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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Launch an attack on the citadel of Ardent Hope and take on Valkynaz Nokvroz.
Zone: The Deadlands
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Location(s): Ardent Hope, Fargrave
Previous Quest: Deadlight
Reward: Incarnate Illusion Gem memento
1 Skill Point
(?) Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience XP
ID: 6700
The Perfected Cataclyst must be destroyed
We defeated Sister Celdina, but Valkynaz Nokvroz captured the Anchorite. He wants to use her blood as fuel for his own cataclyst device. Lyranth thinks Nokvroz is holding her in his fortress, Ardent Hope. We need to rescue her.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Madam Whim.
  2. Go to the portal dais.
  3. Align the rune stones and enter the portal.
  4. Make your way to the citadel.
  5. Find the Anchorite and eavesdrop on a conversation.
  6. Unleash Arox.
  7. Breach three gates.
  8. Defeat Zavak and Nokvroz.
  9. Destroy the cataclyst.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Madam Whim opens the portal

After speaking with Lyranth, go convince Madam Whim of the danger to Fargrave. Once she's seen the light, she'll direct you to an old portal dais in the Burn. Meet her there and she'll ask for your help attuning the portal key. You'll turn each of three rune-carved stone pillars until the carved rune that matches the glowing rune hovering over the pillar faces towards the portal.

Speak with Lyranth and Rynkyus, then talk to Arox. They are ready for this conflict to come to a head! Head into the portal and you'll find you are in the courtyard of the Inner Keep of Ardent Hope. You'll need to make your way counterclockwise around the map to reach the door to the citadel proper. During combat encounters here, Lyranth will thrown down pools of energy for you to step onto. When you do, your offensive power will greatly increase (especially with heavy attacks!), allowing you to deal with the enemies more quickly. There are numerous portals which spawn various normal and elite enemies, including Ruinachs, Fire Behemoths, and Dagonic Mantikoras.

Eavesdropping on Bloodlord Zavak

Inside the citadel, Lyranth will mention to keep an eye out for "blood adepts," as these will most likely lead to the Anchorite. Sure enough, after wandering the halls and entering their sanctum, you'll overhear one of the blood adept leaders, Bloodlord Zavak, speaking with the Anchorite. Head north out of the citadel to chase them.

Arox saves the Bladebearer Clan

This will lead you out onto the ramparts -- where you'll discover that the remnants of the Bladebearer Clan have been surrounded! Lyranth suggests you risk using the twisted rod you gave her earlier; she thinks it holds the key to bringing Arox back to his original form, but that the change will be temporary. Arox is insistent on being let out of his daedrat form so he can wreak havoc on Nokvroz's army. Using the rod, and with Lyranth holding the curse at bay, he changes into his true self: an Ash Titan! He proceeds to wipe out the enemy in that area, saving the Bladebearer Clan, and tells you to use the rod to call him forward into the battle as it continues.

Moving into the next area, the Path of Cinders, you'll find three massive, flame-trapped gates bar your way. Use the rod to call upon the might of Arox the Mutilator and he will remove the fire. You'll need to fight your way through a few waves of enemies at each of the gates, including some elite enemies like Watchers and Iron Atronachs, before reaching the end of the small valley. Arox will meet you there, just as his cursed daedrat form returns. He will not be regretful, however; his Titan form allowed you and your allies to reach the Xarxes Crucible, where Nokvroz surely waits. Enter the crucible.

After running past four flame turrets, you'll see Bloodlord Zavak and the Anchorite. And hanging in mid-air over the crucible center is an even-more-impressive-looking cataclyst than those you have yet seen: the Perfected Cataclyst. Defeat Zavak and Nokvroz will appear, this time in juggernaut form from being transformed by the cataclyst. The Anchorite will offer you occasional pools of energy, like those that Lyranth gave you. Make use of these to do incredible amounts of damage to Nokvroz.

Mehrunes Dagon wants a word

After he is defeated, the Anchorite will use her power, like she did for the Riven Cataclyst, to pull the core out of the machine and drop it to the ground. Destroy it. Suddenly, Mehrunes Dagon himself will arise from the lava and speak to the Anchorite directly, by name. Only Lyranth's quick action to teleport the lot of you will save you, depositing you back in Fargrave.

Speak with your comrades and you'll hear how they are all feeling about all that has transpired. Lyranth will close out the quest.


Quest Stages[edit]

Against All Hope
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lyranth believes we can use the Waking Flame portal key to open a way into Ardent Hope. I need to talk to Madam Whim to see if she will help us re-attune the key to this location.
Objective: Talk to Madam Whim
Madam Whim agreed to attune the Waking Flame portal key. I need to meet her at an old portal dais in the Deadlands, in the Burn and south of Ardent Hope.
Objective: Go to the Old Portal Dais
Madam Whim needs me to reawaken the old portal dais while she works on re-attuning the key. I need to turn the Daedric stones so they match the nearby runes.
Objective: Reactivate the Portal
The portal dais has been activated. I should talk to Madam Whim and retrieve the portal key.
Objective: Talk to Madam Whim
I need to talk to Arox and collect him before we use the portal to enter Ardent Hope.
Objective: Talk to Arox
Optional Step: Talk to Your Allies
With the dais activated and the portal key in hand, we can now use this portal to reach the interior of Ardent Hope, Valkynaz Nokvroz's fortress.
Objective: Enter the Portal
We teleported inside the walls of Ardent Hope. While Rynkyus and the Bladebearers distract the defenders with a frontal attack, we need to find a way into the inner keep.
Objective: Reach the Inner Keep
Valkynaz Nokvroz holds the Anchorite prisoner somewhere in this fortress. Now that we reached the inner keep, I should search for signs of her.
Objective: Search for the Anchorite
We found Valkynaz Nokvroz's blood adepts with the Anchorite, her hands bound behind her. I should listen in to see what I can learn of their plans for her.
Objective: Eavesdrop on the Blood Adepts
The blood adepts are taking the Anchorite to the volcano where Valkynaz Nokvroz is waiting. I need to reach her before it's too late.
Objective: Pursue the Anchorite
Rynkyus and his Bladebearers are in trouble. I should talk to Lyranth and see if she has any ideas on how we can help them.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Arox the Mutilator demands that I break the twisted rod and restore his original form. He'd rather have his vengeance now and lose the chance to permanently break the curse than forfeit the ability to strike back at Valkynaz Nokvroz.
Objective: Break the Twisted Rod
Arox saved the Bladebearers, and the battle is on again. He said that if I can get to the Path of Cinders, he'll help me reach the Anchorite inside the volcano.
Objective: Reach the Path of Cinders
I need to follow the path up the volcano and find a way inside.
Objective: Ascend the Path of Cinders
Nokvroz's mages defend the volcanic path with gates of fire. I can't reach the Dremora, but I can call on Arox to deal with them.
Objective: Breach the First Gate
Another fiery gate blocks my path up the volcano. I should summon Arox to strike down the Dremora mages who hold the gate against me.
Objective: Breach the Second Gate
One more gate stands between me and the top of the volcanic path. More of Nokvroz's mages defend the gate. I should call on Arox to clear my way.
Objective: Breach the Third Gate
Arox shattered the final barrier. Now to make my way to the heart of the volcano to find Valkynaz Nokvroz and the Anchorite.
Objective: Save the Anchorite
Valkynaz Nokvroz used his Perfected Cataclyst on himself! I need to defeat this new type of Incarnate before I can destroy the Perfected Cataclyst.
Objective: Destroy Valkynaz Nokvroz
With the Anchorite's help I defeated Valkynaz Nokvroz, but the last cataclyst device remains. I need to help the Anchorite shut it down for good.
Objective: Destroy the Perfected Cataclyst
Mehrunes Dagon appeared! I need to escape Ardent Hope and return to Fargrave. Luckily, Lyranth arrived to open a portal. I should use it.
Objective: Return to Fargrave
Lyranth's portal returned us to Fargrave. I should make my way to the House of Whims and rendezvous with my companions.
Objective: Return to the House of Whims
We defeated Valkynaz Nokvroz, rescued the Anchorite, and ended the threat of the cataclysts and the Incarnates. I should speak with Lyranth and let her know what happened in the volcano.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Finishes quest☑ We defeated Valkynaz Nokvroz, rescued the Anchorite, and ended the threat of the cataclysts and the Incarnates. I should speak with Lyranth and see if anything else remains to do.
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