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An unknown Argonian master of water magic equipped this underwater Xanmeer Manor with its own submerged picture windows that gaze out into the depths of a lush Murkmire lake.
Player House:
Lakemire Xanmeer Manor
(view on map)
North of the Teeth of Sithis,
west of Root-Whisper Village
House Prices
House Stats
Type Notable
Size Manor
Style Murkmire
Traditional Furnishings 350 (ESO Plus700)
Special Furnishings (?) (ESO Plus0)
Collectible Furnishings 40 (ESO Plus80)
Special Collectibles 5 (ESO Plus10)
Player Cap 24
File:ON-place-Lakemire Xanmeer Manor.jpg
Entrance to Lakemire Xanmeer Manor

Lakemire Xanmeer Manor is a large player house in Murkmire.

The picture windows within the xanmeer interior

As a special feature, one of the manor's entrances consists of a whirlpool found in the surrounding lake. Using it, you arrive to one of the big windows on the main floor.

Base Furnishings[edit]

Conservatory (18)
Plants (7)
Saplings (1)
Trees (7)
Vines (3)
Lighting (29)
Braziers (17)
Candles (10)
Fires (1)
Lamps (1)
Structures (1)
Platforms (1)


Includes the above, in addition to:

Courtyard (1)
Posts and Pillars (1)
Dining (42)
Benches (12)
Chairs (24)
Counters (2)
Tables (4)
Gallery (1)
Thrones (1)
Hearth (12)
Baskets and Bags (9)
Dishes (1)
Game (1)
Stockroom (1)
Library (10)
Desks (1)
Shelves (9)
Lighting (22)
Braziers (8)
Candles (5)
Chandeliers (4)
Lamps (2)
Lanterns (1)
Sconces (2)
Parlor (10)
Banners (2)
Tapestries (4)
Tea Tables (4)
Structures (1)
Platforms (1)
Suite (23)
Bedding (10)
Dividers (10)
Trunks (3)
Undercroft (24)
Grave Goods (16)
Incense (1)
Sacred Pieces (6)
Urns (1)
Workshop (4)
Cargo (1)
Stools (3)


There are several achievements associated with this house:

Achievement Points Description Notes
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