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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Locate the Fourth Ambition.
Zone: The Deadlands
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Location(s): Fargrave, The Brandfire Reformatory, Isle of Joys, Doomvault Vulpinaz
Prerequisite Quest: Heroes of BlackwoodBlackwood, Against All Hope
Next Quest: Ambition's End
Reward: Staff of Fallen Ambition
(?) Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6696
The Longhouse Emperors must reveal their secret
Lyranth thinks we need to find the Fourth Ambition and gather up Sombren and Calia before Mehrunes Dagon goes after them and launches his next plot to conquer Nirn. She has once again asked me to help her.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

The Last Ambition
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lyranth has Eveli looking through the notes of the Longhouse Emperors. I need to meet her in Fargrave's Plaza of Portals to see if she's learned anything new.
Objective: Meet Eveli at the Plaza of Portals
Lyranth tasked Eveli with combing through the Longhouse Emperors' documents we found to see if she could learn anything new about the Fourth Ambition. I should talk to her and see what she uncovered.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Since Eveli's search didn't turn up anything new and Lyranth hasn't figured out where to go to find Sombren and Calia, she wants us to meet her at the House of Whims so we can investigate the Anchorite's memories next.
Objective: Go to the House of Whims
Everyone is present and Madam Whim is ready to begin the ritual to pull forth the Anchorite's memories. I should follow her instructions and retrieve the memory vessel.
Objective: Perform the Ritual
Optional Step: Talk to the Anchorite
Optional Step: Talk to Lyranth
Optional Step: Talk to Emperor Leovic
Optional Step: Talk to Emperor Durcorach
Optional Step: Talk to Sombren
Optional Step: Talk to Calia
Optional Step: Talk to Eveli
Objective Hint: Perform the Ritual
Objective Hint: Use the Anchorite's Amulet
Objective Hint: Follow the Wisp
Objective Hint: Place Charged Lucent in Discharge Labrum
Objective Hint: Talk to the Anchorite
Objective Hint: Use Map from Isle of Joys
I need to take the memory fragments from the Anchorite as Madam Whim performs the ritual.
Objective: Take the Memory Fragments
Hidden Objective: First Memory Fragment
Hidden Objective: Wait
Hidden Objective: Second Memory Fragment
Hidden Objective: SAT 1
Hidden Objective: SAT 2
Hidden Objective: Investigate Note
Hidden Objective: Investigate Furnace
Hidden Objective: Shouts
Hidden Objective: Hint
Hidden Objective: Slag Speaking
Hidden Objective: Charge Lucent
Hidden Objective: Ledge
Hidden Objective: Dormant Hint
Hidden Objective: Charged Hint
Hidden Objective: Furnace Theater
Hidden Objective: Research
Hidden Objective: Amulet Fragment
Hidden Objective: Map
Hidden Objective: Eveli Enter
Hidden Objective: Eveli Shout 2
Hidden Objective: In House
Hidden Objective: Shout 1
Hidden Objective: Search the Vault Chambers
Hidden Objective: Theater
Hidden Objective: Sombren's Notes
Hidden Objective: SoD Trigg
Hidden Objective: Encounter
Hidden Objective: Defeat Destron's Ghost
Hidden Objective: SNare
Hidden Objective: End Theater
The ritual to recover the Anchorite's memories did not go as expected. I should speak to Madam Whim to see if she can give us any information on the memory fragments we were able to collect.
Objective: Talk to Madam Whim
Madam Whim used the Anchorite's memory fragments to scry the location of the soul of the Longhouse Emperor, Moricar. The Anchorite and I need to travel to the Brandfire Reformatory in the Deadlands to determine the significance of this memory.
Objective: Meet the Anchorite in the Brandfire Reformatory
I met the Anchorite at the Brandfire Reformatory. Now to use the Anchorite's amulet to locate the soul of Emperor Moricar.
Objective: Explore the Brandfire Reformatory
We followed the wisp produced by the amulet to a hidden door. We need to enter it and see where it leads.
Objective: Enter the Door
The Anchorite and I went through the hidden door. Now we need to look around and figure out where we are.
Objective: Explore the Area
The Anchorite and I heard voices from inside the furnace. We need to figure out a way to open the furnace door.
Objective: Open the Furnace Door
The only thing we see inside the open furnace is a chunk of iron slag. I should examine it.
Objective: Examine the Slag
When I examined the slag, the voice of Emperor Moricar emanated from inside it. The Anchorite wants to talk to me before we attempt anything else.
Objective: Talk to the Anchorite
The Anchorite believes we can free the souls from the metal slag by melting it down. To do that, I need to activate the furnace.
Objective: Ignite the Furnace
After we melted the slag, the souls of the Longhouse Emperors appeared before us. I should speak to Emperor Moricar.
Objective: Talk to Emperor Moricar
Lyranth opened a portal and Sombren, Calia, and Eveli stepped through. Sombren seems angry with the Longhouse Emperors' souls. I should wait and see what happens next.
Objective: Observe Sombren
Eveli wants to talk to me about what just happened. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Emperor Moricar's spirit said the Longhouse Emperors had a contingency plan in case Mehrunes Dagon failed to live up to his part of their bargain. He said we could find the details at a retreat in the Deadlands called the Isle of Joys.
Objective: Meet Eveli at the Isle of Joys
I met Eveli at the Isle of Joys. Now to look around and try to find the details of the Longhouse Emperors' contingency plan so we can use it against Mehrunes Dagon.
Objective: Explore the Isle of Joys
I should discuss what we found on the Isle of Joys with Eveli.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Emperor Moricar's journal indicates that the key to the egonymic, his contingency plan against Mehrunes Dagon, can be found in the Anchorite's vault in northern Blackwood. I should meet Eveli there.
Objective: Meet Eveli at Doomvault Vulpinaz
Eveli and I need to look around the vault and see if we can find any clues as to the Longhouse Emperors' plan.
Objective: Search Doomvault Vulpinaz
Strange runes appeared when Eveli and I got close to the location indicated on the map. The runes are similar to those etched into the ring we found. I should see if there's a connection.
Objective: Use the Rune-Etched Ring
When I presented the ring to the runes, a hidden portal was revealed. I should see where this portal leads.
Objective: Enter the Portal
The portal brought Eveli and me to a hidden chamber. We need to look around.
Objective: Search the Hidden Chamber
I found Sombren's diary, He must have left it behind when he and Calia visited this place. I should tell Eveli what it says.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Sombren was interested in the contents of this rune-locked chest, but he couldn't open it. Eveli thinks the ring may unlock it. I should examine the chest and find out.
Objective: Examine the Rune-Locked Chest
Lyranth appeared and she's distressed about something. I should speak with her and find out what's wrong.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Lyranth says Sombren has the Anchorite and Calia and is attempting to take their power. I should travel to Annihilarch's Summit with her and try to stop to him.
Objective: Travel to Annihilarch's Summit
Sombren is trying to force Calia and the Anchorite to go with him. I need to stop him.
Objective: Confront Sombren
I defeated the echo of Destron that Sombren called forth. Then the Anchorite banished Sombren. It's time to return to Fargrave and determine our next move.
Objective: Return to Fargrave
☑Finishes quest I returned to Fargrave. I should talk to Lyranth about what we need to do next.
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