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Location The Deadlands: Testing Grounds
Species Daedric Titan
Health 190568 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile

Qrazgoth is a Daedric Titan found in the Deadlands. Doombringer Eshil will summon him to fight you when you catch up to the cultist.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills & Abilities[edit]

Soul Flame
Qrazgoth rears up on his hind legs and slams his forelegs down, unleashing a wall of fire that travels in front of him.
Molten Rain
Qrazgoth stands on his hind legs and spreads his wings, spitting fire into the sky. The fire rains down upon the battlefield, leaving circles of flame that deal moderate flame damage upon impact.

At 60% health, Eshil calls upon Mehrunes Dagon to empower Qrazgoth.

Enkindled Flames
Qrazgoth flies into the air and breathes fire onto the ground. Deals moderate flame damage.
Monstrous Cleave
Qrazgoth swipes at you with his flaming claws, knocking you back and dealing low physical damage.
Qrazgoth gets down on all fours and beats his wings once, dealing physical damage and knocking you back.
Qrazgoth breathes a lot of fire, which spirals out in all directions.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

To earn the Daedric Prince's favor, Mehrunes Dagon will command Doombringer Eshil to deal with the intruders; who are you and Eveli Sharp-Arrow. When you approach Eshil, Qrazgoth will be summoned in a pillar of flame:

Doombringer Eshil "Arise, Qrazgoth! Destroy those who would defy Lord Dagon!"

As Qrazgoth nears defeat, Eshil will join in and fights with fire magic:

Doombringer Eshil "You hurt Qrazgoth? Then face me directly, unbelievers!"

After defeating Qrazgoth and Doombringer Eshil, Dagon will allow you to leave his realm since you won.