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Lyranth the Foolkiller
ON-trailer-Gates of Oblivion-Lyranth.jpg
Lyranth the Foolkiller circa 2E 582
Race Dremora Gender Female
Resided in Coldharbour
Appears in ESO

Lyranth the Foolkiller is a powerful Dremora and a prominent member of Foolkillers Clan of Coldharbour. She serves Molag Bal, and views him as the true master of all Dremora.[1] Lyranth's paleonymic is Wehkehpneht-kamdo. She views most other Daedra with disdain, although she sees the Xivkyn as potential allies that are held back by their Xivilai blood.[1][2] Lyranth is a vengeful individual. Any being that she truly hates is documented in her Oghma of Inevitable Retribution.[2]

Lyranth has a relatively positive view on mortals. While she sees weakness in their needs to rest, form attachments, and their tendencies to make assumptions of things beyond their scope of understanding, she acknowledges their positive traits, such as their unpredictability and their inclination to innovate. She also admires ambition, a prime example being that of Reman, who had a successful campaign to conquer Tamriel. She finds beauty in the mortal plane, seeing it as a "delightful playground" built by the foolish act of the Aedra which diminished them, a sacrifice admired by even Daedra such as herself. She holds the Magna Ge in great disgust for not finishing their work, as if they had further aided the Aedra in their quest, they could have achieved something greater. She however pities mortals that follow the Aedra, seeing their worship as unwarranted, as they are not as active beings as the Daedra.[1][2][3]

Lyranth has seemingly gathered a cult following, earning the title of Dread Lady. Her (possibly self-proclaimed) prophet, Rogatus Cinna, teaches those that are willing to listen about her mistress.[4] Ironically, Lyranth sees Daedric cultists as deluded.[3]


At some point, Lyranth was banished from Coldharbour after the betrayal of Deathbringer Clan, which then rose to prominence in the realm.[5] However, the vestiges of her fellow Foolkillers were trapped by a Grievous Twilight named Dusk and humiliatingly incorporated into a set of armor.[3]

The Planemeld[edit]

In 2E 582, the Aldmeri Dominion invaded Black Marsh in an attempt to exterminate the Argonians and conquer the region of Shadowfen. The invaders summoned Lyranth from Oblivion and bound her inside the ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk, an ancient site of Daedric worship. The expedition leader, an Altmer alchemist named Ruuvitar, discovered a method to transform his soldiers into doppelgangers. These skin-stealers were created by using Hist sap to steal the victim's memories, and using Lyranth's essence to create the physical illusion. However, the Dominion occupation of Ten-Maur-Wolk was soon noticed by the Ebonheart Pact, and Ruuvitar's forces were driven off after the Battle of Ten-Maur-Wolk. During the battle, Lyranth was discovered by the Vestige and offered to reveal Ruuvitar's plans and help drive off the invaders if freed. It's unknown if this offer was accepted, but Lyranth escaped her prison regardless.[6]

Once freed, Lyranth began an attempt to fulfil an oath of vengeance against the Deathbringers on behalf of her dishonored clan. Her first step was to free the trapped vestiges of her clanmates from their imprisonment at the hands of Dusk. The Grievous Twilight had been appointed Lord Warden of the Imperial Prison following the Daedric occupation of the Imperial City. Lyranth allied herself with a group of Undaunted who had come to brave the dangers of the prison, and guided them through the complex to a final confrontation with Dusk. After the mortals defeated him, Lyranth trapped his vestige in a shield as vengeance and gave it to the adventurers. She then freed her clan from Dusk's armor, allowing them to return to the Void. Although she assumed control of the prison on behalf of Molag Bal,[7] Lyranth didn't remain long and eventually returned to Coldharbour to continue her vengeance.

Soon afterwards, a mortal expedition from Tamriel entered the realm to stop the ongoing Planemeld. After being split up by Molag Bal's magical defenses, a large group of invaders from the Fighters Guild ended up trapped in the Tower of Lies, a great pit where prisoners had their minds clouded and were forced to dig. Unaffected by the mind clouding, Lyranth watched the invaders, and eventually offered her aid when the Vestige came to rescue the group. Under her guidance, the mortals banished their Daedric overseers and escaped the pit.[8] Lyranth later approached Vanus Galerion when the invasion was blocked by the Reaver Citadel, the Dremoras' last line of defense. By outlining the citadel's weaknesses, Lyranth allowed the invaders to storm the Daedric defenses. In order to disgrace the Deathbringers further, Lyranth sent the Vestige to banish their leader Valkynaz Seris in the heart of his power, a giant fortress known as the Pyramid. With his death, the Foolkillers were returned to power in Coldharbour, and in return Lyranth opened the way to the Endless Stair, allowing Meridia and her mortal champions to destroy the Planar Vortex and end the Planemeld.[9]

Flames of Ambition[edit]

After the Planemeld, Lyranth became involved in thwarting Mehrunes Dagon, a bitter rival to her lord Molag Bal.[10] In some long-abandoned volcanic mines in the Deshaan region of Morrowind, Dagonites of the Order of the Waking Flame began excavating an ancient shrine to their lord, and summoned a powerful Havocrel by the name of Baron Zaudrus to oversee their work. With the aid of the Undaunted, Lyranth slew the cultists, and recovered a map from the Baron's corpse. This would serve as the first step to uncovering the machinations of Dagon's plot.[11]

The map led her to call for the aid of the Vestige to help her make sense of the conspiracy. Their investigation led to the discovery of a secret kept for three generations by the Longhouse Emperors, one that could threaten Nirn. These Artifacts known as the Four Ambitions, but what they were required further digging to uncover the truth and capabilities surrounding them.[12]

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