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Loremaster's Archive

The Loremaster's Archive is a series created by ZeniMax alongside the release of Elder Scrolls Online. The series focuses on revealing new lore books, and various lore-related questions are answered by prominent authors of Tamriel. The series can be found on the official ESO website.

The series has a total of forty-five installments.

List of Articles[edit]

Article Name Published Interviewees Books Questions & Answers
Dragons in the Second Era 2019/11/01 Camilla Calsivius - Loremaster's Archive - Dragons in the Second Era
Murkmire Q&A Part 2 2018/11/29 Jee-Lar - Loremaster's Archive: Murkmire Q&A Part 2
Murkmire Q&A 2018/10/25 Jee-Lar - Loremaster's Archive: Murkmire Q&A
Cradle of Shadows 2016/07/28 Dranos Velador From the Journal of Dranos Velador, Field Captain of the Silken RingON-mapicon-Lorebook.png -
The Ruins of Mazzatun 2016/07/19 Drendisa Vedran Taken from an Interview with Retired Dark Elf Archaeologist, Drendisa VedranON-mapicon-Lorebook.png -
Messages from Hew's Bane 2 2016/02/04 Walks-Softly, Kari Coin-Counter, Velsa, Zeira, Thrag, Andarri In Defense of Prince HubalajadON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Members of the Hew's Bane Thieves Guild Answer Your Questions
Messages from Hew's Bane 2016/01/29 Walks-Softly and Nicolas From a Copy for the ArchiveON-mapicon-Lorebook.png -
The Maelstrom Arena - Part Two 2015/10/30 Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius A Memory Book, Part 2 Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius Answer Your Questions 2
The Maelstrom Arena - Part One 2015/10/19 Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius A Memory Book, Part 1 Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen and Tutor Riparius Answer Your Questions
Imperial Sewers 2015/10/02 Mycaelis Julus and the Rat Imperial Architect's Correspondence Mycaelis Julus Answers Your Questions
Nobles' Fashionable Attire 2015/09/18 Lady Eloisse Clothier: Light Armor Basics Lady Eloisse Answers Your Questions
Modern and Historical Riding Mounts 2015/09/04 Lady Honnorah af-Lahreq Legend of the Yokudan Chargers Lady Honnorah af-Lahreq Answers Your Questions
Archeology and Races of Tamriel 2015/08/24 Lady Clarisse Laurent and Stibbons The Salas En Expedition Lady Clarisse Laurent Answers Your Questions
Politics and the Imperial City 2015/08/10 Chancellor Abnur Tharn House Tharn of Nibenay Chancellor Abnur Tharn Answers Your Questions 2
Effects of the Daedric Invasion 2015/07/24 Gabrielle Benele The Black Forge, The Order of the Black Worm Gabrielle Benele Answers Your Questions
Crafting and Woodworking 2015/07/10 Pacrooti Selected Letters from Pacrooti Master Assistant Materials Acquirer Pacrooti Answers Your Questions
Resistance in the Imperial City 2015/06/26 Drake of Blades Crumpled Arena Flyer, Legacy of the Dragonguard The Drake of Blades Answers Your Questions
An Interview with Haskill 2015/06/12 Chamberlain Haskill Cheeses of Tamriel Chamberlain Haskill Answers Your Questions
Courting Practices in Tamriel 2015/05/29 Sibyl Augustine Viliane The Hist's Fire Augustine Viliane Answers Your Questions
Rituals of the Divines 2015/05/15 Bishop Artorius Ponticus Nine Commands of the Eight Divines Artorius Ponticus Answers Your Questions
Ranks and Hierarchy of the Daedra 2015/05/01 Lyranth Oath of a Dishonored Clan Lyranth the Foolkiller Answers Your Questions
All Things Guar 2015/04/17 Esqoo Morrowind Fauna, Part One Esqoo of Dhalmora Answers Your Questions
Questions for the Moth Sister 2015/04/03 Moth Sister Terran Arminus - Moth Sister Terran Arminus Answers Your Questions
Songs of the Stars 2015/03/23 High Astrologer Caecilus Bursio Songs of the Stars‎ON-mapicon-Lorebook.png High Astrologer Caecilus Bursio Answers Your Questions
A Loathsome Civilization 2015/03/06‎ Telenger the Artificer A Loathsome Civilization‎ON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Telenger the Artificer Answers Your Questions 2
On the Nature of Reachmen 2015/02/27 Arthenice Belloq On the Nature of ReachmenON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Arthenice Belloq Answers Your Questions
The Slave Rebellion 2015/02/06 Chancellor Abnur Tharn The Slave Rebellion – Man's TriumphON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Chancellor Abnur Tharn Answers Your Questions
Trail and Tide 2015/01/23 Moon Bishop Hunal Trail and TideON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Moon Bishop Hunal Answers Your Questions
Reman II: The Limits of Ambition 2015/01/09 King Emeric and Regina Troivois Reman II: The Limits of AmbitionON-mapicon-Lorebook.png High King Emeric Answers Your Questions
Re-forging the Past 2014/12/19 Kireth Vanos Re-forging the PastON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Kireth Vanos Answers Your Questions
Undaunted – A Life of Glory 2014/12/05 Turuk Redclaws Undaunted: A Life of GloryON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Turuk Redclaws Answers Your Questions
From Argonian to Saxhleel 2014/11/07 Vicecanon Heita-Meen From Argonian to SaxhleelON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Heita-Meen Answers Your Questions
Y'ffre's Beckoning 2014/10/24 Gwaering Y'ffre's BeckoningON-mapicon-Lorebook.png Gwaering Answers Your Questions
Thwarting the Daedra 2014/10/13 Flaminius Auctor Thwarting the Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon Flaminius Auctor Answers Your Questions
Response to Citizen Inquiries 2014/09/26 Aicantar of Shimmerene Response to Citizen Inquiries Aicantar of Shimmerene Answers Your Questions
Glorious Upheaval 2014/09/12 Thendaramur Death-Blossom Glorious Upheaval Thendaramur Death-Blossom Answers Your Questions
The Interpreted Soul 2014/08/29 Abbot Crassius Viria The Interpreted Soul The Abbot Crassius Viria Answers Your Questions
Introduction to Aedric Studies 2014/08/15 Phrastus of Elinhir Introduction to Aedric Studies, Daedra Worship: The Chimer Phrastus of Elinhir Answers Your Questions
Zakhin's Many Heroes 2014/08/01 The Unveiled Azadiyeh Zakhin's Many HeroesON-mapicon-Lorebook.png, Plea for Open EyesON-mapicon-Lorebook.png The Unveiled Azadiyeh Answers Your Questions
A Trader's Eye for Fashion 2014/07/21 Madam Firilanya A Trader's Eye for FashionON-mapicon-Lorebook.png, Dream Journal of FirilanyaON-mapicon-Lorebook.png -
Words and Power 2014/07/03 Telenger the Artificer Words and PowerON-mapicon-Lorebook.png, Enigma of the Runestones Telenger the Artificer Answers Your Questions
Inexplicable Patron 2014/06/20 Divayth Fyr Inexplicable Patron: MephalaON-mapicon-Lorebook.png, Vivec and Mephala Divayth Fyr Answers Your Questions
An Accounting of Werewolves 2014/06/06 Sage Svari An Accounting of WerewolvesON-mapicon-Lorebook.png, The Legend of Fallen Grotto Sage Svari Answers Your Questions
Mysteries of the Mundus Stones 2014/05/23 Lady Cinnabar of Taneth Mysteries of the Mundus StonesON-mapicon-Lorebook.png, Aetherial Fragments Lady Cinnabar Answers Your Questions
Undead in Tamriel 2014/05/09 Phrastus of Elinhir Unhallowed Legions, The Consecrations of Arkay, Noxiphilic Sanguivoria -

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