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This article is about the zone. For the DLC, see The Deadlands (DLC). For the public dungeon, see The Deadlands (dungeon).

The Deadlands
(lore page)
Story DLC
Zone Story Quests 6
Wayshrines 8
Delves 2
Points of Interest 3
Striking Locales 5
Set Stations 2
World Bosses 2
Notable Treasure
The Deadlands Antiquities
Loading Screen
"An ever-changing landscape of fire and storm, of disaster personified and unending destruction, this is the domain of Mehrune Dagon, Prince of Ambition and Lord of Flood and Flame. Behold its glory and bow before our Lord!"—Valkynaz Nokvroz
The Deadlands

The Deadlands is Mehrunes Dagon's realm of Oblivion. It serves as the primary location for the upcoming Deadlands DLC.



Points of Interest[edit]

The following Points of Interest do not count towards Zone Completion:

Striking Locales[edit]

One of the Striking Locales required for Zone Completion is found in The Shambles in Fargrave.

Set Stations[edit]

One of the Set Stations required for Zone Completion is found in The Shambles in Fargrave.

World Bosses[edit]

Player Houses[edit]


Three of the Wayshrines required for Zone Completion are found in Fargrave.

Connected Realms[edit]


These strongholds are visited during the Blackwood Main Quest, and are located elsewhere in the realm of Deadlands. They cannot be accessed directly from the Deadlands zone.

These strongholds are visited from other zones.


Story Quests[edit]

Gates of Oblivion Epilogue[edit]

Side Quests[edit]

Repeatable Quests[edit]

The Gleaners

Saraathu Tong



Set Name Bonuses Armor Weight
? Online:?
? Online:?
? Online:?


Set Name Bonuses Location(s)
? Online:?
? Online:?
? Online:?


  • The Daedric text written around the zone on the Aurbis map translates to THE DEADLANDS FIRE[Y] DOMAIN OF THE PUISSANT LORD DAGON.


  • Each image is relevant to its location, and each number corresponds to the key on the right.
A map of The Deadlands
A map of The Deadlands
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