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Emperor Vandacia
Location White Gold Tower Throne Room
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 15,000
Reaction Friendly
Emperor Vandacia

Emperor Vandacia is a vision of Councilor Vandacia that you'll encounter when you enter the portal at the Obelisk of Inevitability with the twins in the Deadlands: The Ashen Forest.

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Emperor Vandacia, Triumphant

When you emerge from the portal at the obelisk, you'll find yourself in a ruined version of the White-Gold Tower. Destron and Calia are propped up on either side of the Ruby Throne like trophies, held in place by dark magics. Mehrunes Dagon can be seen through a hole in the ceiling, standing triumphantly, and Vandacia is on the Ruby Throne. Vandacia stands up and addresses you.

Emperor Vandacia: "Ah, this must be the day you learn you are destined to fail. That I and the Waking Flame emerged victorious!"
Calia: "No … Destron, is that us up there?"
Destron: "And Mehrunes Dagon? Is this our future, Calia? Is this … inevitable?"

Ascend the steps and speak with Vandacia.

"How long ago was it? When I crushed you and claimed the Ambitions for myself?
It must be rather depressing to see that all your efforts were in vain. That my victory is inevitable."
The other visions showed the twins' past. Why is this one different?
"Visions? You misunderstand the forces with which you meddle. Given your failures before you died, that doesn't surprise me.
You entered the portal at the Obelisk of Inevitability in the Deadlands. What could be more inevitable than the future?"
You're telling me that you won? That now you sit on the Ruby Throne?
"Look around and see for yourself. The very fact that you stand before me proves that you didn't stop me. You didn't save the Ambitions. You didn't save anyone. I destroyed you.
Now this realm belongs to my lord and master, Mehrunes Dagon."
This is a lie. When I find you, I'll destroy you.
"You said the same thing when we battled in Blackwood so many years ago. I found your foolish bravado amusing then. I find it even more amusing now. Trust me, it was not much of a contest.
You died well, if that consoles you."
Nothing is inevitable. You haven't won yet.
"Look who stands behind me. Look at the throne on which I sit. Mehrunes Dagon may be the master of all Nirn, but he has given me Tamriel as my reward. From High Rock to Morrowind, all bow to my will.
There is no power in Tamriel equal to mine."
Then I might as well kill you now.
"You still do not understand! This isn't your time or place. Here, you are nothing but dust, long forgotten. You are a ghost of failure's past.
As much as I would enjoy it, I can't kill that which is already dead."

At this point, Sombren will come through the portal and urge to leave. You can speak with Emperor Vandacia before you leave as he will expect the future confrontation:

"Run along. Go back to your time and put your affairs in order. It won't be long before we meet in battle. When I crush you like the pathetic churl you are.
We shall see each other again soon enough."

Once you have left, he will explain that the Obelisk of Inevitability only shows a possible—if likely—future but that isn't set in stone.