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Lord Warden Dusk
ON-creature-Lord Warden Dusk.jpg
Lord Warden Dusk
Race Grievous Twilight Gender No Gender
Appears in ESO

Lord Warden Dusk is a Grievous Twilight and a powerful servant of Molag Bal. He was in charge of running the Imperial City Prison during the Daedric occupation of the Imperial City during the Planemeld.[1] He is as brutal and cruel as one would expect a servant of Molag Bal to be, and was very proud of the atrocities that were committed under his watch.[2] So much so, that he kept a meticulous record of all the indignities that had been committed in the prison; a tome which he coveted dearly.[3][4]

Dusk, with the help of a mortal champion, is responsible for trapping the living essence of Lyranth the Foolkiller's clanmates, whom he had made into a suit of armor.[5] He was defeated by the Undaunted in 2E 582 with the help of Lyranth, who trapped Dusk's animus inside a shield upon the destruction of his physical form. She then bestowed the shield upon the Undaunted as a token of her gratitude before taking Dusk's place as Warden of the prison.[6] Dusk could speak through the shield to whoever wielded it, and he made snippy remarks to all who came into possession of his prison.[7] It is unknown whether he is still imprisoned in the shield or not.

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