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Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Location Varies
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Eveli Sharp-Arrow

Eveli Sharp-Arrow is a Bosmer adventurer, who has arrived in Wrothgar on the request of King Kurog.

Related Quests[edit]


Invitation to Orsinium[edit]

When you first approach her location near the Merchant's Gate, you'll hear the following:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow : "What are you doing? We can't let Chief Bazrag deal with the Winterborn by himself!"
Danual Saklin : "I didn't come all this way to die, Elf! That isn't what I signed up for!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow : "Damn it! Where are all these Winterborn marauders coming from?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow : "Anyone see where the chief and his warriors went? Anyone?"
Flies-In-Wind : "All I see is death and Ice-Heart's damn Winterborn. A whole lot of Winterborn …."

Speaking to her, she'll say:

"Did Orsinium send you? Are you part of the reinforcements?
The Winterborn came out of nowhere. It happened so fast. They took our cargo into the hills and the Orc peasants chased them. That's when Chief Bazrag and his warriors arrived."
Slow down and tell me what happened.
"Our caravan was heading for Orsinium, the new Orc city, when the Winterborn landed on the wagons like flesh-flies on skeever pie.
The Orc peasants refused to let their supplies be taken, so they chased the marauders into the hills."
You let defenseless peasants go after the marauders?
"In case you haven't noticed, these cracked acorns aren't worth their weight in blood-berry pudding!
Besides, before we could rally our forces, Chief Bazrag and his Orc warriors arrived. He told us to wait here and then went after the marauders."
I'll go help the chief.
"I knew I liked you the moment I saw you!
Chief Bazrag is big and mean and looks like he can fight, but there were an awful lot of marauders. Ice-Heart's Winterborn won't stop until Bazrag and all the Orc peasants are dead. You better hurry!"
Aren't you coming with me?
"I will. Eventually. Maybe. I mean, look around!
These people are injured! What happens if the Winterborn come back? Someone has to protect them, keep them from being picked off one by one. Anyway, I'll keep them safe while you help Chief Bazrag."
What brings a Wood Elf to Wrothgar?
"This caravan brought me! I thought we already covered that?
Oh, you mean specifically. The invitation. You got one, too, didn't you? It talked about testing yourself against the most savage land in Tamriel. That was a challenge I couldn't pass up!"
What can you tell me about Chief Bazrag?
"He's a chief! In charge of an Orc clan or something.
If you ask me, he's got more than a chip on his shoulder. It's a whole damn mountain! I don't think he's a big supporter of King Kurog, but he saved us before he went to help the peasants."
Was the chief part of your caravan?
"No, we were the caravan guards. Bazrag said he was on patrol, looking for Winterborn marauders. Some scary Reach warlord named Ice-Heart leads them. Even Bazrag seemed a bit nervous just talking about him.
Now go help the chief before it's too late!"

After meeting up with her, Bazrag, and Talviah Aliaria, she'll tell you:

"The others went on ahead to the city, in case you're wondering.
I, um, felt kind of responsible for sending you into harm's way, so I waited around to make sure you were all right. And here you are! Right as rain!"
So what's a Wood Elf doing in a place like this?
"Same as all the others. Looking for adventure!
I figured there wasn't a better place to make a name for myself than in the untamed wilderness of Wrothgar. Are you going to Orsinium?"
Yes. I need to present myself to Forge-Mother Alga.
"Ah, King Kurog's mother! She's one smart woman and an even smarter Orc!
From what I've heard, you want to stay on her good side. I understand she has a fierce temper."
What about you? Are you going to Orsinium?
"Eventually. But first they asked me to go to Frostbreak Fortress. I think they realized I was good with a bow and they need something filled with arrows. Hopefully, it's more of these Winterborn!
Who knows, maybe I'll see you there!"

Post-Quest Dialogue:

"You're leaving, too? I can't blame you. I really can't stay around here much longer. Not after everything that's happened."
Are you doing all right?
"There's so much I want to tell you. To thank you for. I've learned so much from you. Out of everyone here, you're the only person I never lost faith in.
I wish I could just go and follow you around forever"
What's stopping you?
"Tempting, but i need to find my own way for a while.
But no matter where the wind blows, leaves from the same tree eventually find each other again. That'll be the same for us. You'll see."
Did King Bazrag talk to you?
"Yeah. He wanted me to stay and help train the Orc archers. Even offered me my own squad and a fancy title.
But after everything that happened, I just need to get away so I can put this all behind me"
Where will you go?
"I'm not sure. I might return to Valenwood, see my family. I'm kind of missing my loved ones after what we've been through.
I wonder if Solgra had a family. She... never mentioned it."


  • Eveli's voice actor is Mary Faber (IMDb).
  • Eveli's character was written by Bill Slaviseck and Jason Barnes. Bill mentioned on ESO Live, 23rd June 2017, that Jason later named his daughter after the character. (Slightly different spelling, same sound).[verification needed]
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