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A mindshriven

Mindshriven (or Mind-Shriven) are mortals who have had their psyche stolen by Daedric magic, turning them into mindless servants of Molag Bal. This process results in glowing veined skin and blue eyes. Members of Legion Zero were required to imbibe a substance known as the Blood of Coldharbour and become mind-shriven as a test of loyalty.

Mindshriven are encountered only within the Imperial City, specifically in the Elven Gardens District, Nobles District and the Imperial City Prison.


Named Mindshriven
Captain Regilus
Generic Mindshriven
Legion Commander
Legion Zero Deadeye
Legion Zero Dreadnaught
Legion Zero Saboteur
Legion Zero Templar
Legion Zero Veteran
Mindshriven Bloodfiend
Mindshriven Foot Soldier
Mindshriven Spellfiend
Shriven Aristocrat
Shriven Noble

Related Quests[edit]


There is one Achievement associated with these NPCs:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Veteran Dungeon.png Mindshriven Slayer 10 Defeat 300 Mindshriven in Veteran Imperial City Prison.


See Also[edit]

  • Soul-Shriven — Mortals who have had their soul stolen by Molag Bal