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Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Black Marsh
Region Shadowfen
Appears in Arena, ESO
Ten-Maur-Wolk circa 2E 582
Tenmar Wall during the Imperial Simulacrum

Ten-Maur-Wolk is a Daedric ruin located in the borderlands of Shadowfen, within the province of Black Marsh. Ten-Maur-Wolk was one of the last temples dedicated to the Good Daedra of Morrowind, when the Tribunal had risen into prominence. Originally called Tenmorvuk, it was temple that revered Boethiah.[1] The ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk had loan its name to the town of Tenmar Wall, a butchered Tamrielic version of the original name.[2]


In the aftermath of the Battle of Red Mountain in 1E 700, many rebellious Dark Elves who still should veneration for the Good Daedra over the Tribunal had fled south into Black Marsh, where they continued their worship of the Good Daedra. One of those new settlements was Tenmorvuk, but as time went on, the town of Tenmorvuk had fallen into disrepair, and so the temple decayed, becoming the modern-day ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk.[1]

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk was occupied by the Aldmeri Dominion, who launched an operation in Shadowfen, regarding the Mnemic Egg and the destruction of Stormhold. The Vicecanons of Stormhold and the Ebonheart Pact were able to uncover the Dominion's plot against Stormhold, and so they stormed Ten-Maur-Wolk. The Aldmeri Dominion, under the command of the alchemist, Ruuvitar had summoned the Daedra, Lyranth the Footkiller to siphon her powers and become Skin-Stealers, who ingest the flesh of the dead to take their form and memories.[3][4] However, it was revealed at one point that Vicecanon Hrondar had died at one point during battle, and so the Pact underwent an investigation regarding Hrondar's death and the Skin-Stealer imposter posing as him. The Skin-Stealer of Hrondar was killed in the depths of Ten-Maur-Wolk, avenging his death and winning the battle over the Dominion. The battle against the Aldmeri Dominion had continued across Shadowfen and the ruins continued to fall into disrepair once again.[3][5]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the ruins had lent its name to the settlement of Tenmar Wall, which was under the reign of Duke Germanicus. It had a rivalry with Greenspring.[2] It was neighbored by several settlements, including Alten Corimont in the east, Helstrom in the south, and Stormhold in the west.[6]


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