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The Reaver Citadel
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
(Quest-related): Markynaz Gadrah, Valkynaz Seris, Titan Djanax
Clannfear, Dremora Churl, Dremora Fearkyn, Dremora Kynbek, Dremora Kyngald, Harvester
Fist of StoneColdharbour
North of the Orchard
Other Buildings
Loading Screen
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The leader of the Citadel commands his Reavers from within this Dremora stronghold. The unique shape and oppressive design of the place can be disturbing to mortals, but it suits Valkynaz Seris just fine.
The Reaver Citadel

The Reaver Citadel is a fortress in northern Coldharbour which was once a city in Tamriel. The Reaver Citadel is the last bastion standing between the invasion force and The Endless Stair, which lies to the north. The pyramid is currently controlled by the Deathbringer Clan.

The Survivor's Camp lies upon the cliff just to the east of the citadel. Below that cliff is The Lost Fleet. The location marked on Woodworker Survey: Coldharbour II is southeast of the Reaver Citadel Wayshrine. The location marked on Coldharbour Treasure Map VI is northwest of the Reaver Citadel Wayshrine. The location marked on Coldharbour CE Treasure Map is also nearby.

Related Quests[edit]

Shops and Services[edit]


Lower Level[edit]

The city can be accessed via a broken wall to the east, near the Survivor's Camp. Bha's Bargains lies close to the entrance hole. The lower level of the city contains an Abandoned Building and many patrolling Dremora. The abandoned Fighters Guild Hall is up the first set of stairs. You must enter that building to allow the invasion force to subtly enter the citadel. Up the next set of stairs is the door leading to the upper level.

Upper Level[edit]

The upper level of the city contains a destitute cathedral, the Mages Guild Hall and the Reaver Citadel Pyramid. Areyne Faryon runs a general goods store near the cathedral. It is inhabited by mages and fighters once control of the citadel is wrested from the Daedra.

Reaver Citadel Pyramid[edit]

Inside the pyramid

Valkynaz Seris resides here. You will need to fight Titan Djanax to reach him.


Bha's Bargains
Bha the Bargainhunter Merchant
Reaver Citadel Pyramid
The Reaver Citadel Wayshrine
Captain Arakh
Captain Eilram
Denthis Romori
Dithis Romori
The Reaver Citadel
Areyne Faryon Merchant
Fighters Guild Captain
Holgunn One-Eye
King Laloriaran Dynar
Vanus Galerion



Reaver Citadel Wayshrine

Reaver Citadel Wayshrine is located to the south of the fortress, on the bridge leading out of the Orchard.


  • Even while the main quest at the Orchard hasn't been completed, the invasion force, including Vanus Galerion who is leading the charge at the Orchard, will be already present at the gates to the Reaver Citadel. They won't have the main quest at the citadel available then however, despite having the dialogue related to it in place.
  • The daedra enemies are removed from the citadel lower and upper city districts once the guilds are allowed access into the citadel during the related quest.


A map of the Citadel Pyramid