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ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png Assist a contingent of Imperial Battlemages sent to investigate Daedric activity within an abandoned prison.
Zone: Blackwood
Objective: Dungeon: The Dread Cellar
Location(s): The Dread Cellar
Reward: Unidentified Dread Cellar Armaments
(?) Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6685
Dungeon Group Size: 4
The Daedra have constructed a Cataclyst in the Dread Cellar
I met a pair of Imperial Battlemages named Martus and Lucilla outside an abandoned prison known as the Dread Cellar. Martus asked for my help investigating magical activity that caught the Battlespire's notice.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Quaking Dread
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Martus tasked me with clearing the path ahead while he tends to Lucilla's wounds. I should forge a path through the Dread Cellar for them to follow.
Objective: Investigate the Dread Cellar
A large, monstrous Daedra appears to be protecting more of the unusual stones we encountered earlier. I need to kill it if we are to learn more from them.
Objective: Kill the Scorion Broodlord
Martus asked me to continue clearing a way through the Daedra while he and Lucilla study the energized stones the monster was guarding.
Objective: Investigate the Dread Cellar
We encountered another Imperial Battlemage inside the prison who seemed to know Martus, but it wasn't a friendly reunion. We need to kill the rogue mage to proceed.
Objective: Kill Cyronin Artellian
Martus has a history with the Dread Cellar that he hadn't disclosed and Lucilla hasn't taken the news well. Despite this, the mission remains unchanged. We need to find out what all the energy being gathered here is being used for.
Objective: Investigate the Dread Cellar
We discovered a giant Daedric machine in the depths of the Dread Cellar, coursing with the terrible energy being gathered in the prison. A frightening Daedra emerged from the machine thanks to this power. Our only hope is to slay it.
Objective: Kill Magma Incarnate
I defeated the frightening Daedra and the machine that gave birth to it has ceased to function. Lucilla wishes to speak with me now that the mission is over.
Objective: Talk to Lucilla Caprenia
Lucilla has decided to take Martus's judgment into her own hands. I should speak to her about what comes next.
Lucilla plans to leave Martus and the Battlespire behind. I should speak to her about what comes next.
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