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Look into Emperor Leovic's secret.
Quest Giver: Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Location(s): Riften Mages Guild, Renna's House, Imperial Sewers, The Deadlands: Testing Grounds, Elden Root
Prerequisite Quest: A Mortal's Touch
Reward: Daedric Unwarding Amulet
Average Leveled gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6627
Get to the bottom of Leovic's rabbit hole
Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Lyranth the Dremora are chasing the same mystery—a secret concerning the last Longhouse Emperor, Leovic. Clues point to his steward Farrul Lupus, who hired Eveli to acquire a strange book. We need to bring it to him in Riften.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Travel to the Mages Guild in Riften and talk to Renna.
  2. Find Farrul in Renna's House.
  3. Speak with Eveli Sharp-Arrow beneath the docks.
  4. Talk to Lyranth and enter the portal.
  5. Explore the Imperial Sewers Cache Annex and look for clues.
  6. Find the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon.
  7. Follow Doombringer Eshil through the portal.
  8. Find Doombringer Eshil in the Deadlands: Testing Grounds.
  9. Defeat Doombringer Eshil and return to Tamriel.
  10. Speak to Lyranth and Eveli.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You need to go to Riften to rendezvous with Eveli Sharp-Arrow's contact, a mage named Renna. Renna is Eveli's go-between for her employer, Farrul Lupus. Farrul hired Eveli to acquire a strange book at Black Drake Villa. You'll need to meet Eveli in Riften's local Mages Guildhall. A cart in Beragon's camp will take you outside Riften's southeastern gate. Enter the city and head north to reach the Mages Guild, then talk to Eveli once you enter the hall.

"You made it! I'm glad you're here. I wasn't looking forward to facing Renna alone. Not after what we found out."
Are you sure Renna is here?
"Yeah, I spotted her in the main hall.
Look, I've been thinking. Since Farrul Lupus and Renna weren't totally honest with me, I might as well use an intermediary of my own. Plus, something's not right about all this. Will you talk to Renna for me?"
I'll go talk to Renna, but what do you mean that something's not right?
"I'm not sure, but I want to keep watch. I've had the feeling that someone's been following me since I arrived in Riften.
I might be acting like a cracked acorn, but better safe than sorry, right?"

Enter the main hall and head right. Renna is sitting on a bench reading a massive tome.

"Yes? Is there something I can help you with?"
I represent Eveli Sharp-Arrow. She wants to turn over the item you sent her to recover.
"Eveli? She found Farrul's book? Oh, that's wonderful news!
But why is Eveli standing way over there? And why are you talking to me instead of her? What's this all about, stranger?"
When Eveli found out that you hadn't been completely honest with her, she decided to be cautious.
"Not completely honest? Just what are you implying? Is Eveli attempting to change the terms of our deal? Farrul offered a fair price for what he asked her to do!"
We know that Farrul Lupus was Emperor Leovic's steward.
"Quiet! If certain ears heard those words, our lives wouldn't be worth a horker's blister!
I suppose it's time for Eveli to meet Farrul. We have a house here in Riften, around the corner from the bank. Just knock two times or he won't respond."

Renna's house is located behind Rethan Holdings (Riften's bank). When you knock on the door, you'll hear Farrul cry out for help. You can climb in through the western window or break open the simple lock to enter the home. When you finally manage to get in, you'll find Farrul Lupus dead in his home. Examine his corpse, and you'll find a Dark Brotherhood Note. Renna and Eveli will come running in, the former devastated by her husband's death. Talk to Renna.

"Oh, Farrul! I told him to forget about the past, but did he listen? No!"
Farrul Lupus was murdered. Does this have something to do with Emperor Leovic's secret?
"You … you … know about that?
Maybe. Probably. Farrul never told me a lot about his time serving the emperor, but I knew it was on his mind recently. That's why he hired Eveli. He said he wanted to make things right."
So who do you think killed him? I found this sheet of paper on his body.
"A sheet of … oh gods! That's the sign of the Dark Brotherhood! They assassinated my poor Farrul! And all because of something that should have stayed buried with the damn Longhouse Emperors."
Tell us what you know about this secret. Everything we found so far led us here.
"Then I guess you've reached a dead end. Farrul never told me much. Just that he needed the book he sent Eveli to find. That he had to correct a terrible mistake.
He also mentioned that Leovic told him things, but he never got into specifics."
I'm sorry Farrul Lupus was killed, but what should Eveli do with the book he sent her to find?
"I don't care about the book. I want nothing to do with it. If the Dark Brotherhood thinks I know anything, they'll come after me. And you as well.
You should forget about Farrul and Leovic and that book. Forget about them and go far, far away."

Eveli calls you over, telling you she'll meet you outside by the docks. Head north of Renna's House, and go below the docks. Talk to Eveli in front of Riften Dyes.

"What do you think? Did the Dark Brotherhood really assassinate Farrul Lupus? Is this book he sent me to retrieve really that important?
I'm not sure what we should do next, so if you have any ideas, I can't wait to hear them."
We have a strange book, a secret that may concern the fate of the world, and a murdered steward.
"That about sums it up. Plus the dreams I've been having. Ever since I found that book, I've been having the most strange and disturbing dreams."
What kind of dreams?
"Nothing specific. I'm always someplace. A forest, a town. Then the ground starts to shake or fire erupts all around me. Once the place was flooded by a deluge of water. And there are always four animals watching from a nearby hill."
What kind of animals?
"A huge boar, a fox, and a pair of identical rams. Weird, huh?
You know, I'm attributing the dreams to the book, but it could be something I ate. My diet has been all over the place these past few weeks."
That's interesting, but it doesn't really help us at the moment.

After your conversation with Eveli is over, Lyranth shows up. She has something important to tell you.

"Say thank you, little mortal. I have read the ensorcelled scroll and I know where we need to go next on our quest to learn Leovic's secret.
Unless, that is, you and the Elf discovered something in the coded documents?"
The coded message led us to Leovic's steward, but he was murdered by the Dark Brotherhood.
"The assassins who follow Mephala? Or are they the ones who serve the Void? No matter. My information actually concerns the secret we seek to uncover.
According to the ensorcelled scroll, there is another cache annex beneath the Imperial City."
There's something beneath the Imperial City?
"Yes, hidden in the Imperial sewers.
I will open a portal that will get you close to the annex, but you will need to deal with the wards. For all their reverence of the Daedra, these Longhouse Emperors certainly went out of their way to keep us out."
All right, let's go see what's waiting for us in the Imperial sewers.
"Oh, not me, little mortal. I have no intention of slogging through the muck and the sludge when you are more than capable of handling that.
I shall catch up to you after you have dealt with the wards. Go on now, and take the Wood Elf with you."

Enter the Imperial Sewers, where it seems the Waking Flame has already arrived. The ward to the Imperial Cache Annex is already down, but the caches are still protected, and cultists are working on breaking into them. Your first cache lies at the bottom of the stairs in the first cache annex chamber, guarded by Disastrix Anderine. Inside, you'll find a letter (which you can read) that reveals the Longhouse Emperors forged a pact with Mehrunes Dagon. The next cache lies in the next room, off to the left of the entrance. It is guarded by Devastator Varro, and contains a book, The Journal of Emperor Leovic. It lists the names of several members of the Elder Council. The containers in this room are owned.

The third object of importance lies in the room to the east, in the far right corner of the room. Devastator Findonel appears to stop you from looting it. You'll find a parchment that details a ritual intended to contact Mehrunes Dagon. The cult is using a shrine (located in the room ahead) in this very sewer to speak with the Prince.

As you approach the shrine, you will overhear Doombringer Eshil and Mehrunes Dagon speaking:

Doombringer Eshil "Mehrunes Dagon, show me where to find your Four Ambitions!"
Mehrunes Dagon "Step through the portal and prove your worth to the lord of fire and flood!"
Doombringer Eshil "To walk upon the sacred sands of the Deadlands? You honor me, Lord Dagon!"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "That cracked acorn is stepping into Oblivion?"
Eveli Sharp-Arrow: "Look, behind the statue! A portal! Come on!"
Defeat the Doombringer and his pet

There's a portal behind the statue, which the Doombringer walks into. Follow him through to The Deadlands: Testing Grounds. Travel to the end of the realm, then defeat the Doombringer and his companion, Qrazgoth. Mehrunes Dagon will permit you to leave his realm with your life since you've destroyed a powerful servant of his. He opens a portal which takes you to Beragon's camp in Grahtwood. Lyranth is there, and wants to know why you smell like the Deadlands.

"You never cease to intrigue me, little mortal. Is that the distinct scent of Mehrunes Dagon and the Deadlands that lingers about you like a cloud of fleshflies?
Never mind about that. Tell me what you learned and how you ended up in Dagon's realm."
The Waking Flame cultists were in the annex when we arrived.
"Yes, the Order of the Waking Flame has been particularly persistent in trying to run down this secret for themselves.
Speaking of which, did you learn any more about Leovic's secret?"
I found a record of a bargain made between Durcorach the Black Drake and Mehrunes Dagon.
"Interesting. I recall something about that. The mortal who went on to become the first of the Longhouse Emperors attempted to make deals with a number of the Daedric Princes—my own lord included.
Any indication about the terms of this bargain?"
Some sort of weapons, the Four Ambitions. And I found a list. People who apparently know the secret.
"Well, little mortal, your course is clear. We have barely plumbed the depths of this mystery. You must find the people on this list and discover the truth of the Four Ambitions. Meanwhile, I have other avenues to explore."

With that, she teleports away, leaving you to speak with Eveli.

"That was kind of exciting! I've never been to any part of Oblivion before. A lot of it felt familiar though. Like places I've seen in my dreams lately.
Anyway, thanks to everything we learned, I know exactly what needs to happen next."
What needs to happen next, Eveli?
"We need to find the people on that list. Warn them about the Dark Brotherhood. See what they can tell us about the Ambitions. And what I should do with this book.
Hey, thanks by the way. I never got the rest of my pay, but I can spare this for now."


  • It can be quite difficult to knock on Renna's house's door. If you stand in front of the door you get the lockpick option but the game won't let you do it until you knock on the door twice. Which you can't. ?
    • Workaround: Try to aim at the frame of the door and the 'Knock' option will appear eventually.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Emperor's Secret
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
To get to Farrul Lupus, we need to meet with Renna at the Mages Guildhall in Riften. I can take the cart or make my own way there and rendezvous with Eveli at the Mages Guild.
Objective: Meet Eveli in the Riften Mages Guild
I met Eveli at the Mages Guild. I should talk to her and find out if she knows where to find the mage named Renna.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
Eveli asked me to talk to Renna while she keeps watch. She has a feeling that someone has been following her and doesn't want us being caught by surprise. I should go talk to Renna.
Objective: Talk to Renna
Renna explained that Farrul Lupus and her live in a house here in Riften, around the corner from the bank. Eveli and I should go there and talk to the late emperor's steward.
Objective: Go to Renna's House
I arrived at Renna's house. I should knock twice on the door or Farrul Lupus won't respond.
Objective: Knock on Renna's Door
Farrul Lupus called out from inside the house. He sounds hurt and in need of help. We must find a way inside and quickly.
Objective: Find a Way Inside
I entered Renna's house and found Farrul Lupus lying on the floor. I should check and see if he's as dead as he appears to be.
Objective: Examine Farrul Lupus
Farrul Lupus has been murdered and I found a sheet of paper decorated with a bloody hand print on his body. Renna and Eveli have arrived. I should talk to Renna and see if she has any idea what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Renna
We were too late to save Farrul Lupus and now the trail seems to have grown cold. I should meet Eveli under the docks and see if she has any idea what we should do next.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
While Eveli and I have run into a dead end, Lyranth arrived and claims to have important information to share. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Lyranth has opened a portal to the Imperial sewers. Apparently, the scroll recovered in the first cache annex we explored provided her with the location of another cache below the Imperial City. I should step through the portal and investigate.
Objective: Enter the Portal to the Imperial Sewers
Lyranth was able to read the ensorcelled scroll, which indicated that another cache annex is hidden here in the Imperial sewers. I should look around for the entrance.
Objective: Find the Imperial Cache Annex
We found the entrance to the annex, but the ward has already been broken. The cultists must be inside. I should go in and investigate.
Objective: Enter the Imperial Cache Annex
Eveli and I are inside the annex hidden in the Imperial Sewers, but the Waking Flame cult is already here. I need to find more clues relating to Leovic's secret and try to determine what the cult is doing down here.
Objective: Search for Clues to Leovic's Secret: 0/3
According to Leovic's journal, his father built a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon in this hidden complex. And the ritual I recovered indicates that the cult plans to use this shrine to learn the location of the Ambitions. I should find the shrine.
Objective: Find the Shrine to Dagon
Doombringer Eshil stepped through a portal behind the large statue. We need to follow him before the portal closes.
Objective: Follow Doombringer Eshil Through the Portal
We followed Doombringer Eshil into the Deadlands, the Oblivion realm of Mehrunes Dagon! We need to find the cult leader and stop him.
Objective: Find Doombringer Eshil
We found Doombringer Eshil. We should kill him and put a stop to whatever evil he's doing.
Objective: Kill Doombringer Eshil
We defeated Doombringer Eshil. A voice claiming to be Mehrunes Dagon opened a portal and told us to leave this realm. I guess we should oblige.
Objective: Return to Elden Root
The portal returned us to Elden Root. Lyranth is here. I should tell her what we uncovered.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Finishes quest☑ Lyranth departed, certain that this mystery concerning Leovic's secret and the Ambitions of Mehrunes Dagon has just begun. I should talk to Eveli and see what she thinks about all this.
Objective: Talk to Eveli Sharp-Arrow
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