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Location Lair of the Skin Stealer
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Bijot is an Argonian found in the Lair of the Skin Stealer at the ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk. He was looking for Daedric knick-knacks to sell to mages with his friends, before the Dominion and their skin-stealers began occupying the ruins.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

You will find Bijot hiding in a crevice within a narrow tunnel within the Skin-Stealer's Lair.

Bijot: "What are you doing? Hide, before the Dominion spots you!"

Speak with him.

"You fight the Dominion. You haven't tried to cut off my head yet. You aren't here to worship Daedra, then.
So what in Oblivion are you doing in a Daedric temple overrun by Dominion skin-stealers?"
I could ask you the same thing.
"Fair point, fair point. All right, I won't deny it. Friends and I came looking for Daedric tidbits to sell to mages.
Then those Dominion soldiers came. They were thick on the ground until today. I was about to make a break for it when I saw you."
Where are your friends?
"Caught, one by one. I'm the only one alive. Well, alive and wearing my own skin.
Hey, let's help each other escape. You draw their attention and I'll slip past them. What do you say?"
I'm not here to escape. I need to stop the Dominion.
"You what, now? Look, some Dominion mogul came through here, a while back. "Ruuvitar," they called him.
He's the one who bound a Dremora and forced her to steal faces off the dead. You want to stop him? You must've been the only egg in your clutch."
The Dremora said she'd tell me the Dominion's plans if I free her.
(See below for the rest of the dialogue chain; these responses are all the same at this point)
What did they do to your friends?
"Used a captive Dremora to pull their souls from their body and seal them in magic rocks. Then … well, you've seen how these Dominion wear faces.
I still hear their voices, calling from those rocks. They're dead, but still in pain. What a scam."
The Dremora said she'd tell me the Dominion's plans if I free her.
"Smart idea, dealing with Daedra. Before the Dominion came, she promised my friend the night of his life for a drop of his blood.
I guess being flayed alive counts as the night of his life. She wore his scales like a robe. Seems trustworthy, yes?"
Is there another way to stop the Dominion's plans?
"Maybe! I spent many cramped nights listening to Ruuvitar, the High Elf in charge of this place. I'm sure I could piece it together.
But my friends don't deserve to be trapped in glowing rocks. Free them and I'll help you. A good deal, yes?"
All right. I'll free your friends if you help me stop the skin-stealers.
"Trust me, it's for the best. I'll make my way to the inner chamber, where Ruuvitar spent most of his time.
Try not to attract the Dremora's attention while you're about. She's a vengeful creature."
Where are your friends being held?
"The Dominion captured their souls in strange rocks. They're on platforms, and they glow like rutting wamasu.
Ruuvitar complained the rocks were very fragile. I bet smashing them would release my friends."
No, I'm going to follow the Dremora's plan.

Speaking to Bijot again if you chose to aid him:

"Ruuvitar left before the Dominion pushed out to the surface. I never saw his face, but that doesn't matter when anyone could be a skin-stealer. Anyone!
But not me, yes?"

Speaking with him after speaking with Lyranth:

"Good thing you didn't release the Dremora. We'd both be ribbons in her hair.
Behind her there's a door to what Ruuvitar called the "Vault." They have Hist sap in there, stored in giant vats."
Why do they need Hist sap?
"It's part of their skin-stealing magic. The real question is, where'd they get so much? Wait, I don't want to know.
Whatever they did to the Hist sap turned it flammable. Once we enter the Vault, set those vats on fire to end this nightmare."
How do we enter the Vault?
"That's the easy part. I heard Ruuvitar mutter the words a hundred times.
Maybe you can get something useful out of that Dremora before she realizes you double-crossed her. If you keep her busy, I'll open the door."

Speaking with him after speaking with Lyranth again:

"Door's open. The Dremora didn't pull our stomachs through our nostrils. I call that success.
The Hist vats are further down the passage. You set them on fire. I'll stick to shadows and find signs of where Ruuvitar went, yes?"

When you enter the Hist sap vault, he will call to you from behind a pile of rubble.

Bijot: "Hsst! Quickly, over here!"

Speak to Bijot.

"No sign of Ruuvitar, but the Nord over there is definitely a skin-stealer. I know what he's planning to do with those prisoners. If I help out, you'll tell nobody about my Daedric relic-hunting, yes?"
How can you help me?
"When you approach, that Nord skin-stealer will kill those prisoners and gain power from their deaths. Something the Daedra worshippers used to do in Ten-Maur-Wolk.
I'll run in and release their bonds. I've untangled worse knots, magical or otherwise."
Yes, free the prisoners.
"Keep him busy, would you? I don't want to decorate his axe.
All right Bijot, you can do this. Faster than a fleshfly, nimbler than Khajiit."
No, he'll kill you.
"Then I'll stay here and avoid getting my tail lopped off by a skin-stealer. If you strike fast enough, maybe he won't have time to harm them.
Let me know if you change your mind. Those prisoners don't deserve such a fate."

Once the skin-stealer is dead, Bijot will lead the way.

Bijot: "Follow me. The exit is this way."

Speaking to him:

"You stopped the skin-stealers in Ten-Maur-Wolk. I can go home!"
What about Ruuvitar?
"Yes, yes! I heard him complain this ruin didn't hold everything he needed. He left to find a place of power where he could use his special egg.
What did he call it again?"
The Mnemic Egg?
"Yes, that's the one! Here, this portal leads beyond the ruins. I'll stay here and see about freeing any prisoners stuck inside.
And if you're planning to inform the vicecanons of Ruuvitar, perhaps leave me out of your report, yes? Yes."

He will then open a portal.

Bijot: "Did that work?"

Speaking to him after he opens the portal:

"Get out of here while the portal holds. I'll go after the prisoners and make sure they leave safely."
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