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Pay no attention to the rumors: this witches hut on the edge of Hag Fen in Glenumbra is guaranteed NOT to be haunted by the dead, the undead, or restless spirits of any kind. It does come with tumbledown walls to keep the crocodiles and wolves out. Spooky!
Player House:
Exorcised Coven Cottage
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ON-icon-house-Exorcised Coven Cottage.png
Cambray HillsGlenumbra
Northeast of Aldcroft
House Prices
Gold 00250000250,000 Gold
Unfurnished 035003,500 Crowns
Furnished 044004,400 Crowns
House Stats
Type Classic
Size Medium
Style Barbaric
Traditional Furnishings 200 (ESO Plus400)
Special Furnishings 3 (ESO Plus6)
Collectible Furnishings 10 (ESO Plus20)
Special Collectibles 3 (ESO Plus6)
Player Cap 6
Exorcised Coven Cottage

The Exorcised Coven Cottage is a medium player house in Glenumbra. To purchase this house with Gold, you need to complete the An Unsparing Harvest achievement (which can only be done during the Witches Festival) and Room to Spare. It was available to purchase through the Crown Store from October 19, 2017 to November 1, 2017.

Base Furnishings[edit]

Conservatory (27)
Aquatic (2)
Boulders and Large Rocks (5)
Giant Trees (2)
Saplings (3)
Shrubs (6)
Stones and Pebbles (4)
Trees (5)
Lighting (4)
Lightposts (3)
Candles (1)


Includes the above, in addition to:

Courtyard (1)
Carts and Wagons (1)
Dining (4)
Chairs (3)
Tables (1)
Hearth (15)
Baskets and Bags (5)
Breads and Desserts (1)
Cookware (2)
Dishes (3)
Laundry (2)
Utensils (2)
Library (9)
Literature (4)
Shelves (5)
Lighting (5)
Fires (2)
Lightposts (1)
Candles (2)
Parlor (1)
Rugs and Carpets (1)
Suite (1)
Bedding (1)
Undercroft (10)
Remains (2)
Symbolic Decor (8)
Workshop (6)
Cargo (4)
Tools (2)


  • This house was originally called Cozy Fenside Cottage, but was renamed to emphasize the association with the Witches Festival.


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