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Help Lyranth investigate a cult.
Quest Giver: Crown Store
Rogatus Cinna at The Shining Star
Dread Lady's Letter just outside Aldmeri Dominion Shael Ruins (Malabal Tor), Daggerfall Covenant Erokii Ruins (Rivenspire) or Ebonheart Pact Shrine of the Black Maw (Shadowfen)
Aldmeri Dominion Shael Ruins (Malabal Tor)
Daggerfall Covenant Erokii Ruins (Rivenspire)
Ebonheart Pact Shrine of the Black Maw (Shadowfen)
Ne Salas, Elden Root (Grahtwood)
Next Quest: The Emperor's Secret
Reward: 308 gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6612
Your presence is requested
A strange messenger delivered a mysterious letter from someone who calls herself the Dread Lady. I should read the letter and determine what this is all about.
I received a letter from someone claiming to be the Dremora, Lyranth. She needs the help of a mortal to investigate the activity of a cult dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Destruction and Ambition. Crown Store

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read the Dread Lady's Letter.
  2. Find Lyranth in the Shrine of the Black Maw/Shael Ruins/Erokii Ruins.
  3. Investigate the Imperial Cache Annex.
  4. Enter Ne Salas and talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow.
  5. Explore the Ne Salas Cache Annex.
  6. Talk to Eveli's contact outside Elden Root.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You can either accept the quest from the Crown Store or speak to Rogatus Cinna, who is located at The Shining Star in The Hollow City.

In either case, you will receive a letter from a Dremora named Lyranth. She's opposing the forces of Mehrunes Dagon, and requests your aid. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. When you open the letter, a location is marked on your map. If you accepted the quest from Rogatus Cinna, you'll have to find a cart in the city, which will take you to this marked location, which will be just outside the relevant delve. This location will depend on which alliance your character is from: in the Aldmeri Dominion it will be the Shael Ruins in southern Malabal Tor; while in the Ebonheart Pact it is the Shrine of the Black Maw, located in northwestern Shadowfen. The location within the Daggerfall Covenant is Erokii Ruins in northwestern Rivenspire.

If you choose to not use the cart, you can instead find your own way to the area by Wayshrine or Caravan and make your way to the delve. Once inside the delve, you will need to make your way to the marked location on the map.

Aldmeri Dominion Shael Ruins: Head down the stairs to the main chamber, enter the southern passage and follow the rock tunnel to a square chamber.
Daggerfall Covenant Erokii Ruins: Go down into the main chamber then up the stairs on the opposite side. Follow the corridor to the south then turn right at the intersection.
Ebonheart Pact Shrine of the Black Maw: Head west to the northwestern end of the map, then head south, and make for the center of the southern hallway. Lyranth is in an offshoot diverging south in the middle of the hall.

When you reach the location, you will find Lyranth in front of a purple force field, choking out a Waking Flame Cultist, interrogating him on what interest his cult could possibly have in this ruin. He provides no useful information before he is accidently killed by Lyranth. Speak with the Dremora to see why she called for you. She's been tracking the cult of the Waking Flame for a while now. Lyranth informs you that there is an Imperial cache behind the nearby ward, and she can't pass through it; she needs a mortal to deactivate it. You are handed Lyranth's Amulet and she instructs you to use it to bring down the ward. It works. Activate the bookshelf to enter the Imperial Cache Annex.

Lyranth senses that there are more wards ahead, and sends you to investigate. Head down the stairs to the south. There are three wards with caches hidden behind them. Deactivate the wards and search them. You'll find a Map of Grahtwood in the western cache, Vault Schematics in the eastern cache, and the Emperor's Scroll in the southern cache. When you've recovered all three items, speak with Lyranth back in the entrance to the north.

The scroll you found is enchanted so it can't be opened or read, and the schematics are for a vault of Daedric design which is protected by a complex arcane matrix. The map points to Ne Salas, an Ayleid ruin in Grahtwood. Lyranth opens a portal to a location near the ruin so you can investigate it while she reads the scroll. The portal deposits you just down the hill from Ne Salas. Head east up the slope and enter the ruins.

When you arrive, you'll find Eveli Sharp-Arrow and two Wood Elf Scouts, all with their bows drawn. Speak with Eveli, who lowers her bow when she notices you're not dressed like one of the cultists. Talk to Eveli. She's also here to find the Imperial caches you're after, and explains that she found these Dominion soldiers under siege by the Daggerfall Covenant and the Dagonites. The cult's leader, Doombringer Eshil, paid off the soldiers so the cult could pass through unmolested. Eveli reports that Eshil is being followed by a scholar. She asks you to clear a path so she can catch up to you after she leads the Bosmer scouts to safety.

Head east through the ruins until you end up at the northwestern end of the runs. Turn south, and head east through the southern hallway until you reach the middle of the hall. You'll find the Imperial cache in a nook breaking off south in the middle of the southern hallway. You'll find two dead Wood Elf Laborers in front of the bookshelf leading into the annex, as well as an injured scout named Merthin. He tells you the cultists destroyed the ward and entered the annex. If you speak to him, he informs you that Eveli healed him up before going after the cultists. You should follow suit.

Enter the Ne Salas Cache Annex and talk to Eveli. Doombringer Eshil and his companion, Pedagogue Eralin, are down below. The Pedagogue is attempting to dispel the ward on a cache. Doombringer Eshil teleports away while the scholar works. Eveli suggests you split up and try to make it down there before she opens the cache. While you're making your way downstairs, the scholar will tell one Disastrix Maglagor to keep you at bay. Kill him and proceed. Eveli shoots the Pedagogue dead with an arrow before she can manage to dispel the ward.

Now's your chance to loot the chest for Lyranth. Your attempt to open the cache fails, but Eveli decides to try it herself. It works. As soon as the ward goes down, Lyranth appears. She tells you to loot the cache. There was an Encoded Imperial Scroll and a Longhouse Emperor Signet Ring inside the chest. Talk to Eveli when you have the items, then talk to Lyranth.

Lyranth opens a portal at the crossroads south of Elden Root's Mastercraft Mediator and Undaunted Enclave. Here, you'll meet Eveli's contact: her brother, Beragon. He was an adventurer before he became a scribe for Emperor Moricar and his son, Leovic. He knows Leovic's code very well. He interprets the document and produces a translated copy for you to read. Take the Deciphered Imperial Document, then talk to Eveli to finish the quest.


Quest Stages[edit]

A Mortal's Touch
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The messenger delivered a letter from his mysterious patron. He referred to her only as the Dread Lady. I should read the letter and see what this Dread Lady wants with me.
Objective: Examine the Letter
(If you accept the quest from Rogatus Cinna)
Latest start The letter claims to be from a Dremora who calls herself Lyranth. Says she needs my help. That the fate of the world depends on it. When I read the letter, it magically marked a location on my map. I should travel to this location and find Lyranth.
Objective: Go to the Location Shown on Your Map
I arrived at the location marked on my map. I should enter the delve and see if I can find Lyranth somewhere inside.
Objective: Find Lyranth Inside the Delve
I came upon the Dremora known as Lyranth, who appears to have been trying to get information out of a Daedric cultist. I should talk to her and find out what this is all about.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
A ward bars the door into a hidden annex and apparently it is extremely dangerous to Daedra. She gave me an amulet that should allow me to destroy the ward. I should use it and see what happens.
Objective: Destroy the Protective Ward
I destroyed the protective ward. Now I should enter the hidden annex and see what's waiting inside.
Objective: Enter the Imperial Cache Annex
Lyranth wants me to explore the annex, deal with any additional protective wards I may find, and loot any caches inside the complex.
Objective: Destroy Wards and Search Caches: 0/3
I removed the protective wards on the Imperial caches and discovered three intriguing items: a map, a schematic, and a sealed scroll. I should take them back to Lyranth and show her what I found.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Lyranth opened a portal that should get me close to the location marked on the Grahtwood map, the Ayleid ruin called Ne Salas. While she tries to unravel the mystery of the Emperor's scroll, I should investigate the ruin.
Objective: Travel to Ne Salas in Grahtwood
I reached the site of the Ayleid ruin marked on the map. I should enter Ne Salas and look for another Imperial cache.
Objective: Enter Ne Salas
A Wood Elf named Eveli Sharp-Arrow confronted me just inside Ne Salas. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Eveli Sharp-Arrow suggested I look for the Imperial cache and clear a path while she escorts the Wood Elves she's been helping to safety.
Objective: Find the Imperial Cache
I found another hidden annex entrance but the ward was already removed. The cultists must be inside. I should enter and secure the cache before they can acquire it.
Objective: Enter the Ne Salas Cache Annex
I entered the Ne Salas annex. It appears to be a much bigger vault than the first one. I should explore it and find what it contains.
Objective: Search the Ne Salas Cache Annex
I entered the Ne Selas annex and discovered that Eveli Sharp-Arrow had gotten here ahead of me. She seems to have found something. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
This annex appears much larger than the one we found in the other ruin. Plus, it's crawling with Daedric cultists! I should look around and try to find a way to the Imperial cache.
Objective: Reach the Lower Annex Chamber
Eveli killed the cultist scholar before she could break the ward protecting the cache. I should use Lyranth's amulet and try to destroy the ward.
Objective: Destroy the Protective Ward
Eveli wants to try to open the cache. I should wait and see what happens.
Objective: Wait for Eveli
Somehow Eveli was able to break the ward even after the amulet failed. Lyranth arrived, but she wants me to see what's inside the cache before I talk to her. I should search it.
Objective: Search the Imperial Cache
The Imperial cache contained Emperor Leovic's signet ring and a scroll written in some sort of Imperial code. I should talk to Eveli and show her what I found.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Eveli thinks she has someone who can help us decipher the coded scroll. I should inform Lyranth and see if she made any progress with the sealed scroll we found in the other annex.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Lyranth opened a portal to take us to Elden Root so we can meet Eveli's contact. I should use the portal now.
Objective: Meet Eveli in Elden Root
Now that I'm close to Elden Root, I should find the camp where Eveli said we could meet her contact.
Objective: Meet Eveli's Contact
Eveli introduced me to her contact, Beragon. I should show him the coded Imperial scroll and see if he can decipher it.
Objective: Talk to Beragon
Beragon has deciphered the scroll Eveli and I found. I should see what it has to say.
Objective: Examine the Deciphered Scroll
Finishes quest☑ Now that Beragon has deciphered the coded scroll, I should discuss the contents of it with Eveli.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
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