after completing the quest, Eveli will mention that Keshu now wants to talk:

"I just finished telling Governor Keshu all about how we found the third Ambition. Listening to myself, I'm not sure how we accomplished that. Good thing Lyranth was there.
Oh, Keshu wants to talk to you about something."

Weapons of Destruction[edit]

After you have spoken with Keshu, who asks you to talk to Sombren. You can talk to Eveli before leaving the office, she can give you a refresher on various things:

"While you talk to the Ambitions and figure out a new place to hide them, I'll work with Governor Keshu's people. Try to get a better handle on this threat her spymaster has detected.
If Vandacia is nearby, I'll flush him out."
Remind me, what's Vandacia want with the Ambitions again?
"It all goes back to Leovic's secret. How he hid the Four Ambitions right before Varen killed him and took the throne.
We thought the Ambitions were Daedric weapons, but they turned out to be people! Vandacia wants the power they contain."
How are you going to help Keshu and her spymaster?
"Hey! I may not be a seasoned adventurer like you, but I can do lots of stuff! And my experience with the cult counts for something. Plus, I sent word to Grahtwood. I have a lot of cousins who are good in a fight. You just watch out for the Ambitions."
I'll look after the Ambitions.
"I know. I trust you. Just let me know where I can find you later if you decide to leave the city."
What does Vandacia plan to do with that power?
"He plans to seize the Ambitions and sacrifice them to Mehrunes Dagon! He murdered anyone who knew anything about them. Then he went looking for the vaults where Leovic hid them.
We have three of the Ambitions, but the fourth is still at-large."
What do we know about the Ambitions' power?
"Not a lot. We saw Destron obliterate the cultists that tried to grab him and his sister. And we heard what Vandacia said right before we stopped him from sacrificing Sombren.
I guess you should try to find out exactly what the Ambitions can do."
Have you had any more of those waking dreams or visions recently?
"Not since we returned from the Deadlands. In fact, the book has been strangely silent. No tingles, no bad dreams, nothing. And I'm fine with that.
Getting messages from a book supposedly written by Mehrunes Dagon is kind of unsettling."

When you go over to the Temple of Dibella, you will witness Calia's power go out of control. After Sombren manages to calm it down, he explains that part of the reason the Ambitions were raised in the vaults was that it contained their power. Now outside, their powers will get stronger and uncontrollable. He suggests that the twins should meet his mentor, who taught him to control his power. Sombren then says you should tell Eveli where you'll be heading before leaving Gideon.

Eveli will be waiting outside the Governor's Mansion:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, I'm over here!"

You can tell Eveli what happened and where you are going:

"Keshu told me to take a thinking break. It helps to take a break sometimes, you know. From thinking. So you can think better later.
Anyway, how are the Ambitions doing? Have you figured out a better place to hide them?"
Sombren has an idea, but the twins are losing control of their powers.
"Well that sounds bad … obviously. What happened?"
Calia almost burned down the temple. But Sombren knows someone who can help her.
"Oh! I knew there was a reason we plucked him out of Vandacia's fortress in the Deadlands. I mean, other than preventing a human sacrifice.
So who is this helpful person?"
Sombren's mentor. We're going to meet outside Gideon. We might be gone for a while.
"Stick close to them! You need to keep the Ambitions safe and out of Vandacia's clutches.
While you're away, I'm going to continue helping Keshu's Black Fin Legion. And I want to be around when my cousins from Valenwood finally arrive. Good luck!"

Speaking to her againg before leaving:

"I know you can keep the Ambitions safe. Just do whatever you need to take care of their problem.
And make sure they don't explode. I really don't want anyone to explode."

Away from Gideon, you learn that Sombren's mentor is a Dremora called Xynaa. You journey leads you to the Ashen Forest in the Deadlands where you, where you learn more about the twin's past and the nature of the Ambitions. After Xynaa's betrayal you make it back to Gideon aftering rescuing Calia and Destron. When you report back to Keshu, Eveli will be in the office with her:

"You're back! I want to hear everything that happened, but you should talk to Governor Keshu first."

Speaking to Eveli after completing the quest but before starting Pyre of Ambition:

"Governor Keshu and I were talking. I think we have a plan, but you should talk to her. She's going to want to fill you in on the details herself."

Pyre of Ambition[edit]

After speaking with Governor Keshu, you will learn that the Waking Flame forces are gathering outside Gideon. The governor wishes to move the Ambitions to the more defensible Fort Redmane. Before you talk with the Ambitions to tell them the plan, you will need to talk to the nearby Eveli:

"Tell the Ambitions no army of crazed cultists is going to sacrifice them on our watch! But try not to alarm them … which might be tricky. Hmm.
After I send out the call for allies to help us, I'll escort Sombren and the twins to Fort Redmane."
You mentioned sending out a call for allies.
"Right. Anyone with an army that can help us. You head to Leyawiin. I'm sure Captain Rian would be happy for the Ivory Brigade to lend a hand.
Beyond that, what about anyone else you helped here in Blackwood? Anyone have any soldiers they can spare?"
Come to think of it, there may be some people willing to help defend Fort Redmane.
"That's great! My brother Beragon always told me that adventures turn on the favors we collect along the way.
So, who do you think we can count on?"
Brigadine Lieutenant Viria, at Hutan-Tzel. He said that he owes me.
"Definitely go call in that debt! More brigadines would be very helpful when the Order of the Waking Flame attacks Fort Redmane."
I helped Commander Axius retake Borderwatch Garrison. He might be willing to join us.
"The Borderwatch garrison of the Ivory Brigade! Great fighters, from what I've heard. You should absolutely ask the commander to send whatever support he can to Fort Redmane."
I helped the Three Winds of the Stonewastes save their village. They might aid us.
"The legendary Argonian warriors? I read about them! You have to go ask them!
I do hope they'll come. I really want to meet them. You'll ask them for me, right? We could use those kinds of skills at Fort Redmane."
I'll go see if they're willing to help after I talk to the Ambitions. (Appears after replying with one of the options and progress the quest.)

After speaking with Eveli, you have the option of filling her in on what happened in the Deadlands beforehand:

"Tell Sombren and the twins I'll be with them shortly. I have a few more details to work out with the governor. After that, go see Captain Rian and then meet me at Fort Redmane. But don't take too long. I'd rather you were there when the cult attacks."
The Ambitions were rattled by what we learned in the Deadlands.
"You went to the Deadlands? And you took the Ambitions with you? What were you thinking?"
Sombren knew someone who could help them control their power, but she tried to kill us.
"What did you expect was going to happen in the Deadlands? That's where Mehrunes Dagon keeps all his stuff!
Well, at least everyone made it back. Now we just need to keep them safe from Vandacia and the Order of the Waking Flame."

Once you have spoken with Ambitions about the plan and recruited your allies, you can meet with Eveli at the military camp outside Fort Redmane:

"You play the army you're dealt, right? Or march with the army you have? I'm terrible at metaphors!
A solid fort at our backs, brave soldiers at our side … now we just need to wait for Vandacia and his cultists to show up."
You sure you're ready for this, Eveli?
"If we're being totally honest, I'm as nervous as the last leaf on the tree on the final day of fall. I'm a walk-in-the-woods, loose-an-arrow-at-your-back, fade-into-the-trees kind of adventurer.
An all-out war? That's not my style."
It'll be all right, Eveli.
"Whew! I mean, I knew that! It just makes me feel better to hear you say it. When Vandacia shows up, we'll kick his arse from here to the Abecean Sea and back!
Now, you should talk to Governor Keshu and see where she thinks we'll do the most good."
All I can promise is that I'll fight at your side.
"Right. No guarantees in war. Still, it makes me feel better to know I'll have you fighting with me. And the legionnaires and brigadines, of course!
Anyway, let's get to it! Talk to Governor Keshu and see where she thinks we'll do the most good."
You fought well at Frostbreak Fortress.
"I did, didn't I? Why, that was much worse than this, with all those angry briarhearts and harpies and catapults flinging fireballs every which way.
Anyway, let's get to it! Talk to Governor Keshu and see where she thinks we'll do the most good."

Speaking with Eveli again before reporting to Keshu:

"I already feel better about all this. Thank you!
Now, you should talk to Governor Keshu about her plans for the battle. Find out where she wants us and what we're going to do with Sombren and the twins."

Once you have spoken with Governor Keshu, the plan to protect the Ambitions will begin. Captain Rian Liore will begin to give orders, and Eveli will lead the Ambitions into the fort.

When you enter the courtyard, you will see that the Ambitions have gone ahead. Meanwhile, Eveli will ask for an update from Captain Rian who will be with some of his archers on the battlements:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Any sign of Vandacia's forces, Captain Rian?"
Captain Rian Liore: "I just received word. The Waking Flame has arrived. And they have portal mages with them! Eveli, take the Ambitions to the guardhouse!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll protect them! You stay here and defend the courtyard!"

At this point several Deadlands portals appear in front of the doors to the guardhouse and Daedra pour out.

Captain Rian Liore: "Portals! Cut down the cultists!"

You will then have to defeat the waves of cultists and Daedra with the help of Captain Rian's squad. Afterwards you can follow on after Eveli into the guardhouse. Once inside, Eveli will call out to you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oh, good, you're here. A little help, please!"

Eveli and her cousins will be fighting the Daedra in the guardhouse. You can help clear them out:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There are more of these abominations on the balcony!"

Once they are dealt with, Eveli will call out again:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Cracked acorns! I lost track of Sombren and the twins. They ran west!"

You can speak with Eveli before heading further into the keep:

"I thought the idea was to fight the fanatics outside the fort! Sombren ran off with the twins. They headed through the door to the west, toward the inner bailey.
We need to find them before Vandacia does!"
Where did those Daedra you were fighting when I showed up come from?
"Portals opened all around us and Daedra poured in without warning! Sombren grabbed Calia and Destron and blasted their way out of the fight.
When you arrived, my cousins and I were doing our best to cover their retreat."

Searching the Keep for the Ambitions, Eveli will appear again and ask how you search is going:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Still no sign of the Ambitions? Tangled roots, what a mess!"

You have the option of talking to Eveli before going through the door to the inner bailey:

"Well, I ran into a lot of Daedra, but no Ambitions. Sombren must be trying to stay one step ahead of Vandacia's forces.
Let's split up. You check the inner bailey, and I'll backtrack to make sure we didn't miss anyone in here."
Where did those Daedra you were fighting when I showed up come from?
"Portals opened all around us and Daedra poured in without warning! Sombren grabbed Calia and Destron and blasted their way out of the fight.
When you arrived, my cousins and I were doing our best to cover their retreat."
Where were the Ambitions going?
"I'm not sure, but they ran west. The inner bailey's in that direction. I wouldn't be surprised if Sombren plans to keep moving. Vandacia will have a hard time finding the Ambitions if they don't stand still.
Hmm. And so will we. That's awkward."

Speaking to Eveli again before you go off to the inner bailey:

"I thought the idea was to fight the fanatics outside the fort! Sombren ran off with the twins. They headed through the door to the west, toward the inner bailey.
We need to find them before Vandacia does!"

Afterwards you can catch up with the Ambitions and help them defend themselves from the cultists, however you will soon encounter Vandacia who baits and Destron and kills him. The high priest then uses the energy to summon Mehrunes Dagon and drag Fort Redmane between realms. Running after Sombren and Calia you can witness Calia unleash her rage on the cultists in your way before Eveli catches up. You can then listen to Sombren's plan involving the book Eveli has been carrying:

Calia: "I hate you! Just leave us alone!"
<Calia throws dark fire at the cultists and kills them all.>
Sombren: "Calia, you can't unleash your power like that! You could lose control!"
<Calia turns to Sombren.>
Calia: "What does it matter? You saw what he did to Destron. He's going to do the same to us."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Broken branches! What happened here?"
Sombren: "Vandacia sacrificed Destron, allowing Mehrunes Dagon to drag us into his realm. Eveli, I need the book you're carrying."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You know about that?"
Sombren: "It's a part of Dagon, just like Calia and me. I sensed it the moment I met you. I think I can use it to weaken Vandacia. Give us a fighting chance."
<Eveli hands over the book to Sombren.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right … what are you going to do with it?"
Sombren: "Take the fight to Vandacia in the courtyard. He won't expect that. Meanwhile, I need time to prepare."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Go fight the super powerful Daedric priest? How?"
Sombren: "Just keep him busy. Then, with the help of this book, I'll take care of the rest."
<Eveli turns to you.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right, Sombren needs us to buy him some time. Let's get to the courtyard!"

You have the option of talking to Eveli, Sombren and Calia before heading to the coutyard to confront Vandacia. Speaking with Eveli:

"I can't believe we lost Destron. I should have been there. Maybe together we could have saved him."
Vandacia lured out Destron by threatening Calia. We couldn't hold him back.
"Yes, I'd probably do the same if someone threatened my brother.
Have you seen the sky outside? One Ambition gave Vandacia enough energy to merge the entire fort with the Deadlands. What could he do with another Ambition or two?"
Sombren thinks he can use your book to help us defeat Vandacia.
"Right. Should it concern us that he can read the book and it was all gibberish to me?
Maybe the whole reason I found it and carried it all this time was so I could give it to Sombren now. Maybe he's meant to use it to stop Dagon. I hope that's true."

Speaking to Eveli again afterwards:

"Let's hope Sombren knows what he's doing. If we get this wrong now, Mehrunes Dagon gobbles us all up like so many spice bugs. And all of Tamriel, too.
I don't want to be a spice bug."

Running through the keep to the courtyard, the place will be crumbling apart as Mehrunes Dagon takes a stroll, all the while taunting the defenders. Eveli will call out to you as you reach the door to the courtyard:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Vandacia should be just through that door. I'll cover you from the battlements."

Eveli will be on the battlements along with Captain Rian and his surviving forces to assist you, Sombren and Calia against Vandacia when you confront him:

Councilor Vandacia: "The power of the Lord of Fire and Flood flows through me! You cannot stop what is happening!"
Sombren: "Get ready, Calia! Just like I showed you!"
Calia: "You're going to pay, Vandacia! Mercenary, help us drain his power!"
<Calia throws fire at Vandacia's shield and it disappears.>
Calia: "This is for my brother!"
Councilor Vandacia: "You dare? Merging the realms is delicate work. One mistake and both could be destroyed!"
<Vandacia floats to the ground and notices the book in Sombren's hands.>
Councilor Vandacia: "The master's tome? Give me that, boy!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm with you, my friend! We'll defeat Vandacia together!"
Captain Rian Liore: "My archers are ready. Give us a target!"

During the fight, Eveli will support you with arrows and thrown healing potions.[verification needed — see talk page] Once Vandacia is slain, Mehrunes Dagon will address you and the Ambitions before the connection to Nirn is cut. At this Eveli will jump down into the courtyard:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right! Without Vandacia or his master, the cult doesn't stand a chance!"
Elam Drals: "At least the sky looks normal again."
<Sombren and Calia stand up and begin to leave the fort.>
Calia: "I … I need to get out of this place."
Sombren: "This way, Calia. Come with me."

You have the option of talking to Eveli and Elam before leaving the keep:

"I can't believe it! We defeated Vandacia, saved Sombren and Calia, and sent Dagon running with his tail between his legs. Does he have a tail? Anyway, we won!
Destron would be proud of his sister. She fought bravely through the entire battle."
I'm not sure we could have beaten Vandacia without Sombren and Calia's help.
"Yeah, I guess Farrul Lupus was right. We did need that strange book.
In fact, I think I was meant to give it to Sombren. I couldn't read a word of it, but he cast spells from it like it belonged to him."
Sombren proved himself. Maybe he can do some good with that book and help find the Fourth Ambition.
"Sombren did good, that's for certain.
And honestly, I'm glad to be rid of that book. Sombren seems to know how to handle it safely. I think it would be dangerous in the wrong hands. And I for one don't want any more bad dreams or waking visions."
I'm not sure anyone should use that book, not if it's really the Mysterium Xarxes.
"Tangled roots, Sombren did good! And I don't want to take it back. Those dreams and visions would have driven me crazy eventually.
I think Sombren's a good steward for the book. He can keep it safe so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands."
All right. Let Sombren hang onto the book for now. (Both options lead to this.)
"Not carrying that book any more, it's like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
I'll tell Sombren he should hang onto it. Keep it safe until we find the Fourth Ambition."

Once you leave the keep and make your way the camp, you will see Eveli offering her sympathies to Calia before walking away:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm sorry about Destron. Whatever you need, I'm here for you."

Speaking with Eveli before the surviving Ambitions:

"I'm worried about Calia. Twins are close by nature, but growing up in that vault of theirs? Calia and Destron only had each other. I think you'd better check on her. Sombren, too.
Come back when you're done. Keshu and I want to talk to you."

After speaking with Sombren and Calia, you can talk to Eveli. Note: If you talk to Eveli before Keshu, you can cut yourself from the Argonian's dialogue:

"Governor Keshu made the right call bringing the Ambitions here. Can you imagine what would have happened to Gideon if Mehrunes Dagon appeared over the Egg and Hammer?
We didn't just save Sombren and Calia. We saved Gideon! Maybe all of Blackwood!"
So, the Ambitions were an elaborate scheme to merge Dagon's power with Nirn so he could conquer it.
"That seems to be the long and short of it. I'm sorry we couldn't stop Vandacia from murdering Destron, but at least we took care of that rotten tree stump in the end.
Despite all that, I feel pretty good. It's not every day I get to save Tamriel."
Do you think we've seen the last of the Order of the Waking Flame?
"That would be too much to hope for. I'm sure some of them slipped away. It will take a while for them to find a leader as powerful as Vandacia, but I expect them to show up again at some point."
Well, you did it, Eveli. You discovered the truth behind Leovic's secret.
"Not by myself, I didn't. You helped! What started as an historic mystery turned into a tale of murder, living Daedric weapons, and the end of the world. How do we follow that?
Oh, I know! With flagons of rotmeth and lots of roast paws on a stick!"
Sounds good to me.
"What now? Can't we just rest for a while and bask in the glory? I know, there's another Ambition out there. And we need to keep Sombren and Calia safe. But still!
Oh, Keshu asked me to give this to you. A reward for defending Blackwood!"

Leaving and returning to the conversation before ending the quest:

"I can't believe we did it! We saved Blackwood! My brother Beragon has got to be impressed. Oh, he won't show it, but I'll know it!
Oh, everyone is starting to head out. Keshu back to Gideon, Rian to Leyawiin, and the Ambitions back to the temple."
So what now, Eveli?
(Same as above)

Heroes of Blackwood[edit]

Continuing to speak with Eveli, there is final thing to do. If you leave the conversation and approach Eveli again you may hear her say, "Oh, hey, one more thing!"

"I have a feeling you hate this sort of thing, but we need to head back to Gideon. Governor Keshu insists on throwing us a victory celebration!
I wonder if there will be cake. I could really, really go for a big, gooey piece of cake!"
What kind of victory celebration?
"{Oh, the best kind! I hear Governor Keshu really knows how to throw a party! Food and drink, music and dancing! And she wants everyone to be there!"
"Sure! The gardens behind the governor's mansion are big enough to entertain an entire army!
Hey, before you join us, can you check on Sombren and Calia? Invite them to the party? They went back to the Temple of Dibella in Gideon."
Sure. I'll go get Sombren and Calia and see you at the celebration.

Speaking with Eveli after starting the quest:

"I'll meet you in Gideon after you collect Sombren and Calia from the temple.
I think we've earned a little relaxation—and a slice or two of cake—after everything we accomplished here."
Do you still want to be an adventurer after all this?
"Absolutely! I think I'm really cut out for it! You get to travel, meet interesting people, see ancient places. And you get to solve all sorts of riddles and mysteries.
And sometimes people throw you a celebration party, too. A party with cake!"
Cake is all you want for a reward?
"I'm from Grahtwood! Have you met my people? It's all roasted this and roasted that. And even raw this and raw that, too!
You don't get to enjoy many pastries under Green Pact rules, you know."
You don't mind the dangerous parts of adventuring?
"Knowing that you helped people—and seeing how much they appreciate it—more than makes up for the dark times. You walk into town and people say, hey! It's Eveli!
Soon the little kids around here will all have pig-tails in their hair. Count on it!"

Heading to the Temple of Dibella in Gideon you can look for Calia and Destron. Instead, Priest Larusa will inform you that the pair just left the temple and were heading to some ruins to the north of the city. Eveli will then arrive:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I just came by to—hey, where are Calia and Sombren?"

You have the option of talking to her before leaving:

"I came by to find out what was keeping you and the Ambitions. Where are they? What happened to Calia and Sombren?"
The Dibella priest said Calia and Sombren headed to a ruin outside of Gideon.
"A ruin? I wonder why they went there. Haven't those two had enough adventures after all they've been through?
We should go find the Ambitions or they'll miss the party. Did the priest say which ruin in particular?"
She marked it on my map. Said it was north of the city.
"Lead on, then! The party's going to start soon and we don't want to be late!
I for one want to get a nice piece of cake! Or maybe a slice of pie? Oh, broken branches! I'll just have both!"

Once you leave Gideon, Eveli will become your follower as you head to the ruins. Speaking with her during the trip:

"I wonder what Sombren and Calia want in some old ruin? And should they be wandering around on their own? There might still be Waking Flame cultists out there!"

When you find Calia and Sombren you will find them attempting to open a portal to the Deadlands. Speaking with Eveli before the Ambitions:

"All right, we found them. But why's Sombren holding the Mysterium Whatchamacallit? He shouldn't be fooling around with that thing!
You talk to them, I'll keep watch, just in case."

Speaking with Sombren and Calia you will learn that Calia's powers are going out of control once more. As being in the Deadlands can make the Ambition's powers more manageable, they mean to hide in the last place Mehrunes Dagon would look while Sombren teaches Calia to control her powers. Afterwards, Sombren will open a portal and he and Calia will leave, but not before Sombren speaks to Eveli:

Sombren: "I'll return the book when we come back, Eveli."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Nah, you keep it. I think it was meant for you."

You can then talk to Eveli:

"Poor Calia. I hope Sombren's right and he can help her. But taking refuge in the Deadlands? That's like the sausage leaping out of the pan because it thinks the fire will be safer.
As for me, I never want to visit the Deadlands again."
How do you feel about Sombren taking your book with him?
"Hey, it wasn't my book! I was just keeping it safe for …. Well, as crazy as it sounds, I think I was meant to give it to Sombren. He certainly did more with it than I ever could.
And I'm not about to miss the bad dreams and the waking visions."
So what do we do now?
"We go to the party! It's taking place in the gardens behind the governor's mansion.
To think, this all started because I was curious about a coded journal I found in Emperor Leovic's old retreat. We figured out the secret and now we celebrate!"

Eveli will then run off to the city before you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll see you at the party! Last one there doesn't get any cake!"

Once you arrive at the garden behind the Governor's Mansion, you will find it filled with many guests and various people you have helped in Blackwood. You can speak with Eveli after talking to Keshu to complete the quest:

"So this is what it's like being the hero everyone looks up to? Most of the stories I've read end with the hero riding off into the sunset before anyone can properly thank them. But I feel like we ought to stay for just a little while, don't you?"
Definitely! You're a famous adventurer now.
"I don't know about that, but I certainly feel more experienced! And I have you to thank. Well, you and Captain Rian and Governor Keshu and poor Farrul Lupus …. Can you believe this all started because I couldn't leave Emperor Leovic's secret alone?"
We still need to find the fourth Ambition, I suppose.
"That's right! I almost forgot! And we should be ready to help Sombren and Calia when they return. I don't believe that Mehrunes Dagon and his followers are just going to leave them alone.
I really thought the Ambitions were actual weapons, though."
Take care of yourself, Eveli.
"Here. Your share of the last of our compensation from Leyawiin. And a little something from me. I learned so much at your side. If you ever need any help, just send word and I'll come running.
Oh, look! I think Governor Keshu's ready to speak."

Leaving and returning to the conversation:

"Oh, hey, I almost forgot! I have something for you!"
Something for me? What is it?
"Here. Your share of the last of our compensation from Leyawiin. And a little something from me. I learned so much at your side. If you ever need any help, just send word and I'll come running.
Oh, look! I think Governor Keshu's ready to speak."

After you having completed the quest and listened to Keshu's speech, you can talk to Eveli some more:

"What an adventure this has been, right? I'm really building up a collection of stories!"
What's next for Eveli Sharp-Arrow, hero of Blackwood?
"I think I'll stick around the area for a while. Visit with my brother. Catch up with my cousins before they return to Valenwood. Maybe help round up any remaining cultists still hiding in the wilderness.
After that, who knows?"
I suppose there's still the Ambitions to deal with.
"I do hate leaving a story half-finished. One time I lost a book I was reading and it drove me crazy!
But yes, at some point we should find the fourth Ambition. And make sure none of them wind up sacrificed to Mehrunes Dagon."


The Last Ambition[edit]

Lyranth will ask you to meet her at the Plaza of Portals in Fargrave to see what Eveli has uncovered:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Cracked acorns, this place is amazing!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, friend! Good to see you!"

Speaking to her:

"This place is incredible! Investigator Vale never went to Oblivion in any of her stories, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was nervous when Lyranth said I had to use a portal to get here, but this is great. And you're here now, so it's even better!"
Lyranth said she asked you to look through the Longhouse Emperors' documents? Did you find anything?
"A lot of crazy talk about conquest, Mehrunes Dagon, and staining the world with the blood of their enemies, but nothing more about the Ambitions.
Ugh, it's so frustrating! I definitively could tell that Emperor Leovic had certain records destroyed."
I'm not sure how we'll locate the Fourth Ambition if you couldn't find anything in the documents.
"Yeah, sorry. I know Lyranth was counting on me to come up with some clue to follow. I thought I had a lead about one of their holdings, but I hit a dead end. It seems like the Longhouse Emperors took all the information with them to their graves."
What else have you been doing since we last saw each other?
"Mostly helping out around Leyawiin. And I did a couple of small tasks for Governor Keshu. Rounding up a few stray cultists, that sort of thing. Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet.
Until Lyranth contacted me, that is."
Did Lyranth tell you what happened in Fargrave and the Deadlands?
"She gave me the highlights. Weird cataclyst devices, Sister Celdina, that evil Nokvroz guy. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help! I can't wait to meet the Anchorite, though. I always thought about getting a mask. Like the Green Hood or the Scarlet Judge!"
How did Lyranth contact you?
"She sent one of her creepy followers to bring me messages. That Rogatina woman. Letters, mostly, but Lyranth did stop by to give me final instructions on how to get to Fargrave.
I got to use a portal key! That was exciting!"

Lyranth will interrupt:

Lyranth: "The Longhouse documents were no help and I still haven't heard any word from my contacts. Our next chance can be found at the House of Whims."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The House of Whims? That sounds intriguing!"
Lyranth: "Meet me at the House of Whims. It's time to explore the Anchorite's memories."

Lyranth disappears in a portal and Eveli runs to Madam Whim's. At the House of Whims, Lyranth and Eveli will have joined Madam Whim and The Anchorite:

Lyranth: "Anchorite, Mehrunes Dagon was particularly interested in you at Ardent Hope. We must examine your memories."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "So you're the Anchorite, huh? Neat mask!"
The Anchorite: "Thanks. I like your bow, too."
Madam Whim: "Let us begin. Mortal, use the memory vessel to capture fragments of the Anchorite's recollections as the ritual progresses."

Speak to her:

"So that's the Anchorite, huh? Neat mask. I hope she's all right with this.
You better follow this Madam Whim's instructions and start the ritual."

During the ritual, Eveli becomes concerned with The Anchorites well being:

Emperor Moricar: "You are a tool, nothing more. Fulfill your purpose, or you will be discarded."
The Anchorite: "No! Please, make it stop."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You're hurting her! Stop! Stop this now!"
Lyranth: "Foolish mortals! You try my patience."

Speak to her before Madam Whim:

"That went too far. Did they really need to torture the Anchorite to get answers? There has to be another way."
Is that why you stopped the ritual?
"I won't stand by and watch someone suffer like that. Madam Whim and Lyranth seemed fine with it, of course. Maybe it's a mortal thing. Or just a me thing.
Either way, Lyranth looks like she wants to tear my head off. But I don't regret it."
Why do you think Lyranth's so upset?
"I'm not sure. She's acting strange.
Something is going on with her. Why does she care so much about Mehrunes Dagon and the Ambitions anyway? It has to be more than just her Daedric curiosity because she sure doesn't care what happens to Nirn."

Speak to Lyranth and she'll tell you she's off to find Calia and Sombren. Speak to Eveli:

"If Lyranth is going to search for Calia and Sombren she's going to need my help. I'm practically an expert at finding Ambitions now! Also, I want to keep an eye on her.
We'll meet back up with you if we find those two."

As you leave, the group makes plans:

The Anchorite: "It's my amulet and my memories, so I'm going with you."
Lyranth: "Very well. Take the Anchorite and explore this memory. See where it leads."
Lyranth: "Meanwhile, I will begin the hunt for Sombren and Calia."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You shouldn't go alone, Lyranth. I'll join you."
Lyranth: "How distrustful, Eveli. Fine. Mortal, we will find you when we have word."

At the Brandfire Reformatory you'll discover the three Longhouse emperors. Hear what they have to say and Sombren, Calia, Lyranth, and Eveli arrive via a portal. Sombren destroys the Emperor's souls:

Sombren: "We are not property or playthings, Moricar!"
Calia: "Sombren, no!"
Emperor Moricar: "You are what we created you to be."
Sombren: "You wanted a weapon? Then taste my power!"
<Sombren turns the spirits into blocks of ice and they shatter.>
Calia: "Oh, Sombren, why?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, friend. We better talk."

Speaking to her:

"I am not all right with what just happened! Lyranth and I managed to find Sombren and Calia. We convinced them to come with us. But I had no idea he was going to explode those poor ghosts!
Did I hear correctly? The Anchorite is the last Ambition?"
That's what Emperor Moricar's spirit told us.
"That's just … did you have any idea? Well, I guess that makes it easy enough. Now we know where all the Ambitions are.
Did you learn anything else before Sombren blasted them into nonexistence?"
Moricar said the emperors had a contingency plan. We can learn about it on the Isle of Joys.
"Wait a moment, I know that name!
Remember Lyranth had me comb through the Longhouse Emperors' documents? That name was listed as one of their hunting retreats. But I couldn't find any other information. Do you know where it is?"
Moricar said it was a retreat located not too far from the Brandfire Reformatory.
"That's why the map didn't make sense. It wasn't a map of Tamriel—it's the Deadlands!
All right, my friend. Let's go see what we can find at the Isle of Joys. Mehrunes Dagon could move against us at any moment!"
I need a moment to speak to our allies.
"Sure. Let me know when you're ready to go."
I'm ready to go to the Isle of Joys.
<Exits dialogue>

If you return to her before you decide to travel to the Isle of Joys:

"Are you ready to go explore the Isle of Joys?"
I'm ready to go to the Isle of Joys.
<Exits dialogue>

Once you tell Eveli you're ready to leave, Sombren takes Calia and The Anchorite into a portal, despite Lyranth's protestations:

"If I were the Anchorite, I'd want answers, too. I still have a bad feeling about this, though. Something about Sombren was off. I don't remember him being so quick to anger back in Blackwood."
Do you think we should go after them?
"As much as I want to, no. Someone has to investigate the Isle of Joys. We should stick together and take care of that.
The Anchorite, though. She'll be all right, right?"
The Anchorite can handle herself.
"Good to hear. I barely know her, so I wasn't sure. Besides, Calia is with them. She'll keep Sombren from doing anything too crazy, I'm sure.
We just have to trust that the Anchorite knows what she's doing. Everything will be fine. Now let's go."

Speak to her before leaving:

"I'll meet you at the Isle of Joys, we can explore it together. I'm sure we'll find whatever it was Emperor Moricar was talking about there."

Arrive at Traitor's Ascent and you'll find Eveli waiting for you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That's the island over there."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This portal should get us across."

Speaking to her before going into the portal:

"The Isle of Joys is just off the coast here. We should be able to use this portal to get across. Let's go!"

On the island:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look, Imperial ruins. This must be the Isle of Joys!"

Speaking to her:

"Imperial structures in the Deadlands! This has to be the Longhouse Emperor's retreat. Let's look around and see what we can find.
I don't think Emperor Moricar had any reason to lie to you. Do you? There must be something here to help us."

Explore the island:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The documents described the Isle of Joys as a hunting retreat. They must have hunted Daedra!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Me and the Longhouse Emperors had a very different idea of joy. Come on, let's search those ruins."

While exploring:

"Come on, we need to search those ruins for clues."

Make it into the ruins:

"This place is falling apart. Let's see what we can find, but step carefully."

Find the Battered Map:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hmm, a map? It looks like the inside of one of those doomvaults we found. Hang onto that."

Find the Partially Hidden Journal:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The egonymic? What's that?"

Find the Jewelry Box with the Rune-Etched Ring:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That ring looks a lot like the Anchorite's amulet. It might be important."

Once you have all three items:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I think we found everything. Let's figure out what this stuff tells us."
"All right, this was a productive trip. At least Emperor Moricar's ghost didn't lie about leaving stuff here. Let's review what we found."
This ring looks like a companion piece to the Anchorite's amulet.
"Yeah, I noticed that straight away. Maybe they were part of a set and this one was Emperor Moricar's? And look, it has some weird runes etched into the surface. It might be important. Hold onto it.
What about that journal?"
The journal mentions something called the egonymic.
"Let me see … the egonymic is some sort of name? Says it has the power to banish Mehrunes Dagon! That's huge! But whatever we need to access it isn't here. It's in the Anchorite's vault. I still can't believe she's an Ambition.
What about that map?"
It's definitely one of those doomvaults. There's a location marked inside the vault.
"Didn't we explore all the vaults in Blackwood?
Wait a moment. I did read about one other vault. Doomvault Vulpinaz. It was cracked open and ransacked during Varen's revolution, so I assumed any Ambition inside it was long gone."

If you've already explored Doomvault Vulpinaz:

I've been to Doomvault Vulpinaz.
"Really? You explored another vault? Without me? You trying to make me look bad?
What did you find? Tell me there was something there that connects to all this. Did you get to search it all?"


I explored a good deal of it.
"Hmm, I guess if you'd found the key to a weapon that could banish Mehrunes Dagon in there, you would have told us about it."
Most likely.
"Well, we can't give up now! This is still worth looking into. Maybe this mark indicates a hidden portion of the vault that you didn't spot last time.
We have to at least try. I'll meet you there."

Speaking to her again:

"Let's meet at Doomvault Vulpinaz. You can get back to Nirn through the Plaza of Portals in Fargrave if you want. If the egonymic is in that doomvault, you and I will definitely find it!
Bring that ring and the map with you. We might need them."

Enter Doomvault Vulpinaz:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Good, you're here! Let's find the spot indicated on the map."

Speaking to her:

"You brought the map of the vault with you from the Isle of Joys, right? Let's go to the location it specified. There has to be something there that can lead us to the egonymic."

Come to the blasted wall opening at the outdoor area:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "What happened to this place?"

Find the spot marked on the map:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look! Those runes are similar to the ones on the ring. There must be a connection!"

Speaking to her:

"This is definitely the spot on the map. And those glowing runes look like the etchings on the ring we picked up on the Isle of Joys.
Try using the ring on the runes or something. That's usually what I do in these kinds of situations."

Use the ring and a portal opens:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I knew that ring was important! All right, I guess we enter another portal …."

Before you go in:

"Great, another portal. Just what I was hoping for.
After you."

Enter the Hidden Chamber:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Is this where the Anchorite used to live? It looks like someone else has been here recently."

Speaking to her:

"This place reminds me of where we found Destron and Calia, but in much worse condition. Could the Anchorite actually have lived here?
We better look around."

Find the Discarded Diary:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That's Sombren's diary. I guess he and Calia spent some time here."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Did he write down anything that can help us?"

Talking about the findings:

"So Sombren and Calia came here at some point, after they left us and went to the Deadlands? I wonder what they were looking for.
So, anything good in Sombren's diary?"
Sombren used his power to access this hidden chamber, but he couldn't open that chest over there.
"Hmm. He's not on the same level as the writer of the Investigator Vale stories, but his writing isn't bad.
Interesting. Does he know about the egonymic? It doesn't seem like it. He just says he thinks something important is inside that chest."
If he couldn't open it, how can we?
"Hey now, positive thoughts! Let's examine the chest. Maybe the ring will help? It got us into this hidden chamber. Who knows what else it can do?"

Get closer to the Rune-Locked Chest and Eveli will join you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This enchantment looks powerful! Hey, there's an indentation on the lock. See if the ring fits in there."

Speaking to her before using the ring:

"Go ahead. Try the ring in that lock. Someone went to a lot of trouble to protect that chest. It must contain something important."

Open the chest and discover the Daedric Relic:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That's … unusual. I have absolutely no idea what that is."

Suddenly Lyranth arrives with a portents of doom:

Lyranth: "Mortals, we have a problem."

Speak to Eveli before speaking with Lyranth:

"Uh oh. Lyranth's using her scary voice again. You better find out what's wrong this time."

Lyranth will reveal that Sombren has turned and plans to deliver the ambitions to Mehrunes Dagaon. She insists that you travel to Annihilarch's Summit and opens a portal:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Portals! I think I'm finally getting used to them. Let's go!"

On the summit:

"Come on, we have to move! The Anchorite and Calia are in trouble!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Stupid Sombren! Making us run all the way up this thing!"

Inside Ambition's End, Sombren tries to stop you and succeeds in absorbing Calia's power, Eveli and Lyranth will try to stop him but gets frozen:

After Sombren gets driven off, Lyranth and Eveli will be unfrozen:

"We should return to Fargrave. This place … I don't like it. And Calia and the Anchorite, we need to get them out of here."
What about you, Eveli. Are you all right?
"What do you think? Sombren betrayed us. He made poor Destron fight you! And he took Calia's powers! I can't believe he did this. And I can't believe we didn't stop him.
Let's just go. I want to make sure Calia and the Anchorite are safe."

Back at Madam Whim's:

"I thought Sombren was our friend. I can't believe he would do something like this. How could he turn to Mehrunes Dagon? How could he betray us?
I'm so mad I can barely see straight!"

Ambition's End[edit]

Whether you speak to her before or after you speak to Lyranth, she'll say:

"With everything that's happened, I almost forgot about the relic. Lyranth is right. The Anchorite might recognize it. Go on and show it to her."
You really think the relic we found in the doomvault is important?
"Well, from we learned at the Isle of Joys, we were supposed to find something at that spot in the vault. Hopefully its got something to do with the egonymic. Maybe it is the egonymic!
Show if to the Anchorite and see if it triggers any memories."

After showing The Anchorite the relic:

"I hope the Anchorite can figure out that relic. We need this egonymic more than ever now that Sombren turned against us. It's the one advantage we have—provided we can actually find it and figure out what to do with it."

Place the relic on the nearby table and a vision of Emperor Moricar will appear:

"So, the relic was some sort of memory stone? Was that a message for the Anchorite or Moricar's heir? Wait a moment, she is Moricar's heir!
Hey, if the egonymic gives the Ambitions their power, we only have one of them now! Sombren took Calia's!"

At this point, Lyranth suggests recruiting Arox once again while she recruits more allies:

"As much as I can't wait to meet a talking daedrat, I better help Lyranth gather allies. I'll see you when we meet at Wretched Spire.
Good luck. And be careful!"

Make your way to Wretched Spire and meet Lyranth along with Calia, The Anchorite, and Eveli:

"Well, here we are. It's strange remembering how all this started, but we're going to end it now, right? We'll stop Sombren, and we'll stop Mehrunes Dagon, too."
We'll do our best.
"Great! It'll be easy. We'll just sneak right in and pop Sombren and Mehrunes Dagon right on the nose! It's just like that time when Investigator Vale … huh.
You know, I don't think Investigator Vale ever dealt with a Daedric Prince."

Speaking to her again:

"Destruction's Solace it is. I'm with you to the end, no matter what!"

After speaking to Lyranth and your friends, Arox will rally the troops and Eveli will remind everyone of the goal:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Remember, we need to find Sombren so the Anchorite can take his power."

Speak to her again and she'll say:

"Come on, let's go! Destruction's Solace awaits.
Let's end this, partner."

Arrive at Destruction's Solace and your allies will be waiting:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The gates are undefended. Is that normal?"
Arox the Mutilator: "No. Never."
Arox the Mutilator: "Master, be careful! I smell a trap."

Speak to her and she'll tell you:

"This is probably going to get ugly. Be careful, all right? I'll watch your back."

Enter the gate and suddenly your comrades start vanishing one-by-one in puff of smoke:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey! What's happening?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Run!"

Eveli too is taken. Make your way through the compound and eventually a Xivilai will get shot down and you'll hear a familiar voice:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, partner! Up here!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The Anchorite ran ahead. I can see a door on the other side. Keep going!"

Speaking to her up top:

"I'm ready for this fight."

Later, while Sombren escapes through a portal, Lyranth will have joined you and opens portals of her own:

Lyranth: "One moment. I will gather your allies."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That was brutal! Is anyone hurt?"
"We have to stop Dagon. There's still a chance, let's go!"

Speaking to her before going to the portal:

"We have to stop Dagon. There's still a chance, let's go!"

Sombren's portal takes you to Sundercliff where he plans on giving his powers to Dagon. You and your friends have to stop him:

"Go! It's time to end this!"

Make your way through the fortress and face Sombren and Dagon. When you start to feel overwhelmed, Eveli joins the fray and distracts the Prince:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Oy! Over here you giant mudcrab!"
Mehrunes Dagon: "Eveli Sharp-Arrow. You will be a thorn in my side no longer."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Open fire!"

Once again, things seem impossible:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "We can't keep this up! It's too much!"

But you are victorious and are able to defeat Sombren and banish Dagon.

"We did it! We really did it! You're incredible, you know that? You took on a Daedric Prince and won!
Come on, let's get out of here. I want to go celebrate without the stink of this place in my nose!"

Leave the field of battle and return to Wretched Spire:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm so used to running off to the next disaster, it feels strange to have a moment of peace."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Am I dreaming? Or do we really have a moment to breathe?"
The Anchorite: "You're not dreaming, but it is odd, isn't it?"

Speak to her to finish the quest:

"You did it! You banished Mehrunes Dagon and saved Tamriel!
How does it feel? Being a big hero and all that? None of this would have been possible without you, you know. You were right there from the very beginning."
Tamriel should be safe from Mehrunes Dagon now.
"Absolutely! Tamriel owes us a huge clap on the back, if I do say so myself. It's been a long journey, but we're finally at the end.
Let's enjoy this victory, we certainly earned it. And you most of all. You big hero, you."

Hope Springs Eternal[edit]

"Now that the dust has settled, I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I suppose we should probably check in with a few people. Word probably travels fast with something this big, but we can't count on that."

If you start the quest from Hezekh, she will alternatively say and the rest of the dialogue will be the same:

"There you are partner! Now that the dust has settled, I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I suppose we should probably check in with a few people. Word probably travels fast with something this big, but we can't count on that."
Who do you want to check in with?
"As many as we can. Let's get everyone in the same place so we can all collectively catch our breath. Everything happened so fast after we kicked Dagon in his ugly face, we didn't really get a chance to talk.
Maybe we could all meet in Leyawiin?"
What do you need me to do?
"I'd tell you to put up your feet, but I know you better than that by now. You never sit still for long.
So I say we head to Fargrave and start by checking in with Calia and Madam Whim first. We don't even know if they've heard what happened yet."
I'll meet you in Fargrave, then.
"I'll meet you in Fargrave at The House of Whims. Once we talk to Madam Whim and Calia, we can decide who to track down next."
What about Lyranth?
"Oh, that. I was trying not to think too hard about it, thought it might spoil the celebration. Nothing puts a damper on a job well done like a Daedra who you sort of thought was your friend deciding to steal the powers of the Ambitions, huh?"
What do you think she's going to do with all that power?
"I don't know, and I'm not sure I want to know. I never really understood why she was helping us in the first place, but I didn't question it. Now, I have to wonder if this was her plan all along … and what she's going to do next."
Lyranth's been an ally to us so far.
"That's true, but she's still a Daedra at the end of the day, isn't she?
Ugh. I hope you're right. She was with us every step of the way on our mission to stop Mehrunes Dagon. We couldn't have done it without her help. That has to mean something."
Lyranth can't be trusted with this power.
"I'm with you. She's still a Daedra, there's no telling what she has planned. Not much we can do about it now, anyway. Let's just hope it doesn't come back to bite us any time soon.
Whatever her plans are, I hope she keeps them to herself."

Return to The House of Whims and Calia and Madam Whim will be there with Eveli:

Madam Whim: "You did well, regardless of where the powers of the Ambitions now rest."
Calia: "I agree. You defeated Mehrunes Dagon, that's incredible!"

Come up the stairs and Eveli notices you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "And there's the hero of the moment!"

Speaking to her:

"Hey, you made it! I was just telling Madam Whim and Calia about what happened. Why don't you talk to Madam Whim now. I've taken up too much of her attention already."

Speak to Madam Whim and the Mazken will inform you that she suspects Lyranth is somewhere in Fargrave:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Lyranth, huh? I'll help you look! Let's meet at the Plaza of Portals in a bit to compare notes!"

Speaking to her:

"Let's split up to look for Lyranth.
Is it too much to hope that we find her and she says she's really sorry for what she did. That she's not planning to do anything evil with the stolen power? On second thought, don't answer that."
Do you think Lyranth will talk to us if we find her?
"Hard to say. I think you'll probably have a better chance of getting her to open up than me. But will she actually tell us anything of substance? Lyranth isn't the type to show her acorns to anyone.
I'll keep my fingers crossed, though."

After saying goodbye to Lyranth, meet Eveli at the Plaza of Portals:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "There you are! Did you have any luck?"

Telling her about your findings:

"I looked everywhere and talked to everyone I could find. I even gave someone one of my arrows, and then he ran off with it! Ugh, this place!
Did you find Lyranth? I'm at the end of my branch here."
I did. I think that's the last we'll see of her, at least for a while.
"Maybe that's for the best. Lyranth worked as hard as any of us to stop Mehrunes Dagon, but we all understood she wasn't doing it for Nirn's sake.
I'm almost afraid to ask, but did she say why she took the power of the Ambitions?"
She didn't really say.
"Figures. Maybe it's silly, but I was hoping for a little reassurance that we didn't just unleash a new threat on the world directly after banishing another.
I have a bad feeling about all of this. But there's not much we can do."
We'll just have to wait and see.
"You're right. Let's just hope it doesn't come back to bite us any time soon.
Come on, we should get to Leyawiin. The others should be gathering, and I'll pick up any stragglers we missed on the way. Meet you there?"
I'll meet you in Leyawiin.

Eveli enters the portal to Leyawiin.

Join the celebration at Leyawiin Castle. Before speaking to The Anchorite, speak to Eveli:

"I'm ready to stop moving, I think. I want a drink in one hand, a blood pie in the other, and my feet propped up on a table."

After speaking to The Anchorite:

"Look at all these people! I wasn't expecting this. I guess it's not that surprising. You've got a habit of bringing all sorts together, don't you?
I think they want a speech or something. I can't stick arrows in a speech! What do I say?"
Tell them that Tamriel is safe from Mehrunes Dagon, thanks to us.
"Thanks to you, more like. Sure, everyone here played a part, but no one would be left standing if you hadn't been there. You're the reason Tamriel is safe.
I look up to you, you know. You deserve so much more than this, but here. Take it."

Eveli begins her speech:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "People! Daedra! Er, everyone! I'm not particularly great at speeches so I'll get this over with!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Mehrunes Dagon tried to take Tamriel for himself. But we sent his ruddy arse back to Oblivion!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Now, there's one person who's been in this fight since the start of it, and I want to make sure they get their due."

Eveli turns to you:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Take a bow, you! Blackwood deserves to celebrate its hero!"

After the crowd stops cheering, speak to her again:

"Well! What a journey! Investigator Vale would be proud of us, don't you think?
I wouldn't have wanted to save the world with anyone else besides you. We make a pretty great team."
What's next for you, Eveli?
"Who knows? Maybe I'll find some new world-ending mess to get myself into. I've got a taste for it now!
I'm going to miss you! But I'm sure our paths will cross again. The two of us never stay out of trouble for long."

Event Dialogue[edit]

Eveli Sharp-Arrow in Belkarth

Eveli Sharp-Arrow can be encountered at Belkarth Festival Grounds during Zeal of Zenithar provided Gates of Oblivion storyline was completed. You can talk to her:

"Oh, look who it is! I suppose I should have expected to see you here. After all, you were at the last party too!"
What are you doing here?
"There are cakes, sweet-beetle pies, and all sorts of delicious smelling foods I can't even name. How could I resist?
I didn't even realize that this was a festival for Zenithar until I arrived and talked to the concessions seller over there."
You didn't know it was a festival for Zenithar?
"After our adventure in the Deadlands, I wanted to enjoy myself. So, I stopped paying too much attention to anyone religious or in robes.
As much fun as throwing parties in your honor—or being praised myself—was, it's nice to just have fun!"
So you haven't found the next world-ending threat to deal with?
"Oh, I haven't faced anything like Mehrunes Dagon or the Incarnates, but my curiosity got me in more than a few dangerous situations since the last time I saw you.
Speaking of which, I dreamed about Calia and the Anchorite recently."
Dreams? Like the ones you had before?
"Nothing that bad. We were sitting at a table with my parents, eating the food I grew up on. Calia tried not to look sick when I explained what was in each dish. It was a good dream!
Wherever those two are, I think they're having a good time."
The Anchorite and Calia survived living in the Deadlands, I'm sure they can handle Tamriel,
"They wanted to explore a new world and I bet they're having a great time of it too!
It's time I did the same. This festival only happens once a year, I'm not going to leave until I figure out what a horker pie is."


Flames of Ambition Gameplay Trailer[edit]

The Flames of Ambition trailer alternates between Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Lyranth narrating:

Waking Flame cultists are shown worshipping at a statue of Dagon. It then cuts to the Gates of Oblivion title screen, before showing Eveli Sharp-Arrow reading a book.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "The stories I've read tell of how these lands once thrived."

Scenery from the Blackwood, before showing the cultists doing what they do best.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Before the cultists, before the chaos ... and fire."

Switches to Lyranth watching the cultists in the Cauldron.

Lyranth: "Watching these pathetic mortals bores me."

The next scene shows the cultists performing a ritual and channelling power into Baron Zaudrus.

Lyranth: "Meddling with power they don't comprehend."

Back to the Black Drake Villa with Eveli sneaking up on a pair of cultists at a summoning circle.

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "This destruction, this plotting and scheming. It must be stopped."

Eveli shoots one of them with an arrow, next thing you know she's fleeing the summoned Fire Atronachs down a hallway. There is then a montage of player characters fighting monsters from the two dungeons, interspersed with the text, "OBLIVION INVADES TAMRIEL".
The scene returns to Lyranth in the Cauldron.

Lyranth: "A deal has been struck."

Lyranth appears to stagger as she has a vision of the Deadlands and its Master.

Lyranth: "He is coming. Dagon."