Imperial City


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Location Imperial City Prison
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health Normal841,993Veteran2,493,490 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Condition Mindshriven
Subjugation Fist
The Overfiend and an unfortunate prisoner.

The Overfiend is a powerful Mindshriven and the first mini-boss of the Imperial City Prison. He must be defeated in order to continue through the prison. During the battle, various Mindshriven and Dremora will come to his aid, as well as a Harvester.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As a boss type creature, the Overfiend is immune to all crowd control abilities.

Entropic Flare
A basic ranged attack that does minor magical damage.
A basic melee attack that does moderate physical damage.
Consuming Energy
The boss creates a purple ring on the ground around itself and a random player, briefly stunning all enemies it touches. This attack can be interrupted.
A close-range attack where the Overfiend slashes at one player dealing high amounts of damage over time in front of himself as indicated by a red cone. It is advised that the tank not move when this attack is performed as the boss will turn accordingly, which may cause other players to get hit.
Entropic Flurry
Similar to Flurry but does more damage
Summon Minions
As his health depletes, the Overfiend will summon Dremora Invokers, Dremora Ferylkyn, and Minshriven Footsoldiers to aid him. More minions are summoned the lower his health is. To avoid getting overwhelmed, focus on AOE damage to cleave his minions down while damaging him. The Invokers are a priority as they will place damage shields on allies that reduce their damage taken significantly.
Summon Harvester
At 50% health, the Overfiend will call for help and the Lord Warden will send a Harvester through the portal to attack the party. The Harvester is a high priority target and the tank should taunt both and hold them near each other so they can be burned down together as fast as possible. Using ultimates during this part of the fight is also recommended.


When engaged in combat:

Overfiend: "Intruders! The Flesh Sculptor is not to be disturbed."

When the Overfiend gets to 50% health, he'll call for help to which Lord Warden Dusk will send a Harvester to his side.

Overfiend: "Lord Warden! Aid me!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "Pitiful. Aid the Overfiend, my darling!"