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This article is about the boss in Imperial City Prison. For the boss in the Infinite Archive, see Lord Warden Dusk (Infinite Archive). For the item set, see Lord Warden.

Lord Warden Dusk
(lore page)
Location Imperial City Prison, Last Cell Block
Species Grievous Twilight
Health Normal1,347,189Veteran3,993,959 (Identical in Hard Mode) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Key Fragment, Warden's Courage
Lord Warden set head piece
Lord Warden Dusk

Lord Warden Dusk is a large armored grievous twilight found in the Last Cell Block of the Imperial City Prison. He serves as the dungeon's third and final boss.

In combat he summons small draining portals and two large floor-bound portals. Stepping on one of the floor portals will lock your character in place before teleporting you high above the fighting area, where you will likely die if you don't use the "Brace For Impact" synergy. He can also split into four Shades, which the players must defeat in order to progress the fight.

He has a chance to drop the Warden's Courage, a one-handed sword. On veteran difficulty, he drops a helm from the Lord Warden set. His loot is found in a chest by the exit after his defeat.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As a boss type enemy, Lord Warden Dusk is immune to all crowd control effects.

Shadow Bolt
A basic ranged attack that deals minor magical damage.
Shadow Barrage
The boss shoots a series of orbs rapidly at a random player. The tank should get in front of the target and absorb the damage. If that is not possible, the player targeted should block or shield up to absorb the damage while healing up.
Shadow Orb
The boss summons floating orbs that tether to nearby players dealing moderate magical damage over time and snaring them. The tether can be broken by keeping a distance from the orbs.
Shadow Strike
The boss teleports onto whoever has aggro stunning them and dealing moderate physical damage.
The Lord Warden casting Darklight Burst
Darklight Burst
The Lord Warden flies up and channels a magical ball in his hands, shooting it down at everyone below. The only way to avoid it is to jump into the portals before he casts it. Only two people are allowed per portal. This attack is lethal on veteran if not avoided.
Summon Shades
At 66 and 33% health, the boss disappears and summons 4 Shades to attack the party. Once all shades are defeated, the boss reappears.
Coldharbour Meteor
Lord Warden casts a meteor on one player during the Shade phase stunning them and dealing moderate magical damage. This attack must be blocked to negate the incoming damage.
Ceiling Portals
The boss summons portals that move on the ground. Entering one will cause you to fall through and drop down from the ceiling. Do not enter the portals until Darklight Burst is cast, as using the portal early will waste a slot, causing a death later during Darklight Burst.
Portal Feedback
Falling into a portal after falling from another portal will deal lethal damage. Do not enter the portals until Darklight Burst is cast.


Lord Warden Dusk can be overheard speaking to his underlings as well as directly taunting you as you progress through the Imperial Prison.

Summoning the Harvester to aid the Overfiend:

Overfiend: "Lord Warden! Aid me."
Lord Warden Dusk: "Pitiful. Aid the Overfiend, my darling!"

Approaching the Gravelight Sentry:

Gravelight Sentry: "The intruders are coming, Lord Warden."
Lord Warden Dusk: "You've allowed them far enough. Fail here, and I'll feed you to the Abomination!"
The Lord Warden watches over the Abomination

Approaching the Flesh Abomination:

Lord Warden Dusk: "Did Lyranth think killing the Sculptor would disarm me? His creations live on!"

When you engage the Flesh Abomination in combat, he shouts:

Lord Warden Dusk: "Your corpses will join with the Abomination."

When the Necrotic Hoarvors rise from the earth and explode:

Lord Warden Dusk: "Mind where you stand!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "This delightful new strain of Hoarvor will fight on the front lines soon!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "These fumes will burn your blood!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "May your lungs rot, your body perish!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "Breathe! Breathe and suffer!"

When the Abomination swings its mace:

Lord Warden Dusk: "The Abomination doesn't know his own strength!"

If the group wipes on the Abomination:

Lord Warden Dusk: "Mortal flesh has so many uses. Yours will not go to waste."
Lord Warden Dusk: "We will add you to the might of the Abomination."
Lord Warden Dusk: "Feed on their corpses. Yours is growing flesh."
Lord Warden Dusk: "Consume them. You must grow larger if you are to serve in the war."
Lord Warden Dusk: "Your bodies will become one with the Abomination."

While approaching the Lord Warden:

Lord Warden Dusk: "Lord Bal frowns on battle amongst his servants, but Lyranth is cunning to have a mortal of your strength fight for her."
Lord Warden Dusk: "I had a champion like you, once, who helped me rip the living essence out of her clan members. Daedric animus make great weapons and armor, you see. Dear Lyranth bears a grudge."
Lord Warden Dusk: "Come! Meet Lyranth's clan for yourself! They fit quite comfortably!"

As you fight the Lord Warden, he will taunt you.

Teleport Strike:

Lord Warden Dusk: "I walk the shadows!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "I can strike from anywhere, mortal!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "My prey never escapes!"

Summoning a portal:

Lord Warden Dusk: "Run, mortal!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "Watch your step!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "The dark of Coldharbour take you!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "This spell will break you."

Charging Darklight Burst:

Lord Warden Dusk: "This is the end!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "Bask in Coldharbour's light!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "Perish in Coldharbour's flame!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "This flame will darken your soul!"

Performing Shadow Barrage:

Lord Warden Dusk: "My shadows will tear your life away!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "Let shadow flay the meat from your bones!"
Lord Warden Dusk: "Let the darkness take you!"

When he splits into shades:

Lord Warden Dusk: "You fools are beneath me. My shadows will contend with you. What did Lyranth promise you? Why aid that wretch? There are no spoils here but death. Her clan deserved their fate; their souls will serve me unendingly."

Defeating the shades:

Lord Warden Dusk: "Impressive, for insects! All you've done is delay the inevitable!"

If your group is defeated during the battle:

Lord Warden Dusk: "With your death will come many others."
Lord Warden Dusk: "More bodies for the prison. Our occupancy is inexhaustible."
Lord Warden Dusk: "We will harvest what's left of you, and your corpse will serve Lord Bal."
Lord Warden Dusk: "Your bodies will aid us in the destruction of your kind."
Lord Warden Dusk: "Do not fear. Even in death, your organs will serve us."
The Lord Warden's animus

After defeating the Lord Warden, his soul will emerge from his corpse:

Soul of Dusk: "No! I will not suffer this!"
Lyranth: "My clan suffered it. And now, you will."

Following this, he is bound to the Grievous Leeching Ward, a Xivkyn-style shield Lyranth gives you as a reward for the quest. His animus will speak to you from it as the Soul of Dusk.


There are several Achievements associated with this boss:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Darklight Dancer.png Darklight Dancer 50 Defeat the Lord Warden Dusk of Imperial City Prison while you and your group members avoid every Darklight Burst.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Imperial City Prison.png Imperial City Prison Conqueror 15 Defeat the Overfiend, Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor, the Gravelight Sentry, the Flesh Abomination, the Lord Warden's Council, and Lord Warden Dusk in Veteran Imperial City Prison.
ON-icon-achievement-Imperial City Prison Vanquisher.png Imperial City Prison Vanquisher 10 Defeat the Overfiend, Ibomez the Flesh Sculptor, the Gravelight Sentry, the Flesh Abomination, the Lord Warden's Council, and Lord Warden Dusk in the Imperial City Prison.
ON-icon-achievement-Lord Warden's Retaliation.png Lord Warden's Retaliation 50 In Veteran Imperial City Prison, destroy the Warden's Tome, then defeat Lord Warden Dusk.
ON-icon-achievement-UD Skill Master.png Life Sentence 50 Defeat all mini-boss and boss enemies in Veteran Imperial City Prison without suffering a group member death.
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Speed.png No Prison Can Hold Me 50 Defeat all mini-boss and boss enemies in Veteran Imperial City Prison within forty five minutes of starting the dungeon. Timer starts when players enter the Bastion.


  • You used to have to activate a synergy called "Brace for Impact" to survive the fall from Lord Warden Dusk's portals. This was changed in Update 29.