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Infiltrate the Waking Flame base in Fargrave.
Quest Giver: Lyranth in Marbruk Outlaws Refuge
Previous Quest: An Apocalyptic Situation
Reward: High Leveled gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6703
Lyranth has a plan to infiltrate the Waking Flame
We recovered the relic stolen from Lyranth. It's a portal key. Before we use it to find the base mentioned in the Waking Flame letter, Lyranth wants to make preparations.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Disrupt the Cataclyst
  1. Speak to Lyranth in Marbruk Outlaws Refuge.
  2. Speak to Aurien at her camp south of Bramblebreach to obtain a tincture of befuddlement.
  3. Harvest a Fluster Fume Plant within Camp Gushnukbur.
  4. Return to Lyranth and enter the Waking Flame Base.
  5. Locate Sister Celdina and present Lyranth as your prisoner.
  6. Disrupt the Cataclyst and flee with Lyranth.
  7. Speak to Lyranth in Marbruk Outlaws Refuge to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • Lyranth incorrectly refers to Bramblebreach as "Bramblebeach" in spoken and written dialogue.


Quest Stages[edit]

The Key and the Cataclyst
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to gather fluster fume root and a tincture of befuddlement so Lyranth can make a potion to disguise me to look like one of the Waking Flame cultists.
Objective: Gather Fluster Fume Root
Objective: Gather Tincture of Befuddlement
I obtained the fluster fume root and tincture of befuddlement. I should return to the Marbruk Outlaws Refuge and give them to Lyranth.
Objective: Return to Lyranth
I returned to Lyranth and she ordered me to add the fluster fume root and the tincture of befuddlement in the cauldron.
Objective: Place the Root and Tincture into the Cauldron
I added the components to the cauldron as Lyranth instructed. Now I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
Lyranth's potion of disguise is ready. I should drink it while she prepares to use the portal key to open a portal.
Objective: Drink from Lyranth's Cauldron
Lyranth used the portal key. Now that I'm disguised as Devastator Rullen of the Order of the Waking Flame, I should step through the portal and find out what the Dagonists are up to.
Objective: Enter the Portal
The portal deposited us in a cave. I should explore and see if I can figure out where we are.
Objective: Explore the Area
The portal key was supposed to lead us to some sort of Waking Flame base. I need to find the cultists and turn over Lyranth so we can execute our plan.
Objective: Find the Order of the Waking Flame
Optional Step: Talk to Lyranth
We encountered a sentry who recognized me as the Waking Flame cultist I'm disguised as. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to the Waking Flame Sentry
The sentry directed me to Sister Celdina. I should find her and present Lyranth to her so we can advance our plan.
Objective: Find Sister Celdina
Optional Step: Talk to the Cultists
Sister Celdina is addressing other members of the cult. It appears she's one of their leaders, at least of this cell of the order. I should talk to her and present Lyranth as my prisoner.
Objective: Talk to Sister Celdina
Sister Celdina took Lyranth and headed for the cataclyst chamber. I should head inside and get ready for whatever Lyranth has planned.
Objective: Enter the Cataclyst Chamber
I should move forward and approach the Fargrave cataclyst.
Objective: Approach the Cataclyst
Sister Celdina has given me the privilege of activating the Fargrave cataclyst and Lyranth has signaled that she's ready. I should activate the device now.
Objective: Activate the Cataclyst
I need to defeat the Havocrel and then follow Lyranth out of here.
Objective: Kill Havocrel Duke of Fire
Now that the Havocrel has been defeated, I need to find Lyranth so we can return to Nirn.
Objective: Escape Fargrave
Lyranth opened a portal back to the Marbruk Outlaws Refuge. I should enter it.
Objective: Enter the Portal
We returned from the Waking Flame base in Fargrave. I should talk to Lyranth and discuss what we learned.
Objective: Talk To Lyranth
Finishes quest☑ With the information we learned in Fargrave concerning the cataclyst and the plans of the Waking Flame, I should discuss our next steps with Lyranth.
Objective: Talk to Lyranth
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