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Player Housing is a feature in the Elder Scrolls Online that allows players to own personal in-game property. It was officially released in Update 13 as part of the Homestead content update in February 2017. A number of locations for Player Housing were added in Updates 11 and 12; at the same time, eight NPC houses were removed.

Player homes allow players to place and move furniture items to decorate and/or build creatively. These include not only traditional furnishings but also Collectibles (including pets, mounts, houseguests, and item storage) and training dummies to test damage. All homes can be previewed before purchase, either by visiting the home itself or from the Crown Store or Collections screen. Homes may be purchased either "Unfurnished" (for ON-icon-Gold.png or ON-icon-store-Crowns.png) or "Furnished" (for ON-icon-store-Crowns.png only, shown between brackets in lists below). Both versions come with a default set of furnishings and the furnished version with even more. All these furnishings can be removed or repurposed by the player.

There are six sizes of homes available for purchase distinguished by the amount of furnishings allowed and the number of players that can visit: Inn Rooms, Apartments, Small Homes, Medium Homes, Large Homes, and Manors. Owning certain sizes of homes contributes towards certain achievement rewards, such as player titles. While some of the homes are free (e.g. inn rooms), there are also larger homes that can be earned at no monetary cost through questing or during promotional events. Additionally, there are exclusive homes (mostly Manor-sized) that can only be purchased from the Crown Store for a limited time. Players can own multiple homes, but only one Primary Home can be set at a time for when other players elect to visit. As of the year 2023, there are around 100 houses available in ESO.

While any home can be purchased after completing the Homestead tutorial quest, Room to Spare, most standard homes have additional prerequisites that must be met before they can be purchased with gold, such as completing quest achievements. Of the standard homes, Small and Medium homes do not require achievements. Meanwhile, some Large homes require completion of the zone's Adventurer achievement for completing the majority of story and side quests in the zone, and certain Manors require completion of the associated Alliance's Hero achievement, granted by completing the Adventurer achievement in each zone in their territory. Standard homes are often themed after one of the game's 10 playable races.

Of note, house types in-game are not designated in the Collections list as "Small" or "Large". Instead, the Staple house type includes Inn Rooms, Apartments, and Small Homes, the Classic house type includes Medium and Large homes, and the Notable house type refers to Manors.

Inn Rooms[edit]


Completing the introductory quest Room to Spare will grant you a room (one per character) in an inn for free. All characters on an account can obtain any inn room of their choice by simply completing the quest in any of the inns that host ownable inn rooms (see listings below). Once an inn room is purchased, it is then owned by the player and cannot be purchased again by a different character. Any character can also purchase any or all other rooms for a nominal fee of 000030003000 Gold each without performing the quest. Owning any of these rooms (except for Snowmelt Suite) will earn you the Permanent Tenant achievement.

Player ownable rooms in inns
Name of the room Location Zone Style Requirement(s) House ID
Ancient Anchor BerthON-icon-house-Ancient Anchor Berth.png Ancient Anchor BerthAncient Anchor BerthHigh Isle Gonfalon Bay (map) High Isle High Isle High Isle High Isle
Free via Room to Spare
Golden Gryphon GarretON-icon-house-Golden Gryphon Garret.png Golden Gryphon GarretGolden Gryphon GarretSummerset Inside The Golden Gryphon in Alinor (map) Summerset Alinor Summerset Summerset
Free via Room to Spare
Journey's End Lodgings48px Journey's End LodgingsJourney's End LodgingsNecrom Necrom (map) Telvanni Peninsula Necrom Necrom High Isle
Free via Room to Spare
Mara's Kiss Inn RoomON-icon-house-Mara's Kiss Inn Room.png Mara's Kiss Inn RoomMara's Kiss Inn Room Vulkhel Guard (map) Auridon Altmer Free to ON-icon-alliance-Aldmeri (color).png 1
Pilgrim's RestON-icon-house-Pilgrim's Rest.png Pilgrim's RestPilgrim's RestBlackwood Leyawiin (map) Blackwood Leyawiin Blackwood Blackwood
Free via Room to Spare
Saint Delyn PenthouseON-icon-house-Saint Delyn Penthouse.png Saint Delyn PenthouseSaint Delyn PenthouseMorrowind Vivec City (map) Vvardenfell Vivec City Morrowind Morrowind
Free via Room to Spare
Snowmelt SuiteON-icon-house-Snowmelt Suite.png Snowmelt SuiteSnowmelt SuiteGreymoor Solitude (map) Western Skyrim Solitude Greymoor Greymoor
Free via Room to Spare
Sugar Bowl SuiteON-icon-house-Sugar Bowl Suite.png Sugar Bowl SuiteSugar Bowl SuiteElsweyr Rimmen (map) Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr Elsweyr Elsweyr
Free via Room to Spare
Ebony Flask Inn RoomON-icon-house-The Ebony Flask Inn Room.png Ebony Flask Inn RoomThe Ebony Flask Inn Room Ebonheart (map) Stonefalls Dunmer Free to ON-icon-alliance-Ebonheart (color).png 3
The Rosy Lion Inn RoomON-icon-house-The Rosy Lion (room).png The Rosy Lion Inn RoomThe Rosy Lion Daggerfall (map) Glenumbra Breton Free to ON-icon-alliance-Daggerfall (color).png 2

The furniture and visitor limits for inn rooms are as follows (all values are doubled for ESO plus players, with the exception of the player cap):

Furnishings Special
Traditional Special Collectible
15 1 1 1 2



The next size up above inn rooms are apartments. However, there are only three apartments, one per Alliance. Owning these homes will contribute to the Homeowner, Freeholder, and Citizen achievements.

Player ownable apartments
Name of the apartment Location Zone Style Price Requirement(s) House ID
ON-icon-Gold.png ON-icon-store-Crowns.png
Barbed Hook Private RoomBarbed Hook Private Roompx Barbed Hook Private RoomBarbed Hook Private Room Skywatch (map) Auridon Altmer 0001100011,000 Gold 00600600 Crowns
(00800800 Crowns)
Flaming Nix Deluxe GarretFlaming Nix Deluxe Garretpx Flaming Nix Deluxe GarretFlaming Nix Deluxe Garret Mournhold (map) Deshaan Dunmer 0001300013,000 Gold 00660660 Crowns
(00800800 Crowns)
Sisters of the Sands ApartmentSisters of the Sands Apartmentpx Sisters of the Sands ApartmentSisters of the Sands Apartment Sentinel (map) Alik'r Desert Redguard 0001200012,000 Gold 00640640 Crowns
(00800800 Crowns)

The furniture and visitor limits for Apartments are as follows (all values are doubled for ESO plus players, with the exception of the player cap):

Furnishings Special
Traditional Special Collectible
50 1 1 1 6

Small Houses[edit]

Small Houses

Small houses allow you to place all eight storage chests and coffers if you own ESO Plus. If the subscription expires after the containers have been placed, they can still be used but no longer moved. Owning these homes will contribute to the Homeowner, Freeholder, and Citizen achievements.

Player ownable small houses
Name of the small house Location Zone Style Price Requirement(s) House ID
ON-icon-Gold.png ON-icon-store-Crowns.png
Autumn's-GateAutumn's-Gatepx Autumn's-GateAutumn's-Gate North of Nimalten (map) The Rift Nord 0006000060,000 Gold 023502,350 Crowns
(029002,900 Crowns)
Wormsquasher 28
Black Vine VillaBlack Vine Villapx Black Vine VillaBlack Vine Villa Northwest of Baandari Trading Post (map) Malabal Tor Altmer 0005400054,000 Gold 022502,250 Crowns
(028002,800 Crowns)
Captain Margaux's PlaceCaptain Margaux's Placepx Captain Margaux's PlaceCaptain Margaux's Place Daggerfall (map) Glenumbra Breton 0005600056,000 Gold 023002,300 Crowns
(029002,900 Crowns)
Cyrodilic Jungle HouseCyrodilic Jungle Housepx Cyrodilic Jungle HouseCyrodilic Jungle House Baandari Trading Post (map) Malabal Tor Colovian Imperial 0007100071,000 Gold 025502,550 Crowns
(032003,200 Crowns)
Hammerdeath BungalowHammerdeath Bungalowpx Hammerdeath BungalowHammerdeath Bungalow West of Hammerdeath Workshop (map) Stormhaven Orc 0006500065,000 Gold 024002,400 Crowns
(030003,000 Crowns)
HumblemudHumblemudpx HumblemudHumblemud Dhalmora (map) Bal Foyen Argonian 0004000040,000 Gold 021002,100 Crowns
(026002,600 Crowns)
Hero of Bleakrock 10
KragenhomeKragenhomepx KragenhomeKragenhome Kragenmoor (map) Stonefalls Dunmer 0006900069,000 Gold 025002,500 Crowns
(031003,100 Crowns)
Sadal's Overthrower 19
Moonmirth HouseMoonmirth Housepx Moonmirth HouseMoonmirth House Northeastern Laughing Moons Plantation (map) Khenarthi's Roost Khajiit 0005000050,000 Gold 022002,200 Crowns
(028002,800 Crowns)
Maormer's Bane 22
SnugpodSnugpodpx SnugpodSnugpod Elden Root (map) Grahtwood Bosmer 0004500045,000 Gold 021502,150 Crowns
(027002,700 Crowns)
Twin ArchesTwin Archespx Twin ArchesTwin Arches Southeast of Hallin's Stand (map) Bangkorai Redguard 0007300073,000 Gold 026002,600 Crowns
(033003,300 Crowns)

The furniture and visitor limits for Small Homes are as follows (all values are doubled for ESO plus players, with the exception of the player cap):

Furnishings Special
Traditional Special Collectible
100 2 5 2 6

Medium Houses[edit]

Medium house

A Medium house is the smallest size house that allows you to place all eight storage chests and coffers without ESO+. As storage space is one of the most practical benefits of a house, medium houses could be seen as having the best value. Owning certain Medium homes will contribute to the Landowner, Landlord, and Land Baron achievements.

Player ownable medium sized houses
Name of the medium house Location Zone Style Price Requirement(s) House ID
ON-icon-Gold.png ON-icon-store-Crowns.png
Ald Velothi Harbor HouseAld Velothi Harbor Housepx Ald Velothi Harbor HouseAld Velothi Harbor HouseMorrowind North of Gnisis (map) Vvardenfell House Redoran 00322000322,000 Gold 040004,000 Crowns
(050005,000 Crowns)
Ample DomicileThe Ample Domicilepx Ample DomicileThe Ample Domicile Stormhold (map) Shadowfen Argonian 00195000195,000 Gold 035203,520 Crowns
(044004,400 Crowns)
Bouldertree RefugeBouldertree Refugepx Bouldertree RefugeBouldertree Refuge East of Longhaven (map) Greenshade Bosmer 00190000190,000 Gold 035003,500 Crowns
(044004,400 Crowns)
CliffshadeCliffshadepx CliffshadeCliffshade Southwest of Marbruk (map) Greenshade Altmer 00255000255,000 Gold 036003,600 Crowns
(045004,500 Crowns)
Domus PhrasticusDomus Phrasticuspx Domus PhrasticusDomus Phrasticus Northeast of Elinhir (map) Craglorn Colovian Imperial 00295000295,000 Gold 040004,000 Crowns
(050005,000 Crowns)
Exorcised Coven CottageExorcised Coven Cottagepx Exorcised Coven CottageExorcised Coven Cottage East of Hag Fen (map) Glenumbra Barbaric 00250000250,000 Gold 035003,500 Crowns
(044004,400 Crowns)
An Unsparing Harvest 49
Grymharth's WoeGrymharth's Woepx Grymharth's WoeGrymharth's Woe Windhelm (map) Eastmarch Nord 00280000280,000 Gold 038003,800 Crowns
(048004,800 Crowns)
House of the Silent MagnificoHouse of the Silent Magnificopx House of the Silent MagnificoHouse of the Silent Magnifico Sentinel (map) Alik'r Desert Redguard 00320000320,000 Gold 041004,100 Crowns
(051005,100 Crowns)
Mournoth KeepMournoth Keeppx Mournoth KeepMournoth Keep North of Halcyon Lake Wayshrine (map) Bangkorai Orc 00325000325,000 Gold 043004,300 Crowns
(054005,400 Crowns)
RavenhurstRavenhurstpx RavenhurstRavenhurst Southwestern Fell's Run (map) Rivenspire Breton 00260000260,000 Gold 035003,500 Crowns
(044004,400 Crowns)
Sleek Creek HouseSleek Creek Housepx Sleek Creek HouseSleek Creek House Northwest of Rawl'kha (map) Reaper's March Khajiit 00335000335,000 Gold 044004,400 Crowns
(055005,500 Crowns)
Velothi ReverieVelothi Reveriepx Velothi ReverieVelothi Reverie Narsis (map) Deshaan Dunmer 00323000323,000 Gold 042004,200 Crowns
(053005,300 Crowns)

The furniture and visitor limits for Medium Homes are as follows (all values are doubled for ESO plus players, with the exception of the player cap):

Furnishings Special
Traditional Special Collectible
200 3 10 3 12

Large Houses[edit]

Large house

Owning certain Large homes will contribute to the Landowner, Landlord, and Land Baron achievements.

Player ownable large houses
Name of the large house Location Zone Style Price Requirement(s) House ID
ON-icon-Gold.png ON-icon-store-Crowns.png
Alinor Crest TownhouseAlinor Crest Townhousepx Alinor Crest TownhouseAlinor Crest TownhouseSummerset Alinor (map) Summerset Alinor 010250001,025,000 Gold 060006,000 Crowns
(075007,500 Crowns)
Summerset Grand Adventurer
Amaya Lake LodgeAmaya Lake Lodgepx Amaya Lake LodgeAmaya Lake LodgeMorrowind North of Seyda Neen (map) Vvardenfell House Hlaalu 013000001,300,000 Gold 070007,000 Crowns
(088008,800 Crowns)
Morrowind Morrowind
Savior of Morrowind
DawnshadowDawnshadowpx DawnshadowDawnshadow North of Dune (map) Reaper's March Khajiit 012750001,275,000 Gold 062006,200 Crowns
(078007,800 Crowns)
Reaper's March Adventurer 24
Emissary's EnclaveEmissary's Enclavepx Emissary's EnclaveEmissary's EnclaveNecrom Necrom (map) Telvanni Peninsula Necrom 013000001,300,000 Gold N/A NecromNecrom
Necrom Grand Adventurer
Forsaken StrongholdForsaken Strongholdpx Forsaken StrongholdForsaken Stronghold East of Viridian Watch (map) Bangkorai Orc 012850001,285,000 Gold 064006,400 Crowns
(080008,000 Crowns)
Bangkorai Adventurer 33
Gardner HouseGardner Housepx Gardner HouseGardner House Wayrest (map) Stormhaven Breton 010150001,015,000 Gold 057005,700 Crowns
(071007,100 Crowns)
Stormhaven Adventurer 18
Gorinir EstateThe Gorinir Estatepx Gorinir EstateThe Gorinir Estate Northwest of Cormount (map) Grahtwood Bosmer 00780000780,000 Gold 056005,600 Crowns
(070007,000 Crowns)
Grahtwood Adventurer 15
Hunding's Palatial HallHunding's Palatial Hallpx Hunding's Palatial HallHunding's Palatial Hall Southeast of Port Hunding (map) Stros M'Kai Redguard 012950001,295,000 Gold 065006,500 Crowns
(081008,100 Crowns)
Glenumbra Adventurer 36
Mathiisen ManorMathiisen Manorpx Mathiisen ManorMathiisen Manor South of Mathiisen (map) Auridon Altmer 010250001,025,000 Gold 060006,000 Crowns
(075007,500 Crowns)
Auridon Adventurer 9
Old Mistveil ManorOld Mistveil Manorpx Old Mistveil ManorOld Mistveil Manor Southeast of Riften (map) The Rift Nord 010200001,020,000 Gold 058005,800 Crowns
(073007,300 Crowns)
The Rift Adventurer 30
Proudspire ManorProudspire Manorpx Proudspire ManorProudspire ManorGreymoor Solitude (map) Western Skyrim Solitude 010500001,050,000 Gold 060006,000 Crowns
(075007,500 Crowns)
Western Skyrim Grand Adventurer
Quondam IndoriliaQuondam Indoriliapx Quondam IndoriliaQuondam Indorilia West of Mournhold (map) Deshaan Dunmer 012650001,265,000 Gold 061006,100 Crowns
(076007,600 Crowns)
Deshaan Adventurer 21
Stay-Moist MansionStay-Moist Mansionpx Stay-Moist MansionStay-Moist Mansion Northeast of Hatching Pools (map) Shadowfen Argonian 00760000760,000 Gold 055005,500 Crowns
(069006,900 Crowns)
Shadowfen Adventurer 12
Strident Springs DemesneStrident Springs Demesnepx Strident Springs DemesneStrident Springs Demesne North of Arenthia (map) Reaper's March Colovian Imperial 012800001,280,000 Gold 063006,300 Crowns
(079007,900 Crowns)
Imperial EditionON-icon-store-Play as Imperial.png 27
Water's EdgeWater's Edgepx Water's EdgeWater's EdgeBlackwood Leyawiin (map) Blackwood Leyawiin 010500001,050,000 Gold 062006,200 Crowns
(078007,800 Crowns)
Blackwood Grand Adventurer

The furniture and visitor limits for Large Homes are as follows (all values are doubled for ESO plus players, with the exception of the player cap):

Furnishings Special
Traditional Special Collectible
300 4 20 4 12



Manors are the pinnacle of player housing, offering their own yards, towers, alternative entry points, or other spectacular features. The three original manors, Daggerfall Overlook, Ebonheart Chateau, and Serenity Falls Estate, will grant you the Lord / Lady, Councilor, and Clan Father / Clan Mother achievements respectively. Owning all three will grant you the Count / Countess achievement.

Manors are also called "notable homes".

Player ownable manors
Name of the manor Location Zone Style Price Requirement(s) House ID
ON-icon-Gold.png ON-icon-store-Crowns.png
Coldharbour Surreal EstateColdharbour Surreal Estatepx Coldharbour Surreal EstateColdharbour Surreal Estate The Hollow City (map) Coldharbour Daedric 010000001,000,000 Gold 056005,600 Crowns
(00N/AN/A Crowns)
The God of Schemes 47
Daggerfall OverlookDaggerfall Overlookpx Daggerfall OverlookDaggerfall Overlook Southeast of Daggerfall (map) Glenumbra Breton 037800003,780,000 Gold 1100011,000 Crowns
(1380013,800 Crowns)
Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant 38
Doomchar PlateauDoomchar Plateaupx Doomchar PlateauDoomchar Plateau West of the Tomb of the Apostates (map) Malabal Tor Daedric N/A N/A Combine Scorching Pillar, Searing Column, Molten Key, Profane Pedestal, Unholy Tablet with Unstable Morpholith. 90
Ebonheart ChateauEbonheart Chateaupx Ebonheart ChateauEbonheart Chateau East of Ebonheart (map) Stonefalls Dunmer 037850003,785,000 Gold 1200012,000 Crowns
(1500015,000 Crowns)
Hero of the Ebonheart Pact 39
Hakkvild's High HallHakkvild's High Hallpx Hakkvild's High HallHakkvild's High Hall Northeast of Balamath (map) Craglorn Nord 038000003,800,000 Gold 1200012,000 Crowns
(1500015,000 Crowns)
Horns of the Reach Delver 48
Hall of the Lunar ChampionHall of the Lunar Championpx Hall of the Lunar ChampionHall of the Lunar ChampionElsweyr Rimmen (map) Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr N/A N/A Free via Two Queens 70
Serenity Falls EstateSerenity Falls Estatepx Serenity Falls EstateSerenity Falls Estate North of S'ren-ja (map) Reaper's March Khajiit 037750003,775,000 Gold 1000010,000 Crowns
(1250012,500 Crowns)
Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion 37

The furniture and visitor limits for Manors are as follows (all values are doubled for ESO plus players, with the exception of the player cap):

Furnishings Special
Traditional Special Collectible
350 5 40 5 24

Crown Store Exclusives[edit]

These houses can only be purchased in the Crown Store with Crowns. Most, but not all, are Manor-sized. While some are available indefinitely, many are obtainable only for a limited time. These may be sold again at a later date.

List of Crown Only houses
Name of the house Size Location Zone Style Price Requirement(s) House ID
ON-icon-Gold.png ON-icon-store-Crowns.png
Agony's AscentAgony's Ascentpx Agony's AscentAgony's AscentCrown Store Manor Northwest of Annihilarch's Summit Wayshrine (map) The Deadlands Daedric N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/05/18)
No longer available
Antiquarian's Alpine GalleryAntiquarian's Alpine Gallerypx Antiquarian's Alpine GalleryAntiquarian's Alpine GalleryGreymoor Large Southwest of Morthal (map) Western Skyrim Nord N/A 070007,000 Crowns
(00N/AN/A Crowns)
Originally given away for free as part of the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event.
(Last available 2022/12/01)
No longer available
Bastion SanguinarisBastion Sanguinarispx Bastion SanguinarisBastion SanguinarisCrown Store Manor Near Greymoor Keep (map) Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns Vampiric N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/10/06)
No longer available
Colossal Aldmeri GrottoColossal Aldmeri Grottopx Colossal Aldmeri GrottoColossal Aldmeri GrottoCrown Store Manor Alinor Docks (entrance)
West of Dusk Keep (map)
Summerset Alinor N/A 1500015,000 Crowns
(1875018,750 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/03/09)
No longer available
Earthtear CavernEarthtear Cavernpx Earthtear CavernEarthtear CavernCrown Store Manor Northwest of Buried Sands (map) Craglorn Yokudan N/A 1300013,000 Crowns
(1630016,300 Crowns)
Elinhir Private ArenaElinhir Private Arenapx Elinhir Private ArenaElinhir Private ArenaCrown Store Manor West of Molavar (map) Craglorn Colovian Imperial N/A 096009,600 Crowns
(1200012,000 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/10/11)
No longer available
Enchanted Snow Globe HomeEnchanted Snow Globe Homepx Enchanted Snow Globe HomeEnchanted Snow Globe HomeCrown Store Large Under the New Life Tent (map) Eastmarch Nibenese Imperial N/A 042004,200 Crowns
(052505,250 Crowns)
During the New Life Festival 63
Erstwhile SanctuaryThe Erstwhile Sanctuarypx Erstwhile SanctuaryThe Erstwhile SanctuaryCrown Store Manor South of Kvatch (map) Gold Coast Dark Brotherhood N/A 1300013,000 Crowns
(1625016,250 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/05/19)
No longer available
Fogbreak LighthouseFogbreak Lighthousepx Fogbreak LighthouseFogbreak LighthouseCrown Store Manor North of Garick's Rest (entrance)
Between High Isle, Galen and Y'ffelon (map)
High Isle High Isle / Druidic N/A 1100011,000 Crowns
(1375013,750 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/04/20)
No longer available
Forgemaster FallsForgemaster Fallspx Forgemaster FallsForgemaster FallsCrown Store Large Morkul Stronghold (map) Wrothgar Orc N/A 062006,200 Crowns
(078007,800 Crowns)
Frostvault ChasmFrostvault Chasmpx Frostvault ChasmFrostvault ChasmCrown Store Medium Below Frostvault (map) Eastmarch Dwemer N/A 044004,400 Crowns
(055005,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/01/05)
No longer available
Grand Topal HideawayGrand Topal Hideawaypx Grand Topal HideawayGrand Topal HideawayCrown Store Manor Fisherman's Isle (entrance)
Topal Bay (map)
Grahtwood Murkmire N/A 1500015,000 Crowns
(1880018,800 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/06/30)
No longer available
Grand Psijic VillaGrand Psijic Villapx Grand Psijic VillaGrand Psijic VillaSummerset Manor Southwest of Artaeum (map) Artaeum Alinor N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
Originally given away for free as part of the Summerfall event.
(Last available 2022/05/12)
No longer available
Highhallow HoldHighhallow Holdpx Highhallow HoldHighhallow HoldCrown Store Manor Gonfalon Bay (map) High Isle High Isle N/A 1000010,000 Crowns
(1250012,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/09/01)
No longer available
Hunter's GladeHunter's Gladepx Hunter's GladeHunter's GladeCrown Store Manor South of Fort Greenwall (map) The Rift Barbaric N/A 080008,000 Crowns
(1000010,000 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/04/07)
No longer available
Jode's EmbraceJode's Embracepx Jode's EmbraceJode's EmbraceCrown Store Manor Southeast of Riverhold (map) Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/08/18)
No longer available
Kushalit SanctuaryKushalit Sanctuarypx Kushalit SanctuaryKushalit SanctuaryCrown Store Manor South of Valenvaryon (map) Vvardenfell Daedric N/A 1300013,000 Crowns
(1625016,250 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/07/14)
No longer available
Lakemire Xanmeer ManorLakemire Xanmeer Manorpx Lakemire Xanmeer ManorLakemire Xanmeer ManorCrown Store Manor North of Teeth of Sithis (map) Murkmire Murkmire N/A 1500015,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/08/04)
No longer available
Linchal Grand ManorLinchal Grand Manorpx Linchal Grand ManorLinchal Grand ManorCrown Store Manor North of Marja's Mill (map) Gold Coast Nibenese Imperial N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/06/01)
No longer available
Lucky Cat LandingLucky Cat Landingpx Lucky Cat LandingLucky Cat LandingCrown Store Medium Senchal (map) Southern Elsweyr Elsweyr N/A 044004,400 Crowns
(055005,500 Crowns)
Moon-Sugar MeadowMoon-Sugar Meadowpx Moon-Sugar MeadowMoon-Sugar MeadowCrown Store Manor East of Merryvale Farms (map) Northern Elsweyr Elsweyr N/A 064006,400 Crowns
(00N/AN/A Crowns)
The Orbservatory PriorThe Orbservatory Priorpx The Orbservatory PriorThe Orbservatory PriorCrown Store Manor North of The Shadow Cleft (map) Clockwork City Clockwork N/A 1200012,000 Crowns
(1500015,000 Crowns)
Ossa AccentiumOssa Accentiumpx Ossa AccentiumOssa AccentiumCrown Store Manor Fargrave (map) The Deadlands Fargrave N/A 1000010,000 Crowns
(1250012,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/05/04)
No longer available
Pantherfang ChapelPantherfang Chapelpx Pantherfang ChapelPantherfang ChapelCrown Store Manor East of Bloodrun Cave (map) Blackwood Leyawiin N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/01/05)
No longer available
Pariah's PinnaclePariah's Pinnaclepx Pariah's PinnaclePariah's PinnacleCrown Store Manor South of the Maelstrom Arena (map) Wrothgar Orc N/A 1300013,000 Crowns
(1625016,250 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/09/29)
No longer available
Potentate's RetreatPotentate's Retreatpx Potentate's RetreatPotentate's RetreatCrown Store Manor South of Ri'Atahrashi's Training Ground (map) Southern Elsweyr Elsweyr N/A 1300013,000 Crowns
(1625016,250 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/02/09)
No longer available
Princely Dawnlight PalacePrincely Dawnlight Palacepx Princely Dawnlight PalacePrincely Dawnlight PalaceCrown Store Manor Abah's Landing (map) Hew's Bane Hew's Bane N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/04/06)
No longer available
Seaveil SpireSeaveil Spirepx Seaveil SpireSeaveil SpireCrown Store Manor Stonetooth Fortress (map) Betnikh Nede N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/04/28)
No longer available
Shalidor's Shrouded RealmShalidor's Shrouded Realmpx Shalidor's Shrouded RealmShalidor's Shrouded RealmCrown Store Manor Northeast of Labyrinthian (map) Western Skyrim Ancient Nord N/A 1300013,000 Crowns
(1625016,250 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/03/23)
No longer available
Stillwaters RetreatStillwaters Retreatpx Stillwaters RetreatStillwaters RetreatCrown Store Manor East of the Frozen Coast Wayshrine (map) Western Skyrim Dwemer / Nord N/A 070007,000 Crowns
(00N/AN/A Crowns)
Stone Eagle AerieStone Eagle Aeriepx Stone Eagle AerieStone Eagle AerieCrown Store Manor Markarth (map) The Reach Dwemer / Reachfolk N/A 1200012,000 Crowns
(1500015,000 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/11/29)
No longer available
Sweetwater CascadesSweetwater Cascadespx Sweetwater CascadesSweetwater CascadesCrown Store Manor Southwest of Borderwatch (map) Blackwood Leyawiin N/A 1300013,000 Crowns
(1625016,250 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/02/23)
No longer available
Tel GalenTel Galenpx Tel GalenTel GalenCrown Store Manor Southeast of Sadrith Mora (map) Vvardenfell House Telvanni N/A 080008,000 Crowns
(1000010,000 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/07/21)
No longer available
Thieves' OasisThieves' Oasispx Thieves' OasisThieves' OasisCrown Store Manor South of Klathzgar (map) Bangkorai Hew's Bane / Yokudan N/A 1300013,000 Crowns
(1625016,250 Crowns)
(Last available 2023/01/19)
No longer available
Varlaisvea Ayleid RuinsVarlaisvea Ayleid Ruinspx Varlaisvea Ayleid RuinsVarlaisvea Ayleid RuinsCrown Store Manor North of Knightsgrave (map) Gold Coast Ayleid N/A 1200012,000 Crowns
(1500015,000 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/06/09)
No longer available
WraithhomeWraithhomepx WraithhomeWraithhomeCrown Store Manor Northwest of the Crypt of Hearts (map) Rivenspire Daedric N/A 1400014,000 Crowns
(1750017,500 Crowns)
(Last available 2022/11/03)
No longer available