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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Prepare to fight the Dominion near a Daedric ruin.
Zone: Shadowfen
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Required for Cadwell's Almanac Ten-Maur-Wolk — Investigate Dominion activity at Ten-Maur-Wolk.
Quest Giver: Vicecanon Hrondar
Location(s): Ten-Maur-Wolk
Prerequisite Quest: Getting to the Truth
Previous Quest: Scouring the Mire
Next Quest: The Skin-Stealer's Lair
Reward: High Leveled Gold
The vicecanons of Shadowfen tracked the Dominion's forces to the ancient Daedric ruin of Ten-Maur-Wolk.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Vicecanon Heita-Meen inside the cave.
  2. Find Vicecanon Hrondar's soldiers.
  3. Free Ukatsei from the skin-stealers.
  4. Talk to Ukatsei inside the cave.
  5. Find Vicecanon Hrondar.
  6. Talk to Ukatsei.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Vicecanon Hrondar needs you to confirm the other vicecanons are alive. His scout found a cave inside the middle of Ten-Maur-Wolk. However, the Aldmeri Dominion is fiercely defending it.

Find the Vicecanons[edit]

Vicecanons Heita-Meen and Servyna are inside a cave to the south. Talk to Vicecanon Heita-Meen who is kneeling next to the log benches in the cave.

Vicecanon Heita-Meen suspects you are a "skin-stealer," but she tells you that the Dominion plans to lure Vicecanon Hrondar into a trap if he tries to rescue the vicecanons. You need to tell him to call off the attack.

Warn Vicecanon Hrondar[edit]

You find the body of one of Vicecanon Hrondar's soldiers south of the cave, next to the daedric-looking well in the middle of the water. Her skin is slightly charred—she is one of the skin-stealers' victims. You discover a small vial of liquid on her body, and accidentally spill some on yourself.

The rest of the regiment is to the west, next to the cages. Mudyn, the surviving soldier, says the skin-stealers came from the underground and dragged the rest of the soldiers away. They wore the faces of the regiment's soldiers and attacked when the soldiers prepared to assault the cave. Mudyn was stabbed in the back and worries they took his face.

The skin-stealers took Ukatsei alive to an altar. You need to rescue him from the skin-stealers' ritual.

Stop the Ritual[edit]

Ukatsei is tied to a rock north of Mudyn. He needs you to untie him before the elf who tried to steal his skin returns. She left to get a duller knife, "so it would last longer," after Ukatsei kicked her when she tried to cut his chest.

The elf, Nedrasa, appears after you finish talking to Ukatsei. Defeating her will free Ukatsei and count as stopping the ritual.

Ukatsei runs into the cave where you found the vicecanons earlier in the quest. He says Vicecanon Hrondar's guard led him away before the attack. He asks you to watch his back while he tracks down the vicecanon.

Tracking the Vicecanon[edit]

With Ukatsei following you, exit the cave and go east. Ukatsei will pick up the trail, and you continue east to find Vicecanon Hrondar's body.

He looks different from the soldiers you saw near the cave. It looks like he has been dead longer than the others and shows no signs of battle. There is a small hole on his chest, and his skin is slightly charred.

You talk with Ukatsei about your discoveries. He wonders if the vicecanon was dead before the attack on the cave or was he dead even longer. Although Ukatsei can tell the skin-stealers by smell, Vicecanon Hrondar always smelled like mead. The Dominion may know important secrets. The other vicecanons need to know about this.

Quest Stages[edit]

Trail of the Skin-Stealer
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
When Dominion soldiers ambushed the regiment, Vicecanon Hrondar lost contact with the other two vicecanons. He asked me to find them behind enemy lines so he could coordinate their rescue.
Objective: Find Vicecanon Servyna and Vicecanon Heita-Meen
I found the lost vicecanons, though they're trapped behind enemy lines. I should speak to Vicecanon Heita-Meen. She may remember me from Stormhold.
Objective: Talk to Vicecanon Heita-Meen
Vicecanon Heita-Meen suspects the Dominion is preparing another trap, and asked me to stop Vicecanon Hrondar from attempting a rescue. She believes I'll find the regiment nearby.
Objective: Find Vicecanon Hrondar's Regiment
I found no sign of Vicecanon Hrondar's regiment, only a dead soldier near one of the Daedric ruins. I should search the body and see if he was one of Vicecanon Hrondar's men.
Objective: Examine the Soldier's Body
The soldier seemed to be one of Vicecanon Hrondar's recruits. He died shortly before I found him. I found a strange vial of liquid. When I touched it I briefly transformed into another person. I should continue searching for the regiment.
Objective: Find the Rest of the Regiment
I found one survivor from Vicecanon Hrondar's regiment, though he seems mortally wounded. I should learn what he knows about any others from the regiment.
Objective: Talk to the Surviving Soldier
Before Vicecanon Hrondar's soldier died, he told me Dominion troops dragged another soldier away to a nearby altar. If I hurry I may be able to save him from the fate of his soldiers-in-arms.
Objective: Rescue Ukatsei from the Ritual
I rescued Ukatsei from the fate that befell his companions. He fled for the cave containing the vicecanons. I should follow him and see if he knows of Vicecanon Hrondar's whereabouts.
Objective: Talk to Ukatsei
Ukatsei says he can track Vicecanon Hrondar by his scent. I should join him to ensure the Dominion soldiers don't get another chance to kill him.
Objective: Follow the Trail with Ukatsei
I found Vicecanon Hrondar's body. I should see what killed him.
Objective: Examine Vicecanon Hrondar's Body
Ukatsei seems to be in shock upon seeing the body of his commander. I should speak with him about Vicecanon Hrondar's mysterious death.
Objective: Talk to Ukatsei
Finishes quest☑ Ukatsei confirmed Vicecanon Hrondar died hours ago. That means a skin-stealer is leading the regiment!
Objective: Talk to Ukatsei
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