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Online:Lord Warden's Retaliation

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ON-icon-achievement-Lord Warden's Retaliation.png Lord Warden's Retaliation
Type Imperial City Achievements
Points 50
Needed for
In Veteran Imperial City Prison, destroy the Warden's Tome, then defeat Lord Warden Dusk.

Lord Warden's Retaliation is awarded for defeating Lord Warden Dusk in Imperial City Prison at Veteran difficulty level, after raising the challenge banner, which makes the fight more difficult. After burning the tome, Lord Warden will gain more health and deal more damage. He'll hit you way harder because he's mad that you burned his "Book of All the Bad Things I've Done to People".

On non-hardmode, it is possible to survive Darklight Burst. It's difficult, and doesn't always happen, but it's possible. On hardmode, surviving Darklight Burst is impossible (unless you're a tank with really, really high health and resistances), so your group needs to use the Warden's portals very sparingly. Absolutely no accidentally falling into them. Follow the mechanics to the best of your ability and try not to die. It will be harder for your group members to resurrect you if you die, since the Shadow Orbs will also do more damage on hard mode, and those things have a tendency to be spawned in the absolute worst places you can think of.