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Player House:
Pantherfang Chapel
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ON-icon-house-Pantherfang Chapel.png
Blackwood BogBlackwood
East of Bloodrun Wayshrine (boat serving as entrance)
East of Bloodrun Cave, bordering Shadowfen and Nibenay
House Prices
Unfurnished 1400014000 Crowns
Furnished 1750017500 Crowns
House Stats
Type Notable
Size Manor
Style Leyawiin
Traditional Furnishings 350/700 (ESO Plus1)
Special Furnishings 5/10 (ESO Plus1)
Collectible Furnishings 55/110 (ESO Plus1)
Special Collectibles 5 (ESO Plus10)
Player Cap 24
House ID 89
Loading Screen
The embattled clergy of the Quenching Grail established Pantherfang Chapel in the First Era as a bastion of faith. Part cathedral, part citadel, this edifice still stands as an immortal reminder of Aedric strength.
Pantherfang Chapel

Pantherfang Chapel is a player house in Blackwood, east of Bloodrun Cave on the border with Nibenay.


It is accessed by a boat found directly east of Bloodrun Wayshrine, which drops you off in the crypt beneath the house. The Chapel and Fort can be accessed from doors in the waterworks, which further lead out into the Courtyard.

A main road coming from the Nibenay Basin ends at the bridge on the east side of the house, though the gate leading to it is blocked off, rendering the bridge inaccessible.

The house was available in the Crown Store from August 17, 2021 to September 2, 2021.


Pantherfang Crypt[edit]

Pantherfang Courtyard[edit]

Pantherfang Chapel[edit]

Pantherfang Chapel Hall[edit]

Pantherfang Fort[edit]

Pantherfang Battlements[edit]



75 Items

Conservatory (16)
Lighting (59)
Braziers (32)
Lightposts (8)
Sconces (19)


278 total Items. Includes the above, in addition to:

Conservatory (6)
Plants (6)
Dining (71)
Benches (24)
Chairs (25)
Counters (3)
Tables (19)
Gallery (11)
Paintings (11)
Hearth (14)
Cabinetry (13)
Pottery (1)
Library (16)
Desks (1)
Shelves (15)
Lighting (16)
Braziers (4)
Candles (4)
Chandeliers (2)
Lanterns (2)
Sconces (4)
Parlor (43)
Rugs and Carpets (25)
Tapestries (18)
Suite (26)
Bedding (5)
Dividers (7)
Mirrors (2)
Trunks (6)
Wardrobes (6)




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