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Location Red Petal Bastion
Race Breton Gender Male
Health 15000
Reaction Friendly

Weylin is a Breton preacher of Azura who can be found outside Red Petal Bastion alongside Lyranth.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As you approach the gate:

Silver Rose Knight: "Denied! Trespass no farther or you will be met with force, heathen."
Lyranth: "I told you bargaining wouldn't work."
Weylin: "It was a courtesy. They must face Azura's wrath now."

When directly spoken to:

"I would not pass that threshold unless you seek bloodshed. The Knights of the Silver Rose declared their stronghold off limits to outsiders and I can attest to their willingness to use violence to have their way."
Did they attack you?
"They recently pillaged my temple without warning or provocation, taking the relics in our keeping and striking down anyone who tried to stop them. This behavior is nothing like the Knights of the Silver Rose that I know."
That's what brought you here?
"I hoped a word with the knight commander would prove that the attack was the work of some overzealous recruits, but he's refused to see me or return the relics taken from my temple. I can offer more than blessings for their return."
I'll help you retrieve your relics.
"You will make a wonderful addition to our cause. Lyranth is quite powerful, but I doubt we'd be able to recover the artifacts entirely on our own. Visit the wrath of Azura upon any of the order who stand in the way of our holy work."

You can then ask questions:

Who are you?
"I am Weylin, preacher of the Mother of the Rose. I live to profess Azura's love. She seeks to cradle and nurture all of our mortal souls. Those who rest upon her bosom know comfort like no other. Those who disturb that peace feel her thorns."
How do you know Lyranth?
"She came seeking a relic in my care, one of the many stolen from my temple by the Knights of the Silver Rose. In exchange for her assistance returning the others to my possession, I will relinquish the relic she seeks to her."
You're willing to trade one of your holy relics?
"Fortunately, what Lyranth desires is not sacred to Azura, but if that were the price of restoring my temple, it would be worth it.
I'm afraid I have nothing similar to offer you, but I trust gold will make for adequate payment."
Tell me more about the Knights of the Silver Rose.
"The order was sworn to protect Tamriel from the corruption of wicked Daedra. This stronghold is where they lock away dangerous items confiscated from harmful cults. I never expected them to turn their swords upon my temple."
What kind of relationship did you have with their order before this?
"There were no official ties between my temple and their order, but I believed we were on good terms. Some of their knights even saw the Mother of the Rose as a patron deity and made offerings on behalf of their order. I don't know what changed."
Do you know where the knights have taken your relics?
"I only know that the Knights of the Silver Rose have claimed many such items from Daedric cults in their time and that they keep them secured in Red Petal Bastion. We'll need to explore to discover where they are keeping the spoils of my temple."

As you go into the housing area of the bastion, Weylin will say:

"The condition of these servant houses. They're falling apart. Completely abandoned. Something is very wrong here."

Weylin will then enter a house:

"A journal? Perhaps this will tell us what led to this sorry state of affairs. I'd like to see what we can learn here, but you should press on before the knights mount a counterattack."

After defeating Rogerain the Sly, Weylin and Lyranth will appear:

Lyranth: "Could you not have silenced that idiot any sooner?"
Weylin: "What is that odor? It smells like livestock and baked goods. Did we miss the fair? Well, that's not the only disconcerting thing in the air. The seneschal's notes expressed concern with the knight's fixation of Daedric artifacts. The order even began deploying them in their crusade."
Lyranth: "So we've seen. Whether we must pry the artifacts out of a vault or their cold, dead hands it of little consequence until we find them."

When spoken to directly:

"I'm afraid things will only grow more difficult from here. If what the seneschal wrote is true, the Knights of the Silver Rose have begun to covert the dangerous items they once swore to lock away."
Did they mention anything about the items from your temple?
"The laypeople who served the Silver Rose were growing more frightened of them by the day. They either fled or met with some more unfortunate fate some time ago. The last entries were long before the attack on my temple."
Did they mention anything else worth nothing?
"The seneschal did mention observing the knights training with several Daedric artifacts on one occasion before being barred from entering the fortress. They described the stonework quaking at the footfalls of one such knight clad in heavy boots."

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