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Location Doomvault Capraxus, Gideon, Deadlands: The Ashen Forest, Fort Redmane
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During Weapons of Destruction

Calia is an Imperial who can be found in Doomvault Capraxus with her twin brother, Destron. They are two of Mehrunes Dagon's Ambitions.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Hidden Vault[edit]

After making your way through the wards in the vault, you reach the Inner Vault. Your companion Eveli Sharp-Arrow is eager to find what is inside. When you enter, you overhear two voices laughing and talking with each other:

Destron: "How's this, sister?"
Calia: "More dramatic, Destron. More … panache!"
<Eveli runs down the hall towards the voices.>

In the room, Calia can be found painting a portrait of Destron as he poses.

Destron: "Calia, just make sure it actually looks like me this time."
Calia: "Oh brother, I always capture the real you!"

When you approach, Eveli will blurt out her confusion, and then things ramp up:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "People? Where are the Daedric weapons?"
Destron: "Who are these intruders?"
<Lyranth teleports in with her own news.>
Lyranth: "I sense the cultists. They're close. Wood Elf, check the other side of those doors."
Calia: "Careful, brother. They look dangerous."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Dangerous? We're heroes! All right, Lyranth. I'll scout ahead. You talk to them, partner."

While Eveli goes into the next room, you can speak to Destron and Calia, to see what they know. Calia demands to know who you are:

"I knew I felt something strange. Like glass shattering in the distance.
Who are you and why have you disrupted the wards?"
We're here on behalf of Leyawiin and Gideon. We're looking for the Four Ambitions.
"The Four Ambitions? A curious phrase. Pray tell, what are these Four Ambitions you seek?"
We're not exactly sure, but we thought they were Daedric weapons.
"Weapons? We have no weapons here. At least, none that I'm aware of.
Feel free to look around if you like. Perhaps you'll find what you're looking for. Perhaps not."

After speaking to the pair, Lyranth will suggest you investigate the room.:

"Interesting. I can't remember the last time Destron and I entertained guests."

If you examine her painting, Calia will comment:

Calia: "Destron says my talent has improved."

When you examine everything, you will hear Eveli shout for help as the cultists have arrived. Lyranth volunteers to escort the twins, but you can ask Calia about the vault before you leave to help Eveli:

"Your friend sounds like she's in trouble. You should go to her."
What else can you tell me about this vault?
"Vault? Oh, you mean our sanctum. This is our home. In addition to our living chambers, there are chambers where we can study and practice. Even places where we can go outside and enjoy the fire fields and the lakes of lava."
But you're a prisoner here, right?
"A prisoner? No, I never thought so. We're cared for here, protected. True, our training and experiences have slowed down a lot these past few years, but this is our home. We love it here.
At least, we did. Before all you strangers arrived."

While you move through the Deep Vaults, you may overhear Destron, Calia and Lyranth in the distance:

Calia: "What's going on? Where are we going?"
Destron: "Whatever happens, stay close to me."
Lyranth: "How touching. Makes me want to rip out my eyes."

After you defeat Sinestrix Iribia, you will hear an altercation up ahead. It appears that some cultists have reached the twins, you will need to run ahead to see it in person:

Destron: "Stay back! I'm warning you …."
Waking Flame Cultist: "Nonsense, child. You are an Ambition! The high priest has great plans for you."
Calia: "Destron, what should we do?"
Destron: "Exactly what we were trained to do!"
<Lightning bursts out of Destron, killing all of the cultists.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Um … I think we may have found those weapons …."

You can then ask Destron and Calia what just happened:

"Those people … they wanted to take us away!"
Did you know your brother could do that?
"Yes, but I never saw him unleash that much raw power in a single burst. Or against living targets. Obviously, our training has served us well."
Do you have that kind of power as well?
"Destron has always been more powerful, but if you're asking if I can defend myself ….
I won't let anyone take us from here without our permission."

After you have spoken to the pair, Eveli will want to talk to you but you can ask Calia about herself before you do so:

"If you think we'll be safe in this Gideon place, then we'll go with you. I sense nothing but good intentions from the Wood Elf. Well, and a little fear, too, but that's perfectly understandable after what Destron just did."
So tell me, who are you exactly?
"My name is Calia. My twin brother Destron and I, we've lived here or in places like this all of our lives.
As far back as I can remember, it's just been me and my brother. And the caretakers. Lots of caretakers."
And you never leave or see anyone else?
"There were two other children once. And we used to have visitors. Teachers of all descriptions. And the emperor would come by. Emperor Moricar when we were very little. Emperor Leovic when we were older.
But we haven't seen anyone in years."
Why did the emperors lock you in here?
"Emperor Leovic said we were special. We had a purpose. He had to keep us safe until the time came when we were needed.
He never said when that time was or what we were needed for. He just told us to study. To practice. To be ready."

Once you have spoken to Eveli, she will escort the twins to Gideon, where she says to meet her:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Come with me you two. It's not safe here anymore."
Calia: "You want us to go … outside?"
Destron: "Time to say goodbye to this place, Calia. It will be a new adventure."

Speaking to her before you go out of the sanctum:

"If you think we'll be safe in this Gideon place, then we'll go with you. I sense nothing but good intentions from the Wood Elf. Well, and a little fear, too, but that's perfectly understandable after what Destron just did."

You can reunite with them in Gideon Courthouse, where they have been brought to Keshu the Black Fin. Calia will fascinated by the differences:

"Eveli led us through the wilderness and into this city. Everything seems so strange and different. I didn't see any molten rivers, and the sky is an unusual shade of blue."
This is really your first time out of the vault?
"Other than when we were moved from one sanctum to another, yes. I remember the caretakers telling us it was for our own good. That the sanctum protected us. I'm kind of nervous to be away from it. But it's kind of exciting, too."

A Mysterious Event[edit]

The Boar and the Twin Rams meet

You and Eveli's investigation will lead you to attending a Waking Flame gathering in the Deadlands, where you find and rescue Sombren, another Ambition. Once you are back on Nirn, you can lead Sombren to the twins who are now staying in the Temple of Dibella:

Sombren: "Go, my friend. Go see Eveli. The twins and I have much to discuss."
<Sombren turns to the twins.>
Destron: "I'm Destron. And this is my sister, Calia. But who are you?"
Sombren: "My name is Sombren. And I, like you, am an Ambition."
Calia: "Another Ambition? Truly? How very nice to meet you!"

You can then talk to Calia for a bit before you leave:

"Is this Sombren speaking true? Is he really an Ambition?"
I believe so. I rescued him from the cultists before they could sacrifice him.
"Sacrificed! That's horrible!
So, you didn't find him in … what did you call our home? A vault?"
No. He was being held in a keep in the Deadlands.
"The Deadlands? As in the Oblivion plane of Mehrunes Dagon? We learned about that in our studies. It's supposed to be a beautiful place, or so we were told.
I'm glad you rescued him. Perhaps he knows more about who we are than we do."

Weapons of Destruction[edit]

Speaking with Keshu the Black Fin in her office, the Argonian will explain that with Ambitions being housed in the city, it has become a target for the Waking Flame. She then suggests speaking with Sombren and seeing what he knows. When you enter the Temple of Dibella, you will find Calia and Destron. Destron will be encouraging Calia to practice using her powers on the nearby target dummy:

Destron: "Go on, Calia. Unleash your power. Just like back in the sanctum."
Calia: "All right, if you say so."
<Calia creates a jet of flame in her hands.>
Sombren: "No, wait!"
<The flames suddenly become bigger and Calia jerks back.>
Calia: "Something's wrong!"
Destron: "Pull back, Calia. Pull back!"
Calia: "I can't!"
Extinguishing Calia's flame
<The flames continue to go out of control and Destron shields his face. Sombren runs into the room.>
Sombren: "Hold on. Let me help. There!"
<Ice forms in Sombren's hands and he manages to extinguish Calia's fire.>
Destron: "How did you do that?"
Sombren: "Practice. I trained to control my powers after I left my vault."

Speaking with Sombren, he will explain that one of the vault's functions was to place a limiter on the Ambitions powers. He experienced the same loss of control after he was released from his vault. It was only by the help of his mentor that he learnt to control his powers. When you talk with Calia afterwards, she is understandably shaken:

"That was terrifying! I've never felt anything like that. Ever!
Nothing like that ever occurred during our training in the sanctum. What's happening to me?"
What were you trying to do?
"My gift is fire. Summoning flames is as natural as breathing. In the vault, it was always just a spark or a simple flicker. But when I tried to hit the target ….
I couldn't control it. The fire inside me, it wanted to grow. To spread. To feed."
How do you feel now?
"I'm fine. A bit light-headed maybe. Whatever Sombren did, it put the fire out … at least for now.
I don't like this. What if next time I summon the power, no one can help me extinguish it? I could hurt Destron. I could burn Gideon to the ground!"
We won't let that happen.

If you talk to her again, Calia will thank you for hearing her out:

"Thank you for listening. I feel better now. I don't think I'll try to summon my flames again until I know I can control them."

Sombren will ask you to meet him and the twins at a shrine in the marsh outside the town, to speak with his mentor. After checking in Eveli, you can meet the Ambitions in the ruins, where Sombren will summon his mentor to speak with:

Sombren: "All I ask is that you all keep an open mind."
<Purple magic dances in Sombren's hands as he summons the projection of Xynaa.>
Calia: "That's … a Dremora!"
Destron: "Sombren, what's going on here?"
Sombren: "Easy, everyone. This is Xynaa. She can help us. Mercenary, why don't you speak to her?"

If you talk to Calia before speaking with Xynaa, she will be suspicious:

"Why didn't Sombren tell us his mentor was a Dremora? What else hasn't he told us?"

When you talk with the Xynaa, she quickly realizes why she has been contacted. The Dremora further explains that the twins will need to meet her in person, but before that they need to be attuned to the Deadlands. Otherwise bad things could happen. For Calia, all this is brand new information:

"Slivers of the Deadlands? Attunement? This is way beyond what we were taught in our sanctum!"

Sombren takes over the explanation, you will need to take the twins and collect the crystalline Oblivion fragments from nearby locations and bring them to the Plateau of the Traveler. The planar boundaries in that location are thin and Sombren can do the attunement process there. Before you leave, you have the option of talking to Calia and Destron:

"I suppose we must trust in Sombren's experience. He knows quite a lot more about our powers than we do."
Do you think we should trust Xynaa?
"Does it matter?
I felt the power inside me when I lost control back at the temple. I couldn't stop it. If Sombren hadn't suppressed my flames, I would have ignited the city! Unless you know another way to fix me, I don't think we have a choice."

Calia and Destron will then follow you around as you collect the Crimson Deadlands Sliver and Obsidian Deadlands Sliver. As you leave Sombren you can listen in on the twins' conversation. Destron is excited while Calia is more pessimistic:

Destron: "Can you believe it, Calia? We're going to be great heroes."
Calia: "What's heroic about being consumed by our own powers?"
Destron: "Xynaa taught Sombren to control his powers. She'll do the same for us."
Calia: "If the cultists or our own powers don't kill us first."
Destron: "Come now, sister, where's your sense of adventure?"
Collecting the Deadlands Slivers

Collecting one of the slivers, Calia has concerns about Xynaa:

Calia: "What if Xynaa only wants to use us for our power, Destron?"
Destron: "She can't force us. You heard her. She needs allies, and we're as powerful as they come!"
Calia: "I've read the stories. Pacts with Daedra never turn out well."
Destron: "I'll protect you, Calia. You have my word!"
Calia: "Silly little brother. I'm the one who protects you."
Destron: "You're barely older. Only by a moment!"

When you take the second sliver:

Destron: "Two slivers of the Deadlands, one for each of us. Mission accomplished!"
Calia: "I fear it just gets more difficult from here."
Destron: "You worry about everything. Let's go meet Sombren!"

Speaking with Calia after collecting the two Deadlands Slivers:

"We have the strange bits of Oblivion that Sombren said we need. Let's find him and get this over with."

Sombren will be waiting for you along the roadside, near the path leading to the Plateau of the Traveler. Before speaking with Sombren, Calia is trying to get Destron to treat their current situation as a serious matter:

Destron: "<Hums merrily>"
Calia: "Destron stop! This is serious."
Destron: "Relax, Calia. We're on an adventure!"
Calia: "Destron, be serious! Our own powers could destroy us!"
Destron: "That won't happen! I won't let it."
Calia: "It might not be up to you."
Destron: "Calia... we'll figure this out."
Sombren: "We're doing this to avoid all that. Did you gather the slivers?"

Speaking to her before you speak to Sombren about the slivers.

"Sorry you had to see that. Destron treats everything like a grand adventure.
Anyway, you should talk to Sombren so we can get on with this. I don't want to lose control of my power again."

Before you clear the way to the portal site:

"I hope this attunement process isn't too painful."

Making your way there, the Ambitions will catch up to you and Sombren will instruct the twins:

Sombren: "All right, just like we discussed. Focus on the slivers of Deadlands."
Destron: "It's working!"
<Red magic appears in the trio's hands and a portal is opened.>
Calia: "I've never traveled by portal before .…"
Sombren: "Quick, step inside! Follow when you're ready, friend."
<Calia, Destron and Sombren walk into the portal.>

On the other side, you will find yourself in The Ashen Forest, an isolated part of the Deadlands. Sombren will be by the side of Xynaa's projection, meanwhile, Calia and Destron will be looking at the sights, Calia is not enthused:

"What a bleak and terrible place! The sooner we're done in Dagon's realm, the better. I don't think mortals are welcome here."

Speaking with Xynaa, she explains that the twins need to walk the Path of the Obelisks to her sanctuary and view what the Obelisks show them. You are to guide them and act as a witness to the visions. Once more Calia and Destron will become your followers. As you fight of Daedra along the path, Calia may occasionally call out warnings:

Calia: "Watch out!"
Calia: "Keep it away!"
Calia: "Why are they attacking us?"
Calia: "Foul thing. Leave us be!"
Calia: "Look out!"

When you reach the Obelisk of Origin, Calia and Destron will take their place and wait for you to activate it:

The Obelisk of Origin
Destron: "That must be the first obelisk!"
Calia: "Prepare yourself, brother, while our friend activates it and serves as our witness."

Speaking with Calia beforehand:

"I'm not sure what this oracle is going to show us. Is that why my palms are sweating?"

Activating the obelisk, a projection of a crib will appear, along with a man and woman in Imperial dress:

Ramin Brolus: "The babes are asleep? How? I couldn't get the boy to stop bawling."
Lestra Brolus: "I fed the twins until they were full and exhausted."
<Councilor Vandacia walks up behind them, along with Emperor Moricar and two Imperial Soldiers. Ramin and Lestra bow their heads in respect.>
Ramin Brolus: "Your majesty! Welcome. The babes are healthy and strong."
Councilor Vandacia: "As commanded, my emperor, she bore twins."
Emperor Moricar: "As Mehrunes Dagon commanded, so it has been done."
<The figures disappear in smoke.>
Destron: "Our parents and the high priest? I don't understand."

Speaking with Calia after viewing the Obelisk's vision:

"Such a short vision, but it tells me so much. Our parents, I think they willingly gave us to the emperor and Vandacia.
I suppose we should see what the next obelisk has to show us."

Further along the winding path, you will reach the second Obelisk:

Calia: "I suppose this is the Obelisk of Empowerment."
Destron: "Activate it, if you would, friend."

Speaking with Calia before activating it:

"Is it wrong that I suddenly want to see another vision? There's so much that Destron and I don't know about ourselves. Maybe we're finally going to get some answers."

Activating the obelisk, a similar scene to the previous one is viewed Ramin and Lestra standing silently in prayer as Emperor Moricar, Vandacia and the Imperial Soldiers stand behind them.

Calia: "It's starting."
Councilor Vandacia: "Time for the final ritual, my emperor."
Emperor Moricar: "Proceed, high priest."
<Ramin and Lestra silently kneel and Vandacia approaches the crib. The Imperial Soldiers take their place behind the parents.>
Councilor Vandacia: "O Mehrunes Dagon, Prince of Ambition and Destruction, imbue these infants with your power!"
Councilor Vandacia: "Let it ripen and grow within these vessels until the appointed time!"
Ramin Brolus: "So let it be done."
Lestra Brolus: "As Dagon wills it."
<Simultaneously, Ramin and Lestra are killed by the soldiers.>
Babies: <Babies wailing in distress>
<The vision ends.>
Calia: "Our parents were sacrificed to Mehrunes Dagon? Why?"

Talking with Calia after this:

"Our parents went along with this madness. They allowed themselves to be sacrificed to empower Vandacia's ritual. To imbue us with Dagon's power.
But for what purpose? He said something about ripen and grow."
They allowed themselves to be killed to give you that power.
"They went along with it, but I'm not completely certain it was their choice. Even true believers have to have some sense of self preservation, don't they?
Regardless, it's clear that whatever Vandacia wants us for started at that moment."
Are you ready to see the final vision?
"Do we have any choice? I need to know everything, even if a part of me wishes we were still in our sanctum and you never found us.
If it helps us control our powers. If it keeps us alive. Well, I'm not ready to die. And neither is my brother."
A vision of a possible future

Arriving at the Obelisk of Inevitability, there will be nothing to activate a vision, instead a portal will appear and Calia and Destron will enter it. Entering "The Inevitable" you will find yourself in the ruins of the White-Gold Tower throne room. Mehrunes Dagon can be seen looking through a large hole in the wall. The Emperor of Tamriel will call out to you from the dais of the Ruby Throne:

Emperor Vandacia: "Ah, this must be the day you learn you are destined to fail. That I and the Waking Flame emerged victorious!"

The twins look on in horror at the sight of their bodies held in place by magic and positioned as macabre decorations:

Calia: "No … Destron, is that us up there?"
Destron: "And Mehrunes Dagon? Is this our future, Calia? Is this … inevitable?"
After witnessing the inevitable

After speaking with Emperor Vandacia, who smugly recounts how you lost to him, Sombren will arrive and tell you to leave quickly. When you are back in the Ashen Forest, Calia and Destron and shaken by what the witnessed. Sombren is trying to get them to snap out of it:

Calia: "Vandacia … he had us displayed like … trophies …."
Destron: "We saw our future … we're doomed …."
Sombren: "Snap out of it! What you saw was just one possible inevitability. Nothing is set in stone."

You can then speak with each of them before heading onward:

"Vandacia is going to win. We saw ourselves. He was drawing power from us. Like sipping wine from a chalice."
That was only a vision, Calia. We haven't been defeated yet.
"But you saw how Vandacia looked. Strong, powerful. And Mehrunes Dagon looking down on us. How do we stand against that?"
You learn to control your power and we stand against them together.
"I don't … can it really be that simple? Was that the point of these visions? To show us how we were created and to reveal a dark and possible future?
All right, I understand. Just because the night is long doesn't mean the sun won't rise tomorrow."

Speaking with Calia again:

"Let's go find Xynaa. I want her to show me how not to destroy myself the next time I call upon my fire."

After you have spoken with all of them, they will run up the stairs into Xynaa's Sanctuary. Once inside Calia and Destron will be standing before Xynaa and cannot be spoken to. Speaking with Xynaa, she will ask you why you are helping the Ambitions before telling the group to follow her into the nearby Processional Hall to begin the twin's training:

A sudden betrayal
Xynaa: "We must begin the ritual at once. This way."
Calia: "Stay close, friend. I'll feel better knowing you're nearby."

As you enter the other room and walk up the isle, there is a flash of light and everyone is frozen in place.

Calia: "What's happening? What's going on?"
Sombren: "Xynaa, what are you doing?"
<Xynaa turns around.>
Xynaa: "Helping you fulfill your purpose. You are Ambitions. You belong to Mehrunes Dagon!"
<Your vision goes black as you fall.>

You wake up with and injured Sombren nearby, having landed in the Spidernest, a dungeon beneath the sanctuary. After speaking with Sombren you will need to retrieve Menthyx's Skull, a trophy of Xynaa's that Sombren can use to recharge his powers. While you are gone Sombren finds Xynaa's Book of Contracts, which shows that Xynaa assisted in the Ambitions creation and was using Sombren from the start.

Once ready, the two of you can confront Xynaa in her sanctum where she has Calia and Destron restrained and is draining them. When you have killed Xynaa, the twins will be freed and are angry at Sombren:

Calia: "Xynaa … she was going to sacrifice us to Mehrunes Dagon!"
Destron: "Sombren! How could you bring us to this … this monster?"
Sombren: "She wasn't like this. I didn't know."
Calia: "Destron, help me open a portal. Like Sombren showed us on the hilltop."
<The twins open a portal and leave.>
Sombren: "This wasn't how it was supposed to turn out. Come on, let's go after them."
Broken Trust

Speaking with Calia after talking to Sombren, you learn that a side effect of this business is that Calia has regained some control over her powers:

"Sombren was only trying to help us. I know that. But he still led us to that evil place.
Whatever Xynaa was doing to us, though, it siphoned off some of my power. I think I can use my fire now. Control it. At least for a while."
Can you trust Sombren after that?
"I don't think Sombren means us harm. I think he actually wants to help us. I'm going to be wary of him for a time, but I'll stand by him.
I don't think I have another choice. Not really."

As you leave to report back to Keshu, the trio will head back into the Temple of Dibella:

Sombren: "I'm sorry. I had no idea Xynaa meant to betray us."
Destron: "She wanted to kill us, Sombren! An apology isn't going to cut it!
Calia: "Destron, Xynaa betrayed Sombren, too."
Destron: "Because he was stupid enough to trust her!"
Sombren: "I will make this right. I promise."
Calia: "Let's return to the temple. We shouldn't be discussing this in the street."

Pyre of Destruction[edit]

After your trip to the Deadlands, you will learn from Governor Keshu that the Waking Flame forces have been gathering outside Gideon. Keshu will have a plan to move the Ambitions to the more defensible Fort Redmane, so they can both protect the Ambitions and prevent the city from being caught in the battle. After you have spoken with Eveli, you will need to meet with the Ambitions in the Temple of Dibella and tell them the plan. Calia will be sitting down and drinking some wine:

"The wine is exceptionally good here in Gideon.
I need something to calm my nerves after what happened to us in the Deadlands."
How are you feeling after what happened at Xynaa's sanctuary?
"Better. At least regarding Sombren allowing himself to be tricked and almost getting Destron and me killed. As far as my outlook beyond that … not so great.
Besides that terrible vision of the future we witnessed, I still can't control my power."
I thought whatever Xynaa did to you has made your power manageable again.
"For now, yes. But what happens tomorrow? Or the day after that? Or next week? Eventually, my power will build until it destroys me.
At least if that happens, the vision we saw won't come true."

Speaking to Calia again after telling Sombren the plan:

"We're moving again? I've barely had time to experience the world outside my vault, and now … well, I may not get much of a chance.
I'll go with Eveli and Sombren. At least I'll get to see more of the countryside, right?"

After you have recruited your allies, you can meet up with the forces outside Fort Redmane. You can speak with Calia before talking to Eveli and Keshu:

"We're surrounded by an army of soldiers, but I feel more alone than ever. I can't stop thinking about the vision we saw in the Obelisk of Inevitability.
I can't bear the thought of Vandacia doing that to me and Destron."
That army will protect you from Vandacia and his cultists.
"I know they're going to try. But will they succeed? And even if they do, at what cost?
I'm not sure how comfortable I feel letting these soldiers put their lives on the line for me and my brother."

Once you have spoken with Governor Keshu, the plan to protect the Ambitions will begin. Captain Rian Liore will begin to give orders, and Eveli will lead the Ambitions into the fort. Once you enter the fort, Waking Flame forces will teleported in. When you find Eveli, she will tell you the Ambitions ran to the west and that you will need to catch up with them. In the inner bailey you will find Sombren and the twins surrounded by dead bodies:

Sombren: "Over here, mercenary!"
Calia: "Vandacia's forces, they're everywhere!"
Destron: "Sombren, I sense more of them. They're coming!"
<Oblivion portals then appear nearby.>
Sombren: "All of you, under the shield!"
<Sombren spreads his arms wide and an icy dome appears around him.>

Sombren will maintain the shield while you and twins fight off the enemies. Once the enemies are defeated, Sombren will order the group to keep moving. There will be another wave of forces but at the end of the path, a calm Councilor Vandacia will be waiting on the nearby wall, where he addresses Sombren:

Councilor Vandacia: "Sombren, you're only delaying the inevitable."
Sombren: "Monster! Because of you, our parents are dead!"
Councilor Vandacia: "They were the chosen of Mehrunes Dagon, rewarded beyond their station."
<Destron walks out in front on the group.>
Destron: "I'm going to kill you, Vandacia!"
Councilor Vandacia: "Who shall I sacrifice first? Perhaps the sister …?"
Destron: "You leave Calia alone, you bastard!"
<Destron throws a lightning bolt at Vandacia who is unphased. Vandacia's red magic grips Destron and he is pulled helplessly towards Vandacia.>
Calia: "Destron!"
Councilor Vandacia: "You are an Ambition, boy. Let me help you fulfill your purpose!"
<Destron then bursts into red energy as a beam of light surrounds Vandacia. Calia falls to her knees.>
Sombren: "Destron, no!"
Calia: "No!"
Councilor Vandacia: "Lord Dagon, I return to you the power of this Ambition! Let the realms merge so you may walk among us!"
<The light intensifies until Mehrunes Dagon appears towering over the fort. The sky will have changed to show that the local area is now merging with Oblivion.>
Sombren: "The sky! And Mehrunes Dagon! How is he here?"
Mehrunes Dagon: "This is my opposition? How easily I shall crush them!"
<Mehrunes Dagon then dismisses the group and turns away. Sombren and Calia run into the keep.>
Sombren: "Into the keep! Quickly!"
Councilor Vandacia: "The worlds are merging, Sombren! There is no escape. When you tire of running, I will be waiting in the courtyard."
<Vandacia teleports away.>

Running after Sombren and Calia you can witness Calia unleash her rage on the cultists in your way:

Calia: "I hate you! Just leave us alone!"
<Calia throws dark fire at the cultists and kills them all.>
Sombren: "Calia, you can't unleash your power like that! You could lose control!"
<Calia turns to Sombren.>
Calia: "What does it matter? You saw what he did to Destron. He's going to do the same to us."

Eveli will then arrive behind you and can then listen to Sombren's plan involving the book Eveli has been carrying:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Broken branches! What happened here?"
Sombren: "Vandacia sacrificed Destron, allowing Mehrunes Dagon to drag us into his realm. Eveli, I need the book you're carrying."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "You know about that?"
Sombren: "It's a part of Dagon, just like Calia and me. I sensed it the moment I met you. I think I can use it to weaken Vandacia. Give us a fighting chance."
<Eveli hands over the book to Sombren.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right … what are you going to do with it?"
Sombren: "Take the fight to Vandacia in the courtyard. He won't expect that. Meanwhile, I need time to prepare."
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Go fight the super powerful Daedric priest? How?"
Sombren: "Just keep him busy. Then, with the help of this book, I'll take care of the rest."
<Eveli turns to you.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right, Sombren needs us to buy him some time. Let's get to the courtyard!"

Before you make your way through the crumbling keep to the courtyard, you can speak with Sombren, Calia and Eveli before leaving:

"I can't believe it. He killed my brother. He killed Destron!
Listen, sacrifice me. Let Sombren take my energy. Then you can kill Vandacia and save the fort."
If you die, your energy just returns to Mehrunes Dagon. That's not really an option.
"But … but … my brother! And my parents! Vandacia has to pay for that.
You were supposed to protect us. You were supposed to save Destron!"
Vandacia surprised us. He was too powerful. That's why we need to give Sombren time to use the book.
"Then let me help! Sombren has been holding me back. I don't care if I lose control, so long as I take Vandacia with me.
Find him. Keep him busy. I'll make sure he pays for Destron."
I'll find Vandacia and give you and Sombren the time you need.

Speaking to Calia again before leaving:

"Vandacia wants my power? Fine. I'll burn him to a cinder with it! Mark my words!"

You can then race back through the keep to the courtyard, all the while you will be able to hear Mehrunes Dagon taunting the defenders as the fight. In the ruined courtyard, Vandacia will be surrounded by a shield and will be channelling magic. Sombren and Calia run into the middle of the courtyard:

Councilor Vandacia: "The power of the Lord of Fire and Flood flows through me! You cannot stop what is happening!"
Sombren: "Get ready, Calia! Just like I showed you!"
Calia: "You're going to pay, Vandacia! Mercenary, help us drain his power!"
<Calia throw fire at Vandacia's shield.>
Councilor Vandacia: "You dare? Merging the realms is delicate work. One mistake and both could be destroyed!"
<Vandacia notices the book in Sombren's hands.>
Councilor Vandacia: "The master's tome? Give me that, boy!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm with you, my friend! We'll defeat Vandacia together!"
<Sombren creates a shield around the group and the fight begins.>

The mechanics of this fight involve fighting off the Daedra and cultists coming through the portals, while Sombren and Calia charge their Synergy. Once the Ambition's Wrath synergy is ready, Sombren will call out and when you activate it Calia will fire off her magic to distrupt Vandacia's shields.

The following lines are said by Calia when Ambition's Wrath is activated:

Calia: "You wanted our power? Here!"
Calia: "We're not going to die for Mehrunes Dagon!"
Calia: "This is for my brother!"

In the final part of the fight, Vandacia will have had enough and teleports down into courtyard-while knocking Sombren and Calia to the ground. It will be just you with some arrow support fighting Vandacia, but near the end Sombren and Calia will recover enough to attack Vandacia a final time.

Calia: "Die, you bastard!"

When Vandacia is dead, Dagon's link to the world is severed. The Daedric Prince will then approach the wall, fall to his nears and then address the Ambitions and you:

Mehrunes Dagon: "You defeated my high priest, mortals? That was … unexpected."
Mehrunes Dagon: "And before he completed the merging. That is unfortunate."
<Mehrunes Dagon stretches out his hand towards the Ambitions.>
Mehrunes Dagon: "Though this realm slips from my grasp, your fate is inevitable. You will join me or die, Ambitions. It is why you were created."

<Dagon's body dissolves into red light and the sky becomes normal again. Calia falls to her knees.>

Sombren: "We did it. We stopped Vandacia from merging the realms and opening the way for Mehrunes Dagon."
Calia: "But my brother … Destron is still dead …."
<Sombren approaches Calia and kneels beside her.>
Sombren: "I failed Destron, but I won't fail you."

At this Eveli will jump down into the courtyard:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "All right! Without Vandacia or his master, the cult doesn't stand a chance!"
Elam Drals: "At least the sky looks normal again."
<Sombren and Calia stand up and begin to leave the fort.>
Calia: "I … I need to get out of this place."
Sombren: "This way, Calia. Come with me."

After you leave the keep, you will find Sombren and Calia at the camp. You will need to speak with both of them:

"I'm still alive. I can't believe I survived all that but Destron didn't. It's not fair. None of this is.
I don't know what I'm supposed to do now."
Learn to control your power. And carry on.
"Easy to say, hard to do. Still ….
So many people fought to protect me today. Even though my heart is broken, for their sakes I'll find a way. Destron would want me to."
Sombren will figure out how to teach you to control your power.
"I hope so. Not just for my sake, but for the other Ambition, whoever they are. Without Destron, they and Sombren are the only family I have left. I'll try to be there for them. I really will.
For now, we're heading back to the temple if you need us."

Speaking to her again before Eveli and Keshu:

"At least I helped to defeat the monster who destroyed my parents and sacrificed my brother. Vandacia won't hurt anyone else. There's some comfort in that."

Heroes of Blackwood[edit]

After the battle at Fort Redmane, Keshu the Black Fin will be hosting a celebration for everyone's efforts in Gideon. She will ask you to go to the Temple of Dibella to invite Sombren and Calia. But when you get there, Priest Larusa will tell you that the pair have left to visit some ruins to the north of the city. Eveli will accompany you through the swamp where you find Sombren attempting to open a portal as he reads from the Mysterium Xarxes while Calia watches:

Calia: "How much longer, Sombren? This place makes me feel uneasy."
Sombren: "Not long now. I'm almost—oh. It seems we have company."

You have the option of talking to Calia before asking Sombren what he is doing:

"I told Sombren we should have talked to you before coming out here. But he was so insistent."
What's Sombren doing? Why did he bring you out here?
"He wanted to try something with the book. Away from other people, just in case.
Sombren thinks my only chance is if we return to the Deadlands. The nature of the realm naturally draws off my power, making it easier to control."
The Deadlands? Mehrunes Dagon is sure to find you there!
"Sombren doesn't think so. He says that's the last place they'd look for us.
I'm still attuned to the realm from the trial in the Ashen Forest. Sombren believes he'll have enough time to teach me if I'm not in danger of imminently exploding."
Has your power gotten worse again?
"Worse? I suppose that depends on your perspective.
It has been growing in intensity again. Back at the same level as when we first left the vault. Sombren is worried I don't have much time. That's why he's being so insistent."

Afterwards you have spoken to Sombren, he will open the portal and the two Ambitions will leave.

The Last Ambition[edit]

While you're speaking to Emperor Moricar. a portal opens and Sombren, Calia, Lyranth, and Eveli arrive. Sombren destroys the Emperor's souls:

Sombren: "We are not property or playthings, Moricar!"
Calia: "Sombren, no!"
Emperor Moricar: "You are what we created you to be."
Sombren: "You wanted a weapon? Then taste my power!"
<Sombren turns the spirits into blocks of ice and they shatter.>
Calia: "Oh, Sombren, why?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Hey, friend. We better talk."

Speak to Calia:

"I … I didn't think Sombren was going to do something so … dramatic. You have to forgive him, he's been very … intense lately."
What do you mean, intense?
"I'm not sure how else to describe it. When we first arrived in the Deadlands, he insisted he could help me control my powers. That I could practice without fear of hurting anyone.
But lately he's been different, almost desperate."
What do you mean, desperate?
"He spends most of his time reading that strange book, searching desperately for answers. He's obsessed with our power, trying so hard to understand it. But the more frustrated he gets, the more he pulls away. And now this.
I'm worried about him."
What was that about a strange book?
"You must remember. The book Eveli gave him. Lyranth called it the Mysterium Xarxes.
He's become obsessed with it. He's sure the answer to controlling our powers hides somewhere among its pages, and he pours over them at every opportunity."
You think the book is affecting him, the way it bothered Eveli?
"Not in the same way. I don't think he's having dreams or anything. Sombren's always been passionate. But since Destron died, his rage has been growing. And the frustration and desperation makes that rage harder, sharper.
And what he just did …."
Have you talked to Sombren about any of this?
"I've tried. But he wants to protect me. He doesn't want to burden me with the weight he's carrying. I think he needs to work this out for himself. I just hope he can do that soon, before he lets that rage and frustration destroy him."

Try to speak to her again and she'll just say:

"I fear we're running out of time."

Through your investigations, you discover that Sombren has turned against you and plans to deliver the ambitions to Dagon. Arrive at Ambition's End on Annihilarch's Summit and you'll find you're too late:

Calia: "Sombren, stop! This is insane! We're not coming with you!"
Sombren: "Damn it, they found us! This is not your concern!"
Sombren: "Only Mehrunes Dagon can teach us, help us control our powers! It's all in his book!"
Sombren: "But I can't let you interfere. Destron, deal with them!"
Calia: "Destron? Sombren, what have you done?"

Sombren summons Destron's Echo to stop you, then absorbs Calia's power:

"My powers … they're gone. Sombren, he ripped them away from me. And he used Destron to hurt us. How could he do that?
Oh, Sombren, what have you become?"
Are you strong enough to reach the portal?
"Yes, I can make it. I'll crawl if I have to. I want to get as far from this place as possible."

Back at Madam Whim's:

"Something feels wrong. Like part of me is missing. What did he take from me?
Oh, Sombren, how could you?"
Did Sombren really take your powers?
"I think so. He said we weren't worthy of them. When I said I wouldn't go with him, he got so angry, like I was the one betraying him. I don't think he wanted to hurt me. He kept saying he was doing this to protect me. But he's so angry, so obsessed."
And was that really Destron?
"How could it have been? Destron's dead. We both saw what happened to him. But even creating a copy … that was too cruel.
I've already lost Destron once. I didn't need to see that again. And now I've lost Sombren. I just feel … empty."

Ambition's End[edit]

Whether you speak to her before or after you speak to Lyranth, she'll say:

"Mehrunes Dagon's egonymic. That sounds powerful.
I remember Sombren was searching for something that would keep us safe from Dagon. He said it was the only way for us to escape our fates. But he never mentioned an egonymic."

After showing the relic to The Anchorite, she'll reply:

"I hope the Anchorite knows what to do with that strange relic. You found it in that chest in the vault, right?
Sombren was so enraged that he couldn't access it, but he never told me why."

Place the relic on the nearby table and a vision of Emperor Moricar will appear:

"Oh no. Without my power, I no longer possess my piece of the egonymic. Is that why I feel so … empty?
That means Sombren has two parts of the egonymic now. He might even have Destron's. Is that how he summoned his spirit to fight you?"

At this point, Lyranth suggests recruiting Arox once again while she recruits more allies. Speak to Calia before leaving:

"When Vandacia killed Destron, he said he took my brother's power and gave it to Mehrunes Dagon. But I don't think he got all of it. Sombren was more powerful during our wanderings. I assumed it was the book, but now I think he got Destron's egonymic."

Make your way to Wretched Spire and meet Lyranth along with Calia, The Anchorite, and Eveli. As you arrive several portals open and out steps a small army of allies from your adventures in Blackwood and Rynkyus and his Bladebearers:

"You've made many allies. I shouldn't be surprised.
I'm sorry I can't join you in this fight. I wouldn't be much use to you without my power. And I'm not sure I want to see how this ends anyway. It will be too painful."
We have to stop Sombren, Calia. We need to recover your power and give it to the Anchorite.
"I know. I trust you.
It's hard, though. I still care for him. We were all each other had for a time. But I'm under no illusions. I know he's beyond saving. He's no longer the Sombren I once knew."

Speak to her before leaving:

"You must hurry. Sombren will reach Mehrunes Dagon soon if he hasn't gotten to him already.
Good luck and stay safe, my friend."

Hope Springs Eternal[edit]

Return to The House of Whims and Calia and Madam Whim will be there with Eveli:

Madam Whim: "You did well, regardless of where the powers of the Ambitions now rest."
Calia: "I agree. You defeated Mehrunes Dagon, that's incredible!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "And there's the hero of the moment!"

Speak to Calia before speaking to Madam Whim:

"Eveli gave us a condensed version of what happened. I'm so glad to see you both safe and sound. You thwarted a plot that began before I was born. Now I am bound to no one, nothing.
It's almost bittersweet."

After hearing what Whim has to say:

"Madam Whim and I will meet you in Leyawiin. I hope you get the chance to speak with Lyranth before then. I still can hardly believe she has the power of the Ambitions now.
Why would she take them from the Anchorite? I thought she was our ally."
Lyranth has always had her own agenda.
"I have this horrible feeling in my stomach. After everything we've done and everything we've lost to stop Mehrunes Dagon, it seems unfair for it to end this way.
I would have trusted the Anchorite with that power. But Lyranth? I'm not so sure."

Join the celebration at Leyawiin Castle:

"It's good to see you safe and unharmed. You're looking well."

After speaking to the Anchorite and before you speak to Eveli:

"Word of your victory over Mehrunes Dagon spread quickly. A crowd gathered almost as soon as we arrived, and it's only grown since then.
It's only natural people would want to celebrate. This is a tremendous achievement."
What will you do now?
"I grew up hidden away from the world, as did the Anchorite. We've decided to travel Tamriel together for the time being.
I think of her as a sister, but one I don't know especially well. I'm looking forward to learning more about her."

After Eveli makes her speech, speak to Calia again:

"I still remember the day you appeared in our vault. I was so scared back then, it felt like everything I knew was burning to ash.
I've grown a lot since then, and I have you to thank for that. It feels like my life is finally just beginning."