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Councilor Vandacia
Home Settlement Gideon
Location Gideon Courthouse, Leyawiin Castle
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Councilor Vandacia

Councilor Ertus Vandacia is an Imperial and member of the defunct Elder Council. During the Planemeld crisis he was absent from the Imperial City, instead visiting his hometown of Gideon in Blackwood. In recent times, he acts as an advisor to Keshu the Black Fin, the governor of the city.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Deadly Secret[edit]

Your search for the missing Councilor Jirich will lead to a race against time to find and warn other councilors before they are also murdered for old secrets. After your failure at Fort Blueblood, you will need to head to Gideon to warn Vandacia in time. When you enter the Gideon Courthouse, you will find Councilor Vandacia still alive and in conversation with Keshu the Black Fin:

Councilor Vandacia: "I was attacked in the streets of our fair city, Keshu! I demand you deal with the criminal post haste!"
Keshu the Black Fin: "Your guards did their job, Councilor Vandacia. The prisoner is secure."
<Councilor Vandacia notices you and turns around>
Councilor Vandacia: "And what's this? More assassins? Explain yourself, immediately!"

Speak to Councilor Vandacia and explain why you are there:

"One attempt on my life today is more than enough. If you're another one of those Dark Brotherhood bastards, I assure you. You won't find either myself or Governor Keshu to be easy prey!"
I'm no assassin. Councilor Lovidicus sent me to warn you. He wants you to go to Leyawiin.
"Warn me? As always, Lovidicus offers too little and too late. I received the letter, same as the other councilors. My personal guard took the threat seriously and we captured the assassin in the act. But what of my esteemed colleagues? Are they safe?"
Councilors Jirich, Sophus, and Abor were murdered. They're all dead.
"Dead? All three of them? This is … unimaginable. Farrul Lupus's letter suggested the Longhouse Emperors left behind a secret that would prove to be a threat, but I thought he was just being melodramatic. Has Lovidicus determined what this is about?"
The secret concerns the Four Ambitions of Mehrunes Dagon. We're examining old records to learn more.
"Four Ambitions? Never heard of them. How could something I know nothing about make me a target of the Dark Brotherhood? It's got to be a mistake.
You must question the prisoner. Get him to confess and reveal the truth of this sordid affair."
I'll question the prisoner. Where are you holding them?
"Governor Keshu locked the prisoner in the holding cell in the courthouse basement. Question the villain and find out why the Dark Brotherhood is trying to wipe out anyone who was part of the Imperial Elder Council.
I'll head for Leyawiin afterward."
You really don't have any idea what the secret of the Longhouse Emperors pertains to?
"I wish there was something I could tell you. The letter I received suggested that some old council business was the cause of all this. Why the Dark Brotherhood would be interested in such menial affairs, I'm not sure.
I'm completely baffled."
In your work with the Elder Council, you never heard anything about the Ambitions?
"As I said, I never heard the term. The Longhouse Emperors were enamored of secrets and code words, though. Perhaps I encountered it, but it was called something else?
If you think it might be important, ask the assassin when you interrogate him."
How long did you serve on the Imperial Elder Council?
"I'm not sure how relevant my ancient history is, but I was appointed to the Elder Council by Emperor Durcorach himself. I helped guide the Empire through most of the reign of the Longhouse Emperors."
In all that time, you never heard anything about the Ambitions?
"Sadly, my role in guiding the Empire often put me at odds with the Emperors. I was rarely privy to their secrets.
I'm afraid I can't shed any light on that particular mystery."
You mentioned Governor Keshu.
"Keshu the Black Fin. War hero, progressive Argonian, and governor of our fair city of Gideon. I serve as an advisor and bureaucrat, nothing more.
I have deep roots in Gideon, so I try to do my part to keep the wheels of government turning."
How did you manage to survive the attack and also capture your assassin?
"My personal guard is dedicated and well trained. Not to mention lucky.
I was nearing the courthouse when the assassin sprang from the shadows. My guards reacted instantly and overpowered the villain. We brought them here and Keshu locked them away."

When you go down to the holding cells, you will find that assassin has escaped, with the guards lying around injured. Vandacia and Keshu will follow you downstairs.

If you talk to Vandacia before examining the cell's lock:

"I told Keshu not to dismiss my personal guard. Now look what happened!
Never underestimate the cunning of the Dark Brotherhood. The assassin must be found and brought to justice. Please, if you truly want to help, you must apprehend him."

When you examine the lock you will find that acid was used and that a trail has been left to follow:

"Dripping acid? Sloppy, but it leaves a trail you should be able to follow easily enough.
I shan't leave Gideon until you have the assassin once again in custody."

You can follow the trail into Twyllbek Ruins and talk with the assassin Elam Drals. He will claim that he is in Blackwood for unrelated business and that there have been no contracts placed on councilors by the Brotherhood. Elam will then leave, and you can bring the Letter from Astara back to Councilor Vandacia.

"So the mercenary from Leyawiin has returned.
Tell me, were you able to capture the assassin? Or perhaps you killed him in battle once you caught up to him? I am eager to hear the news."
I wasn't able to apprehend the Dark Brotherhood agent, but I recovered this letter.
"Allow me to peruse the document, if you will.
Aha! Proof positive that the Dark Brotherhood is in Blackwood. We must find this sanctuary and destroy it!"
The Dark Brotherhood agent denied his organization's involvement. He said he never attacked you.
"What did you expect? Such lies fall from his lips like rain from the sky on a stormy day. Villains never freely admit their guilt.
The evidence is right here in this letter. Meet me in Leyawiin and we'll share this information with Lovidicus."
Where's Governor Keshu? Shouldn't you have more guards?
"What? Oh, my personal guard are nearby and these legionnaires are sufficient. You need not be concerned. As for Keshu, she had business to attend to. Gideon business. I saw no reason to distract her from her regular duties.
Now, to Leyawiin!"

Talking to him again before you leave the courthouse:

"We will be safer inside the walls of Leyawiin Castle. And Councilor Lovidicus must be made aware of these latest developments.
I will gather my personal guard and meet you there."

When you enter the Legates Chamber in the castle, the councilors and legates will be gathered:

Councilor Vandacia: "The Dark Brotherhood. They must be driven out of Blackwood."
Councilor Lovidicus: "I still can't figure out why they would be targeting us, Vandacia."
Councilor Vandacia: "Eliminate the threat first. Then we can seek answers."

If you talk to Vandacia before speaking with Councilor Lovidicus:

"Councilor Lovidicus fails to see the threat right in front of us! The Dark Brotherhood must be rooted out like weeds in a garden before it's too late!
Talk to him and make him see reason."

You can then report to Lovidicus and complete the quest.

Speaking to him before you turn in the quest:

"You understand this better than anyone. You found the letter. You saw the murders firsthand. You must convince Lovidicus of the seriousness of the Dark Brotherhood threat.
Otherwise, the next councilor to die will be on your head."

An Unexpected Anversary[edit]

While the councilors wait for a scribe to arrive to help decode the documents, Lovidicus will have you investigate the cave mentioned in Astara's letter with Eveli Sharp-Arrow. Vandacia will approve:

"Lovidicus has finally decided to act? Good! Find the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary hidden in Bloodrun Cave and end this threat once and for all.
Oh, and take the Wood Elf with you. I understand she's the one who warned Lovidicus in the first place."

After you finish talking with Eveli you can hear him:

Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'll meet you at Bloodrun Cave."
Councilor Vandacia: "You made the right call, Lovidicus. We won't be safe until the Dark Brotherhood is driven out of Blackwood."

Before you go investigate Bloodrun Cave, he will insist you not listen to the words of the Dark Brotherhood:

"Determine the truth by all means, mercenary, but do not fall sway to the Dark Brotherhood lies.
It would be better if you strike first and ask questions later, after you flush the vermin from their lair in Bloodrun Cave."

Your investigation of Bloodrun Cave becomes complicated, as Waking Flame Cultists invade the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, trying to kill you, Eveli and the assassins. You and Elam Drals follow the cultists into their base at Welke, where you learn that the High Priest is Councilor Vandacia and that there is a planned attack on Leyawiin Castle. The attack is underway when you arrive and you meet up with Eveli to search for survivors.

But when you reach the top floor, you find Councilor Vandacia cornering Coucilor Faleria on the balcony above the throneroom:

Councilor Faleria: "Vandacia, how could you?"
Councilor Vandacia: "Faleria, with everything at stake, how could I not?"
<A blast of magic from Vandacia pushes Faleria over the balcony.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Councilor Faleria, no!"

When you enter the courtyard, you will find Vandacia holding Councilor Lovidicus by the neck with a chain of red magic, choking him:

Councilor Lovidicus: "Vandacia, you traitor …."
Councilor Vandacia: "I will finish what the Longhouse Emperors started, Lovidicus. I will set loose the power of the Four Ambitions!"
Councilor Vandacia: "Lord Dagon, hear your high priest! Send forth a champion to destroy these meddlers!"
<The Disciple of Aspiration is summoned and Vandacia teleports away, Lovidicus dropping to the ground.>
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "What is that thing? Kill it, kill it!"
<Beragon runs up to Lovidicus and begins healing him.>
Councilor Lovidicus: "Don't worry about me. Deal with that creature!"

A Mysterious Event[edit]

In the aftermath of rescuing the twin Ambitions, Calia and Destron from the Waking Flame cultists, you and Eveli doing some investigating which leads to you inflitrating an exclusive Waking Flame event which turns out to be held in Vandacia's Deadlands Keep. Once inside, you eventually discover Sombren, another Ambition who was abducted to be sacrificed by Vandacia at this event.

High Priest Vandacia presents an Ambition

You leave Sombren to find the key to his chains, returning only to find out from Eveli that Vandacia has brought the guests (including Lyranth) to the audience chamber, to begin the sacrificial ceremony. Eveli then has an idea for you to cause a distraction so you can free Sombren. Once inside, you will find the crowd gathered and watching Vandacia who stands on a platform above them, who is accompanied by Valkynaz Orran.

Vandacia will then begin talking to the crowd:

Councilor Vandacia: "Brothers and sisters of the Waking Flame, behold our future!"
Councilor Vandacia: "This is one of the fabled Four Ambitions of Mehrunes Dagon, and his death will elevate us all!"
<Vandacia will then gather red energy in his right hand.>
Councilor Vandacia: "Like the others of his kind, he was created from birth for one purpose—to give us his power and grant our dark lord a connection to the mortal plane!"
<The energy is thrown at Sombren and envelops him, causing him to writhe in agony.>

Once you have placed the reeker beetles, you can give the signal at which Eveli will run in and shoot at the bugs, causing clouds of noxious green gas to fill the room. You have successfully disrupted the sacrifice:

Councilor Vandacia: "Who dares … interrupt this sacred ceremony? Destroy them!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Now that's what I call a distraction! Let's grab Sombren and get out of here."
Valkynaz Orran: "Councilor, this way! Before the odor overwhelms you!"
Valkynaz Orran: "Now go! I will deal with the intruders! They will not escape this keep."
<Vandacia turns and leaves through the back door.>
Lyranth: "Oh, well done, little mortal! That stench is horrendous!"

Weapons of Destruction[edit]

After leaving their vault, Calia and Destron's powers have become stronger and uncontrollable. Sombren suggests they meet with his mentor Xynaa, who taught him to control his own powers. When you arrive in the Ashen Forest and speak with Xynaa's projection, she will ask you to guide and protect Calia and Destron as they travel the path to her sanctuary. Before she can teach them to control their powers, they will need to witness the visions at the three Obelisks of Origin, Empowerment and Inevitability along the path.

The Obelisk of Origin

When you reach the Obelisk of Origin, Calia and Destron will take their place and wait for you to activate it:

Destron: "That must be the first obelisk!"
Calia: "Prepare yourself, brother, while our friend activates it and serves as our witness."

Activating the obelisk, a projection of a crib will appear, along with a man and woman in Imperial dress:

Ramin Brolus: "The babes are asleep? How? I couldn't get the boy to stop bawling."
Lestra Brolus: "I fed the twins until they were full and exhausted."
<Councilor Vandacia walks up behind them, along with Emperor Moricar and two Imperial Soldiers. Ramin and Lestra bow their heads in respect.>
Ramin Brolus: "Your majesty! Welcome. The babes are healthy and strong."
Councilor Vandacia: "As commanded, my emperor, she bore twins."
Emperor Moricar: "As Mehrunes Dagon commanded, so it has been done."
<The figures disappear in smoke.>
Destron: "Our parents and the high priest? I don't understand."

Continuing along the path, you find the Obelisk of Empowerment:

Calia: "I suppose this is the Obelisk of Empowerment."
Destron: "Activate it, if you would, friend."
The Obelisk of Empowerment

Activating the obelisk, a similar scene to the previous one is viewed Ramin and Lestra standing silently in prayer as Emperor Moricar, Vandacia and the Imperial Soldiers stand behind them.

Calia: "It's starting."
Councilor Vandacia: "Time for the final ritual, my emperor."
Emperor Moricar: "Proceed, high priest."
<Ramin and Lestra silently kneel and Vandacia approaches the crib. The Imperial Soldiers take their place behind the parents.>
Councilor Vandacia: "O Mehrunes Dagon, Prince of Ambition and Destruction, imbue these infants with your power!"
Councilor Vandacia: "Let it ripen and grow within these vessels until the appointed time!"
Ramin Brolus: "So let it be done."
Lestra Brolus: "As Dagon wills it."
<Simultaneously, Ramin and Lestra are killed by the soldiers.>
Babies: <Babies wailing in distress>
<The vision ends.>
Calia: "Our parents were sacrificed to Mehrunes Dagon? Why?"

At the Obelisk of Inevitability, you will instead find a portal which leads you to meet a Vandacia that becomes the Emperor of Tamriel. A vision of a possible and terrible future if you lose.

Pyre of Destruction[edit]

After your trip to the Deadlands, you will learn from Governor Keshu that the Waking Flame forces have been gathering outside Gideon. Keshu will have a plan to move the Ambitions to the more defensible Fort Redmane, so they can both protect the Ambitions and prevent the city from being caught in the battle. After you have gathered your allies and reached the Redmane, the Waking Flame attack will soon begin. You will have to find and protect the Ambitions as they fight their way through the inner bailey. Everything will be going well until you encounter Vandacia.

The high priest will be calmly standing on the battlement, and addresses Sombren:

Councilor Vandacia: "Sombren, you're only delaying the inevitable."
Sombren: "Monster! Because of you, our parents are dead!"
Councilor Vandacia: "They were the chosen of Mehrunes Dagon, rewarded beyond their station."
<Destron walks out in front on the group.>
Destron: "I'm going to kill you, Vandacia!"
Calia: "Destron, no!"
Councilor Vandacia: "Who shall I sacrifice first? Perhaps the sister …?"
Destron: "You leave Calia alone, you bastard!"
<Destron throws a lightning bolt at Vandacia who is unphased. Vandacia's red magic grips Destron and he is pulled helplessly towards Vandacia.>
Calia: "Destron!"
Councilor Vandacia: "You are an Ambition, boy. Let me help you fulfill your purpose!"
<Destron then bursts into red energy as a beam of light surrounds Vandacia. Calia falls to her knees.>
Calia: "No!"
Councilor Vandacia: "Lord Dagon, I return to you the power of this Ambition! Let the realms merge so you may walk among us!"
<The light intensifies until Mehrunes Dagon appears towering over the fort. The sky will have changed to show that the local area is now merging with Oblivion.>
Sombren: "The sky! And Mehrunes Dagon! How is he here?"
Mehrunes Dagon: "This is my opposition? How easily I shall crush them!"
<Mehrunes Dagon then dismisses the group and turns away. Sombren and Calia run into the keep.>
Sombren: "Into the keep! Quickly!"
Councilor Vandacia: "The worlds are merging, Sombren! There is no escape. When you tire of running, I will be waiting in the courtyard."
<Vandacia teleports away.>

Within the keep, Eveli will catch up with you and Sombren will come up with a plan. He will use the Mysterium Xarxes that Eveli is carrying to weaken Vandacia when they face him, but he and Calia will need help. After some final words with your group members, you can head into the courtyard to confront Vandacia.

Councilor Vandacia
Location Fort Redmane
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health 820907 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Order of the Waking Flame
Councilor Vandacia

In the ruined courtyard, Vandacia will be surrounded by a shield and will be channelling magic. Sombren and Calia run into the middle of the courtyard:

Councilor Vandacia: "The power of the Lord of Fire and Flood flows through me! You cannot stop what is happening!"
Sombren: "Get ready, Calia! Just like I showed you!"
Calia: "You're going to pay, Vandacia! Mercenary, help us drain his power!"
Calia: "This is for my brother!"
<Calia throw fire at Vandacia's shield.>
Councilor Vandacia: "You dare? Merging the realms is delicate work. One mistake and both could be destroyed!"
<Vandacia notices the book in Sombren's hands.>
Councilor Vandacia: "The master's tome? Give me that, boy!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "I'm with you, my friend! We'll defeat Vandacia together!"
<Sombren creates a shield around the group and the fight begins.>

During the fight with various Daedra and cultists, the Ambitions' Synergy Ambition's Wrath will charge and once used, Calia will attack Vandacia's shield, weakening him:

The first time the shield comes down:

Councilor Vandacia: "You can't avoid your fates, Ambitions!"
Councilor Vandacia: "The more of the area around that fort that slides into the Deadlands, the greater Dagon's influence will be!"

The second time:

Councilor Vandacia: "I grow tired of this game. You cannot stand against Mehrunes Dagon's power!"

Midway through the fight, Vandacia will appeal to Dagon for more power:

Councilor Vandacia: "Lord Dagon, I need more power!"
Sombren: "Vandacia's weakening!"

In the final part of the fight, Vandacia will have had enough and teleports down into courtyard-while knocking Sombren and Calia to the ground:

Councilor Vandacia: "Enough of this! The master wants this realm and he will have it!"

As Vandacia is close to death, he will taunt you one last time:

Councilor Vandacia: "My death will change nothing! The merge is almost complete!"

He will then teleport back up to the battlements where Calia will attack him one last time:

Calia: "Die, you bastard!"

With Vandacia dead, Dagon's link to the world is severed. The Daedric Prince will address you and the Ambitions before he is drawn back to Oblivion.

Skills & Abilities[edit]

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