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This article is about the vision seen in the Deadlands. For the real throne room, see White-Gold Tower. For the version encountered during the Psijic Order storyline, see Time-Lost Throne Room.

White Gold Tower Throne Room
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Emperor Vandacia, Calia, Destron, Mehrunes Dagon
Accessible from the Deadlands: The Ashen Forest
White Gold Tower Throne Room

The White Gold Tower Throne Room is the seat of the Emperor of Tamriel in a possible future. While guiding Calia and Destron to Xynaa's Sanctuary in the Deadlands: The Ashen Forest, they will need to find the Obelisks and witness the visions they show. When you reach the Obelisk of Inevitability, a portal will open and the twins will go through.

You will find yourself in the ruined throne room of the White-Gold Tower. In the distance, Emperor Vandacia stands on the dais of the Ruby Throne, flanked by the bodies of Calia and Destron positioned as macabre decorations. Through a hole in the wall, Mehrune Dagon is seen looking down on everything inside. After confronting the Emperor, Sombren will arrive, creating a portal back to the Deadlands. This place is a vision of a possible future.

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